İnsecurity Police

İnsecurity Police

Police need 250,000 rifles, 1,000 APCs, 774 drones – IG


Police need 250,000 rifles, 1,000 APCs, 774 drones – IG

Adamu, who disclosed this at a public hearing organised by the House of Representatives Committee on Police Affairs, tagged, ‘Repositioning the Nigeria Police for an Enhanced Service Delivery, said the country needed 2,000,000 tear gas canisters and smoke grenades.

As part of efforts to address problems confronting the NPF, the President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), last year gave the force the go-ahead to recruit 10,000 police officers.At the House of Representatives event on Tuesday, the IG, who was represented by the Deputy Inspector-General of Police (Operations), Abdulmajid Ali, stated that aggregation of reports by the various police reform committees highlighted the major challenges hindering an optimal service delivery by the police.

Ali said, “A comparative analysis between Nigeria and South Africa police indicates that while in 2018 the South African police got R46.87bn rand or N1.1372tn for visible policing programme, with a 6.89 per cent growth projection up to 2021/2022 financial year, the Nigeria Police had to do with N35bn appropriation and an eventual release of N20bn for capital and overhead expenditure.”

“In Kenya, for example, a police constable take-home earning is about 34,907 Shilling or N126,000, whereas his Nigerian counterpart earns unfortunately less than N50,000. Pitiably, this earning comes down to between N12,000 and N18,000 at retirement,” he said.

On operational equipment, Ali said, “The force needs to improve on its arsenal, as well as technology to combat cybercrime, insurgency and sundry crimes.He said, “In repositioning the Nigeria Police, there is the need to review our policing strategy as a nation. This informs the approval and adoption of community policing as the national strategy for internal security management in Nigeria.

Aso Rock, VIPs, others have depleted personnel meant for main police jobs“It is from the indicated police strength that personnel are deployed to Presidential Villa, National Assembly, judiciary, top government officials at the centre (Federal Government) and all the states, prominent traditional rulers nationwide, embassies, banks, key/vulnerable points and all levels of police formations throughout the country. No wonder, only skeletal police coverage is available in all police formations nationwide,” Smith noted.

Arase noted that crime had increased geometrically across the country, adding that the Federal Government should strive to provide the necessary equipment for the police to confront the insecurity in the country.Arase stated, “Policing is about man, material mix. Once you have the requisite capacity and you are able to give them the materials to work with, you would now have the moral latitude to hold them accountable for incompetence or ineffectiveness.”

Retired DIG Adedayo Adeoye observed that training and retraining were as important as the equipment, noting that provision of hardware alone would not make the police effective.

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Are we fighting war, or are they going to sambisa forest I support you for that I don't think Nigerian police needs all this What they need is on how to know how to use the previous ones they have been use and who to use them to not using them on innocent lives Wot a shame To go dey kill citizens abi If you get all these, where is the man power to operate this devices? Oga hold the bull by it's horn. Include man power and welfare and insurance as the spirit to drive the weapons

The ones they have are being used to harass and kill innocent citizens. Buy them so you can fight crime... after all, Nigeria have the money KemiOlunloyo 250,000 rifles!!! They must be going to war,if not so I think they need pistol more They only go to war with the citizens and kill innocent people. So what do they need all these for? To wipe out the country 🤷🏽‍♂️?

250,000 rifles 1,000 APCs 774 drones To kill more Nigerians 🇳🇬

Teenager steals N340,000 after hiding in bank's toilet overnightWe are a quality, national, newspaper with credible and dependable information.

Put that in naira and kobo, let me send the cheque to you Mr IG 😆😆😆😉 They want to make a movie niii🤔🤔🤔 Whatttttt So that they will kill more innocent people abi😏 Where do the rifles confisticated from armed robbers and repentant boko haram member go? Oh... I forgot... The police supply them! Ok What the police needs is for the existing weapons to be taken from them.

To kill more innocent citizens..Ok Of that what percentage is produced locally.? i strongly believe this shd have been an official memo to PMB not for r public discuss. Who’s this one, can you use them, get trained first and well buy you all that after

Police Arrest 17 Suspects For Cultism, Violence In LagosPolice Arrest 17 Suspects For Cultism, Violence In Lagos For the PoliceNG, you are guilty until proven innocent which is why it unlawfully parades 'suspects' before the entire world. So if you make it out, some people with their deficient mentality would always see you as what the Police accuse you of...a cultist in this case When are we going to start arresting police for its kidnapping and extortion of citizens LocusBendi

What you need is rifles ooooooo You need overhaul of your members When you've used up the ones you had on innocent citizens To kill more citizens? PoliceNG or to defend politicians? I don't understand 1000 APCs do you mean the likes of oshiomole All d N100+illegal arrest+raiding+illegal bail money nko? Wetin unah use am do? Shey b unah dey get daily target 4rm unah DPO? Where all dat money go? Abi was it not meant 2 finance police? Where is Senetor benmurraybruce cum & c unah people ooo Gidi_Traffic

More rifles so you can kill all the youth Also 200 armour tanks 5000 RPGs 100 airplanes 1000 power bikes 50000 generators 200000 pampers All these can be solved if you Mr IGP humbly walk to the NASS and have the lawmakers decentralize the NPF! State policing is the way to go! But noooo, you’ll rather want to enjoy your title with fat paychecks every month! SMH

Drones keh,abeg o,b4 dey accidentally destroy an entire place in d name of fighting bokoharam So that they can rob & kill more Nigerians right? The day AK47 became available for sale & started entering wrong hands was the day the Nigerian Police was equipped with AK47 rifles🚶

Police rescue 10-yr-old girl sold for N.8m in Anambra – Daily TrustThe police in Anambra State have rescued a 10-year-old girl suspected to have been kidnapped from Akwa Ibom State and sold for N800,000. Confirmig the incident, the spokesman of the police in the state, SP Haruna Mohammed said the girl was stolen from Akwa Ibom since 2018 and sold to a couple in Anambra at … PoliceNG Bluffing news, you said it was 8m but the report said 800,000 which should we believe? Even the girl being said to be kidnap was not surface..

Amotekun. Not all can imagine that's one game changer. They are 'No Longer at ease'. enough of APC o🤣🤣 How much is all? Tell me PA Fun kini bayi, of ogbon ati kowo je Everytime they're needing. The ones they have what good have they used them for. Apart from shooting innocent civilians. Instead of finding ways to reform the force they're empowering the touts in uniform the more. One day, one day cup go full. No matter how long it takes.

What they need is proper training Why? Oh, you need taxpayers money, so you can arm your boys to kill taxpayers abi? More guns to kill people abi I use God beg u pls remove that APC and use another word abeg oga IGP Before all these are provided, we need a restructure and law-abiding police force where every extra judicial activity is put to face the law.

Police arrest 17 suspected cultists in Lagos – Daily TrustThe police in Lagos State arrested 17 suspected cultists during raids around notorious criminal hideouts in the state. Those arrested were said to be members of Aiye and Eiye Confraternity alleged to be behind violent clashes in the metropolis. It was learnt that detectives from the Anti-cultism Unit of the state Command and officers from …

You wan start Underground War be dat..... Cos no be una dey face boko Haram Thief.... To kill more rich youths.. Rifles to harass and kill citizens abi... They should not worry, God is our protector and He has given us the sense of self defence and ability to war against our enemies both specifically and generally. Adupe

Billing Oga before you demand for arms for ur officers, first of all give them proper training on how to treat citizens wt ease, stop bribery and corruption amongst, them increase their welfare that is if ur President will approve that before u begging to demand for arms. Or else what will happen? Iono about drones but they could get riffles from boko haram init?

To kill what? I actually think we have too much guns in this country. Most policemen need to be disarmed to act right! Can you account for the ones you PoliceNG have till date. MBuhari To bring down America. Odiegwu

Lagos moves against frivolous charges by police

Oh I get it now that why they are extorting ppl to kill more youths, o da be. awon oloriburuku Outrageous demand. What happened to the guns presently being used by the police? I don't subscribe to this nonsense. Do we have over 250k police personnel that requires this new rifles? Nigerian Police need orientation on how to treat citizens and stop extorting drivers I see this everyday like can’t it stop? I remember when they used to collect 20 notes they were a little sane then but now they have gone wild and mad killing like it’s an hunting spree

One drone for every Local Govt Area I pity you all... 774 Drones ? For what 😣😣😣 To kill more people? They mad. Whenever a carpenter is employed to solve a problem. They always apply hammer solution. IGP is a typical example of Nigerian security manager Listing armament before remembering capacity needs. NPF contains more people like him savvy in violence, lacking in policing inteligence

What they need is psychological evaluation

On the creation of state police and insecurity – Daily TrustOn Tuesday 18th February, 2020 when the last article was published ‘Insecurity and Resort to Self-help’, I worked into a barber shop to have a haircut, and a conversation about the article and the creation of state police ensued. One customer said the issue of state police has been handled with political gloves for the …

These did dumbest can't stop displaying incompetence. CAS is looking for soldiers to sacrifice to BH, this one is here making list like market women. Just like their master though So they can finish us off😀😀 To do what pls..if its not to trail and apprehend Fulani herds men, bandits,kidnapers and bokoharam then forget about it

The ones they have is it not innocent citizens they're using it on😏 Is it a Drone per LGA? 😂 For wat?so that they can sell it to boko haram They should buy from the bribes they've been collecting, and use them to kill themselves. We appreciate your efforts to sanitize disciplines in the force,you are a good gentle officer but please sir carry along the superluminaries because they are part of the police household ,God bless you Sir

Swear down Nigeria police na DEM b Nigeria problem each drone for one local government bah Are they preparing for war

They also need Exorcism ! Evil spirit dey worry them gaan 😡 Are superluminary policemen not part of the police family,why can't they used as traffic men in divisions ,engineers,computer engineers, electrician's and stop posting them to guard big men and when returned back to command they will find it difficult to get postings

Why am I seeing APC there? It will be provided even more if you can sign an undertaking that there will be no daily collection of alms on the highways anymore. So that they can Commit more evil with it Ba?.... How about Purchasing Dash Cam and Body Cam to Curtail their Excesses? Why can't the police manufacture indigenous drones,

Hmmm...biko, let’s re-train them first The government support to priotized security and fulfilled all their demands, without any delay Surprise us and use the money Sars officers are giving you as return from their extortion For Sars officers to have more weapons to kill innocent Nigerians and yahoo boys abi?

No they don't need those weapons, they need fixing, retraining! To kill what ? How many do they have before requesting too much quantity of ammunition? They need the above mentioned, educational and orientation of their men and officers and improved welfare and salary upgrade I hope they have developed the capacity to maintain the drones if provided by the FG

To kill more civilians To kill more Nigerian Youths in the name of searching for Yahoo boys All these in the hands of your unprofessional men? Dream on Sir. What happened to the ones you had before now, those guys that borrowed it fail to return it or what To kill innocent people abi?

To end civilization right? Lol... The few they have has been of no good to the safety of Nigerians... What they need most is sense, then every other thing can be added onto them. Now someone is reasoning in the right direction. Speak out sir. We need police reforms. I think the first thing they need is training on how to use those weapons. If not' the citizens are doomed.

Let them collect all the ones with SARS rogues and add to their neededs To give SARS Does riffles to kill who Yahoo foothballers or innocent citizens. Instead of you to say we will sack all dos part-time criminals we mistakenly employed into d NPR n be replaced with serious n knowledgeable citizens To kill innocent citizens again abi😏

Juadeb1 Drones? Una sabi use am? Instead of drones, why not body cam You dont know what you people want in this country

Weldon Nigeria police. The once you people have, how far have you use them in securing the lives and property of the common Nigerian To kill more Yahoo boys, yes? If u collect from all d bad boys, herdsmen, etc u will have more than required... Funny thing about us (Nigerians) is that everyone knows everything to the extent that even professionals are questioned whenever they talk.

The guns you have already una dey use am dey kill us. And now you want more weapons, they should take the ones you have and give y’all stun guns. To kill more Nigerians God help my country. This IG is proud. In fact very proud! Must you tilt your rank that way before taking the picture? We already know that you are the IG for col!

1,000 APCs? APC members again what's wrong with PDP? 😅😅😅😅 To kill more innocent civilians ability? Waka

Are you fighting boko haram? I concur the Nigerian Police needs all this weapon but the truth is, if they get such weapons, the sacrifice will will be the bloods of Nigerians. The little ones they have see how many people they have killed How many PDP's? To kill the innocent ones on the streets right? Perhaps the minimum academic qualification should be a good OND

Nigeria police need as a matter of urgency civil engagement training, education, civil crowd control, cleansing of morally bankrupt officers and regaining her long lost integrity. Then and there can we purchase twice of every needs tabled. abdulrazaq754 So they can intimidate people lol And 7,000,000,000,000,000 hours of training

Una never serious. What happened to the 1billion naira budget on arms yearly? To kill more innocent citizens abo?

Someone should tell the IG that police don't need rifles, the rifles are super heavy and that contributes to their impatience when dealing with civilians. Buy them lightweight pistols and keep the rifles in the armoury till only when dealing with serious or organized crimes. Which war de occur? cuz me ino understand.. They need more riffles to kill more innocent citizens. Thunder! why are you slow in doing your thing

So they can kill us all Oh They need more arms so they can kill more guys abi? Wow! Perfect With compulsory mental examinations for officers Na where person dey work na where him dey chop. Oga IG, all those contribution/levy your boys have been collecting at check points since, isn't it enough to buy you all the afforementioned 🤔

So they will use them to kee more cilivians To approve money and get these things not my issue, but where I've worries in their request is this.. Assuming those riffles are made available, how are we sure that it won't be deployed to those rogue SARS. What are the measures they've put in place to sanitize d police first?

Oga police, de need psychiatry care; they shouldn't be any where near ammunitions

Nigerian Police needs no weapons right now. What have they done with the ones they have other than use it to extort money, kill innocent citizens while some use their own to support robbery operations. We shouldn't be wasting monies for the sake of wasting. What the PoliceNG need is to respect people's rights. If you give them all these things with their current mindset, they will use them to commit more crimes.

To kill citizens or insurgents? You guys need brain maintenance not combat materials Most of these arms will end up in the hands of the Fulani terrorists while the few in the hands of police will be used to oppress the innocent victims called Nigerians. The ones they had is being used for killing and harrasing the youths not to protect them. So what actually did they need 250,000 more rifles, 1,000 APCs and 774 drones. (why 774? Why not 700 or 800 drones?) Bte, does the police have/uses drones before? GodBlessNigeria

Join the one wey dem carry de shoot us? Mo gbe o To contact Coronavirus? To combat world war III? lol This man wants to invade a neighboring country?😂😂😂

Nope!!! They need training first of all So una go fit kill the youth once and for all I remember 2006 when Obasanjo bought new Prado jeeps for Nigeria police. The lack of care for govt vehicles ehn? 😳 Correct Toyota Prado Jeeps o. Chacha. These hegoats used it like korope. To kill innocent citizens? If these will bring victory to Nigeria and will restore Peace, let FG buy them all for the Police.

1,000 APC, una well so? After all the bad things this same apcs has cos in this country. The simple question is WHAT FOR? Sir, you forgot to include bombs and grenade. Iberiberism police. People are complaining, you are asking for license to kill. Something boko that boko haram will loan you. This is another big deal for the concern people.

To aid the killings of many innocents Nigerians. You guys need a reform and not riffles, the outfit has expired and not serving his purpose. Abeg ooo, infact they should remove some guns from them. Riffle to kill more nigerians God forbid. APC ko PDP ni.. Ooin.... 🤣🤣 More rifles to finish the remaining innocent people on the stress. GOD FORBID.

Who will fly these drones, please? And what is the total number of police officers that will make you need 250,000 rifles now? The total workforce still does not exceed 400,000 people, and what happens to the budgets on yearly basis for many years?PoliceNG Add money ooo so they will stop asking for « something for the boys «

See hustle... na to join police remain be dat o 1 drone per LGA abi?

You guys need the billions wasted on charlatans in house of ASSembly So they can kill all the youth of the country ... God help me so I can leave the country before they get their rifles 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 Another style to loot us dry. Oole...! You guys don't need all the aforemention, you actually need sense to understand that the citizens are your priorities to take care of

The ones wey who na get no do who na abi To use it for? Kill innocent citizens? You are sick To kill more Nigerians? What type of drones and what about the money the security budget? Doesn’t it include the police ? what do they need the aforementioned when they're are clearly not going to sambisa to help our soldiers in combating insurgency. Chicken's

IG, let me not say wah imma mind

To kill innocent citizens or for what exactly? PoliceNG NGRSenate NGRPresident Dasuki and Fayose must be the supplier those two guys know where to get the latest version of Alexander Karazinkuf alias AK47 and drone. let's quickly issue them the PO. So that you have more guns to rent out to your thieving staff? What happened to all the checkpoint money you all receive as kickbacks? SARS abuse money nkọ? Is that what you came up with at the security meeting? Mtcheww

250,000 rifles to cause chaos,NPF needs reorientation and adapt a system that would be rogue free and quarterly assessment of each officers! They don't want nuclear bomb ni? So they can just kill us all at once More riffles to give to inexperienced,reckless,uneducated officers to kill more youth? To keel more youths ba? Jatijati

U guys need more orientation The money to buy those items should be used to send them for straining in the USA under FBI, CIA, NYPD for their betterment performance in the society. FGN never give money to anyone for weapon procurement Dasuki/Fayose case is still pending. To kill more Nigerians ABI? Instead of you to reform the police sector

The PoliceNG needs an orientation program first! So you can use it to kill innocent people again abi ewu To kill more people You need data base and also map,also need computer with internet in all station. For what? Road check points? At the Interest of who? And your boys can kill us more? the Police needs more enlightening on the importance of the constitution , following the law, operational procedure, the importance of human Life , the rights of a civilian etc. please sir after this then weapons

So the police need 250,000 more riffles to kill us all? I see... EndSarsNow nah fr... dey need a brain inside that skull Now you're talking

Ah ah, officer. Talk to Shekau na. He's well loaded and itching to repent. He will even add a couple of thousands of his men to it why don't they need PDP To appeal to terrorist or to boost their terror attacks in the country. These thieves are now relaxed to loot as the IMPOSTOR won't change them. They are carry out his bid- Fulanization & islamization.

Have you trained your police officers? Or they don’t need that? How will they be able to use the aforementioned if you don’t train them? God will provide Giving ammunition to untrained men of the force with wrong mindset of what proper policing is all about is a recipe for disaster which we've seen played out time and time again.

250000 rifles multiply by 100 bullets you will get 25000000 innocent lives to waste. Ng police, we no want again untill you clean up. Nigeria police lol 😂 jokers. How hav they managed all the tools both state n fed govt hav been purchasing for them for the past 20years. I guess this IG is lookin for money to steal.

To kill more Nigerians abi? 🙄🙄🙄🙄

How many PDPs? To kill, Extort and kidnap Nigeria youths? Talk to Senator Ibikunle🤣 PoliceNG OfficialAPCNg you guys want to finish us. Na war Una dey mad? '774 Drones' That means each LGA is entitle to a drone. You're really fighting crime & 'loosing weight' indeed. LifelessNextLevel KemiOlunloyo 4 General Atomics MQ-9 Reaper, a hunter-killer surveillance UAV will do the job 2,500 police plus 5,000 soldiers can't do in 20 days. Technology rules this age! Wake up analogue IGP.

To kill more youths right? Mttchew Let's see how far they can go... This is if these equipment are going to be put to use to curb security challenge in the country. This is strongly recommended to be provided to the Police.

SARS can procure all these from the money they've extorted Oga IGP, give this uncivilized men better welfare, refurbish their barracks, stop making them sew their uniforms themselves, put them on proper insurance and pension severance packages, let us take it from there So you can use it to kill innocent civilian Right.... What you need is rubber guns with rubber bullets

all this to start killing innocent citizens again Another strategy to incure more debts on Nigerians. That's actually the outcome of the recently held security meeting.... My country my only problem 🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️ Una never get reach dat self, una dey do happy trigger Nigeria can buy them. Saboda tsabar rashin sanin yadda ake tsaro kazo kana tona mana asiri! Toh yanzu kowa ya gama sanin inventory ɗin!

What has the police done with all the ones they have? Every policeman Carrie's an ak 47 assault rifle which is very unnecessary and aggressive..A high calibre pistol will just be fine Are we in war zone?

Are they going to war ?. Is simple all these are not up to National Assembly budget Thief. Go go punish una I wish the government will speedily approve of these needs and same properly utilised. KemiOlunloyo Get 4 (four) General Atomics MQ-9 Reaper, a hunter-killer surveillance UAV operational drones. They are enough to curb kidnapping, ritual activities, killer herdsmen and bokoharam. They will do the work 2,500 police men wont do in 20 days

Can we begin by withdrawing the over 150,000 policemen attached to VIPs? To kill more civilians through SARS..... To do what to waste innocent citizens or what , the once they have what have they used it for this one don’t even know what he is saying To do what exactly? Allahumma Amin

KemiOlunloyo Why he come dy tell us? To kill more civilians Yes sir Soo that killing more innocent citizen can be more. For protesters abi or motorist... Ndi ara To kill the youth more U guys still need more guns, to kill more protesting civilians? 👊 At least if we can't support we should remain silent no need abuse or say irrelevant things the police need even more than what he request for

NekkaSmith The ones their using to kill innocent Nigeria is called what? To keep killing innocent citizens?

How come I dont see tazzers , plastic bullets, electric guns etc. Are they bracing up to commit more murders? PoliceNG should look at acquiring these for patrol teams and leave ballistic weapons for special forces. This would greatly reduce killings of civilians. The 17000 riffles they currently have is proving to be a menace already.

MAY BE ( BOKO HARAM & FULANI HERDSMEN ) NEED MORE ( GUNS ) ? , LIARS & DECEIVER'S , Na war abi So that u guys can properly terrorize the poor masses They are using the ones they have to kill innocent citizens. endsarsbrutality why not PDPs, I think APCs are already fumbling. 774 Drones . 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 What type of drone PoliceNG ...

So that u can start harassing, intimidating and beating up fellow citizens on the streets No sir, what the police needs is the 3 R, Re-training, Re-orientation and above all Re-formation.

Something they can’t even use no matter the manual or training. Is he telling the public to buy it for him or he doesn't know the right office to present his requests? To wipe off Nigerians abi?🥱 Buy them What do dey need drones for? You guys need rest education more are we fighting war Cash out yaaaaa Dey wan go for mission impossible 🤣

So that you can kill more citizens and use more for elections

Wow What they need is to stop killing innocent citizens not more guns Equipping NPF is work in progress. NGR doesn’t have the resources to meet those requirements at a go but can address police welfare- barracks, wages, etc. NPF is also notorious for wrecking vehicles in record time so should improve its maintenance culture. APCs don’t come cheap

Nonsense 😂😂😂, Speaking mathematical, if innocent Citizens are been killed resultant upon the present stock base of your weapons, by what % will this scourge increase if this demand is granted. The NPF don't need more weapons, they need enhanced humane conditions and a new mindset Rifles to continue shooting at us n killing us? We need a different party... Not APCs or PDPs N what are they planning to do with em drones?

Insteading of tacking issues of insecurity in the country u are demanding for toys una no be children oooo PoliceNG Why not go and borrow from boko Haram leader..mad people So una go sell am to criminals abi? Retrieve all the ones you have sold first To kill protesters, Yahoo boys, footballers that look like Yahoo boys, commuters and drivers, passerbys and bystanders.

They should collect from Amosun na Why tell us? What about the $2billion withdrawn by Buhari? K. Equip us so we can terrorise them more. the mercy of unarmed masses....see you head!! U are a useless people What Nigeria police needs is a mind surgery They have to cleanse there system or else these rifles will be used to equipped criminals o

So you can keep killing people abi ? Twitter need to introduce 👎 in addition to the current 💛 Does the Nigerian Police force have up to 250k active personnels

Nigeria agbero terrorist vampire police criminal force dont know how many they are in d whole country. No shit! Kuku kill everybody You don't need them, you need more training on emotional intelligence, we need to push for better terms of service. Your boys on the ground needs to be paid better, enough so they stop taking bribe. You need a better recruitment structure. Forget about arms for now.

Reality ......Sir, you forgot to add 500 RPGs and 75 surface-to-air missiles.. 🤗🤗🤗🤗 Equipment money wey one politician or high ranking police officer go squander.. 😏😏😏😏 Even the little that are available you are using it against the citizens. Do you need more to kill more citizens or what? Man want chop better money before retirement. Normal level

slim_hilary What’s the cost? Which person salaries and allowances can we deduct them from. Let’s be serious! Give us cost forst 😲Are they going to war ? The rifles will only increase death rate of youths.... Nigeria Army need those rifles and drones more than the Police Nigeriaarmy. EndSARS 3 to 4 citizens per day is too slow and unsatisfying, they want to step up to 10 to 15 per hour shey?

What rubbish the don't even have shame to come and lie to the public To protect or murder more youth? At which cost? What police needs is mental orientation towards effectively protecting the civil society. Not these trigger happy loons that are terrorizing the populace. orumax Just sack all the old and ugly looking officers 👮‍♀️ most especially this one am looking at cos the uglier the police the more evil he/she possesses

And by drones they mean d ones photographers use at wedding Receptions 😂😅 Nigeria..... What a Joke!! 😅😂 When you have 250,000 riffles, 774 drones and 1000 APCs, pls Wetin una want do with PDP? More riffles for more innocent bloodsheds So that your boys will continue to use it to kill innocent people abi God dey ooo

They want to kill more Nigerians 😭😭😭

The Nigerian Police needs well trained and well paid police officers. This is rubbish. All the police needs is 9mm pistols so they can be smart. Rifles for police is the reason they kill citizens any how. Let them go for better combat training how to apprehend unarmed civilians with gun. PoliceNG don't know how to apprehend with gun.

To kill more innocent Nigerians abi. Are we preparing for a war?🙄 Note that the IGP requested for not a single PDP? That speaks volumes. Haaaa, to the souls that would proceed to the life beyond,if Police is able to have this demands. You lack them,youth dey die anyhow & for no just cause.If you get am,impunity will reach its zenith.Ending SARS only won't end Police brutality.Police holistically needs Overhauling.

To do what, killing innocent civilians or ......... . Drones are on AliExpress The $1billion approved for presidency for arm purchase was for what? Just asking? Are the police officers in the force up to that 250k that they need such much rifles. Have they orientate those ones they have well to the standard of not been abuser of power. Develop countries don't allow their police move around with rifles anyhow in the city. EndSarsNow

Shey dem wan start Call of Duty Nigeria mobile ni? Meaning virtually all policeman carries a gun including the IGP. God help us ? But how many do they currently have. They should account for that first. Do you mean 250,000 sticks? I honestly don't see the relevance of using a rifle when your men are trigger-hungry. The need to be holding sticks except on night patrols where torch and probably guns will be permitted. That's the only way discipline can be restored to the PoliceNG

Jokers The IG is asking for more riffles to commit more murders. EndSarsNow What of Police Machine Gun How I wish this would help. Na the rifles wey men go still collect from una? Or the APCs wey una go just wake up declare say e don lost? Or the drone wey una go use dey supervise NECO and GCE? Abegi, if una want wetin to do, stop una men from to dey waste bullet anyhow for road.

How many riffles did SIAmosun bring in illegally? Where are they? Just collect them and stop making noise And 1 million cartons of Chelsea Dry gin😀😀 Even if the police needs more arms, it should not be rifles! It is an aberration that our police patrol the streets ordinarily with war grade weapons. They have also largely proved reckless in handling those they currently wield, ever trigger happy like puppies fed on heroin

250,000 rifles ke, tale fe pa? Police need BETTER TRAINING ON HOW TO PROTECT THE LIVES OF CITIZENS And what is the government doing about your request. Dear IG, You have more than this number of guns in the hands of the killer Fulani herdsmen nationwide Retrieve them and make use of them to replace the current ones with tapes and bandages in the hands of your uniformed beggars extorting us on our highways Thanks

To kill innocent people abi I don't doubt this but are they physically and emotionally capable of handling such equipments. My answer is a BIG FAT NO. You asking for this is like a 9 years old kid asking his parents for their car keys. I hope the police have chosen what school (for research purposes) to partner with so they can get all the drones cheaply.

Dear IG,as a police officer you don’t even need a rifle not to talk of drones, your duty is to protect life,talk about cameras to monitor units and just do the arrest,stop killing civilians,let the military handle war n let police protect.. They have sold the outdated one in their possession to arm robbers.

To kill more civilians abi?....... Weh done sir

To kill more people The mass should donate funds for the police force or what This news is not supposed to be broadcasted here. Arrest bandits and terrorist herdsmen then AK47 rifles confiscated from them can be shared among the police because am sure they are using new ones. Oga Nigerians let start contributing since the govt cannot provide

Don't put money in something you cannot maintain and be accounted for. To use and kill innocent civilians I grew-up knowing police carries riffles and of a truth that riffle gun is too long & heavy to be smart & active when discharging their duties you as the IG you are suppose to be more reasonable,strategic and logical on what fits your men & will be comfortable for their use.

Will these request be used to fight insurgence or lease to criminals 🤣🤣🤣 Police also need Angel Michael, Angel Gabriel and other spirits.

To kill and extort innocent citizens right? In order to kill more innocent Nigerians and wage brutal wars against the masses!!! It sound great, and it shows how pathetic your condition is, but you need to give details on how you intended to reduces the cases of accidental discharged of your weapons to stop killing innocent people with your old and rusty guns, what of the news ones?

So you guy can use to kill more civilians abi? Weyrey ... Una dey prepare for World War ni ?, they’re already planning how to distribute Abacha loot Security situation warrants national discussion. Is security policing alone? How do we reconcile the new state or regional policing efforts against national? Can we finance a two-tier policing strategy with unclear objectives or accountability? Who is in charge for good & bad?

How many man power do you need? What about all the ones that they have been seizing from terrorists, bandits and co? And 200 F16 jet to be use in cases of massive protest. IG is shitting us rn who are to operate those drones ? Those illiterates ? Oh and you need more rifles so you can kill more innocent citizens? Smh

Honestly we dont need to know how many weapon you want to buy... because this sounds like selling information to the enemy. They can hijack ur weapon on the way and moreover how are we sure they want to even buy this weapons. Or someone just want to be rich before the time is up Lol must you guys tell us

So that u can finish the innocent citizens abi? Common ak 47 riffle, everyday its either accidential discharge of purposeful discharge....nonsense! What is the budget?😀😀😀 And all the confiscated arms by custom from border as claimed and the once from an ex-governor are returned or not good for operation?

Inspector Mohammed Abubakar Adamu, EndSarsNow should start with daily mental assessment of the PoliceNG personnels nationwide before reporting to their bits. I don't need public advert of the arms to be purchased. EndSARS What about former Governor Amosun armoury , where are those one. The ones customs impounded where are those ones.

Tell national assembly to donate 2month salary. President 6month salary and allowance ,ministers ,gov 2minth security votes.then we Nigeria. 2000 each. But we must use our eye but the thing and see delivery. To arrest more youths And 1 million youth officers Wow, give them this and no youths will remain. What police need before more arms is psyche profiling and quarterly reviews by competent psyche doctors.

The Nigerian Polive don’t need this right now, the ones they have has been used to pit more sorrow in the life’s of Nigerian families... they need 250,000 days psychological therapy help 1000 anxiety injections and 774 psychiatric Doctors Most of it will find their way into the hands of armed robbers and kidnappers, the rest will be used to kill innocent Nigerian citizens.

Are we going to war against Corona virus ni🤷🏻‍♂️ Ta lẹ fẹ pá To kill youths ....u will not get the one sent last time was sold by useless Nigerian police And psych evaluation One dron per LG. Hmmm The police needs an Organizational transformation that will cover training, retraining, budgeting, conditions of service, a modern training curriculum, a new recruitment/selection process etc

This is not meant to make it to the news. This na project 2020 for this IGP. Normal avenue to chop money. Who ask chief of army what he did with the $1billion he collected last year again?

Makes sense at some point,made nonsense st some point. Police need 250,000 rifles, 1,000 APCs, 774 drones – IG Me: To waste innocent citizens isn't? EndSarsNow To kill innocent people again abi while you take them for internet fraudsters. Bunch of useless people. As in before, we get maximum security? To kill innocent civilians

Oga, your done need those.. What you need is orientation, you need training and most importantly, you need to learn discipline.. You and your people are the most brutal, reckless force, you people are part of Nigerian problem at large. Go and maintain those hilux and police van 774 drones may not be so expensive. Let's purchase and patronize young Nigerian makers of drones. They'll advance thereon.

The little ones you have is been used to kill unarmed and innocent citizens. EndSARS Lol Maybe we should set up a drone and rifle factory in Nigeria.

Looting Continuum!!! 50000 pmb 774 = 1 drone per LGA At least 322 riffles per LGA And 1 APC for each LGA Fools! 200000 ADP So you can continue killing us, the few riffles you have, you have been killing innocent citizens with it! Fvck up!!! For what exactly?!.... So they will increase the killing of innocent souls Idiotas

Police should first and foremost seek reorientation, accountability and corrupt free leadership.Riffles, drones etc shall be added unto these basics. They need brains and decency first. To do what?, kill more innocent citizens?

Plesse don't give them new riffles again! Let's finish burying the ones they killed with the current riffles😭😭 Smelling bastarrddd To kill more citizens? So PoliceNG will finish the citizens finally. 250,000 rifles to kill innocent Nigerians. you mean there is no budget for the police force before this time. tell us plainly that you want to loot, we will understand.

Biko how did IGP arrive at no of drones? Is it one per LGA? Even in audio ones in north where there is no life? Asking for research purpose ECA is crying already 😂😂😂😂😂 Next level Sai baba Sai maigaskya I don't even know why they go around the street with AKs? Imagine a disgruntled policeman who is frustrated can do with such ammunition on his hands. This needs to be addressed by PoliceNG cc:PoliceNG_CRU nassnigeria NGRPresident followlasg

Drones and rifles to kill more innocent Nigerians If they need 'APC' they have APC, all of it!

What you and your men need is training and re-training.... a lot to learn and unlearn Una no dey carry pistols ni? Policemen with rifles are scary aF More riffles for mentally sick men abi! To commit more crime against the citizens whose taxes fund your operations. 250,000 riffles so they can use it and kill more innocent unarmed Nigerians abi? Una try well well

una go soon add 5000 ANPPs To win the third world war.. To kill more civilians I guess because you all shy away from kidnappers,robbers, bandits, herdsmen & even their eldest brother Boko Haram. 🥴🥴🥴 Apply to the body in charge of confiscated weapons from terrorists. Nigeria cannot be loosing at two ends...

Tell our foolish leader's to create jobs it will easily fight crimes. D level of poverty is alarming. May God judge and punish our leaders both past and present for turning this endowed nation to a Sithole

So they can kill more citizens very nice So that they can kill more innocent people abi. Just to commit more atrocities on the citizenry? Let the police be first of all reformed. Are the 774 Drones, meant for the 774 LGAs? One sophisticated MQ 9 atomic Drone is enough with expert operator So that boko boys will collect it abi

Oponu ode you DNT need body camera abi your Boyz that is killing youths and taking bribe will not be expose What was the 1Billion dollars used for? The one that was taken from ECA For what? More killings of innocent lives instead of protecting them? More rifles indeed If you can't get your police men with a baton. To respect people rights, not take bribe and ensure erring cops are not just dismissed but jailed....ya all don't deserve any rifle!

To arm boko haram So that you can be able to kill more citizens? IG! IG!! IG!!! Do you want to go and fight BOKO HARAM? EndSARS FIRST Good one, but instead of just riffles, why not equip them with tactical belts as well.. PoliceNG With the little u have innocent lives are shot at by your killers squad unit what will become of today's survivors if your request is met. Start with an attitudinal and mind set change first.

250,000 rifles so you can kill more of the innocent citizens? We know your plans. To kill who oo? The ones we gave you with our taxes nko, who you shoot Go shopping na. What you need is water guns To keep on carrying out evil acts on innocent citizens? 🤮 Last time they had it, they used to to rig elections kill more peaceful protesters and civilians ?

Are you preparing for war? The ones you have you're using them carelessly to intimidate and kill innocent citizens. Is that all Now they can use all this gadgets to kill more civilians...smh 250,000 rifles for 250,000 youths ? No, we are okay with what we’ve got 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 We have the money to purchase them. ......we all know that the money will still be diverted or maybe some of these weapons will just vanish with no trace. Hope they get the money Sha.

It is doable. Let's tax the multi nationals to get the requirements And a thousand chopper Imagine Nigerian police force having drones... what are they gonna use it for apart from terrorizing the whole citizen😒I mean that’s if they know how to use it Just like NTA needs $500m. BrigandsInPower To finish the harmless citizens

Common riffles, your men cannot handle properly. You're now requesting for drones. Are you technologically advanced and well trained?

Shey dem wan fight Bokoharam or Fulani herdsmen? NigeriaPolice.....set awon Clueless organization We need to disband Nigeria Police Force... To kill more innocent Nigerians right? Fear Boko Haram Fear heardsmen Fear Nigerian police This is how to be alive and safe in Nigeria presently. To kill more civilians abi?

PoliceNG Guns have never been a challenge. Yeye people NekkaSmith Lol It’s time to leave this country... 774 Drones? U mean each drones for each LG? What kinda drone are we even talking about. Less we forget, we still eat home grown rice but lets buy foriegn cars for our senators... The more u reason Naija matter d more headache u get. Convid 19 is already in Africa.

You don't need rifles for policing. All you need is intelligence support, pen, paper, walkie talkie and handcuffs. Pls save us the unwarranted incidence of premeditated murder by your rogue officers. WE CAN'T AFFORD TO LOOSE MORE LIVES TO YOUR MEN.

I sometimes wonder how developed countries see Nigeria.... Maybe as a den of Foolishness How about the police men? Why is this country such a joke 😂😂😂😂 Oh yeah!So they can be more equipped in killing innocent Nigerians and escalating their own criminality because nowadays that is the only thing they seem good at doing

You need mind restructuring of international way of policing, not when you purchase all this you start killing innocent Nigerians PoliceNG Lazy Nigerian police So that you’ll kill more innocent people abi Lol....y'all need brain evaluation and it should start with the maker of this statement. Educating you guys is a waste of time and resources. Would rather have educated unemployed Nigerians trained the Police way and y'all replaced by them.

One day everyone will be unsafe in this nation including the rich, i think by then it will be too late to call for intervention in all aspect the vulnerable ones have been begging for...

Olodo IG. NPF need thorough reorientation. A police officer in Nigeria is seen as a criminal. Correct that perception first Are they planning to kill more innocent people? How many personnels? For more killings abi? 774 drones😆😂 fantastic To do what? Reduce population shai? Is there a war? Oya na Buhari approve for dem 🚶🏼‍♂️🚶🏼‍♂️

U need ibon oni etu To do what exactly? Terrorise Nigerians? My tot - U guys plan is to make Nigerians afraid of government but dat wld never happen. We are TOO FREE to be enslaved. WakeUpNigeria Any government dat tries dis is against itself. They don't prosper & have constant unrest e.g Iran. All of these is small...what you need most is training. You need retraining and retraining.. then you need constant checks for alcoholism among the rank and file. Then, there is need for mental health checks... PoliceNG . Weed out bad eggs, then increase wages. In that order.

250,000 riffles and are you sure they will test some if this on innocent citizens

Dear IG PoliceNG , the first thing you need to do is carry out proper training and re-education of your men to operate in a civilian democracy. Discipline is lacking among d force. Secondly change tactics. D 150,000 personnel on private duties should be pulled to public service. 250k rifles to terminate more innocent lives?

And he forgot to mention CCT though our police don't like cameras If the police needs this now... What then were the provisions of the budget to the NPF? To be killing the innocent Nigerians abi That's one drone for one local government area 🤔 Okay! Ah!! Dem wan kill us finish be that!! Blood suckers Naso

Lol to kill the citizen abi?

To kill more innocent Nigerians To kill more innocent Nigerians or what...didn't say they don't need it but will they use it well or use it against the tax payers that will buy the gun? Hahaha 774 drones How about starting with the use of the one's the govt ceased from amnesty You need 5000 fighter jets, 5000 Warships, 5000 drones 50000000 Million Boko Haram and all Nigerian Cash lol

For what ? To kill more innocent Nigerian 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 audio Audio Hit the 'like' button and I follow u💯 If you like follow back, God is watching you😀 To kill more citizens?

All these without the necessary reforms, motivation, training and orientation is a waste of resources. Rifle to do what 🙄🙄.. All u need is rubber bullet and Electric guns.. Teach your men how to handle crowd first. Una need better training I feel what the Nigerian Police needs at the moment above the aforementioned items is mass education for it's officers and men. The Nigerian police as we have it today is the most reckless,most indisciplined and the most uncoordinated law enforcement agent.

So they can kill all the youths at sight abi 1000 APC😏 see dem everywhere on twitter Who want control the drones? To kill more of it citizens, u guys need whistle and trousers without pocket NekkaSmith You need a good spirit to apply all these. Or the people will be finished. Where is the spirit coming from. Purge thyself of Bad eggs and bad brutal anti citizen culture first.

To kill more civilians? Long way to go.....

It's not gonna be surprised to see the repeatation of Dasuki's case of $2 billion made for purchase of arms which wasn't used for the actual purpose Imagine using these equipment to harrass, intimidate & kill defenseless civilians as there's nothing else the Nigerian Police does besides these. 10DowningStreet UKinNigeria RoyalFamily are committing a crime against humanity in sustaining this colonial edifice they created.

🤔 If you were given all these! Public will be more at risk than being safer! Ur men had not justified the need for this! Wait do you need it in cash or the weapons?if in cash is understandable but the weapons to kill who? So they can go around killing innocent Nigerians ba? Police needs a total disbandment for a new enlightened an human friendly security service

Our media houses these days don dey tire person. Sensitive security news like this is not for public consumption. You also need 2000 PDPs to do what?, to kill more innocent citizens ryt? To keep on killing innocent people? Wait, for what purpose? Are they going for a war?

Dey fit use am To kill more youth instead...😔 For what please? To kill more Nigerians.... 1st thing 1st.. Reform police. Police need more rifles to intimidate and killing innocent Nigeria, what have you been doing with the one you have, borrowing to arm robber and kidnapper. Okay, I am coming to buy that for you guys...please direct this energy to the appropriate authorities

What is police needing raffles for? They are suppose to be carry pistols not rifles ! To kill harmless youths Shouldn't this be in the budget ❓ So you go share give sars abi

To shoot innocent citizens and to increase the number of armed robbers in uniform abi 250 000 rifles? For Our police No wonder there's so much insecurity You are giving one drone to each local government area in Nigeria? One drone per LGA? U require 774 drones for the whole country. And 2 million brains (sense) please don't forget that. Very important.

What you need is a new mind set. To do what with? What about the $1b bubu already spent in buying ammunition? Where are the ammunition? To kill more citizens? To cut short more dreams? To harass law abiding Nigerians? APCs ke MBuhari is not aware

What the police need is proper orientation and good attitude. Wanted to tell you to go and sit down but you sitting already. You don't need all that. What you need is discipline, training and comportment first. If you have that you won't need all that. Are you at war that you will be needing 227k rifles? Do you even need rifles?

NekkaSmith So that the will kill the remaining Nigerian youths segalink I think this people should go and get some from Boko Aram now. The one we u get, nah wetin unah dey take am do? Would have been nice to add body cameras to your wishlist for all on duty policemen sha... For what? To kill all Nigerians

How on earth is this man still an IG? Because its clear he doesn't know what he is doing The ones you have being using to kill innocent people use those ones first then we can talk about increasing the numbers Riffles to kill more citizens right? Hmm I would have thot attitudinal change first

How can they combat insecurity when we have such a shortage. Hahahahaha..... Up IGP Oga IG what about the arms imported by Sen. Amosu (former governor of Ogun State) Chai Nigeria my country... What then did the Nigeria police submitted in nationalbudget planning More rifles to keep killing the raising stars

We have just 371,800 police staff in Nigeria protecting 190million people which our politicians and some called prominent people as taken close or over 30% for selfish security. is it all police staffs that have right to rifles?Or will they be carrying 2 rifles at a time? Police do not need rifles PoliceNG. The assault rifles make your men brazen and intimidate citizens with it. what you need are pistols. Rifles should be reserved for a quick responds team properly trained for issues like armed robbery and Terrorist attacks.

Another China loan will solve that request with ease. 250,000 ke Udonmeanit. Maybe dey wan reduce our population, SARS still on killing spree To kill more innocent citizens ba!

774 drones? 😂😂😂 Why is this in public domain? For Nigeria PoliceNG to say this to the public, then 'we are in trouble' in the country So they can oppress innocent civilians more abi? What they need is retraining and reorientation.. You Assault Rifles o... Not even pistols. Which modern police force goes about with rifles? Are we at war?

To kill more citizens ? So all the bribe Nigerians have been paying to the police since how many years can not buy them this things Is it Jubril abi Buhari and his Oga Abba Kiyari that will buy it for them Nigeria is finished but idiots still can't see it.. Biafrans are watching and waiting.. Oshe, y'all wanna upgrade from checkpoint holdups and 'accidental discharge' to invading countries, shey? I applaud the ambition.

1,000 APCs... And how many pdps? Dey will use it to kill everybody d president must not make dat mistake flush out d bad eggs 1st they're too many To kill citizens abi?

To kill more youth abiEndSarsNow EndSARS For What ? IG wan open office Dro watin 😂😤 To kill more citizens cuz i know u not fighting d insurgency To kill more innocent people abi? So u can continue to kill harmless civilians abi Allah bless Nigeria. What happen to police bugbeting.also new stations neesed to be build. Plus policeing mind set

For peaceful protesters? What is the point of all police having to use gun, short guns for selected officers is owk, the rest should use Baton

To kill more Nigerians To kill more citizens ba Hope its not the front that will trace people to bank and hijack their money🙄 Me I don't care to know de meaning but Wen I see dis one (APCs) all I know is 'na them'.. Ooin Just like I need a billion dollars Who will operate the drones? To kill more Nigerians?

Simply tell Nigerians that you are underfunded by the fed govt.Tomorrow they will come on air to tell u how much billions spent on funding the nig police. They should collect the ones with meyati Allah. Yeye dey smile They more ammunition’s to keep killing the citizens? Nah, the police needs better welfare and more training on human rights.

The drones you can bring down with a stone abi a sophisticated drone? How will they even navigate drones? Those animal in the police force that can't even think with their heads... Tueeeh ! You only need APC... What about PDP? Does Nig police preparing for international war? Not teargas,not water can,not battons raffles ogaoooooo

God will punish that mouth you used to say want to kill more citizen for your oga sacrifice No be only APC, PDP nko? The riffles that is available to the police now is to kill innocent Nigerians, if this 250000 is added, Ha! That means they will start killing people sporadically. Pls send all SARS Nation wide to Sambisa to go and face Boko Haram.

I hope they wouldn't use it to kill Innocent souls and robbery and kidnapping will as well be stopped. The money is there sir, Just withdraw how much you need. To savage more citizens? 🤷🏽‍♂️ there are some news that shouldn’t be put in the air. Perhaps, all these weapons are for SARs.

Try as much as possible to Send them to sambisa forest, let innocent people be free from killing Thunder fire all of you.... Amadioha kee you dia.... So that you will increase your killings abi Ahhhh 250k rifles? Do u want to take over the work of soldiers in maiduguri nd yola? To kill more innocent citizens?🤔

Abi life is doing this one ni how many police officer do will have in Nigeria self The police that can't even control the rusty rifles they've had since independence- killing innocent citizens here and there. While herdsmen roam at ease, spreading destruction wherever they go. Our police don't deserve anything more than a catapault. The killings will reduce.

50 PDP All this to fight armless civilians and kill them at will, wicked souls I Hope SARS is not among those that will get the Guns b/c we don't want them to kill our youths anymore Na God go punish you with that your mouth wey you use talk am u ppl wan kill us finished

So that they can have more ammunition to kill civilian This man will die before him date ..Amin To be able to kill more innocent citizens when they protest peacefully? Hmm? 🤔 To kill more innocent citizens abi? To kill more innocent civilians or to fight boko haram and several insurgencies ravaging the north Pls specify mr I.G

Surprise us and use the money from illegal check points. The jungle called Nigeria is in a mess. Terrorism n anti-corruption is the means through which Fulani jihads will eat up the animals. Just like they deceived the Hausa and some parts of Yoruba before they fell Total freedom is d answer God bless Biafra

To kill all innocent citizen finish abi? God pass you... To kill more youth abi 774 drones.. Abi is it 1 per Local Government..?

So that what would happen? So that SARS will stop gunning down innocent citizens? So that police would stop unnecessary harassment of the youth while the real thieves are being protected in offices? So that kidnapping will stop? So the herdsmen on rampage will be brought to book? May Allah continue to support PoliceNG in tackling insecurity in this Nation.

This man is insane,he has lost it 774 drones one each for every local government abi, olopa olodo. These people are not serious They should beg BH to give them some. Shame to a former general . He certainly didn't become a general by merit! If u mean dji drone then, am sorry you are not ready for business.

For what again? Is it to kill the defenseless as the SARS operatives do 250k riffles again. . For what exactly. So that you can kill everyone at once. They don't even include baton, electric shock. Nigeria is wack. What the Police needs most is serious retraining and reorientation to get the leaders and the rank and file to understand that their first and only loyalty is to the Constitution and that they work for the ordinary citizens of Nigeria and not the political elite!

What have you done with what you have Just making plain excuses So they can kill more unarmed youths they’re paid to protect huh Iya yin To do what.. Use them to fight yahoo boys or innocent youths with gadgets in the society? Or are they going to fight Boko'Haram 250k rifles so they can murder more innocent Nigerians

Yeah...they need their own share of the 'Contracts'.. So that they can kill all Nigerians Police needs a new orientation .. with the few rifles you have , you kill innocent citizens everyday, if them come give una this request Nawa o... Wetin we dey use am do Mr clueless 2000 pdp's

I never knew Nigeria's healthcare infrastructure was in such bad state - SGF

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