About 300 schoolgirls kidnapped from GGSS Jangebe, Zamfara

About 300 schoolgirls kidnapped from GGSS Jangebe, Zamfara

2/26/2021 10:50:00 AM

About 300 schoolgirls kidnapped from GGSS Jangebe, Zamfara

About 300 students of Government Secondary School, Jangebe, Zamfara, were kidnapped on Thursday night, BBC Hausa reported, more than a week after 42 students and staff were kidnapped from a school in Kagara, Niger State. Zailani Bappah, the special assistant on public enlightenment, confirmed the abduction to BBC Pidgin on Friday morning. Kidnappers dressed in […]

Zailani Bappah, the special assistant on public enlightenment,confirmed the abductionto BBC Pidgin on Friday morning.Kidnappers dressed in military fatigue captured 42 people, including 27 schoolboys, three teachers and other relatives of school staff from Government Science College in Kagara, Niger State last week.

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Northwest and central Nigeria have seen a surge in attacks by heavily-armed criminal gangs locally known as “bandits” who raid villages, killing and abducting residents after looting and torching homes. Read more: The Guardian Nigeria »

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NathTee More work for Sheikh Gumi. How long shall we continue on this path? 😭 Is Matawalle going to ask for the money he paid the bandits back? Or is this all part of the plan? NoAmnestyForBandits The governor said his deal with the bandits is working fine, so how come. Too bad. He is just deceiving himself.

Pay ransome as usual. Humid will assist you to contact them.thanks JohnDoe13301355 Go organize for loads of money as usual y'all players for their release, talking like you do not know. My joy and consolation is that Nigeria's desolation is very close, closer than we had expected. The best time to play your swift game is now, soon, there shall be time no more.

BringBackOurGirls The Nigerian State has become a free-for-all wasteland, where terrorism thrives unabated. A place where terrorists now wield their influence in flagrant disregard for sovereignty. The NGRPresident relishes the slap on the face & nassnigeria slumbers on in the wake of turmoil.🤕 You see what the Government has caused huh ? This is the outcome when you negotiate with terrorist and wanna turn them to victims, Gumi said we shouldn’t call them criminals and that we should address them as militants lol can you imagine huh

Gov Matawalle just gave these criminals some bounty in the last Christmas, have they ran out of cash so soon?. Northern leaders are only wasting their time, U don't make a truce with criminals but crush them. MBuhari go & collect guns u gave bandits Bellomatawalle1 G'd Morning