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Igbo want justice, equity, fairness, not Biafra, says Uzodinma - Punch Newspapers

The most widely read newspaper in Nigeria

4/11/2021 9:06:00 PM

Igbo want justice, equity, fairness, not Biafra , says Uzodinma - Punch Newspapers

The most widely read newspaper in Nigeria

“Like I have propounded time after time, Igbos are not at war with anyone neither is anyone at war with Ndigbo. The fact of the matter is that Igbos are the highest stakeholders in Nigeria. In most cities in Nigeria outside Igboland, our people constitute the second-largest in population, after the indigenes of the state. Our people have more stakes in real estate in virtually all the major cities in the country. Our people control the commanding heights of commerce all over the country. So who has more stakes in Nigeria than the Igbo? As I said at a different forum recently, no sane man will urinate into a well he and his family drink from. I know for sure that Igbos are wise enough to know that.

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“What Ndigbo wants is justice, equity and fairness. A Nigeria that provides a level playing ground for all citizens. That is what we want, not Biafra. And we believe we can get what we want through constructive and tenacious engagement with fellow Nationals and relevant institutions, not by violence or war. Igbos have seen war, not in storybooks or in movies but real war. No right-thinking Igbo, who experienced the excruciating and devastating effects of the civil war on Igboland and our people, will vote for another war. The young and inexperienced may zealously want to beat the drumbeat of war, but it is our duty, as their parents and elders to talk them out of it.

“Those creating the erroneous impression that Igbos want to leave Nigeria are either naive or mischievous. Igbos need Nigeria just like Nigeria and Nigerians need Igbos.READ ALSO:Nigeria’s system collapsing, RCCG cleric warns“We also have those who see what is happening as a dress rehearsal for 2023. The motive here is to create again an erroneous impression that Igbos are not united and therefore unfit to produce the next president of the country. This again begs the question. I don’t think there is any ethnic group in Nigeria that is as united as Ndigbo. We all can’t be in the same political party just like other ethnic groups are not in one political party. In fact, we, the Igbo, are more united than any other ethnic nationality in Nigeria, through our shared struggles, our chequered history and our deep-rooted extended family traditions and brotherhood. These values make our belief and commitment to a united Nigeria beyond reproach.

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You don't even know what Igbo people want Nigerians want justice and fairness. Not only Igbos. We have rules not leaders Because a leader can't make such statiment But come o.. I'm from the middle belt. I see no wrong in given Biafra to the Igbos since they are ready to take care of themselves. The thief Will never be happy with a well secured man

And if the equity and fairness are not giving to you, you sit down and keep crying? Mad people everywhere. Return your seat to the owner that's where fairness and justice will start from. You guys are playing stupid politics thinking you are smart. The only way to stop Biafra is the implementation of the 2014 confab.

What type of fairness and equity are you Hope Uzodinma talking about even how you came to become governor was the most committed fraud in the history of the Nigerian state! The Ibos has not elected you as their spokes man. You have just said your personal opinion. He is not speaking the minds of Igbo's, who and who did he consult before making such assumption? The world knows that Igbo's want Biafra, no need to lie.

He is not Igbo, because one person can't decide for Igbos.. what they will do is to ask the igbos what they wanted.. not him speaking for them.. Mumu

Don't reduce your stake in Nigeria, Uzodinma tells Igbo - Punch NewspapersThe most widely read newspaper in Nigeria He seriously believes they had a stake? Alaye wake up, if that's why you keep turning against ur people. Just know you're a means to an end. If you think it's joke try placing a great mind like Peter obi as presidential candidate. You'll see what they think of y'all. hopeuzodimma1 HopeUzodinma we have arranged pampers to be sent to you for use as the Supreme court governor. Tura soap company has made more money in this dispensation now than ever

Who is this man? How can a Supreme Court governor be talking for the people Supreme court Governor. Thunder fire u idiot Supreme Court governor, you have dementia! And if you can't get justice, equity, and fairness, do you continue to be slave to the Fulanis? You are on your own. NDI-IGBO: A House Always Divided!

Big lie. We have pass the era of justice, we want total separation from Nigeria. That name is bad luck out here In diaspora. Biafra or nothing. Who made this supreme court governor spokesman of Ndi Igbo? idiot man

Uzodinma: Ndigbo does not want BiafraReally? Mk thunder from jupita send u go Pluto no mass burial for u!!

Lori iro I am igbo and I want and need Biafra We want Biafra nothing more Give us referendum on Biafra to prove your point, Supreme Court... Go and tell IPOB nah This man can't speak for us...people's mandate is what that matters The number of comments here already show that Igbos want Biafra. My question is what's stopping it?

You are right, just that you cannot get justice, equity and fairness in this contraption called Niger-area but you in Biafra. Coming from a Supreme Court administrator Hope_Uzodimma1 , who made u Igbo spokesperson it true but, but we don't want 9ja again

2023: Igbo president will end agitation for Biafra - Ohanaeze - Daily Post NigeriaPresident of Ohanaeze Ndi Igbo in the nineteen Northern States and the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja, Bar Augustine Amechi has given reasons Very big lie from the Pitt of hell Story Story Igbo didn't need Anything like presidency all NDI-IGBO want is biafra.. don't mind those thief here..

Let's meet reffredom and see what happens. Fools Ibo laugh sweet😠😠😠 Ure an efulefu supreme court governor, ure not in any position to speak on what igbo want. Where is the land for the biafraud ? And when you don't get the justices, equity and fairness what do you do? You're on your own The choice and power of the people supersedes the people in power. ESN is of the people, by the people and for the people of Igbo extraction. The Igbos have always chosen to dwell in peace with each other, their desire is simply ESN. Time tiks

Mad man is talking for his pocket, it simple everybody is tired of the zoo Nigeria, all those fighting for one Nigeria are only fighting for their pockets, Referendum That one is for every body need

No amount of Buhari’s inducement will stop Biafra, IPOB boasts - Punch NewspapersThe most widely read newspaper in Nigeria Nigeria was founded on blood! The blood of innocent cry for vengeance! Nigeria is a crime scene! Don't relent in your good fight because in due time you will have a nation of your dream. Isee WeMove

Well,Uzodinma is a beneficiary of the unjust amoral Nigerian contraption. Just so you remember that when you go around talking about Equity...a Tanko Mohammed judgement that foisted you on the people was a judicial aberration What makes all these lowlife politicians think they can speak for all of us?

Who is Uzodinma? Igbo is not a political party, Igbos are a people and Uzodinma is not our spokesperson, we are Republicans and we believe in Democracy. Let the people decide in a Referendum. BiafraExit Free speech is allowed Is he the mouth piece of the Igbos? This is what must be spread across the country and there will be no more agitations in the land

The fear of MNK is the beginning of Hopelessness getting common sense. Who told you we are asking for fairness? Mad people everywhere. What we want is biafra simple We didn't expect more from him because himself is a fulani slave You are not speaking for us but yourself and your likes. EndNigeriaNowToSaveLives EndNigeriaNowToSaveLives EndNigeriaNowToSaveLives EndNigeriaNowToSaveLives EndNigeriaNowToSaveLives EndNigeriaNowToSaveLives

🚨We want referendum 🚨

MASSOB rejects asylum offer, says UK plotting to stop Biafra - Punch NewspapersThe most widely read newspaper in Nigeria We are tired of staying in another man's country we need biafra not asylum MASSOB? They only offer Asylum to IPOB. MASSOB was never a treat to Nigeria government. Only IPOB. which massob? when IPOB leader vehemently rejected the assylum offer.

Justice, Equity and fairness should start with you not the other way round. First surrender the stolen mandate and apologize to Imo people. What on earth is wrong with supreme court governor. This man should keep quite. Igbo man wants freedom! Freedom!! Freedom!!! ... and we can't get them without BIAFRA.

Hopeless is a nobody to decide for the IGBOS. Conduct a referendum Language of a traitor....he will pay for all his Atrocities and evil he is committing in due time, the innocent people's blood he wasted will never allow him to have peace of mind till he go the evil even to his own people! Fulani slave!!

He is nobody to speak for Igbos. All we wants is a new redirection We want biafra not else . biafra is our last hope. God bless Biafrans He speaks his mind let he conduct referendum God will punish you... hopeless I stand solidly behind you, your Excellency. Won't blame you,nacourt ah blame... Igbo is not Biafra, Igbo is part of Biafra Nation. Let referendum commence across Biafra Land

Who is he to speak for us? Ndi ara ndi ara Igbo leaders are our problem..all of them lack sense who made him IGBO spokesman bikonu Uzo your papa Oga speak for u sef o. U can’t speak for d entire Igbo pple Oga, jus speak for ur own interest Biafara isn't the same with all these that you have mentioned. Who are you to decide for the millions of ndi igbo home and abroad. Thank God your opinion no pass your house and office

ChibiteAmatam WHO MADE YOU 🔊 FOR THE IGBO MASSES? 🤧🤧🤧 Shege waka!🖐 (May be you will understand this better) Supreme court governor!!!😃😃😃

Supreme court representative of Imo state, please speak for yourself and don't speak for the Igbos. Kindly call for referendum Hope you can not take because of what you would eat to continue making the igbos slave in the hands of funani no way we want Biafra Nigeria is dead people lost their lives everyday here in nigeria what is your problem ?

Who is Uzodima to speak for the Igbos. In Igboland we don't recognize janjaweed supreme court impose governor Go and look for it, stop saying it by mouth Werey dey disguise. Who made you the spoke man of the igbos? We want BIAFRA oga

Which justice, fairness and equity do Igbo or any other tribe want from the north?!. Hope is hopeless hoping to get anything good from the north. To the northerners we're second class citizens. Your brain just dey correct small small... He doesn't even know what the Igbo people want he's just saying this the protect his political ambition and nothing more.....

Oga Uzodingda, we want Biafra... You don't have the right to say what we want.. Put it to referendum and stop yapping rubbish refrendum will decide not supreme court governor like you Who is this man to speak for igbos! The northern is using him to destroy igbos You're speaking for your immediate family, not even entire Oru East Lga

Well said. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂, i guess he took a referendum abi? A Fulani Oligarchy stooge talking about equity, fairness, and justice. Nigeria is equally bereft of the above-mentioned principles, the man speaking came 4th in the Imo state governorship race and had to apply the 'Benjohnson' way to become the imposed winner.

Your dream mr governor... Biafra is what we want Whether you want it or not, BIAFRA will stand! ODUDUWA NATION will thrive, The ZOO can be for the rest who believe in One Nigeria. The simple thing the governor should do is conduct a referendum in his state to know the position of his people. Onye Ara, shut up

Who made u the mouth piece of the igbos? Stooge of the Northern Hegemony. If election victory was not awarded to you by the court do you have say in Igbo politics? This is what we should all be preaching and not separating because there's lot of injustice, inequity even within Biafraland. A man who was chosen by the Fulani Caliphate cannot possibly speak for the people

Aturu Awusa

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Chai igbo don suffer even ex con men and supreme court governor are now speaking for igbo. people should look into this man history before going into politics I am not surprised at what he has become he was willing to do anything and I mean anything to get money Have you gotten your Justice, Equity and Fairness 51 years since Nigerian BIafran war ended? Stop deceiving yourself.The new generation of Ndi Igbo are more wiser.

Idiot Says a Supreme Court stooge. If he were honest and sincere, he would never accept to be appointed governor. Nigeria is the land of injustice, inequity and foul play and will never cease to be, so Biafra is must. you are senseless human being You're not our spokesman sir He knows he won't be a governor in Biafra

You are a lier! I'm Igbo I want Biafra if you doubt me you can support the call by MaziNnamdiKanu and IPOB for Referendum let us know for sure what Igbo want. Mpa gi there... it's only your family that doesn't want Biafra Story Geraa out jor...inukwa justice, equity and fairness. biafra or notthing.

Northerners will use u and dump u for sure. Mr. Uzodunma. He doesn't speak for all the igbos You're nothing but a Fulani slaves.. You can speak for yourself not Ndi Igbo You are speaking for yourself alone, not even for your family... Coming from a mugu man Supreme court imposed director of IMO state who are you to speak for Igbo's while you are operating on a stolen administration of someone else Is that justice or equity ?

The Mission of Biafra is justice, equity and fairness. He is speaking for himself . nonsense people in power Hmmm APC yeye dey smell. Who appointed Supreme Court Governor to be Ndi Igbo spokesman. GAY TALKING, MAY YOU DIE A VERY PAINFUL DEATH.

.Equity starts from you, relinquish with that your stolen post and return it to the winner, that way we will take u serious, until then u are a supreme court governor, no one takes u serious. This mumu is only speaking for himself in terms of his political ambition and his pocket. I mean himself alone not even security personnel. These are the ones sabotaging the efforts of those that want freedom because they're benefiting 4rm the bad system of governance. Wicked ppl

Biafrans are putting final touches to the restoration of the sovereignty of their beloved Biafra, this Land of the Rising Sun. How did he know? Did oracle tell him that Igbo don't want Biafra. Let them justified it by putting it into Referendum to understand what the Igbo want. Even Amadioha know that Igbo want nothing but Biafra.

If all you've stated are actually being practice, will they be pressing for biafra... This 4th position man I don't even understand him since he assume office This backyard governor speaking as they directed him from abuja. Political statement.. How can an unjust crafty 419er fight for justice of Ndigbo. Equity and fairness with Supreme Court governor as a stooge for Gambari. Hopeless Uzondinjo doesn’t have anything to say.

And to be sincere with you dear governor,it's only biafran that can give you those things. Biafra must come

I want Biafra as an igbo man From the inception of Nigeria,there is no justice,talk less of equity and fairness. The present constitutional is giving some people power to take all our hard taxs to get rich. Put it in a referendum Ignoramus! Biafra means freedom which embodies justice, equity, fairness etc.

Mad man by Referendum you will see. Speak for yourself Look at who's talking about justice. Someone that was unjustly imposed as a governor. If igbos want justice, you'll be bundled out of Douglas house There's no time that this Biafra or Oduduwa matter wouldn't come to play. Whether no or later every region will find her way. Be it in fairness or war. I know Uzodinma is just saying this because he's still benefiting from the Nigerians cake.

Hope_Uzodimma1 are you part of the Igbo You are in government sir so that means u eat from FED and you will want to keep your seat so u can’t never say the truth and ain’t sure u talking on behalf of Igbo people

I don't blame the hopeless Uzodimma,I blame the unknown gunmen that spared his useless bleaching life. One of the plague's of south east Supreme court governor speak for yourself Biafran freedom is not with uzodima, all we ask is referandun . one man one vote, by then hopeuzodimma will know he only have one vote to decide his biafran fate

Let's read You knew that's what we wants and you do not speak for us animal 😻 Lmao from someone that stole another man vote 🗳 hopeless uzodinjor aka supreme Tanko Mohamed humble slave 😂😂😂 Na ogun go surely locate u and kill u...u are not speaking for the Igbo asshollleeee Who gave this dick head mic

Fairness, yet you are the governor of IMO state Not only equity even Equitos as Made in Abuja Governor.

Uzodinjo 👉 But one Nigeria is injustice, inequity and unfairness. One Nig can't give what they don't have Hope is speaking for himself and Fulani Terrorist not for Igbos! Hope_Uzodimma1 Then conduct refererandum if you want to know what Igbo want Perish that idea Ozordinmgba has once again spoken like an animal.

refrendum will decide not supreme court governor like you Last kick from the dying horse called Nigeria Seems like pampers has finish in Douglas... if you know you know

Na today, go and sit down Mr Man Confused elder this one na mumu, Biafra is our religion I wonder how punch will disseminate speech from Uzodinma This man shame they shame me This man is a drunker, he must be high on burukutu. Which Igbos? Let's have referendum to know if we want Biafra or not. You speak for yourself not Igbos

And where have they gone to, your justice, fairness, equity where Wike has just banned igbo gathering? Are you people well at all. Go and address wike first. You are not speaking we igbo mind. The only mind is to restore Biafra Speak for yourself mumu, I and my family are 💯Biafra

No one should bother about de selfish idiot's speech. Of course, his pay Masters, kno de truth. He is on his own👌😂🚶 mad man uzondinma who made you a ruler over us?.. what we need is biafra you can to hell to with one Nigeria . Fulani slave, speaking. Does he mean the fairness that brought him into power as Governor or which one?

Why? Who has been unfair to them? They have always aligned with the wrong people. Igbos doesn't knw wht they want, They don't engage in politics, bt they want appointment They don't want b in MDS or d forces, yet they want top positions. They hate Fulani president yt they wl vote 4 a Fulani man. They don't want 🇳🇬 but they

A Supreme Court governor does not have choice of words rather, the one giving to him by his slave master to read out. Nke onye koteru, onwelu isi ya buru. Corruption can never allow for such reforms in this country, religion, tribalism, nepotism, totalitarianism, dictatorship etc can not allow equity, justice, fairness etc to operate here. Remember we not able to practice true Federalism.

Whatever he’s saying = Biafra Give us referendum and let us decide ourselves.

Do we then have the trio - Equity, Justice & Fairness? NO! Igbos should not be lossers, both ways. 🇳🇬 That is not true, that man you are seeing there doesnt have a single truth in his mouth, he is saying all these because of his selfish interest. one thing is for sure, we Igbos cannot be subservient to Fulanis. Biafra now.

Keep quiet mr man,we are still lamenting over what you said and you are stilll pouring salt to injury. Let's have a referendum to check... Impressive!! Fairness from northerners who take you as second class citizens. Hope, you are hopeless. Your hopelessness made you invited army to killed your people. Until we will understand that Biafra is just a propaganda! We need ourselves to become great! Splitting would not make any good of us! Equity is the most appearant thing we should all work towards! LetsMakeNigeriaGreat

Fool! How will you get it without Biafra, without a formidable force? You can't beg yourself into it. Supreme Court governor has no opinion in the decision making of ndigbo. Reality check is, Governor Uzodinma could not be more on point. He nailed it. Please be sure to read through to the end before commenting. Thank you as you do.

That's Biafra you want ndi ara Igbos been looking for that justice, equity and fairness even before the civil wara Lie, we want Biafra Supreme Court Governor He's the last person to speak for Nd'Igbo. He lacks the trust, he represents those that made him winner from 4th runner up. Who send you message? Getat

How many igbos do you think wants one Nigeria? Biafra is the result of not getting any of the three for so long a time! Gov. Uzodinma spoke as a politician and not an Igbo statesman

Everybody tired about the way Nigeria walking like disable, we need good life n Nigeria health care good road water good electricity Wat make me crazy sometime n mybrain those leaders they travel to another country what they don't have brain to do samething n 9ja Kíní nwí? The whole request is the meaning of BIAFRA. For your information, Biafra stands for equity, justice and fair play. Your type are those afraid of federalism, whereas, you want good governance devoid of injustice. Check the reason why IPOB are on the street. Same as yours

epiphanyfarmltd Brain back from commercial break 🤣 Thunder fire ur papa. Mumu When did he becomes d mouthpiece of Igbo ppl? Let the igbos speak for themselves We don't want Biafuro/Biafraud - Gov. Hope Uzodinma Speak for yourself okpo Pls shift! A fucking drunkard!

Supreme Supreme we know you Please master's okay As a Yoruba, I used to think its only the yorubas that are divided. The igbos too are divided. I think both Igbo and Yoruba youths needs to stand and flush this old,biased and selfish men out of power.OduduwaRepublicNow BiafraNow Uzodinma you're not listening to the Igbo youths, we want biafra.

When have this one started speaking for Igbos I dont like this criminal, but he is correct on this one. All these men all old with bunch of bad experiences don’t have future but selfish greedy mindset, that how n why they came to politics,not positive, just want to be all family and business peace but not a true freedom,not a true complete nation builder!

Pls who's uzodinma? He doesn't speak for us, that's just his opinion, we need référendum The summary of all you said is the last one he mentioned. He’s cow bred ewu

Supreme court Govr again!!! You have no shred of decency, decorum or empathy. Please speak for yourself and your children. Speak for yourself.😶 Coward you speak for yourself not igbo referendum will prove you right not talking trash on social media When did you turn to our mouths piece Mr governor Lol who’s going to give us fairness and justice ?

Uzodinma is a HOPELESS supreme court pampers wearing governor.. Person gats stone this man Who make this man Igbo spokesman .. speak for yourself oga. He is fucking wrong, Igbo wants referendum, Igbo wants Biafra...there can never be fairness with the northerners.

These rights are never given. They are taken. Don’t waste your time listening to that bleaching Abuja made Governor We need our own nation it's as simple as that. Up until now they still don't have sense Help us tell neco make them release endsars examination results Then let there be referendum