Deji Adeyanju, Sex Tape, Tiwa Savage

Deji Adeyanju, Sex Tape

Sex tape: Stop misleading younger generation - Deji Adeyanju slams Tiwa Savage

Sex tape: Stop misleading younger generation - Deji Adeyanju slams Tiwa Savage

10/19/2021 10:54:00 PM

Sex tape: Stop misleading younger generation - Deji Adeyanju slams Tiwa Savage

Popular Nigerian activist, Deji Adeyanju , has slammed Tiwa Savage over her alleged sex tape , which leaked online and has since gone viral. Recall that

Popular Nigerian activist, Deji Adeyanju, has slammed Tiwa Savage over her alleged sex tape, which leaked online and has since gone viral.Recall that Tiwa Savage had earlier mentioned that someone was blackmailing her with a sex tape with her current boyfriend.

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The short video, however, leaked online on Monday night and has since generated reactions from fans who encouraged her to stay strong to those who blasted her.Adeyanju on his Twitter page said there is nothing to stand by Tiwa Savage, adding that she should face the consequences of her actions.

According to him, Tiwa Savage is misleading the younger generation.His tweets read: “There is nothing to stand by Tiwa Savage for. Let people face the consequences of their actions. Stop misleading the younger generation.“Next time if you want to record a sex tape, make sure your partner’s face also shows. Stop acting the fool always.

“Why even make sex video in the first place? As per fantastic porn actor abi?” Read more: Daily Post Nigeria »

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He canceled your wedding because you have cancer of the breast... Sorry maybe he is the type that likes to play with nipples.... No problem, he is not God... You will be heald.. Infact receive healing. Move on, and get a better husband, if your character is good, you will get a man.. Hope is not lost

You don’t attack a victim. She had sx and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. She was only betrayed by someone she trust. Let’s not come here and condemn her. Only corrupt youths that any prostitutes can misleading Deji,pls let us focus on our freedom, do not divert to these peoples nonsense. Pls let's focus.

When God create a man and later create woman what do you expect. Creation of God She is not misleading younger generation , she is an example of what hard work together with the Nigeria large domestic market , can do to an artist or an entertainer,giving them wealth and global recognition The sex tape is one nonsense distraction

Stop allowing your children turn yeyebrities into god and goddess. But how could people try to use her sex tape to blackmail her. Who amongst you accusing her is a celibate? She did what everyone is doing and people wants to blackmail her because she is a celebrity. Nonsense! That's a good one.. The major mistake of her life is divorcing her husband. All this nonsense would have been avoided. To Nigerian girls, there is limit to 'I open eye' Eshora yin ooo

Tiwa Savage's alleged sex tape: Stop dating street boys - Georgina Onuoha warns womenNollywood actress, Georgina Onuoha, has waded into the controversy surrounding the alleged leaked sex tape of Tiwa Savage with her boyfriend. The short True talk The problem now is who and what determines a street boy?

Na deji dey moralise so Not many people know this guy was once arraigned for things circling around Murder.. na God save am Making a blab out of it is what is the real slap... what has happened has happen... she should hush and raise a better man she has condemned... sigh!

Teebillz reacts as Tiwa Savage's alleged sex tape with boyfriend leaksTeebBillz, the ex-husband of popular Nigerian singer, Tiwa Savage , has given his two cents over her leaked sex tape . Recall that Tiwa had disclosed she From high class profile wedding in dubai, to suicide attempt, to public interviews and now sex tapes and public humiliation.

Tiwa Savage speaks as sex tape finally leaks - Daily Trust Tiwa Savage says she has been able to control the narrative on her sex tape , which is currently in circulation. Where can i find it? Do you want it

Sex tape: I changed the narrative - Tiwa SavagePopular Nigerian singer, Tiwa Savage has reacted to reports online insinuating that the alleged sex tape with her boyfriend was for publicity stunt. Ya lucky it not long enough... Just 9 seconds Which narrative old lady TiwaSavage Don't get caught.. that's the rule of the thumb...EVERYONE does that thing you know..even people who are at it as we tweet, would have the effrontery to call you out! That's how unfortunate the world is!!!! Just don't get caught!

Leaked video: Tiwa Savage must apologise to fans, says actress Chioma IfemeludikeNollywood actress, Chioma Ifemeludike, has stated that Tiwa Savage must apologise to her fans concerning the release of her alleged sex tape . Apologize for what ? For foking? Nawa This woman called the act of recording your own sexual act immoral. I think she's dense. Nothing wrong with what Tiwa did, who released it and how did they get it. Those are the pertinent questions. Never heard about her though. Still not relevant though.

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