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The Chicago State University says All Progressives Congress stalwart and presidential hopeful, Bola Tinubu, indeed attended the university.

Beverly Poindexter, who is in charge of official transcript requests, enrolment and degree verification at the Office of the Registrar, CSU, said this in a terse email response tostudentclearinghouse.orgIn an earlier letter dated August 20, 1999 and signed by then Registrar, Lois Davis, the university stated that Tinubu was its student between 1977 and 1979.

He wrote, “Please be advised that Bola A. Tinubu did indeed attend Chicago State University from August 1977 through June 1979. He was awarded a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business and Administration with honours on June 22, 1979. His major was Accounting.” Also attached to Tinubu’s form CF004 submitted to the Independent National Electoral Commission during his re-election bid in 2003 was a commendation letter from CSU recognising his performance and “high scholastic achievement”.A recent viral article claimed that all the schools Tinubu claimed to have attended had disowned him.

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At what age?

Bob chicago

The issues are with University of Chicago, Government College Ibadan and Saint Paul Pry School Aroloya. He should simply come clean on these. Chicago state University was never in doubt.

This debate came up when he was governor of Lagos, there is no smoke without fire even the whites are corrupt too

Oh its no more University of Toronto😂😂😂

Tinubu is educated

After paying and buying a seat for himself in the school to cover his tracks.

They are there searching for Tinubu's certificate while his people are searching for their permanent voter's card. Time will tell when everything is over. Inauguration day is 29/05/23 though. Don't forget! Another jeun soke, jeun sapo era is approaching. Jagaban! 💪💪💪 Iya won!

For someone who really graduated, you're doing too much to explain it to us.

Or should I say about the bad economy? In 2014 Tinubu said that the only way Nigeria will have steady light and will be swimming in fuel is by voting GEJ out. This is 2022, and no sign of steady light. Tinubu should be hiding in shame

Tinubu is not medically fit and sound to be the president. We don’t want a president that will be going on medical tour every now and then. Upon all the killings going on in Nigeria, Tinubu has never for once, spoken about it, or proffer solution.

Liars everywhere..

Now you all know,what again would you say?.

No doubt we only saying he's too fuckin old to sail a ship when the tide is high

Useless people, graduation is not common sense. Selfish man... Those who has been ruling with their certificate how far?

They ask of age of Someone that celebetates his birthday annually publicly. Go watch it on television.

Sad news to wailers

It's immaterial. We careless. Nigerians will decide in 2023 whether a notorious criminal will take over power or not.

Haters can now rest. BAT is stainless.

J_Joadia94 Thiefnubu 🤣🤣🤣

How much does he receive from Alpha Beta as egunje from LASG?

What of his primary and secondary school?

So oyinbo sef deh collect bribe to lie?

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Lekki killing is still in our minds. Very corrupt set of people holding Africans in bondage

More you look less you see 😘

Make him president of your school then....

What about his school mates then showing up?

Tinubu attended university of Toronto in China

Zoological Repoblic of Nigeria is were anybody can come up for any position & it's granted.We are tired of all this gams.All we need is to go our ceperate ways.Referendum So that peace will rain among us OR else Zoo Nigeria will be uncomfortable for all of you.FreeNnamdiKanuNow

Tohr 🙄

Haters will still hate

There's no other truth friend in front than backside, am only seeing chair crusher getting ready for.

I love the fact that Punch reported this.

The man said “When I’m tired, I cut off” hahahahaha PMB will be a Saint in comparison should this One become President

Did he study in what language amd what course? I guess he was taught in Yoruba language and he studied Money Politics..

They collude, the fear of Africa rising is holding these criminals down.

Medicine after death😚😚

There was no controversy over Chicago State University. The issue was about University of Chicago. There's a difference.

Even though and so ..he's not the first and won't be the last😏😏

Tinubu was a poor student in school when he was in Chicago studying estate management...him n my uncle were course mate...that’s why he fumbled with the Lagos state government

It can say it again, but his value system doesn't fit into the position he's seeking.

Another bomb

It can say it again, but his value system doesn't fit into the position he seeking.

And so?

He gave them money …because when he contest for governorship Chicago university said they can’t find name or his graduation pic…

This is how the youth will be wasting their energy on irrelevant political discussion instead of coming together to Support there preferred candidates. The constitution is clear on the qualifications for the seat of presidency

Brown envelope graduation.

The fact that his academic credentials, age, source of income etc are all questionable speaks volume of the character. For 3yrs now, you guys are still trying, albeit shamelessly, to explain the bullion van episode. The man lacks character and he's obviously another affliction.

If AsiwajuTinubu likes, let him pay all the media houses, it won't heal the wounds . Coconut head generations can't be fooled or hypnotized come 2023

Owo lóun siro

Your excellence sir

Another money well spent to bribe Nigerians

So how is this information any of our business?

No one is in doubt abt his university education. The problem he put himself is wrongly claiming that he graduated from Chicago university instead of Chicago state university. That alone is misinformation. He must come clean on his sources of wealth, age amongst others

Who gives F...

Let him graduate from heaven. His ambition is dead on arrival. Nigerians will show him we are not fools. Edo style loading .

Can we see transcript? Word of mouth is cheap...

They can as well request for his age

Who ask them

bizzleosikoya who una help

Who cares about his certificate? The point is no politician can fix Nigeria problem only referendum will do. Let's decide what we want, we have tried since 1999. Elections after elections same empty promises and then threat to life

Yoruba people are well educated ❤️

Our late leaders gv dis people the best, but this people are gvn us bad education system... Remember that ur upcoming generations will eat from this bad 🍎

Punch called Buhari a tyrant in one of their column last yr,and that his administration will be addressed as 'regime ' going forward. Today punch has taken the assignment of promoting the worst of tyrant on the altar of ethnicity and tribalism. Hypocrites.

Who cares where his grandpa graduated from 🤣🤣😂😏

Ayew mad or something.... I did not CEDIS

Presidential position for this country just be like retirement home for our aged leaders.

No more Toronto university?

Yes, I was there during the graduation ceremony, he also celebrate it with bullion van... On that day.

I'm shocked too, thanks for defending me with your lied

23 years after they denied him!🚶🏿‍♂️🚶🏿‍♂️🚶🏿‍♂️

Not Toronto again 🙄

If he likes let him be a lecturer there. We have asked this question for ages and it's only this election time that this claim is coming out...abeg getat

That is not the problem.The main issue is which primary and secondary schools did Tinubu finished from?

From Toronto certificate to Chicago certificate. Gani will continue resting in peace for exposing ur certificate fraud. Tell Nigerians who ordered d Lekki killing.

Yankee school don dey collect egunje 🤣🤣🤣

Ati Toronto ooo, ati Chicago ooo ati Ojuigo oooo, gbogbo yin oni kure🤣🤣🤣🤣

Another Toronto tea Storm & NA certificate saga!

At what age did he graduate biko. I want to check something

Killer of Nigeria youths!

And so what?

🎶🎶Ibi t'oba tún kú sì ni keso'. Just take a look at average hatred comments below this story and place it beside the Region where mostly from....'Ilara-ni'. 🎶🎶🎶🎶 OTE te se ti-ti-ti te-un ru die-die, olorun maje ru ke'gun... - 'Sefiu Alao'

Puch headline ,,Tinubu is a youth says WikiLeaks E no kwonsan me.lekki endSars judgement looming.

I don't blame Tinubu.our foolish youths that are backing him or people that will vote him are my problem.He is not different from Buhari, Osinbajo or Adulsalami


Well done

How can someone that graduated from such a school of Higher learning and become the comrade & associate of MC Oluomo, motor parks thugs,RTWU thugs leader,god father of all political thugs in Lagos.

The question isn't if he's a grad or not. It's irrelevant because he was once a term serving governor of Lagos State. The question is whether he's fit to be the president given to very serious concerns such as his health, age and capacity to govern in this digital era...

How old is he and how did he made his money? Let him categorically explain it to Nigerians and also tell us who ordered the lekkimassacre or have y'all forgotten so soon.

I agree with the university but letr us know about his secondary and primary certs which he used in gaining admission...abi na free?

That is how bokohari graduated from war college British America

Wetin concern us kwanu?

Fake news media fake news .

Evidence? No be mouth you go use tell us😂

Damage control, but too late in the day. This guy's baggage is huge!

Fake news right?

As far as I am concerned, dis is not new to me. Atiku perfected his ways to enter America b4 2019 to clarify issues surrounding his restriction from entering America, after the election, he couldn't go there again. Dat simply means those in America can be induced and monitized 2

We want to see graduation pictures abeg, dont say GSM doesn't exist then oooo lol

What year pls.. We want to calculate something 🤣

The Joke Country.

Them don start na so bubu own sef start Enikure 🖐🏽

We are not contesting his university certificate but the primary and secondary school. Sebi na sand you go step into before the water. He must have used the fake primary and secondary school certificates to gain admission.

I talk ham say Oyinbo dey part of our problem for this country yet them no believe me.

I don't think so, if he went to such school then there is a problem with that school, how can he be this corrupt and cannot even answer a simple question when asked intelligently seriously d school needs to be questioned how can such a man go tru such school and be a thug.

One billion questions are how did he make his money and how old is he?

Don't be lazy Nigerian youth, read the whole body of the news, and request your evidence through the link provided by the registrar of the CSU if you are not satisfied with the publication.

Post his certificate instead of him.

Yes he did. Case closed

23 years after you denied him!🚶🏿‍♂️🚶🏿‍♂️🚶🏿‍♂️

Let the Chicago university make us know this via a verified social media handle.


How much did he pay to them for this cheap public disgrace they are about to put themselves through, because opponents will start digging especially the intellects amongst them.

The sad elements who profess to hate Tinubu actually envy him. They should go on living with their headache anyway


Not that Tinubu did not graduate from the University but is this the very person who did.

So it's no longer Torontor

Give us evidence nah' currupt people everywhere


Instead of posting Tinubu pic why not post the evidence of certificate that he graduated from Chicago university.

Not our business

What money cannot buy does not exist.

Then what again we don hear thank you 🙏

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