No officer has right to check your phones, Police tell Nigerians

Nigerians, Phones, Police

No officer has right to check your phones, Police tell Nigerians

Nigerians, Phones


No officer has right to check your phones, Police tell Nigerians

A former Police Public Relations Officer in Lagos State, Dolapo Badmus, has said that officers of the Nigeria Police Force have no business with the mobile devices of Nigerians , adding that officer...

Published Kindly Share This Story Dolapo Badmus A former Police Public Relations Officer in Lagos State, Dolapo Badmus, has said that officers of the Nigeria Police Force have no business with the mobile devices of Nigerians, adding that officers engaging in such an act are harassing the citizens. Badmus stated this while speaking at the ongoing Social Media Week 2020 in Lagos on Wednesday. She said, “The menace of officers of NPF stopping residents of Lagos and demanding to search their phones has become increasingly worrisome. READ ALSO: Failure to arrest culprits shows FG’s insincerity on killings –Bishops “Those officers demanding to search people’s mobile devices can be likened to walking up to a random man and asking him to pull off his boxers for the sake of a search operation.” According to her, the act is wrong as a phone is a private space, explaining that phones contain confidential details such as bank information, among others. She, however, noted that “police officers are only allowed to do so when there is a reason to carry out an investigation”. “I must say this that in Nigeria, the police is still a work-in-progress and we will get it right soonest,” she added (NAN) DOWNLOAD THE PUNCH NEWS APP NOW ON Receive Alerts on: Read more: The Punch Newspapers

It's good to check whether it carry virus ooo If SARS should stop and search you and they ask you to open your phone, if you get mind no open am. Its like you have a death wish It is unlawful and illegal U come online to tell Nigerians rubbish. How many of yo useless police officers among u have u punished 4 on this issue u just discussed. Do u know how many Nigerians kill everyday due 2 d fact that they know their right while talking 2 police.

Are you sure? Would they hear? 🤐 What is there in checking phones if you are innocent? Which kind misplaced priority be this. Tell your uncultured officers. Please Help us Tell Sars we can not tell them. They need to know Can I slap the black outta any officer that trys to check my phone? Mscheeew talk to your officers not Nigerians!

Speaker condemns police harassment of young NigeriansThe Speaker, House of Representatives, Femi Gbajabiamila, has spoken against police harassment of young people in Nigeria.

Story Let them tell that to their low IQ greedy officers. ejindu_chibizy We’re tired of hearing this. You know it’s not applicable on the streets Please tell your officers and warned them. This platform is enough to pass this magnitude of information to Nigerian's. Yes we know😔 stop telling us,tell your illiterate officers 🚶🏽🚶🏽

JohnNetworQ Those this really work We know😔 stop telling us, tell your illiterate officers 🚶🏽 Tell your officers young woman That's good 👏👏👏 If ever resist that it leads to fight, she herself would be the number to put you in the cell for refusing to be intimidated. This na dem dem.

Footballer’s killing: Police disband Zonal Intervention Squad in OgunSome police officers from the ZIS unit in Abeokuta had arrested the footballer, and thereafter allegedly pushed him to his death on Saturday. Hmmm Get the report well. The IG disband with immediate effect the 12 Zonal Intervention Squad in Nigeria following NGPoliceForce reformation.............

Are you sure they are aware? Those saying this won't be there when police men will be asking for people's phone, masses are helpless when confronted with bloodthirstiness police officers IamMickypepper What they don’t have right to do that they are doing is like from here to China . But they're still doing it

NigeriapolicePR NigeriaPolice Don’t tell Nigerians, tell your officers. Will you help me collect that hot slap ? Tell this to your officers... Naso una dey tell us it's not effective . Change !!! Mshewww If dey ask to see your phone, brother give them, give them, to avoid stories on your behalf.

BREAKING: IG of Police scraps SARS satellite offices - Daily Post NigeriaThe Inspector General of Police (IGP) Abubakar Adamu, on Tuesday, ordered the closure of all Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) satellite offices. The Ademdem87 Etubom_Olushola ezugwucc in Ogun state or all over the federation? This is a welcome development. Please if possible scrab it completely for they have so much innocent bloods on their hands. Living them to exist is more harm to the general public

Why the beautiful female police officer in the photo? Why not the ugly SARS thugs Tell your officers. Do a national orientation for them. They kill people who refuse to tender their phones Stare news. Dangerous news. Story story Did police tell fellow police that point guns at other Nigerians this same thing, or did they tell only Nigerians?

We heard that multiple times but it keeps happening 🤡🤡🤡 This lady has lies written over her face and what she said Not in Nigeria, they will just kill you one hand, nonsense people. When they kill you they will say you are a cultist, you Tried to snuggle with them so they had to kill you. But your people are deaf mostly SARS

Funny and happy country....

A’Ibom: 171 suspects arrested in 3 months - Police – Daily TrustThe Akwa Ibom State Police Command has said it arrested 171 suspects and rescued 19 kidnap victims in the past three months. Speaking yesterday in Uyo during a Town Hall meeting/security summit of Uyo Area Command, the Commissioner of Police , Imohimi Edgal said 14 different types of firearms and 25 types of ammunition were recovered, … Continue fishing them out till you get tired

Go and tell police officers. I’m gonna screenshot this tweet We have had about this severely ...yet they have not stopped... And where do we take our case to when the do , because oga at the office wouldn't help us when we take our case to the nearest police station. That what you people preach everyday but day in day out the men of the police keep harrassing people because they want to check phones. You guys should preach what you can do and stop running mouth

Super story! Ask ur relations what's truly happening in the streets in Nigeria. Educate ur men on how to relate with the people they are trained to protect. The last time I checked, our trained police are skilled fault finder using the gun to steal from innocent Nigerians! naijama Release a memo to this. Not a random interview.

unclefredodo lol Story for the gods. This order or Instructions only ends on the pages of the newspapers .

Police brutality threatens our nationhood — Gbajabiamila – Daily Trust…IG, Sultan insist on community policing The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Femi Gbajabiamila, yesterday decried cases of brutality and killing of civilians by policemen. He was speaking in Abuja at a public hearing of the House Committee on Police Affairs, tagged “Repositioning the Nigerian Police for an Enhanced Service Delivery”. He expressed …

That's what we hear Everytime you help the Nigerians by making sure you Educate the police. And if they do where are u guys to remind them that they don't have right to do that? There are somany things Police dont have the right to do yet they do those things each day and no matter how polite and humane one may try tolet them know brutal force will be emitted out on that fellow. At some point they may even pump bullets into that person.Thats NPF for you

Another motivation speaker in uniform. Stop misleading people. You want the case of accidental discharge to increase? are they just hearing g it today I bet you don't know your officers do this and also the extortion that happens on the street to youths and commercial drivers. I'm sure you don't know. Talk to the hand, we resist they shoot, we comply they shoot. Now you’re talking man. they shoot, you don’t talk so shut the hell up you’re all different heads of the same seven headed dragon. Rippers!!!

Audio talk They’ve abandoned their primary duties. Put it in the law and create campaign to promote the cause.

Police need 250,000 rifles, 1,000 APCs, 774 drones – IG2000 pdp's Mr clueless Nawa o... Wetin we dey use am do

Educate your ignoramus officers Good Tell that to OFFICERS ... not the civilian, because we suffer a lot... I was embarrassed by a police officer instilling he want to check my phone this Wednesday You think say your officers go obey? What do we do when we are forced to? Where do we go? Who do we call? What are you doing to curb all this.? With all due respect why are these questions not asked?..

Nigerians know. The police needs to tell the police so that when next the Nigerians refuse illegal search, the police won't beat coronavirus out of the Nigerians. Dazzol MgSussi Show them this na hot slap 😂 Madam please tell your colleagues in the police force, drive the awareness and consciousness among your SARS people and others that use to harass our youth. Madam tell them oh, tell them and stop deceiving us.

Get it right in what year? That was a poor statement. I respect this lady when she talks. But my question to her is this. What punishment have been handed to that police who does such things? let's vote Trump for Nigeria president realDonaldTrump 😀😂😀Just as bail is free and you are collecting money from them anytime of Bail

Screenshot this and make it your lockscreen wallpaper Boda Lanre Once said : My phone is my property, I guess I have the owners right : to show you who I talk to - VectorThaViper Ni shoki:We know that already is the reason why we feel violated..but...tell that to intellectually defunct entities u av in d system

Don't tell Us, tell your officers, are you expecting us to argue with someone with a gun. Sorry i am not that crazy and I am not falling for this trap either. To make this spread around to all Police force, Its what the commission of police in each state have to come the DPO of each police station to address it to their policemen under their unit. That's how it can circulate.

Why not sensitize the policemen and impose the necessary sanctions How real is this, after a lot of bit you we be the one to give them your phone to check it.

Should we tell her....? IGP will not be there when his officers are maltreating innocent Nigerians because of the guns and the uniforms they put on. Damilol06264055 Have these repeated declarations changed anything? Unless something is done you are all the same thing. We are tired of reading this script.

Police need to be reformed Sars saw a guy and told him to check his phone, wen he refused they told him they will kill him and nobody would be able to trace the killer, he struggled with them, they ended up arresting him and his family later bailed him with 100k+ So that they can shoot me... I don't have any right.. I will give them to search.. I can't let someone waste my destiny.. I have a mother and sister to take care of

Make ds coward shut up jare AUDIO law Are you indirectly telling us to sign our death warrants Can you tell the officer not to check the phone in the first place? is that so? most times the police don't carryout investigation bf detaining a suspect they first get hold of the phone.

Very well, I'll save this tweet to show them You’re doing well ma I hate it when they tell Nigerians this same thing. Call your officers and tell them. Not us. We're not the ones searching people's phone, the Police are the ones doing it. What about the trigger happy ones we come across every day? I've gone through comments here and it's the mind/comments of the victims of police harassment. Opetodolapo Please come and read these. Thank you

That’s how they will be talking until someone who is trying to prove his right takes an accidental bullet. Educate and discipline your officers before you feed us with your rules. Can someone say amen! She didn't tell us what will happen when we refuse to hand over the phone n the gun is pointed at us and released. Ode.

Disband Sars first Using guns to scare citizens Very sad.. we are scared of the police

When will they get it right please? Just yesterday on my way to Warri from Ph at the check point, they stopped our car and asked the only amongst us out for search “ what” they did was to collect 1k from him for not having a receipt to a old DVD player with him Is like this pple are giving orders from another country is like dey are blind

It’s not a matter of saying it but the thing is how much are you people ready to protect an individual who will cocme and complain that an officer check his phone against his will? It has to be written on all the papers and also be announced on national and all local radio and television stations because it has been a daily occurrence and officers are also to be warn to desists from such act with a penalty attached to it

I hear u... Can your men stop that especially the SARS guys Hiaaaaan! If I hear After all the talks nothing happens ...and if they do what should we do Story story.

This is a good example of theory and practical Prank Scammmmmmmmm Ona don start again oh. So that them go kill me Shea? Calm down every body... Just take a screenshot of this... Any time the stop you. Just show them 😂 😂 😂 😂 Okoto meow Make it popular and a straight warning to your officers and stop defending them like your commission do

My people say “book way no enter head , go enter exam hall” Your duty as a police Pro is to enlighten the public of what to do when harassed by your bullies , who do we call and what do we do This epidemic is outrageously insane Someone pls help me with Amotekun’s hotline Tell that to your subordinates thats harass people on daily basis checking.

Tell SARS that 1

Make a poster and hang it in every police station just as you did with “police is your friend”😎 Where is this pleasant smiling beau in uniform when police points automatic guns at civilians and dictates what they want. Phones. Cash. Shoes. Trinkets. Even heard they've been known to rape civilians if they choose to. Please get serious if we want to build a decent society.

All of unah dey mad be today unah just dey talk this kain things Say that again with a gun to your face After the first couple of slap, I’m sure this info will erase from ones memory You can take that to court, I hope. Hahahahaha. Set up! I dodge am! 不看手机可以 但是要为难你 I like Nigerian police, they always speak of the right of citizens in the media but in practice the citizens are not allowed to enjoy such rights.

Since they aren't takeing anything serious in this country so if citizens decided to be killing all this police men omo the work go tired them to do 😥.

Tell that to your officers, most of whom are akin to SARS operatives who are savage sadists who hate with passion & relish hunting & mowing down innocent progressive youths. SARS in particular does not belong in human society. Try to prove your innocence & you get the bullet! When they brandish AK47; how do you resist them?

MyDear I believe this officer more than the entire PoliceNG 🙌🙌 talk to me mbok Tell them!!!!!!! Kindly put this on the front pages of news paper and send the memo to all your officers. They should stop this BS and tell us what to do when harassed by a police officer That’s correct; in America they think they have the right to do whatever the hell they need to do to prosecute you that’s why I tell all the OG‘s don’t carry an iPhone and if you do turn off that facial recognition; once you’re in cuffs all you have to do is put it to your face

PublicSquareNG Are you kidding me This country has become a huge joke Finally......I wonder why it took so long! Please tell them oh

Can they give us guns to defend ourselves when the need arises? Do we even still have a national orientation agency ? The PoliceNG should also tell Nigerians what to do when PoliceNG officers use force and threaten to pull the trigger or frame them up once they refused to allow the police to go through their phones.

So why is she not on the streets enforcing her men who actually check phones and not news item The last time I heard that, it's either on paper or in the news. In practice, it's another thing entirely. You're beautiful in nature, uniform and in insight, Our laws is not only to protect the elites What should we do to them if they attempt to check our phones or try to take money from us

Tell ur officers Confirm ☑️ ☑️ ☑️ and endorse ✔✔✔ Are ur officers instructed not to check citizen's phones? As they r informed dat BAIL IS FREE?

This is not the best way to make it known to the masses. We are dying and you guys seems to see nothing to do about it. If ever I’ll come to life again , not this country. If the police officers insist to check our phones. What should we do Coz we deffinitely we can't fight them. What then should we do? Plssssssss

Who be this one na.? This one never do police work b4 ooh🤓🤓🤓 But dey will kill and dey can rope you,no b all police good This is like saying 'come on in, the dog doesn't bite when there's a roaming dog in the compound. Cage the dog that is SARS first please. Abi you want make we dey drag with drunkard wey hold gun? Please EndSARS

One of their lies... I'm glad she used the right terminology in addressing Nigerian police 'work in progress' Correct Who am I to tell a drunk police officer with AK47 riffle that he doesn’t have rite to check my PHONE... NIGERIA POLICE FORCE PoliceNG OFFICERS 👮‍♀️ need orientation, If possible let foreign bodies come to Orientate them and level of insecurity will reduce.

People with guns are citizens, people without guns are slaves. The right to bear arms is a human right.

Na audio 🤣🤣🤣 PoliceNG st_manuel Nice try Make government legalize gun for all citizen! Make you come think say we go dey wait for you!!! Set up , they won't be around when it will happen. Please increase the volume It’s not enough to talk of rights in a system where the use of force on unharmed civilians is institutionalized. You could even get killed in the police station for absolutely no cause.the gvt should rather work to put an effective report system in place.

PoliceNG no get sense at all and I say this with all my heart. Simply tell the useless, blood thirsty officers in your ranks to stop harassing us and requesting to check our phones, you hateful bullies. We know that but... Those words aren't worth the papers they are printed upon. Action speaks louder than words. You have armed rogues who care less of what you say to them. Just telling Nigerians what they want to hear from you.🤷🏾‍♂️

Who are you talking to I know you are not referring too Nigeria police 😂 😂

The sars and police officers are busy right now searching it. I. E they are not on Twitter, do a town hall meeting or course for them and list out their dos and don'ts for them. Maybe then they will understand. Thank you ma It's easy for you to say. Those that were brutalized and even got killed by your 'do nothing' SARS for resisting, how did you handle that matter? You're looking for who will be your Next victim. Not me, sis. EndSARS

E don tey wey una dey talk dis matter abeg. You have right to remain silent because whatever you say shall be used against you at the court of law.. That's my own. Tell police, don't tell us Storyy storyy... Fr 9ja? Dnt bliv sh*t Rubbish, na today ? No officer has right to check your phones, Only if he has a gun.

africaupdates Well said. Rougue policemen have been harassing law abiding citizens I prefer to allow them check my phone then to received bullet in return

Will you be there to bail the person with 10k? Not to tell Nigerians...Have u given your officers the right orientation as regards the subject matter? How do you checkmate their activities in dis regards... Any phone line to call, email or social media platform to complain or report such situations, when need arise....

Oro paw paw !. I hear but don't believe una... I tire for your lies abeg Tell that to your officers 👮🏾‍♀️ Nigeria where I have Rights but is limited in(....) Super story This woman go de inside A.C. de talk rubbish...Why not enter street and practice what u preach Double standard personal Tell that to the birds!!! FSARS Edo Chapter a case study😏

Another trouble loading...the men in black will find other means to make trouble with innocent people. The beautiful girl is saying the truth but if you don't open your phone for them the officers will change the story to either case of arm robbery or suspected cultist. The system is rotten..... Every police officer on the street in NGR is a government on his own...

This isn’t D first time PoliceNG will be dropping this information but there officers begging for 50 along Ijebu ode expressway linking to Ago-iwoye will never stop requesting for your phone and even go ahead reading your personal chat nd account balance to knw hw rich you’re My brothers jara eee ooo, even if they tell you they want to see your blokos show it to them if not, nah you sabi, is there right in this country.

Thank u But they have the right to slap you off the Constitutional Slumber of your Rights If they check by force and there is complain to that effect, will you punish the officers? Lie madam, this your sentence is just for fun, is not a reality and you yourself knows that. Stop deceiving yourself, just tell us that you have repented starting from today.

Educate your police people not us... We know this already But that is the ordeal in Biafra land. What do we call that

Lol The Ninja style approach the police uses to interact with us usually make use forget (read forgo) these rights joor PoliceNG telling Nigerians this, without ensuring ur men complies with civil rights will breed more killings. They have a history of killing anyone who resists them. Don't play yourselves niggas, just pray you don't meet them. If you meet them by chance don't argue with them please. Gun no dey hear argument

only1austine Caution them on how they use their guns! na only soulja boy fit tell em' Bullcrab Statement as usual, tell that to your rude officers. We know but tell them Easier said than done.... Na today we begin hear that!

Audio talk Is true those that check phones are arm thiefs in police uniform. how we gon tell them that after beaten the hell out of us ... this is why i hate y'all Lmao, you think we don't know that? We just value our lives ni We know , educate them on it not is please 🙄 Shey nah Nigeria police buy the phone for me....mumu people

Eh! Madam are you sure? Please inform your boys first then come back and I tell us the real news.!! We know.... But this is not applicable to Nigeria Police let us not deceive ourselves if we don't want to recieve hot slap that reset ones head. Nàso, audio talks 😏 Audio right

Now, how can we make the officers know about this? Maybe, we should always show them this post each time they stop us to search our phones. When those blood shot,gun holding police ask for my phone,I should tell him he doesn't have the right okwaya? Dont mind her. They are looking for more innocent people to shoot and label criminal.

Tell us that if you have evidence that your phone was checked by an officer, bring it to our office or notice for disciplinary measures. Stop the scam! We know this. They know this. Aliens know this. Yet it's still been done. but the police keep doing that daily even in police stations so who is fooling who ?

They've started again oh, someone with a promising future in sagamu believed you, he's late now, may his soul rest in peace. Amen So we should argue with them? Then get slapped and even killed. Remove Sars from the road! Simple Same stories Yet em still dey check am

Resist nd dey will waist a generation life We know ,I don’t think your men got the memo though Abiii Even tho it's our right. Alota young person has been harassed and beating on this 'oga yu don't have the right to collect/check my phone.' Lot of this men in uniform needs serious OT. Our rights are always been trampled on. GodBlessNigeria

PoliceNG Ok Renegade gun totting SARS are all over the country harassing hardworking innocent men, checking their phone. What are you doing about that madam officer? Mrs Officer, it's not as if we don't know our rights. The problem is that 98% of ur colleagues are dumb. They're bullies, & trigger happy No be me dem go lie put say 'dem shoot bcos hin be yahoo boy' (cos na their safe heaven be that) Nigerian police is the worst in the world

Easier said than done Them know what they doing, all na the same

This woman will just take one shot of 🥃 and come and be telling us the impossibility .are we fools!she knows the truth We've said this time after time. You people in the office are the officers, the ones on the street with the rest of us are Olopa. Please dear, be guided Na today? 🙄 Don’t tell us! We already know it. Tell your rogue men to stop checking our phones. They shoot at us when we don’t allow them invade our privacy. Tell your men, SARS particularly.

Make I tell them that one make them kill me and still walk freely even if we hear say no one is above the law , make dem check o and return am peacefully to me if dem no c anything bad and if they see anything bad Na to iron am out know 🍬🍬💰💴 Na so una go dey send us to untimely time. TELL YOUR FELLOW OFFICE NOT TO CHECK PEOPLES PHONE. Thanks for the information.

Tell that to your boys who harass citizens with guns That's a great news. Tell your officers You should not be telling us but sensitizing your officers so when they bring your phones we should now be quoting you abi

Can Naija police officers stop that life style? And how on earth do U want me to believe this saying? I can still remember vividly when one Ex- Police boss would speak on TV stations then; don't give bribeYou no how D tori ended. whodowebelief just the same way BAIL IS FREE Says the Twitter police... Every police station in Nigeria has BAIL IS FREE boldly inscribed on their walls, yet nigerians pay bail money or forced extortion. Asin we should hold back our phones from your unstable officers. E no go work for na Make una stop this nonsense talk abeg

Scam statement of the century. Even search pants, brassiere, boxers, lappies, AirPod, etc. PoliceNG IGP need to ban EndSARS in all states.IGP need to look into policemen’s welfare,salaries, allowances and accommodation. Ur men misbehave looking 4 what to eat not curbing crime. Say it Lauder It all ends in the blogs😏

Like say they get sense You for give us ODEECHI first. Make una no listen to her o! No give your phone, nah stray bullet ooooo!! Story

Tell Dolapo to stop lying to us, that hope is getting us killed everyday. Do they have right to ask for vehicle police clearance? PoliceNG Please what's your stance on vehicle police clearance I hope they'll also enlighten their police officers especially those ones on road blocks. Stop telling people unless you're telling them to put there lives on the line refusing phone check. Tell this to your officers and let there be sever punishment. I've not heard or seen any of your officers punished for checking phones. this a new directive or an existing law? Even the picture in tweet no look like Nigerian Police Which right I get in front of AK-47 Tell that to those gun-toting police officers and get slaps for your boldness. Nonsense. Yet the do all the time with reckless abandon. So what does this tweet do for us? Should we decline abs get shut or comply with lawlessness? How will the person issuing this statement protect people in the heat of the moment? PoliceNG rrslagos767 PoliceNG_CRU segalink

Whoever said this dnt live in Nigeria or have relatives that reside in Nigeria.

Better show them the phone and pray. PoliceNG think we are fools, you come to the media to rant and tell us what our rights are yet you have rouges as officers who threaten people with guns all around flouting laws and now you tell us they don't have right to check phones? Please tell your unbridled officers first

Looking for followers?.. Just like this comment then I'll follow you and you will follow back KamalMukhtar10 You need not come and be shouting on live television, punish those involved in such things severely and sense will fall into everyone's skulls To whom it may concern We want action not all the poems

So you expect Nigerians to challenge them when they have guns? Pls use your undercover guys to weed out your bad eggs olayemi_123 We can't resist them, with those heavy guns with them PoliceNG Men of PoliceNG EndSARS Stopped me in 2018 December at Sango tollgate when I was returning from Shiloh. I showed ID, Bible, annointing oil, sticker, emptied my bag. People already gather expecting me to be taken away. My boss mail dropped and I was ask to go freely. Shithole

Seems you tell Nigerians another thing and your officer keep doing a different thing. You have record of your officers to tell this, we are tired of hearing this from you because when we deny SARS access to our phone what follows is brutality and extorting.

In front of gun... Who should I report to. On highway. Abeeegi Nice talk Lol, on paper but not in reality. Members of the Nigerian Police are not rational beings. I'll give them my phone if requested, I won't be no story they'll twist later on by saying, 'the young man was shot because he was resisting arrest'. We're dealing with animals here.

Stated from office but out in the street, we do end paying for bail for our own phone after bailing self. Its happening in aba abia state. So, statement is kind of irrelivant sir.😎 So I can get shot right They will be saying these things in the comfort of their air conditioned offices. But it has no impact whatsoever on the streets. Madam officer all na empty words. Your officers don't follow these things you say.

Stop telling us, we know this. Tell your police officers to stop checking our phones This is only theoretical, practically..... Caugh This should be a directive to all police command. We don hear am taya The police online is different from the one on the streets! There's always a disconnect in the modus operandi

Linus Okwu n'eso akuko This statement is too bogus & made out of ignorance. It ought to have been qualified. How about the people that was killed for that what did you people did about it? If other officers agree, SARS would not. That's why we don't want them. Na today? In Ghana abi? Easier said Lmao..... Joke of the dickade

They checked my phone on that Ore Benin expressway on Saturday. I humbly complied, no be me dem go waste for my young daughter.

OK. So, when they want to check our phones, what should we tell them...? 🤔 While some are still cutting dreads along Benin Owo Express. segalink NGRPolice This one na set up talk.. I follow back 💯 Tell Police officers, we already knew. Sir_Igie Told one useless officer the other day. He thought i was joking. He called his boss and i told him the same thing. They were shook

It appears that Nigeria popcie is as disconnected from their workers as it were before independence. Nigeria police seems to have a hard time instructing their staffs. As we speak now somebody is being asked to produce those. Newest screensaver 😂 I hope This won’t backfire when I meet them This should be told to the police and not Nigerians

This is what we've been earing for many years , but police can't stop harrssing the good citizen of Nigeria

We already know nothing works in Nigeria we’ve heard this countless times yet your people do otherwise. You people are less than 3m and you have a means to reach them and get them informed about this so called new innovational system. Before you say Jack Robinson SARS has already shoot you to death E no go better for Nigerian Police Officers. Nonsense!

We've heard that shit a thousand times. But Nigerian police have been killing they citizens the meant to protect over this searching of phone🤦🏿‍♂️ what have the government done about this don’t encourage the youth to ague and get killed plz🙏 Your job PoliceNG is to create this awareness on TV and radio but because of hypocrisy I know you wouldn't, otherwise how would you get your cuts from the loots your boys make on the streets. You are here setting the masses up against your armed officers. 🙄

At gun point, u will give them ur phone sharp sharp Tell your officers Warn yourselves first Story 🙄 you go just day do audio publicity instead of you to educate your people

policeng is this correct? If yes, permit me to PRINT this and PASTE in every police stations in Lagos State, FREE OF CHARGE. So our gallant officers can see this every day. I Hope u are aware that any attempt to prove that you know ur right might leads to the person's death. U guys should just carried out a thorough investigation of ur personnels and fish out all the unscrupulous elements in ur force n reposition d mind and thinking of ur officers.

This is not the first time you're saying this... You just want innocent citizens collect slap again I Hope u are aware that any attempt to prove that you know ur right might leads to the person's death. U guys should just carried a thorough out investigation of ur personals and fish out all the unscrupulous elements in ur force n reposition d mind and thinking of ur officers.

Give us gun whenever they collect our phone to check we will shot them on self defence....😂😂 Lol. I didn't know we carried this deceit to 2020 They're all liars from the top command to the low. They keep saying it but do nothing to caution their men Aunty D, abeg stop dis matter nau. They will still slap you and collect your phone.

This is what we hear everyday as if we don't know our rights, indiscipline in the Nigerian Police is Legendary... Any Officer caught breaking the Law should be prosecuted...

Old story Nigeria is a Zoo Oga IGP na Abuja your office dey oo your boys in Lagos no go hear you oo and before you reach here they go don deal with person beyond recognition oo, I beg tell them yourself Dear PoliceNG You should be telling your staffs this. We have seen videos of people being beaten & even killed because they refuse to let cops pry into their phones and yet no punishment for the offenders.

And to think she said the exact same thing in 2017... 🙄😒 THERE WAS A COUNTRY 🚶 Talk is cheap my officer Thank you for the information I believe this is not the first time of saying these, just try and make it work that's just it Perhaps social media talk. You know how this whole thing plays out with the men in black so no bamboozling

Madam police officer, this your joke funny well well...... well done ooo Read in BTW the lines 'No Officer..... They didn't say No SARS......😂 EndSARS

It's sad you do nothing to back your words No more trust of police I hardly stop for them if possibly ram them Yet not only your phone but your pocket If only this once in the office know what those marauders make innocent citizens go through ,the other day they ask me for receipt for my lap top I have seen severely police cock gun for even young ladies to give them their phones my conclusion they are worst Dan robbers

Dey there dey deceive us ... That's theory. The practical is another matter. One of the chief problems with the Nigeria(n) Police (Force) is that it has no internal system designed specifically to keep its personnel in check. Until this is done, Nigeria will keep circling this mountain! I think whoever pop that out is really contradicting the reality on Nigeria streets.....abeg stop this theory.

sapnon The street is different Okoto yarns

PoliceNG keep telling us and keep killing us steady for adhering to what they told us Nah waiting you go dey tell us be that nao, but wen one of your boss need monie nah so you go dey check phone and everything not meant to be checked.... Are they gonna abide by such statement u have passed to the populace, cos Wetin den won do dey dia mind...

Please tell your your officers 👮‍♀️ jor! Yen yen yen What is PoliceNG doing about officers demanding and checking people’s phone daily? What are they doing to ensure the rogue PoliceNG operatives stops this madness? ...except it's a smartphone. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Sugartalk...With the haggard appearance of the police officers and the dangerous ways they play with their firearms, one won't dare argue.

Come to public to say what you have not told your people privately. Is it possible for one to resist his/her phone being searched by the Police with an AK47 pointed to his head?

Are the criminals in uniform inclusive And I just did. Gidi_Traffic followlasg followlsstf You said this before and yet police humiliates innocent people in this country before they try to protect their rights.. Na dem. And I just did. Madam please help us tell ur colleagues too they need to be informed that any officer caught doing so ll be dismissed. 🙏

We the people can make this work if and only if we spread this info by either retweeting, sharing via other platforms or make the screenshot our profile ID. It will go a long way and help us have a safer environment to a certain level. Tell your colleagues in the police. And if you try to resist, na so them go shoot you.

SARS! Take note of that statement

Oga Madam, stop lying. You think we didn't know this Try telling them No and see what happens Toh!!! Tell the cop that said to come close, I want to tell her something 😂.. Storyy Social media noise. Why not circulate a memo in real terms PoliceNG PoliceNG_CRU I have seen SARS collect my guy phone, check through it, the guy demands his phone back. The SARS official hit d phone on the floor and smash it with his leg

Absolute nonsense, it's easier said than done... U go dey office dey give us stupid orientation, na u go still give ur officers command 2 dey check phones.. Biko Park well n keep shut if u have nothing to say. I pity ladies with nudes on their phones, those animals will just be looking at it and be like 😋. Na your p***y be this? Answer me now b4 land you slap.

It's good the people are aware of it but educate your men on that because there's nothing a defenseless citizen can do if a police man with a gun decides to check his or her phone.

I guess this is not directed to Nigerians...checking phone is in Nigerian police blood na Tell the police too This people should shut up. What have they done with the officers that have been reported and those that keeps harassing and killing innocent Nigerians all in the name for checking their phones.

Them no dey hear this one ou You can say that again Why don’t you people join the police so you can change all this wrong? You’ll hide in your toilet and text trash 🗑 on social media.🐐🐐🐐ewu. You can only tell the real police and the tout you have in your organization. Because we have both real police, who are well culture and those tout giving opportunity to wear uniforms.

Call police conference and tell this to them. Don't tell us, we already know They keep saying this, yet officers keep checking our phones How do we report when such occurs?

Tell your officers to stop checking phones. They just checked mine few mins ago You keep saying one thing and we keep hearing something else from the public. Who is deceiving who? Scam How many times do you lot want to tell Nigerians this?. Stop telling us and tell it to that notorious rogue unit Tell your men not us,how can someone without gun argue with someone with gun? Pls educate your men

Please dontind what she's saying, just try and avoid them at all cost. I got beat up and the sum of 20,000 collected from me because I refused to hand my phone over on 28th of December 2019. 😂😂😂 During a journey from Delta to Abuja, a fellow passenger was accused of being a member of a known cult group by police officers because unlike the rest of us, he didn't allow them to check his phone. He eventually had to pay 8k to free himself.

This is an office statement, come and see what is happening along Benin bypass inward sapele Stop telling us this . We already know TELL YOUR OFFICERS!!

That is all they do at Solomon Police Station. Any foreign phone number they find in your contact, they sell to 419 boys Lol Your beautiful face won't be there when the cork their gun fire just because one refuse to allow them check his phone. Let Dem check abeg! I'll rather have them my phone than have bullets in my gut. triggerhappypolice

She should tell the PoliceNG rank and file. They are the ignorant ones. Nigerians know that already. So what do you advise we do? Fight them? With their guns? Go and ask that Remo stars footballer na! That is what you keep saying but what have you done to those checking the masses phone when caught. You do nothing.

Imagine one day they stopped my bike man and checked on my phone and they found nothing, the next thing dey did was taking my phone into their hilux to send in a Kik app......crazy people they don't know they are dealing with computer science student Like dey will be on side civilian if its happen. I beg 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️

Yay.... buh when we are by the roadside Nd an officer says he wanna check our phone nd we say NO.... who will be there to defend us? One thing is knowing our right buh another thing is what happens when shit goes down.... I think we are tired of a lot of people 'NOT HAVING THE RIGHTS' but using them. The question is 'what is the police force doing' to ensure their officers don't ask for phones. Who will hold on to his phone when a gun is pointed at him?

I don't knw why she is even saying it here, when they point gun at me to bring my phone I should say they don't have the right abii.abeg abeg abeg talk to your people not us. Nice one Tell that to your employees and GET RID OF THOSE OF THEM WHO BREAK THE RULES. That's one of the easiest ways to die in Nigeria. Please stop playing gamble with people's lives biko. Do the work from the inside.

When slaps and 'yansh' of gun dey land for boys head, nobody dey remember this rule It's like saying no dog has a right to bite you. The onus is on you and your colleagues at the force headquarters to rein in your dogs. Your men are accountable to you alone till someone dies. You must educate them that prying into our phones is like prying into our undies.

In the news. Just like 'bail is free, you don't pay anything when police kidnap you'. Dance. Fellow Nigerians, if officer like these from PoliceNG ask to see your phone, please do your family a favour and quietly hand it over. Some armed robbers are probably more decent looking. When you refuse the officer to check your phone they beat you up like a theif and handcuff you and take you to station,then you end up bailing yourself, they'll say you fight police... happy New year PoliceNG

You just want your men to slap people sha

Look at this one! In Nigeria where a patrol van will accuse an old man of trying to snatch then guns of 10 policemen. I think you are beginning to sense that Nigerians are now ready for fire. You guys pushed the goat to the wall. Pls, it's not only on social media alone you post all this. Even inside BRT there is a TV. Do the publicity through the media dere too. Even our elderly people need to know this also. It's not only on here you will be saying all this.

We know... But when Nigeria Police PoliceNG are holding guns... Our rights turn to something else... Fuuuuulish. No be to Sidon talk am be the issue na to put wetin you talk into implementation na him matter ma'am. Let your offices no about this Our own police that get drunk on duty .. PoliceNG PoliceNG_CRU please help us tell your police officers and possibly make it a part of operating handbook for their training. Otherwise, you are just talking to the air. Thanks. segalink AbdulMahmud01 RuggedyBaba

Okoto meow skrr. Tell your colleagues If you tell Officer Eko this one for Ajuwon Station.. My brother na Die you de oo...

Who will fight for you when a drunkard police officer that is eager to shoot flushed your head with his bullet for not giving him your phone? Nigerian be wise PoliceNG do your home work on your personnel. This same chorus again!!! Uhn! This unprofessional personnel call officer? If you try to prove this with them, the next thing you see is Gun

We Don hear am tire Na slap Dem go take rush you The No of Nigeria that has died due to this statement is more than those that die to untreated malaria Aren't we sick&tired readg ds all d time incldg d common refrain bail is free bt in reality d opposite is d case They will not listen. Screenshot this and make it ur phone's lock screen Wallpaper..

Can they put it on bill boards across the country? If Police officer demands for your phone and you object you must have greeted your Maker b4 d mass protest. No sanity in this country. I think it's your officers you should be telling this.

As if she doesn't knw dey hv been checking it since. This statement has sent many Nigerian youths to early graves, courtesy of SARS. 😞 They only say right things on social media,ordinary online loan company, hacked my phone, and threaten me they will begin sending awful messages to my contacts,telling them am a fraudster, because I didn't pay their loan on time,and they still claim that they are right.

The police should also tell us how to stop ignorant, fully armed and brutal police esp SARS from checking our phones. Tell that to your useless officers who derive pleasure in making life miserable for d vulnerables in d society... PoliceNG tell your officers that We hear this daily yet those rogues won't stop at nothing just to return something to d oga in various police divisions

PoliceNG should stop making fools of themselves with all this sit-in-the-office inanity statements to patronise d public of their irresponsibility & cowardice. How do you turn blind eyes to uncountable harrasment and brutality of innocents citizens by your officers over this Please if you know what pple are facing in the hands of ur men u go pity them. What r u talking to ur DPO what r u telling the Asp The problem with the police is the Sergent's and constable those pple are not gent neither r they stable

I told one of them at agege, he start murmur and say i lack manner lol

tony_irorere Talk to your men. They insist on checking the phone, we heed your advice and refuse, they shoot us and you shield and protect them and blame us. Retrain and clean up your system ma rollyworld89 Don't tell Nigerians! Tell your rogue officers! Story. We know. So tell your officers not to ask for it.

Will ur useless SARS agree to this? Training your officers to respect themselves first and learn the value of humans. Fine, but which disciplines do u put into there numb skull Mtcheeeew Bail is free too Nigerian police a trash of rubbish. At Owutu boldly written on a banner at the entrance 'police is not a debt recovery agent' but I was there to bail some1 over debt issues with 10k for the DPOs boy. Painfully the DPO(woman) said it was a case OBT/STEALING.

This figure of speech is called IRONY

Should we be talking about Rights when his gun is very close to his Left? His gun is still loaded, Right? Who’d tell the Family I Left? I mean, tell them how I Left? Put ur officers in check not telling us not to allow dem check our phones people way don take hard drugs finish & well armed nai u want mak we folo argue or drag phone? Madam I kuku give dem my phone to check in peace.

Please stop telling us this history: Rather, tell your wards to desist from checking people's phones, ful stop. Tell them yourselves SARS make una hear very well oooo You should educate your officers and not we civilians. Oga check my phone and let me be going home abeg. Audio directive that Nigerian Police can't enforce.

Educate ur men on that. I believe PoliceNG officers are the ones that should note this because we already knew. She's only pushing you to get shot..... Don't get killed by a uselesz SARS o. Hand your phone jeje after unlocking it. We won't die prematurely o. EndSARS

The police men that check our phones don’t have the time to check social media or even read news paper before i bring out my phone to show them this tweet i should be getting my 5th slap 😭 idyudofia10 Exactly what is happening is dis country,never clear for my eyes. assacinateSARS... 🤔 How I wish Dolapo Badmos read all these public feedback on her statement! Nigeria police must do something about their image! They are very important to us and supposed to be honoured and appreciated! But their conducts and mode of operations are disgusting and provocative!

But why your officers still do it ? Ah! Bob Risky don join police? No b me and u You people shd stop putting d life's of d masses at risk. Tell ur officers to stop checking phones rather than reminding us of what we know n don't exist Not easy to ask for my rights with a gun pointed at me though, or is it?.

oluwaloninyo Stop telling us.......tell your officers Tell them!!

In the face of gun running, rascally dressed, weed smoking and trigger happy PoliceNG officers, you dare not resist otherwise, one's body will be laid in the morgue Naso That's what they all say dandyned 😂😂😂 EGHO231 Not be the first time we dey hear the lie Officers in Benin no dey hear that one oo The police authorities should redirect the statement to the officers and men. We(ordinary Nigerians)know they have no right to; Do they officers and men know?

Even with a gun to your head? Let PoliceNG continue to pretend not to know how corrupt and dangerous its officers are. Like: Bail is Free? You are a big fool if you believe this

Mschewwwwwwwwwwwwww So So Talk, No Action Okay. But they have to sensitize their officers first. Then what do we do when they insist? Do you know how many Nigerians have been (and are still being) shot, assaulted or summarily arrested just because they resist handing over their cellphones to police officers? PoliceNG Nigerian Police, clean your house first! It's like Nigeria Police only employ criminals.

'Body of Evidence'..Pure💯💋💦🍆 So i should claim right again after i was slapped for doing so at Ilorin few years back? Let them search and give me back my phone abeg I no get time When they have the gun and baton, what do you want us to do? If we refuse they will kill us and level allegations against us.

Quit telling us this PoliceNG How do you want us to respond when 3 or 4 officers with guns corner us and ask for our phones. Should we resist and get shot at? Stop trying to control the people. CONTROL YOUR OFFICERS. Jail them when they do this. You talk too much. acresofsaphire Stop telling us, tell your corrupt officers!

oluwaloninyo She no dey shame to wear this blood stain uniform ? Same way they keep telling us bail is free. Story This is audio assurance Let the IG go on national tv and announce. Madam no be today wey high rank officer make such order and low rank officer go against it 🤔 You need to be monitor your officers how they behave abnormally out side there

Louder 🗣🗣🗣🗣 Don’t tell Nigerians alone, tell the police people. Una go dey una office dey talk una no go dey monitor una officers wetin dem dey do, abi make we fight person wey carry gun?😒 Even at gunpoint ? 🙄🙄 Stop deceiving the public jor.......😇 Even the police officers in her office are laughing!!!!

Police is not ur friend becareful with them, Nigeria police is not well train No be today una dey talk am PoliceNG but your officers out there are still intimidating us with their guns if we don’t comply😡😡 I know this is another police lies in this country🇳🇬 how about the bail is it free as y’all says ? One day go be one day✊🏾✊🏾

How do you stop them checking your phone by force when they are armed? Nonsense audio order!!!!! If I had a gun,then your audio order would have worked... Let rhem tell that to their men at 'Alonge Police Station, Ifako Police Station and Ogudu Division' Leave your office and see how your men abuse these with so much impunity.

They police should tell the officers not Nigerians I pray ooooo We have heard you ma By the time dem gif me dirty slap bcos i no gree make dem check my phone, i no go see u appear😳

The truth is those on patrol and check points don’t coherent to order! This will only encourage aggression PRO.... The thing to do is enable a Hotline to file complaints on officers. This statement won't change anything cause we know this already and the police knows that but then, should resist a mad man with gun?

Teach these secondary school drop outs that u mostly employ. Cos small slight can get a civilian hurt or worse davala008 And who says those police men searching your phones don't knw about this. Talk to your officers. No be to dey office dey smooth-talk. No be you go collect 1 round for leg when the real matters sup

See as it sweet to talk for their mouth yet na the opposite them they do. But they gave the right to slap you...then you offer them your phone. Isn't it? I think you need to say this to your officers and reiterate it to them every single morning Can we have IGP number or better still OGA at top numbers that are working 24/7 to call immediately we are arrested?

Millinova Send a what’s app BC to all your rogue officers

Please my brothers and sisters don’t listen to this woman o! Save your life’s, your loved ones are always waiting for you to come home. This must be like the 1000th time you are telling us Please tell that to the police men. 🙄We already know, but they seem to be living under rocks. 🙄🙄 toluogunlesi They will shoot us if we refuse...

You're pushing us to suicide. It's not here on Nigeria that you dare disobey a poliman with a gun except you want to be a gunner. Tell your people first Òkòtó yarns.... On paper Kindly check up my link your officers broke it last night 🌚 This police officers will check over n over again and when you tell them this,you'll receive multiple slaps and then be whisked away like a common criminal. We know our Right, but we can't enforce it...

Ur guys need orientation on that Say by who. By the time you collect 2 slap in your face, you will be the one to say OGA take. 😂😂 Are you sure? This will definitely be my wallpaper, from today!🙌🏼 I laugh 😂, they will even check your laptop ask you to open your mail. Where Gun stand, I will just comply. Na money I no get I don’t want to die young .🙏🏽NGPoliceForce should just be moderate with civilians 👌

Tell this to your men and not on here This information should be directed to police officers and not Nigerians Every day news Design a website where we can lay complains and upload videos of police brutality while you follow up with appropriate punishment for officers that infringe on our rights. Not only following up but also let the public follow up with the punishments. That is definition of fairness

Sars nko

This is only obtainable on social media but in reality, you don't dare remind a PoliceNG that he doesn't have any right whatsoever to check your phone. We need a law to checkmate this rogues. Tired of this audio law. My dear sister all of us know that... But when your men hammer person like ten dirty slaps in 2 seconds you won't know when you go open phone. Because we know say the next thing na to pull trigger as they usually do. Please sing this to the ears of your officers

You should be telling your officers not us, and please whoever is posting this related notes should cc the PoliceNG's not funny out here It is not enough to just condemn the act. What should be done to curtail the act.where can victims seek redress if they are harrassed? When PoliceNG has failed to trained it's trigger happy killer squad, how do u argue with a killer who demands your phone and threatens to shot if you refuse ?

Not when they have guns in their hands with that guy in their hands they can check Satan's phone if he comes to earth She even rub pancake. Mtcheww. You see the problem? toluogunlesi Please tell your officers. It’s them who don’t know this. Even with this warning! They still carry on with their act to ask people for their phones.

There should be a jingle on NTA about this...public orientation matters a lot.

PoliceNG has been telling us this for long now, but their officers keep checking phones and harrassing youths on the road, is either PoliceNG is a joke, or the officers have gone rogue With the way you look..I will allow u check my boxers _simpsss See eh, we already know all that. Why not tell the officers that instead😒 We know they have no right to check our phones but do they know that?

They ll shoot you before you finish that sentence. 😒 Tell it to your officers not us So we should resist with an officer with gun so we could get killed right 💀 Those goats called police officers, as if you dont know how they violate human rights. Until you chop slap 🙄 Story of my life Tell that to your stupid officers. Nigerians already know, but foolish officers of the Nigeria Police Force still uses force on their victims.

My father once told me that is only a foolish man that will not obey the command of a police man holding a gun

Don't tell us what we already know, tell your police dem. I hope she sees all the comments here! like bail is free! You try to argue with those lunatic police officers you will be gun down. Your men are so UNPROFESSIONAL in their duties. Very DISGUSTING! Please, talk some senses into them; and any one of them that kills an innocent person should be sentenced to LIFE IMPRISONMENT.

Hmmmm.... searching of citizens phone is a recurring event. Now we know Stop giving them guns to do it then 1001 ways to die! You guys don't tell them these stuffs or maybe they dont follow them....sars won't just stop all these crazy stuffs they are can't dress fine again in this state ni...must they always assume every youth is a fraud. This is so disheartening

You don't have the right to check Nigerians phones, Police PRO tell Policemen.

Wonderful now update your boys in black, that are trigger happy😠 See What To Do When Police SARS Wants To Search Your Phone In Nigeria | Be Informed Click on the link below to watch the full video You better come outside for public make you talk am no be say you go dey for your office dey talk say make any officer no check our phones

toluogunlesi Story story?...stooooooooory! toluogunlesi They should not tell us, they should tell the officers. Is not like I will voluntarily give the officer my phone to be checked. Story for the gods toluogunlesi You people should be telling the police not me. Collect the guns from them toluogunlesi Ooin Ooin

toluogunlesi All na audio rights...Tell police your right them go use gun threaten you.

Maybe the instructions is for police at the airport! Maybe you should tell your officers to stop checking our phones cause we know our right all along but they've got guns and they shoot like Rambo Send it to their phones as text message toluogunlesi Old story... What have you done to stop them? Abi na we go dey teach them the job

splufikpresh Tell that to the police, they're the ones with the guns and cuffs. This Dolapo stoopid pass anything Stupid people mtchewwww! tolzlani So we should let them kill us instead? Group of 4 armed officers accost a young man, cock their guns, accuse him of being a criminal, start raining facial slaps on him, and he's supposed to hold back his phone. Please PoliceNG, just endSARS. That's enough For other stories see PoliceNG_CRU

Is she a police officer or a pilot Because the police in my area don't dress like this

Na so una dey talk am Opor😤Naso you go dey tell us everyday but you guys won’t stop that shitty stuff🤨You con expect us wey no get fun to dey drag shit with person wey Dey hold gun 😏😏 I have been hearing this for the past 10 years. Tell your officers not me Give us the number to call when they do I totally agree. Of course, no armed robber has the right to snatch your car 🤷🏽‍♂️

On the 8th of January along Benin--- Agbor expressway PoliceNG SARS searched me and my friends phones, those SARS are gangsta arms robbers You're not supposed to be telling us. Tell your police men to make amends. I had an experience last month where I was harassed by Nigerians Police on the highway where there are no people. They collected a guy's phone in our car and was checking his bank alerrts.

Do the police officers know this? U are on point ma Tell ur officers that one

Kaka, Remo star player that Was killed what have u people done? U go dey office dey u people life play kachi, abegi! 🤨 Word of caution, do not resist these “gentlemen” officers. Comply so you can do your best to stay alive. ✌ Bail is free written everywhere at Police stations but no one is arrested and leave the station free.

Tell them 😏😏 I can't forget one bitter experience I had so many yrs ago at Yaba mkt. These criminal policemen confiscated my phones and drove me to one cyber cafe at Iponri police station & forced me to sign in my favebook & email at gun point.They search transfer & saw nothing.A whole wasted Story for the gods. My people make una no give them ear o. Them sabi talk for media, for real life then go shoot you collect everything wey you get.

Like them bosses no know dem dey check phone n burst rooms There's a time formal IG police promise to introduced Rubber bullet to the Nigeria police force. PoliceNG have you told your men ? Are they aware ? That is why many young Nigerians dead in the hand of police

You don't argue with somebody that is holding gun. Like seriously You’re all original yahoo yahoo idiots criminals scammers bokoharam fulanis terrorist governments 🇳🇬👿🐄🦍🤔 Those foools Fine geh! Please, don't let anyone deceived you oo. At the point of Gun just let check it and monitor them.. Not all our police are normal...

Audio Story for the gods! 👏 TopRadio909 But they do it anyway 'the police is still a work-in-progress and we will get it right soonest' How soon is the 'soonest'? 10, 20 or 30 years? You guys have failed to acquaint yourselves with the fundamentals of law and order in the society and your role as police officers in guaranteeing it

She just want to trend Stop telling us,tell you officers this. I hope they have told the police too? It's not possible to give an officer your phone if they didn't ask from you with intimidation...pls the problem is coming from ur side, tell them to stop harassing people.. Internet scam is not investigated on random street raiding/arrest but from victims petitions..

😂 Dead body no Dey go court. Respect the man with the gun not the one with the twitter handle With a gun pointing at me they do The question is; how informed are the police officers we see on the road at different check points? When we try to tell them, it becomes an issue. PoliceNG They are yet to be well informed and trained on how best to treat citizens.

Most Nigerian police are out on patrol with financial target. Rule of law is not something they understand until their target has been meet. The whole system needs overhaul. Has there been any disciplinary measure meted against those police officers that has been violating this law? The answer is NO

Nonsense! Audio story 🤳🚑..*please do not try this at home* If you refuse to allow dis uniform thugs check your phone...the next thing is; it was an accidental discharge. Who don die don die Madam go talk to ur men! 🥺🥺 E don tey wey we dey hear this yarn. SARS not only check phones,they confiscate them,and this is a daily occurrence.

Give me that phone or I shoot u.....what do u do then? Now today!!! Isn't not the same police that are harasses innocent citizens here and there. Now story abeg What has PoliceNG done to curb those one caught on camera.. How many has been sacked and jailed for breaking into people privacy.. U expect people to insist our phones can't be checked when bandit that has gun insisted.. I follow back jare real people

Give us number to call incase they do it😁😁😁😁

No be today them don dey talk am... This is the new ID card. Pull this out whenever any police officer wants to search your phone. Everyone kindly screenshot this. For say na their father buy the phone for me nah. I will appreciate if they stop telling us. You know the main people you are suppose to inform. We cannot resist them because they will do it with force and they are holding English

You're telling us what we know, but do. Your rogue police officers know? Tell them yourself If they do.. What will you do. They kill and nothing is done. Yanyanayna I should tell them that or you will come and help me tell them, Abegi shift jare!!! Which Nigerians? Police wey no dey hear word once dem wan collect money from you.

PoliceNG Telling us is nt enough,tell ur officers because if six ak 47 carrying men tell me to unlock my phone on an highway bush path to access my inbox I will simply do because a bullet is too much for me to handle.

On paper: Police do not have right to ask of ur phones. Real life: surrender your phone or die! And citizens can't stop them from pulling the trigger if we refuse them. Only if they (Police) will hear or listening. This is Nigeria We knw dat ,but tell ur co worker (police) .i don't follow ur instructions

I'm just tired of this country called Nigeria No freedom of freedom of movement 😔😞 Nigerian police when their out on patrol are on target. They don’t understand rule of law until after their target has been meet. They should just legalize guns, lets see if this sars nonsense no go stop. If I carry my own licensed gun for car and one yeye sars stop me and try to intimidate me I go first open fire,or I go just plan am ,look for where he leaves and do my own sar job for his home.

Failed leader with failed implementation You go dey office dey tell us say dem no get right to check our phone, dem go dey street dey use gun parade our heads..... Who we go listen too abeg do something about your commands EndImpunity This officer fan sha. Why women no dey sars?

We here this shit all the time... So stop all these things You don’t tell your men these things but enforce it with all strength on social media. We don’t move, drive and walk around on social media, sensitize your men in reality and leave virtual muscle flexing. Wud dis lady dat is the police PR be there when dey either shoot you or take you far away for refusing?. Fear Naija police o. If u get some tin sensitive 4 phone jst leave am 4 house n carry touch lite phone 2 avoid many stories.

It's not about telling Nigerians, tell your officers not to abuse their power and stop harassing people kfykdot They keep telling us stuff like this,but it keeps happening She forgot that read the part which said you should also arm yourselves when exercising this right. Audio...we are tired of all of u

We have read this over a dozen times but we know-how things work in this zoo, they say it and do otherwise. Eni jere Okoto meow meow skrr Tell your officers Don't just say what Nigerians expect you to say If you make the mistake of not showing them ur phone they'll pull the trigger on you So don't say rubbish to the media Educate your officers Seems they don't know what their duty is anymore 🤷🏽

Audio They should tell Policemen! Rubbish ... naso them go dey do oju-aye them dey mad fucknigerianpolce Something that can never work Then Educate Your Senseless boys You are mad sitting down there do something about it Nigerians are about 200million, you definitely can't reach all of us. Tell this to your officers, they are less than 500,000 and I suppose you have a profile and contact of them all.

Stop telling us, tell the animals on uniform. That's only on Twitter. In reality, resisting them may cause your life.

What if found some officers in doing this Tell your officers too to desist from that action. How can someone without gun argue with someone with gun. Don't tell us, we aren't deaf, tell the fvcking police officers. They re the ones with the problems Abi oh!! Tell em My people, don't fall for it With a gun point to ur head

Don't comman whine us jaww But a woman has right bah, u guys are part of the people causing this violence Dey shud inform dere officers to stop checking pples fone ...lobatan

I should start arguing with SARS of PoliceNG so that I can be killed? I have a family to protect and take care of. Thanks! Yes then what should Nigerians do if they check our phones? Abi Instead of telling us, why not tell your officers that because you won't be there when they start assaulting people for not handing over their phones. EndSars

Akuko ifo 🤣🤣🤣🤣.. Same thing like bail is free. Who be this bastard? Tell your cohort, don’t tell us. We know! Scam. 😀😀😀😀 NigerianPolice I know you are bunch of unfortunate people you can see it again that you canor check my phone ? I am taking screenshots. Pls tell your officers. Checking someone phone is infreging on their fundamental human right

You want them to dash us bullet On paper, right? Alayè Audio Talk... Tell that to your Legalized Criminals called SARS Okoto Lmao will she be there with you 😂 we’ve heard, maybe they should tell the police officers for a change. Audio talk

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COVID-19: Give Nigerians One-Month Free Subscription, Keyamo Tells DSTV, Others Electricity tariff to increase on Wednesday BREAKING: Gov Seyi Makinde Tests Positive For COVID-19 Give me N1bn to fight COVID-19, Obiano asks Buhari COVID-19: Give Nigerians Airtime And Data To Soothe Their Pains, Keyamo Tells MTN, Others School feeding programme will continue despite closure of schools - Minister Nigerian Govt Sues Supermarkets, Pharmacies Over Hike In Prices Of Sanitisers COVID-19: I hope to resume work soon – Abba Kyari Senators To Donate 50 Percent Of Monthly Salaries To Tackle Coronavirus BREAKING: Buhari lacks power to restrict movement in Lagos, Abuja – Adegboruwa BREAKING: Gov Makinde tests positive for coronavirus LIVE BLOG: Nigerians reel on #lockdowncovid19 Day 1 – Daily Trust