Gunmen Storm Zamfara School, Kidnap Female Pupils | Sahara Reporters

The gunmen were said to have arrived the school around 1am and loaded the girls in buses.

2/26/2021 10:33:00 AM

BREAKING: Gunmen Abduct Over 300 Schoolgirls From Zamfara School | Sahara Reporters The gunmen were said to have arrived the school around 1am and loaded the girls in buses. READ MORE:

The gunmen were said to have arrived the school around 1am and loaded the girls in buses.

Feb 26, 2021Gunmen have kidnapped an unspecified number of school girls at the Government Girls Secondary School, Jangebe in the Talata Mafara Local Government area of Zamfara State.The gunmen, believed to be bandits, struck the school on Friday morning.

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 File Photo A resident in Kawaye village identified as Seidu Muhammadu who confirmed the development to SaharaReporters said his daughters, Mansura and Sakina were among those abducted. "I'm on my way to Jangebe now to see the situation myself. I was told they invaded the school around 1am," he said.

 The spokesman for the state police command command, SP Muhammad Shehu, told reporters:"Give me some time, I can't say anything now."  Read more: Sahara Reporters »

How Ogun Police, Harrassed, Extorted Me of N153,000 - LASU Student

How Ogun Police, Harrassed, Extorted Me of N153,000 - LASU Student

This is the next who wants to be a millionaire show for real yo Imagine loading 300 girls in buses and disappearing without any trace. No intervention whatsoever from the villagers, police, army, yet the entire government, security forces are from the north. Yet, uzodinma will call and all the army will answer.

northern leaders God will never do better for you, as you are doing to us. Gumi knows where they are contact him,he is their advocate and recognized negotiator. The fastest growing business. Na wa o... Can't there be security standby in this areas knowing the situation of things.. They know they will receive another 800m na. Maybe this will even b 1bn. Nigeria my jungle.

Is like they need wives... Hahahaha This is what you get when treat bandits and criminals with kid gloves Buhari... right off 🤧 Chief of Army staff .... right off I still don't what those senators are doing in the house 🤧.... Kidnapping today, kidnapping tomorrow 😒........ Nigeria is just like Gotham city chaos everywhere

Evans has initiated a business he himself doesn't imagine can develop to a multi million dollar business industry in Nigeria.

Sai Baba💪 Leave this your big story, Zamfara manage Gold mining and autonomous to them, gunmen should be autonomous also. All these petty stories should stop. We don't need it at this material time North! north!! north!!! What a shame Northerners don't know what they are doing to themselves, they are still busy playing politics with the security of their people and Nigeria in general, everything is not about politics, but sadly they everything as politics in Nigeria, may God help his children, and rescue the g

Minister Gumi, seems you got yourself a new ministerial position, get to work... MBuhari is a curse to Nigerian no doubt. Nigerian govt don turn client. Bandits don lock them. Someone should please play cash app by Bella and increase the volume to the highest They have buses, sophisticated weapons, and they were able to drive freely unhindered to the school, loaded their cargo and they left unapprehended and not one soldier or police was in sight as it is common in the south. You guy have destroyed this one Nigeria you preach.

PMB will deal with the abductors, you know. Pls someone should contact Sheik Gumi. His service is needed asap At least Sahara get sense they no put BREAKING NEWS lol. So sad this has become a normal thing in Nigeria

Daily 🍞 The north are shifting attention to north always with this things and using it as opportunity to bury money in north Where is Sheki Gumi? There is a new job for you.. kongees Kidnapping at it peak. Business is good. Arrest Gumi 2 show our security personnel der hideoutz!!! Cowgeria 😳 Loaded the girls 🤔🤔🤔😳, for how many minutes or hours? Shame to all the leaders from the North, shame shame 😡😡😡😡, so no police of military men to intercept them? Common peaceful protest everywhere blocked with armored vehicles 😉😉😂😂😂, Nigeria 🇳🇬 indeed is a joke😂😉

Stop calling them Gunmen, bandits or what have you. They are all terrorists. Lie Mohammed said kidnapping is usual occurrence in other countries even in America. One question i need to ask him is this. Does these School children kidnapping happen every week in America and how much does America government paid to kidnappers to free the school children?

MBuhari is working ooo

Hahaha.. I tot the sheik said d bandits have calm activities cos negotiations are going on? Pls I thought mattawale has been settling this boys well and converting them to nice Nigerians. It's like both kinetic and non-kinetic approaches has failed oo Let the government keeps dialogue with bandits until they abduct the president himself, maybe then they will have brain to work

I'm starting to think this northern guys are in co-op with bandits to extort money from govt, imagine 300 students, scam Only Sahara Reporters and Daily Nigerian report the bandit kidnappings as they happen. Other newspapers start reporting the kidnap stories after Gumi has started his negotiations. Smh.

Nd nobody saw them ? The northern leaders should continue to romance the terrorists or bandits whatever they are called at the expense of their people. Yet the people themselves have not wise. Their negotiator said they are not criminal, so let's keep rubbing their head... Nonsense This is what nepotism in the security apparatus of a country can cause. Buhari has filled up everywhere with his Fulani stock and you cannot expect them to turn the guns against their kinsmen. After all what’s the Nigerian Army doing in Orlu?

When will they declare Guma a terrorist sponsor?

This is what you see when a government finds itself in a round table, negotiating with those that should forcefully be put behind bars. What do expect when govt is found negotiating with terrorists. After meeting d demands of one, another will resurface They only need money, they are not criminals No peace for the wicked

Useless people, Nigeria is a country on Reverse Gear See business FEDERAL GOVERNMENT OF NIGERIA IS BUSY LOOKING FOR ESN IN IMO STATE The business have become so lucrative, when you pamper them send an imam to go into the Bush, eat tuwo and massa with them, dash them hundreds of million and you think it will stop,it will never stop, more will definitely drop their cows and join the very lucrative business.

Boarding house in an insurgency state without the protection of the military shows maybe this is all planned Were is the mr negotiater go and start negotiating again In fact I’m done...sell this country now....I want my share

This is what happen when you don't nip a problem in the bud. Yes, the herdsmen did not start under this admin but MBuhari had a good opportunity to curtail it because they are his kinsmen. Instead he endeared them at the beginning of his admin until they became uncontrollable. Lets hurry and call sheik Gumi to go and negotiate with his group of bandit to know how much the government can offer to release the girls.

It must be a boarding school, or else wat da hell are students doing in school by 1am.... Let military take over the government enough is enough Book haram disguising as bandits to kidnap citizens so they can ask for ransom and buy more weapons for their masters personal gain. New method of cashing out!!.. Make we gather for Southwest too, we can't just be unemployed graduate forever oo.. See people de cash out easily.

Bad news nor go kill us for this country ohhhh Best way to cashout is for niggas to kidnap school girls or boys And someone said we shouldn't call this idiots criminals Again!!! Pls Resign... Economy not working. Security not working.. No job employment; d ones wey get sef still dey loose am... Man wetin happen? Even madam ( First Lady Birthday sef ) have Dz is old age... Pls honourably Resign... Our youths ain't for trade and barter!!!

You can't deny that Arewa and most Northerners enjoying this, because how can one explain their silence? No protest, no complaint, they have Even stopped posting a lamenting tweet Honestly, PMB will forever be remembered as the Worst President ever, he is more than a failure. In a Country where there is Law and human lives are Valued, PMB will definitely be in Prison Immediately if he leaves Office. GEJ Should maintain his dignity not to Contest again.

How are they going to stop when government pay them ransom,Nigeria government should sit up,the is being coming too much I’m highly upset right now. Major reason negotiation and dialogue with gunmen or bandits can't work. when a govt trend softly with criminals, it mean you are giving chance for others to come up. Deal ruthlessly with them.

Gumi and his workers Their problem....since they are the one encouraging banditry The business continues. Country! No security When will Zamfara State Gov invite military to Zamfara When will Sokoto State Gov invite military to Sokoto When will Niger State Gov invite military to Niger When will Katsina State Gov invite military to Katsina When ll Kaduna State Gov invite military to Kaduna Just like Orlu

Not surprise to hear this as kidnapping has become a norm in Nigeria. They are really shy with the time they attacked 😂 Again Gumi will go out to locate them, the government will dialogue with the bandits, the bandits will cash out, Lai Mohammed will tell us school kidnapping also happen in USA so we should see it as a normal thing, and then we will move on. Alas: What a Country!

CASH OUT TIME God punishment is coming. Not too far again We can't continue to live like this. Northerners wake up and stop supporting the people that have round the clock security and leave you at the mercy of terrorists. Flood your streets in protest and demand good governance, or at least demand security of lives and property.

Parents/guardians withdraw your wards from school in these areas, Na who dei alive go get education. We had forced lock downs cos of covid all schools closed, no one died. Please be responsible for your wards ,withdraw dem for now till situation improves.keep ur wards safe Their modus operandi indicates their affiliation with Boko Haram. Attacks on schools is an attack on western civilisation. Boko Haram agenda.

Zamfara,Niger,Benue,kastina....the state governor na scammer Why female pupils? Hope it's not what I'm thinking o

NKCN (North Kidnapping Cooperation of Nigeria) Nigeria was a country before Buhari came in Right now, Nigeria is a field upon which terrorists operate. They just enjoy sleeping with underage girls and it's very pathetic New day... New bad news These fine boys have struck again. Easy and steady funds This is becoming a multi billion naira business.

They will probably lie about the number as though kidnapping one person is not bad enough. Cash App Cash out

Gunmen or bandits or terrorists. Are police not gunmen too, customs use gun too and soldiers. Call a terrorist a terrorist. Not gunmen. __taerg Again? Consequence of public advocacy of amnesty, compensation and defense of killers by religious n political leaders, We ain't seen anything yet, this killers and terrorists knew dey av d support of deir religious n political leaders Ds embolden dem cos no punishment for bn a killer

Its high time they close all this boarding schools