Rodrigo Duterte, Rice Tariffication, William Dar, Rice İmportation

Rodrigo Duterte, Rice Tariffication

Duterte orders suspension of rice importation

The President says he opted to stop the importation of rice as he could not stop rice tariffication, which was needed to 'erase corruption'


The President says he opted to stop the importation of rice as he could not stop rice tariffication , which was needed to 'erase corruption.’

The President says he opted to stop the importation of rice as he could not stop rice tariffication , which was needed to 'erase corruption'

MANILA Philippines – President Rodrigo Duterte has ordered Agriculture Secretary William Dar to suspend the importation of rice in order to help local farmers who suffered from the rice tariffication law.

(If there's no food, the people would be worried, they would stage riots. Then, people would be hungry, there's no more rice, next month, they won't have anything to eat, it's already expensive.... You choose: the people would be hungry, or the farmers would be angry?)

Duterte did not say for how long the order would be in place, claiming it was needed to ensure farmers earned from their efforts.

There's somebody na ayaw rin kasi masisira 'yung negosyo nila

Since the signing of Republic Act No. 1120 or an"An Act liberalizing the importation, exportation, and trading of rice, lifting for the purpose the quantitative import restriction on rice," farmgate prices of

With the rice tariffication law, the deregulation of rice meant imported rice flooding the country, to the disadvantage of Filipino rice farmers and the local rice industry as a whole, which can't compete with the prices of rice from countries like Thailand and Vietnam.

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erase corruption - bwahahahahaha!

No Duterte order to suspend rice importation – PalaceContrary to reports, Malacañang says President Rodrigo Duterte has not ordered the suspension of rice importation .

BREAKING: No Duterte order to suspend rice importation — PalaceMANILA, Philippines — There is no order from President Rodrigo Duterte to suspend rice importation in the Philippines following farmers’ woes due to the Rice Tariffication Law, Malacañang said NCorralesINQ And only Rody Duterte knows how long he wants Filipino farmers to sink deeper into the quagmire.

Duterte bans vapingIn a bid to protect public health and interest, President Duterte has ordered a ban on the use and importation of vaping products or electronic cigarettes in the country.

Repeal of rice tariffication law could lead to food crisis – DuterteA food crisis might erupt if the government repeals the Rice Tariffication Law that lifted rice import quotas, President Duterte warned recently.

Brosas slams continued rice importation under tariff regimeA militant solon has assailed what she described as the government's

Villar grateful to Duterte for defending rice tarrification lawSenator Cynthia Villar on Tuesday thanked President Duterte for defending the Rice Tariffication Law amid calls for its repeal.

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