(Retd.), Boko Haram, Major General Muhammadu Buhari, President

(Retd.), Boko Haram

Opposition hired miscreants to boo Buhari in Maiduguri – Presidency

2/13/2020 2:21:00 PM

Opposition hired miscreants to boo Buhari in Maiduguri – Presidency

John Alechenu, AbujaThe Presidency has accused opposition politicians of paying miscreants to boo the presidential motorcade in Maiduguri, the Borno State capital, on Wednesday.Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity, Garba Shehu, made the allegation in an interview with the Hausa Service of the BBC, monitored by

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The PUNCHin Abuja, on Thursday.Residents of Maiduguri had on Wednesday, booed the motorcade of the President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari, (retd.), during his condolence visit to the state over the killing of over 30 travellers at Auno park.Shehu said, “I was part of the delegation that entered Maiduguri right from the airport to the Palace of the Shehu of Borno. The people came out to say thank you and welcome us.

“But there was a group which came out shouting ‘we don’t want’.”READ ALSO:Court fixes March 11 for trial of Sowore, BakareHe said, maybe “some politicians gathered some miscreants and paid them money to boo Buhari”.The presidential aide said whoever recorded the booing incident and shared it on social media didn’t do justice to the people of Borno State whom he said had a reputation for welcoming guests.

Shehu also said it was not possible to satisfy everyone since no human being was god, especially in a city like Maiduguri which has a population of four to five million people.He noted that the regime of the President had demonstrated the capacity to fight Boko Haram and he had promised to change strategy in dealing with what he described as a new problem.

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Tell something else joor...opposition has no time to organize miscreants...Buhari you are not meeting up to expectations 🇨🇦LIVE,WORK AND STAY PERMANENTLY IN CANADA 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦 Migrate to Canada as A Permanent Resident or as a Temporary worker to become a Permanent Residence in Canada Call 07065091681 for your visa today. Canada is Safe Country With a Strong Economy and Tolerance place for inhabitation

Una never see anything this is just the beginning Amen 🙏 Every negative thing that happens against Buhari's government they will blame it on the opposition.. You now call them miscriant Stupidity I laugh in Swahili 😁😁😁 And hired terrorise to burn down the town too? Mmmmssssccchheeewwww!!! Those who live by propaganda will die by propaganda!

What do we expect him to say? He is not yet tired of propaganda, he must safe face by blaming others for their failure. His likes in this government are the ones misleading the president. GOD safe NIGERIA Lie we don't have opposition in Borno state Hahaha Opposition in Borno? I thought that state used to be near 100℅ for Sai Baba? This is a cause for worry for the ruling party. You people need to sit up and do the needful.

Who now paid us to boo Buhari on social media? Opposition? Ode, wawa, ewu!! Gerara here What do you expect them to say now.... Always living in denial. Too predictable! why can't you face the truth for once? Are you blind to see all the killings happening there? How can that be, people are killed everyday without govt stopping it

They will come back to us in three years time. The citizens are the problems we must be wise by now. That why o don't give a dam to whatever Bihari is doing we allow it. The elite we continued heating us like yam till we have sense. Hahahaha...... presidency don cast finally Which opposition? The same opposition that couldn’t hire ‘miscreants’ to make him lose elections? They should better wake up, we want an end to the terror in our country, we are not interested in their never ending excuses. Haba!

Shameless Exactly... This is fallacy. Lol We know mr presidency that u will not disappoint us in ur usual way. I’m 100% sure this is coming from lie Mohamed It will not be well with shettima And who hired them to chant 'Sai Baba' from 2014 to 2019?. Some of the many lies of APC: 1. Insecurity: Caused by opposition 2. Poverty: Caused by opposition 3. Visa ban: Caused by opposition 4. Bad roads: Caused by opposition

We are officially in trouble When will these people accept the fact that they've failed woefully and the people are not happy? Replying after 2 days GarShehu laimohammed124 just hide your head in shame In a state you people claimed he got over 800k votes? ndiala everywhere 🤣🤣 This apc government there are expert in blamed game, people are really suffering,the resources are hijacked by few individual poor are not benefite any thing

Shame on APC and Buhari. These people can lie ehn You think we be mumu abi? One thing is that you don’t care about the people you lead, the other is that you think that their pain is fake....lord have mercy! 👀 this government is relentlessly stuck in it's way and is hell bent on continuing in the part of failure. How can we live like this till 2023?

Are you sure there's that strong opposition in Borno state wt 836,000 votes to the ruling party? People lost their lives and you are concerned about booing Boo na boo, at least they agreed to do the booing. They were not forced. If they were hired and they really booed it means they booed well according to their conscience. That massive crowd booing can't be hired they have genuine pains and I see disappointment in their faces

If d reply didn't surprise U pls let's meet outside for a group photograph. it is always easy to say something like this even when everyone is not for you. I wonder why this pple kip decieving theirself. If opposition hired them,if u are well accepted why didnt pple shout them up. Cnt they just see that Tins are going out of hand and face the real challenges? Rather than turn everytin to politics? 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️so to them evrytin is well?

Those people were no hired! Wei Lol Foolish people deceiving their ignorant holier than thou boss.. The government is hated nation wide. What have you done in almost 5 years not to be booed? Shameless government Same way you hired miscreants to rig the election. Looser😒 Never believe a rumour until the government denies it🤣🤣🤣🤣 Amadioha kill una there😠

Pls who is presidency ? Irresponsible administration! Not ready in anyway to take responsibility,they must always blame someone for their failure. Only a failed leadership blames others for their errors way to go opposition, hire me next time, I will boo him for free...🤣 In other NEWS dey must talk am like that normal level but it obvious even to the blind that the killing is too much...

I guessed this news headlines right, Now the question is, 'Did the opposition hired all the multitude we saw on both sides of the road? Where were the 'Sai baba' whaillers when all the booeing was going on ? There was not a single sympathiser!!!! Buhari hired INEC to win election - opposition Those that live by propaganda must surely die by propaganda

🤣🤣🤣 Gibberish! Musa you can now leave the gate o! This presidency should have some shame sometimes, this is too predictable Clueless response as expected! Lie jare Very old news.. I read am before they talk am. Ndi ụchụ Amen ooooooooooooooooooh!!!!!! It's a lie. The people of Borno wholeheartedly rejected and booed him. Any state He visit from now onward He will ve booed. Save this tweet.

How? This Garba is a clown. Never serious This Government is full of lies. How did we even get here! I knew they will surely look for ways to cover the truth up. Don't worry keep experimenting with people's life. Carmal will soon catch up with you. FOOL Madness in display.... He'll soon be stoned as done in abeokuta about a year ago

People saw this statement coming & you did not fail to disappoint. Please Nigerian citizens are not opposition. I strongly believe that it is FemAdesina and Laurestar are making this sarcastic comment.... Am ashamed of my country Nigeria 😢😢😢 It's so sad to know that the 'presidency' has lost its thinking faculty.. shame!!!!

Laughing in Swahili.......buhahahahahaha.... Come to terms with reality sir....they were actually booing the President I already knew that APC or Presidency will claim this. I already told a friend to watch out. Thank God I am not wrong. Another thing that will like happen is this. Henceforth, presidency will now hire some miscreants to praise them wherever they go.

We know this is what they will say Stale news. If the news went positive it would have been the president is love. What it means the residents don't have a say of thier own. We way we play politics in this country is so annoying. The day our electoral process is fixed this attitude will cease So this reality that we read in the news every day is not getting to this bunch of mad men.

I actually saw this coming Bunch of clueless clowns So predictable..🥴 As predicted, and the pussies dint disappoint at all, Can't Nigerians display pleasure to the way the government is handling security. Self deceit is very difficult to treat Is it opposition that told Boko Haram to continue with the bombing after Buhari left Borno?

Not surprised. That's the expected response. Always on the defensive. As if those booing were not Nigerian citizens affected by the abject poverty. For once come to terms with reality Someone guess exactly the reaction of the presidency to the humiliation Pre Buhari suffered ystrdy in Maiduguri. As expected, they'll surely showcase their stupidity.

So these guys are not tired of propaganda yet. When is the blame game to stop? Excuses. And laughable too It’s sad how people are dying and the only explanation this government can give is to play the political game blaming the other party. It’s sad to admit that the rumors about Buhari being the author of the Boko Haram sceneries are true. Nigeria doesn’t have leaders

Must the Presidency always respond to every dissenting voice? And hundred percent of the time, it's always a childlike kind of response, incoherent and foolish. There is nothing APC will say now that will surprise me I actually expected this. Nonsense!! government of Excuses,d people who are not sure of their safety expressed themselves Period! What prompted d visit- security ?

How much do you think they would have paid them Ana akogheri We've already done this since yesterday so there's no need. Opposition is also responsible for ineptitude of this government in the area of security? Lol... Keep deceiving the President. Federal refurbished of Nigeria. That's a very big lie, the president was boo because of how the people felt about the souls and properties lost

delefresh2 and jeffphilips1 is this your position too? Presidency mumu die ..... did he announce his coming before landing ? Can they pay that huge crowd shouting ? Infact they paid the whole Maiduguri Chai If they were cheering him, they may have been Ordinary Nigerians that Love the President. It's no surprise to me. Anyone is surprised has Buhari's kind of brain.

NGRPresident is this true. I don't want to believe this is coming from you. However, always try to tell the president the truth. Remember you won't be at Aso Rock forever. You could be the next victim of insurgency, there is nothing like God forbid o.... U na no disappoint.We don talk am before u na.This na stale news

OgbeniDipo you said this yesterday... Everything is opposition GarShehu is indeed officially mad. The same people who marched and trekked on his behalf are tired of all the fake promises These clowns in Aso rock are so predictable😂 The PrEsIdEnCy replied as expected 😂😂 Why not hired your own to unboo the president or ain't you good at that too? When you are confused everything can be explained away. You could rent crowd to protest against Amnesty International but you cannot do that to counter the booing since you are so sure they were rented.

And the miscreants were loaded on trucks and dropped along the roads unchallenged This unserious govt can never be serious When will this liars and fibbers cease from deceiving the Mr. President Sheu garbage is getting crazy. No problem. Something will happen one day in Nigeria. We said it. 😀😀😀😂😂😂 This means supporters are happy with what happened I guess

Lol,even when buhari entered Maiduguri unscheduled. He has failed woefully and no longer popular Looooool.....scammers When will APC learn? Hahahahaha .i know dey will say dat. I knew they'll come up with this statement. Who did we offended? Wow see how this govt is seriously diversifying d nation.. U called them miscreants as if they are not ur same country men.. U see angry people instead of u 2ask why their anger u came up with this,so this is ur best response? I feel smarter than this people most times no jokes

Wii you kip kwayet? Aabi nau, but when they cheer him they're the real northerners. Odechukus Wetin musa no go see for gate? This Government is finally mad So those people who ran away from their various houses when they heard gun shots from Boko Haram terrorists or those who lost their loved ones, could have praised Buhari for not providing them security? Opposition to Buhari is now nationwide. Yeye dey smell!

Honestly GarShehu needs help. So opposition has to pay those who lost family & friends to terrorism before they hit the street to protest? So those people are not prone to feel horrible for their loss? Would he be all smiles if a member of his family was a victim? Normal gist...we know say na wetin una go talk from 1628

buahahaha....lol...my chest is not new for the presidency to crop up lie like this, They even said Boko Haram has been defeated, Borno indigenes ravaged by Boko haram are now miscreants because they expressed their frustrations to their president. This is callousness of the highest order. Na until Dem stone am Dem go know....Ogun kee you der

Yeah, right! Major clown behavior Is this a statement of fact or the pple are really coming back to their senses I believe Nigerians are getting to know what they really want. Oh I pray may it not be too late to act Can't this fools keep quite at times and at least disappoint us. Tomorrow they will hire tout for a solidarity walk for support of buhari. After all they have 1500 fresh recruit

With sycophants like this, this President is surely being fed with the wrong information about the murmurings of the people against this regime. The President is also not helping matters by his aloofness and the ‘I don’t give a damn’ attitude to the very bad security situation. Very foolish Presidency

This covering up is the problem with apc.When will you guys accept this incompetency. When will we have sense in this country Nah? When? People are dying almost everyday and this is what we get, oh well, people voted for him. Oro buruku lenu eye yin... Quite expected. Buharists don't disappoint in the infamy department.🚶🚶🚶

Ori yin ti buru danu You callin people with so much pain miscreants These people will never learn to take responsibility I think oppositions to APC govt are Nigerians that don't dance to their tones. Even in Maiduguri with their own son ruling? These men need to pray for God's wisdom and not security challenges again.

This people no just get sense. So with that kind crowd opposition party went to hire them. Chia Nigeria is a Joke. Mazigburugburu1 your prophetic tweet of blaming PDP has been fulfilled. When they don't have anything to talk about, opposition did these and that! It can only be Gen. Buhari's administration: 'Rats pursue the president from Aso rock, Babachir Lawal cut grass with $300 million, Snake swallowed 36 billion naira... Bla bla boo......

Only idiots will believe this There will always be a reason....this just a normal. No miscreant was hired come back to reality We know... Emitters of nonsense. I was quite expecting this lie Please, I think we should accept responsibilities for our actions and inactions. The people just want peace and it is the responsibility of the Commander in Chief to provide such. Please, leave politics aside and let us face reality. The people are fed up.

Na lie... That wasn't miscreants, that was crowd, angry crowd, orphaned by BH, widowed by BH, made jobless by BH... Then, this man, claimed to rehabilitate, and release them, so they should embrace him and be happy right? Lie's from All People Confused, (APC), Buhari was booed because of his incompetency over killing in the country, Boko Haram are killing them without impunity.

so now same people that voted Buhari in 2019 are now miscreants? This response from the Presidency shows that the sit of power in Abuja is seriously in a panicking mode. They know that they are fast losing credibility & popularity among the citizens hence,this type of ghetto response to criticism. Very predictable

As expected,they never disappoints Nigeria is the opposition Very predictable We can always pre-empt your response Lifeless No opposition in Maiduguri Borno State is one party system. These guys are delusional. If what you're saying is real, why should they boo Mr president. Or maybe for something else.

Are you people not even ashamed of posting this , when you know the truth. Opposition Miscreants Presidency The poster Those in comment section All of them are mad They’ll always look for people to put the blame on🤦‍♂️ Una waste time to come out with dis defence o... 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂. We don epp una come out with the defence but una stupidity make una no to adopt am on time. 😂 😂 😂

With this, there is simply no hope for this government again. I give up!!! We have seen the rented or paid crowd that booed you and your master. Please since you followed feom airport to the palace let us see the crowd that came to the palace to say thank you to you and PMB for the insecurity and unreecounted killings in Bornu.

Cock and bull story. He's under performing this the booing Hear animal talk! Imaginary opposition. Because as it is, we don't even have opposition in Nigeria. APC is the opposition to APC Yeah that's more believable than to think that the people you have abandoned to die at the hands of all kinds of terror no longer want you in power. What a presidency.

Ahhhh... We saw the video oh Smh.... If the president has feelings he would have ordered his convoy to stop so he speaks directly to the poor masses, they were the ones in need of his condolences and reassurance of hope not the Governor not the Shehu of Bornu. APC is wicked Lol it's becoming too predictable

Bullshit! He no longer enjoys goodwill. Nmmmmm New Problem Laughable Illusion 🤪 WEAK President BUHARI...ur failure is glaring ...even ordinary NIGERIANS now know that you are too WEAK to be president..😎 I hope they will hire them to stone the president next time. Stupid set of people at presidency. Hahaha...OfficialAPCNg government of blame. Borno elders to blame for Boko haram attack Oppositions to blame for booing Jonathan to blame for insecurity Sowore to blame for masses wanting to protest NIGERIANS to blame for government failings Soon..APC will be blaming twitter

Although, i'm a Buharist. I however disagree wt dz theory of hiring ppl t boo d president. D gospel truth is dt, Buhari n his security team r nt just getting it right wt fight against insurgency. Buhari is nt showing d stuff made of a former army general. He's nt ready t dft BH. I no tell you? They're at it again. Liars.

🤣🤣 This government is so full of propaganda! I think they are suffering from delusion of grandeur. But we knew Mallam GarShehu's response wouldn't be anything outside this rhetoric na!! We await his side-kick's (FA)statement too. In other words, Borno people are happy as we speak and are giving 'shugaban kasa' thumbs up as they are getting killed in droves!

We expected this stupid statement. 😂😂😂 🤣 the same way you people against the report of amnesty international. GarbaShehu may God punish you for insulting Borno people like this. So those that gave him 95% votes are now miscreants? They understand their modus and they felt it was used against them. We no nah

😂😂😂 Hmmmmm, where he has 85% vote All of u that booed Buhari in Maiduigiri are miscreants, u have heard it from d presidency No one needs to hire someone or miscreants to boo a government that dose NOT know it's direction: Bcoz the people have EYES & They can see, if it's working they'll respond positively! So this is nothing but a failed defence, the people reacted based on their assertions b4 them!

Mazigburugburu1 You mean all those people I saw were hired? So where were the president's supporters? Lies upon lies...that's what we get from APC govt. As usual the ready-made response from the Presidency They should keep telling their selves 😂😂 whatever just so they can enjoy the million dollars mattress but their is no hiding place for the ones without humanity left in them.

Expected QuotedReplies 😂😂😂😂 Buhari Calling The Same People That Gave Him 750k Votes Just Feb 2019 Miscreants... Wonders Shall Never End 😂😂😂😂 We were waiting for this. You can't be serious Is this really what we should be focusing on right now 😢 God help us... OgbeniDipo Do they mean to say that the amiable and respected ProfZulum is now a member of the opposition. The presidency is composed of pathological liars. And that has been the lie that's fed to the president thereby declaring peace when we're in war, plenty when in hunger. Awon Were

I think it high time Bet9jaOfficial start placing odds on this people 😏😏😏 If you are not expecting this news then you are not in this country, and you are not following up. Paranoid set of persons Shame on you nitwit🤦‍♂️ Finally they couldn't resist this narrative. Very predictable. Shameless presidency

Default response. I'm no surprised The same Borno they claimed Buhari won by 90% Idiots! Yes, it is Opposition... lol Even those screaming for help due to d IncreasedInsecurity in their state are hired miscreants. But are these the same gov't dat campaigned for votes in BornoState during d 2019 presidential election? BaMaSoGMB

This presidency sha is ok. Always blaming someone as usual As EXPECTED. Nothing new with this failed government. All Nigerians now belong to opposition. Thank you APC for this then. The people of borno don’t need anyone to pay them before they do the right thing, that place is in shambles and you expect them to do what? be happy and shine teeth with you Rubbish!

I expected this earlier before now These are not things you should be concerned about this 🤡 government,talk how to stabilise the critical issues on ground Dumb presidency what is wrong with these people Shameless presidency after ur party claimed he wasn't booed. Now u are up with the claim the opposition hired miscreants to boo a failed president

We know your way, already tell our self this since yesterday... Eyin Oloriburuku gbogbo Am not surprised...this is the lies you guys around Mr.President keep telling him, that is why he has continued to fail woefully!!! Stop lying to the President...tell him the truth so he can make the right decisions. EvilAdvicers FailedGovernment BuhariOut

It doesn't seems the people were hired,those are all locals ......not everyone behaves like your stock in trade as witnessed times without number in the event of besieged AmnestyNigeria office of late. 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 This is stupidity, people are dying everyday, their lives is no longer save, even if you were there as APC member, there is no way you wouldn't boo him, there's no need to hire opposition where lives is no longer save. WE NEED REVOLUTION

That's means they hired the people that were hailing them before Going going going gone Mazigburugburu1 what a nice premonition and prediction!!! You guys are mad, so you think PMB and his team don't deserved to be booed? God will punish you people for expecting glory in the midst of shame you've provided?

We are not surprised Defending failure all the time. Specialist in Failure. Am waiting for muric statement You see those so called advisers and media aids of oga buhbuh are the problems the president is having... They simply tell this man it is white when the colour is actually black...imaging the president say he is surprise BH are still killing people...

Here we go again, always looking for a scapegoat. Security of lives and property is the number one responsibility of the C-in-C, he is fast loosing credibility guys and you guys are not telling him the truth. Wake him up with the truth. Chai, as predicted by many yesterday 😂😁😂😂😁😂😁 Na so.. Nigerian politics, they are all the same

That's d problem we've with this government of APC. The masses no longer exist, everything is now about opposition or d ruling party. We've lost it long ago I know is Femi Adeshina that will make this comment Hahahahahahahahahahahaha Somebody already tweeted that this govt will say this, only that it didn't come from the people we expected

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Bunch of 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 Chei! My ppl, we must unite o. We must unite to flush out these crooks come 2023 o. They know rigging is the only way they'd ever win. So, acknowledging the plight of the common man is a foreign concept to them. This is what we v been waiting to hear from femi Adesina n co.

So true 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ Any reasonable man should know that. Hehehehe. This presidency no go Killy me with wuhan laughing style As expected, presidency is predictable, they never disappoint. did the opposition also pay the APC members in maiduguri to go and hide? 😂😂🤣🤣 udonmeanit! OgbeniDipo you said this yesterday o

When the comments are more than the likes, you should know there's a problem. Does that mean 95% of Nigerian citizens are now oppositions? Then you have lost our trust, you have to resign and go. Ok, continue! GarShehu FemAdesina NGRPresident aishambuhari MBuhari Someone said this will be out soon from the presidency😂😂😂

Presidency never disappoints, bolekaja style!!, that end up putting Baba in bad light These people will not kill us is Borno not an APC state, why is everything politics with u people. Stupid people occupy Nigeria presidency FemAdesina GarShehu BashirAhmaad Laurestar Failed leaders blame opponent Lol

Dappab The Presidency is high on dog shit. Chai does that look like people been hired Because you hired the protesters that besieged Amnesty International Are you guys not tired of using this miscreants of a word. Find another one biko Welldone Mr. Adesina and Malla. Shehu Garba, the most deceitful spokespersons in d history of Nigeria. Remember, one day you both will vacate that office and come face to face with the consequences of your actions while in office.

🤣🤣🤣😂😂 As expected! Pray for Nigeria. They always have some useless things to say to defend their failure. If the only reply you can offer for such hurrible event is Opposition plan then all Nigerians is your opposition then!!! This people are in redeemable GarShehu FemAdesina it's high time you guys stop this blame game. Simple understand that the people are fed up. Your government has failed,incompetent in tackling insecurity. Hire miscreants to boo President?it can't be in Maiduguri,president strong hold.

Something is definitely wrong with you people...shey e wa alright sha Hahahaha... the presidency media peeps are so predictable Opposition asked Boko Haram to strike in Maiduguri!😂😂 Oh God, can this presidency just open their eyes. GarShehu FemAdesina these guys are so shameless. Face the reality Nigerians don’t want MBuhari as the president of Nigeria you have failed us as a commander in chief.

Why do these people hate the truth so much? Sad. I knew the clueless and misguided OfficialAPCNg lot would eventually toe this dumb line. I guess the opposition also hired anticorruption to rate MBuhari's government low? IDIOOOOOOOT fellows. Shortly, Laurestar will also run her mouth. We have been expecting nothing less than this and d presidency didn't disappoint us just as we predicted.

Sai baba OK, I new it end like this Story That's good, the government have started harvesting what they are planting It's very obvious from the video in circulation. I've been expecting this tweet all day!!! Seriously? Noting wey Musa no go hear for gate. Pathetic. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂yes na! Dèm use the Amnesty office protests model

Nonsense Who is presidency? I was expecting this news There must be an answer to justify ineptitude in Nigeria else someone's job will be on the line. I'd expected this from a govt that has never taken responsibility for their actions & inactions. They blamed GEJ, blamed OfficialPDPNig , blamed Bornu people

Every single truth u blame it on opposition,stop blaming opposition ,Nigeria is tired of u OgbeniDipo you predicted this. una no get opposition no worry 😏 Well someone have to take the blame Their fate shall befall you Mazigburugburu1 just as you predicted!. Please sir, help me predict sure bet9ja odds biko.

Why does everything has to be about the opposition? Do yu think ppl in that state are less human than yu are? Sigh! GodBlessNigeria Normal story I guess the DSS gave them heads they are coming in Were the opposition and the alleged hired miscreants not Nigerians? Lol..this presidency is now totally and highly mad!!!!!!!

Sharrap there!!! trafficbutter These buffoons will never disappoint. People who are being slaughtered are booing Buhari. But to the buffoons, it’s opposition. Same Borno that Buhari got 97% vote last year have so much opposition to be hired to boo Buhari. Shows how fraudulent last presidential election was.

And the blame game goes on. That's a blatant lie .. They said it at last How did they know he was coming to Maiduguri ? I was expecting this. So predictable. Aye presidency ti baje ooo...wait for them to say opposition sent boko haram after he left. We will have sense by force Story of the ANCESTORS Predicted response of irredeemable clowns.

No ! It was Jonathan that hired them .... nonsense! A Govt that can never take responsibility, but keep on shifting blame You are failing in all categories and you still have the guts to say is your opponents let it not be well with your death also Now I know that people in that party are all mad Ode It is funny how this system work in this country of ours, if the opposition knew Mr. President was flying from Addis Ababa to Maiduguri and in the shortest of time hired crowd to boo him, then its so sad to say that even the President's detail (protocol) is porous and needs to...

Please say thank you for what,that BH killed 30 people and destroyed assets what millions? .... better they even acknowledged he was booed. ....to be checked, because i have googled all round and never saw authentically online were Mr. President told the world in brief he was heading for Maiduguri after the AU summit, so the so called 'presidency' should bury their faces in shame.

Lies pure lies. The video showed they were all tired. If they were paid they won't be so serious. Haba are we now fools. Na WA o Anyone that can't boo MBuhari is not normal. Una no dey tire? Hired from where? 😂I'm beginning to like these two spokesmen of the president, they can actually find words to portray satan as an angel

When will all this stop Gaskiya Hmmm...we don hear; when they were hailing him years again, no be opposition do that one.... Nigerians are tired with Jubrilbuhari & Apc style of rulership. Lol. They always point finger to the opposition when it is not in their favor . Mazi Mazigburugburu1 u don already talk na

Nonsense Useless presidency, we knows that is exactly what will come out of your dirty mouth Haba I was expecting diz rubbish though. Am not surprised Prophesy finally cme to pass 😂 Eya...too bad We said it....Opposition in an APC state? 1daful!!!! As expected 😭😭😭 True or false, I know not. What is obvious is that insecurity is at a very high level and it cuts across the country.

Opposition carries the blame as usual, not surprised either, bocz blaming the opposition for their incompetence & ineptitude has been the hallmark of Buhari led APC Gov. But the obvious thing is that lies can never out live the truth. Only a matter of time. They don't always disappoint us do they? The people being killed in their numbers everyday are expected to line by the roadsides and hail Mr President for his unprecedented achievement in fighting terrorism. Shame.

Lol 🤣🤣🤣 🤣🤣🤣 This people can't fail to manifest their disconnect from reality. Lol Really? These people in 'presidency' are 🤡🤡🤡😂 Once again the government has refused to take responsibility for its failure to run the country efficiently, and even when we speak out we are gagged by the Presidency's PR group. This is really 💔 we deserve better ❤️🇳🇬

There goes the politics playing game again. I await the day these people would be beaten to stupor. I hope that day comes soon. What do you expect from a Government that doesn't know the difference between insurgency And Terrorism.... This is laughable 🤣🤣🤣 It doesn't hv to be news. Nigerians themselves have helped them draft the lie since yesterday

Presidency men are going rogue in their defense for president's inefficiency Yeah right we knew it would come to this Presidency have lost status of reality. Hah, are these people okay? Opposition ke.. What kind of delusion is this We didn't expect least of this..... Is the Presidency ok? This People are unbelievable nothing good will ever come out of them shameless set of fool's.

Who is Presidency? This question has been begging for answer for a couple of years now. Lie lie Ah ah! All those regular guys? Ive been expecting this statement.. shamelessness on steroids. This means presidency has been hiring crowd to hail Buhari all these while..... OgbeniDipo called it. Predictable lots.

As expected, the circuit delivers. I said you this exactly would be their response Are they the one that hired Boko Haram that bombed yesterday too Buhari, buharist, apc are all blamists 🤣🤣🤣 Definately Bhuari has been protecting them .fuck the presidency.. That's why govt instructed boko boys to rampage parts of Maiduguri, since we all want to play the blame game.

😂😂😂 Political liars who has failed to protect the life's of the people they are meant to protect, but goes about blaming others for their failures..... Why not be the change you promised instead of playing the same old game.! So,the Nigerian people that once voted for you are now opposition?This man buhari and his APC party just have to disappear.

There is nothing like opposition. Kan magene ya waye. Very predictable I knew it will come to this This must be FEMI ADESINA....it's obvious d problem of Nigeria are the people after dia own personal purse..or probably d chief terrorist himself hate to hear the truth Hahahaha! there has never been opposition in Borno state. PDP has never won anything in that state. Just accept your booing and amend.

Similar to what happened at AmnestyNigeria office a few days ago. But in the amnesty event, people were brought in by buses to come to the protest. In Maiduguri, these were just people standing by the roadside, chanting to their own displeasure. Default response. Bashir save am for draft folder 🤣🤣🤣😘😘😘

opposition are the ones making Buhari a failure. Opposition are the ones telling Boko haram to kill and destroy lives. But The State Is Owned by APC. This APC government will never change Everything they go politicise am So u expected them to congratulate him as he came to visit them bah. Come and pay such visit in west if they no go stone you

The expected template. You people are evil for not accepting the reality on ground. This is how Nigeria will collapse. I think you don see? I think at this point, should be selective of the kind of news to broadcast, or u ll be complicit in harassing the minds of so many Nigerians. Could u pls spare us more agony? We re talking bout Nigerians being sacrificed daily. Is no Nollywood.

NGRPresident make una nor vex oo. Opposition get president itinerary to know his movement to d point d road when Secret Service done secure. Na go to people house to call them to come out to boo ur oga. Dis Lie nor dey work na, Una nor fit say d video na fake,so una dey spin 😂 True I'm not retweeting this absurdity from Femi Adesina and Garba Shehu. Let me use the share button to redistribute it to my pals for further analysis.

Mazigburugburu1 predicted this headline yesterday. 👌 You can always predict their next actions and words. That's why BH seem to be difficult to defeat? 😂😅😂😅😂😅😂😅👎👎👎 MBuhari Zoo nation Trash We have been waiting for this nonsense reply. Shameless people Did Buhari tell the opposition aforehand that he was going to Maiduguri?

in an APC state, opposition hired miscreant that voted for You. Keep us updated with your lies. Jokers Lol I knew it full of propaganda As expected, shameless govt Full of excuses Am not surprise by those propagandists in Aso rock. absolute_ola they’ve started again o As expected, we know you lot live in a realm different from ours, where you are cocooned from the real life happenings. This too shall pass

This FOOLISH RESPONSE is fucking PREDICTABLE!!!! Funny country smh 😭😭😭 After derailing in their duty and life lost they now call Borno people miscreants. The scripture has been fulfilled NGRPresident doesn’t have a good record with the people of Nigeria The same way you hired them against JONATHAN.. yeye dey smell !

One good turn deserves another ... U receive what u give out Haliyahsultan ....as expected! Very predictable govt. They are growing very unpopular but accepting that is too it difficult... Just like accepting responsibility for the current state of the Nation. Aha... These people can make prediction easy.

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Nothing Uche no go hear from Audio Govt The statement started with “maybe” , tcheew,prove with evidence that opposition truly hired “miscreants” ,and we would believe you. Stop yarning okoto,we are tired of statements without substance. Who told the opposition ahead of time that Buhari was visiting Borno for them to be able to organise people of such number to boo Bubu

Just say that, Opposition are Boko Haram: but Buhari was picked to negotiate with the previous government on their behalf. Dem don wake up o. Shebi we talk am say na the tin wey dem go yarn be dat. These guys can don't have it. Whoever helped push their propaganda in 2015 is dead! Omo to yi o gbon! Sioor! Kelebe Tue!

You guys are too predictable. Bunch of clowns We talk am We expected this press release WAO!! Someone said yesterday that the booing will soon be attributed to the opposition and BOOM it is happening today. This guys are predictable. Accepts the reality No any opposition, people from all parts of the state including women and children converged at bulumkutu to boo him. I was there at the scene, everyone express his regrets for voting him. People were deceived and destroyed alone the region and religion line in previous elections

As expected, they never disappoint Hahaha...I said it!! I was expecting this since yesterday. Thinking it will come from Adeshina or lia Mohammed....A SET OF ATNI-SERIOUS PEOPLE..... U na no even dey fear God at all,at all....ACP abi nah PCA or APC wey u na dey answer. Stale news. 😂 Lols 😂 As predicted by OgbeniDipo

Those ones dont hv shame again Exactly the excuse I was waiting for Takes one to know one Blame game everyday every time continue We said it... very predictable Government Arrest that man PDP! We knew, even all the failure and visa ban are caused by that PDP MBuhari ia right, PDP is the one making him a failure.

Opposition this opposition that. Shame! These guys never disappoint. Their odds to always deliver is as certain as Liverpool winning the premier league this season They're always miscreants when you no longer need their votes. Ok.. This people don't even disappoint..they are very good at playing the known card

As predicted ....they have come again The presidency is soooooo predictable. They should probably hire someone else to do their PR stunts for them. I saw this coming 😂😂😂 these guys lol It's a pity. You have 1 stupid thing to say at every given opportunity. It's the height of shamelessness.. This Is The Most Useless Govt I Have Ever Seen In My Life May This Country Not See Someone As Clueless As Buhari Again. Amen

What do you expect? Sometimes, Garba Shehu and Femi Adesina just need to shut up. “They came out to say thank you”? Thank you for the death of 20 people? Cc Mazigburugburu1 Even though that's true... How Dare you NGRPresident call Nigeria Citizens miscreants APC, we shall see no more!! That is why we will continue having problem in this country you better tell the president the truth why borno people boooo him

Just as we expected. They have finally arrived. Welcome shameless folks. OgbeniDipo come and see ooo Expected 😂 Idiot Shameless mofuckers Jokers They will always have something to say to defend their failure As predicted... Who be this presidency self munu people 😂😂😂😂😂 Everything is opposition He fit be true o... Because for me, nor trust Politicians o... And besides, Baba self don fuckup well well. And again, those behind insecurities in Naija should please stop. We are begging them.

Hmm APC the Government.. Really 🙄🙄🙄! You guys are just shameless. As predicted, Mr. Dipo.. 🤦🏾‍♂️

BREAKING: Buhari lands in Maiduguri on sympathy visit – Daily TrustPresident Muhammadu Buhari has landed in Maiduguri, the capital of Borno state. According to a tweet by his media aide, Garba Shehu, the president is “paying a sympathy visit to the government and people of Borno following the recent horrific incident in which Boko Haram terrorists killed several travellers” 12:45pm. President Buhari, aboard the BBJ … Mr Condolence And..? Okay

BREAKING: Buhari arrives Maiduguri on sympathy visit over Auno killingsAs usual now APC IS WORKING Define failure... = MBuhari Baba goslow

Boko Haram: Buhari arrives Maiduguri for 'sympathy visit' | The Guardian Nigeria News - Nigeria and World NewsNigeria President Muhammadu Buhari on Wednesday arrived Maiduguri, Borno State capital to sympathise with the people over recent Boko Haram attack. “President Buhari, aboard the BBJ from Addis Ababa just landed in Maiduguri,” presidential spokesman Garba Shehu tweeted. “He is paying a sympathy visit to the government and people of Borno following the recent horrific … Too late.

JUST IN: Buhari arrives Maiduguri over Boko Haram attack President Muhammadu Buhari on Wednesday arrived in Maiduguri, the Borno State capital, for a 'sympathy visit.'............ So? We should run, why can't the killings be curbed. Undeveloped country, third world Buhari is playing with the intelligence of Nigerian masses and one day he will confess to Nigerians and tell them his relationship with BH. Only time will tell Sack those service chiefs!!!

BREAKING: Buhari Returns To Nigeria, Pays Condolence Visit To MaiduguriBREAKING: Buhari Returns To Nigeria, Pays Condolence Visit To Maiduguri. Finally Why is this breaking news Unu si CONDOLENCE VISIT?!!! Haaaaaaaaaa!!!!

Auno Massacre: Buhari Arrives Maiduguri from Ethiopia - THISDAYLIVEBy Omololu Ogunmade President Muhammadu Buhari who left the country on February 7, to participate in the 33rd summit of the African Union (AU) has landed in Maiduguri enroute Abuja. The president’s aircraft touched down at 12.45pm in Maiduguri, Borno State, where the terrorist Boko Haram group had killed 30 innocent Nigerians traveling to Maiduguri …