Covid-19, Mustapha Yaro

Covid-19, Mustapha Yaro

FG has other motives by forcing Nigerians to take COVID-19 vaccines - Mustapha Yaro

FG has other motives by forcing Nigerians to take COVID-19 vaccines - Mustapha Yaro

10/16/2021 1:47:00 PM

FG has other motives by forcing Nigerians to take COVID-19 vaccines - Mustapha Yaro

A Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) stalwart in Birnin Gwari Local Government Area of Kaduna State, Dr. Mustspha Halilu Yaro on Saturday faulted the Federal

In an exclusive chat with DAILY POST in Kaduna on Saturday, Dr. Mustapha disagreed with the compulsory COVID-19 vaccination deadline set by the federal government.He said, the federal government has a hidden motive for threatening and forcing Nigerians to be vaccinated.

Recall that the Chairman of the Presidential Steering Committee on COVID-19, Boss Mustapha, announced the new directive at a briefing on Wednesday.He explained that civil servants would not be allowed to enter offices starting from December 1 without vaccination proof.

Mustapha said, “With effect from 1st December, 2021, Federal Government employees shall be required to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination or present a negative COVID-19 PCR test result done within 72 hours, to gain access to their offices, in all locations within Nigeria and our Missions.”

Dr. Mustspha who is presently a lecturer in the Department of History, Kaduna state University, reminded the government of some basic fundamental human rights as applicable to all, irrespective of position, tribe, language and tradition.According to him, the federal government has no right to dictate to the people, how they should live their lives.

” Every citizen of this country has the right to live the way he wants.Government cannot abandon its responsibility of providing jobs, protecting lives and properties and begin to enforce ill-conceived program on the citizens of this country,” he said.

According to him, the federal government is running from its responsibility of creating jobs, providing health care facility and sufficient accommodation for Nigerians, and delving into issue that doesn’t matter so much.He further added that, there are killer diseases that government should focus more, not on COVID-19 vaccination.

” Insecurity has been the issue at stake. Government keeps playing politics around the lives of people, while our abled men in the Army, police, Air Force and other paramilitary are dying daily.“Nigerians are not coward, they are not slaves. Government cannot dictate to Nigerians. Is COVID-19 vaccination dangerous than kidnappers, and gunmen that have been ravaging this country over the years?” He asked

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It has failed already in Jesus Mighty Name Amen Shehu Sani , power rotation is too late now, Nigerians are protesting for referendum.Let us decide if we want to be in Nigeria or not. If u claim to be a good man,a genuine peace maker Mr.Sani ,advice Nigeria govt for referendum.That will be a breakthrough to peace.

Taken vaccine that will not be recognized in important countries is just punishing yourselves I searched the whole article, yet I couldn't find the hidden motives. I detest Buhari's style of governance as much as anyone, but on vaccination he is right. Go get vaccinated.. What motives?

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