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Buhari, Covid-19

COVID-19: Buhari govt begins payment of N20, 000 to poor Nigerians - Daily Post Nigeria

COVID-19: Buhari govt begins payment of N20, 000 to poor Nigerians

4/1/2020 4:56:00 PM

COVID-19: Buhari govt begins payment of N20, 000 to poor Nigerians

The Federal Government has commenced payment of N20, 000 each to five thousand beneficiaries of its Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) programme in the

Hajiya Sadiya Umar Farouq, the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, disclosed this on Wednesday at Kwali Area Council in the FCT, NAN reports.Farouq said the payment was in line with the directives by President Muhammadu Buhari.

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Buhari in a nationwide broadcast on Monday, announced the payment as a measure to cushion the effect of the lockdown in Lagos and Ogun States as well as the FCT on poor and vulnerable households.“As we know, the CCT is for poor and vulnerable households in the country.

“Beneficiaries are entitled to N5, 000 every month; however, the payment of N20, 000 now to each beneficiary is for four mouths.“It is going to happen all over the country, but we are starting with FCT, Lagos and Ogun. These are the frontline states. Other states will follow.

“With the current pandemic and circumstances on ground, this amount will go a long way to support the families in their daily lives.“Today, we are giving out N20, 000 each to about 190 beneficiaries in Kwali Area Councils. The total beneficiaries in FCT are 5, 000,’’ Farouq said.

The minister further said that the beneficiaries were chosen without any form of bias, adding that political party affiliation was never a criterion for selection of beneficiaries. Read more: Daily Post Nigeria »

Who are the poor i must say this that you all are mad.....!!! Continue to LOOT. We have not been seen any 20k from the federal government Lie! Who who and who has received? Who are the poor people Audio shearing, shameless people. Stop reporting useless news That means is going to northerners alone... When they are done, I want to see the record of the payment. Everything about Buhari's regime is a FRAUD.

Poor Nigerians only😂😂😂. Like sey nah only poor people lockdown in this situation... Ee no go better for the FG if them no share am to everybody. Scam Government The money is for northern people's not for Nigerian Use BVN to pay us de funds we are tired of this paparazzi Poor Nigerians indeed Fake news

All this na scam! Stealing public fund in the name of relief package. COVID-19 will wipe away your generations When, at where Lies If he is transferring money, let him transfer it to non politicians and heaven will not fall.. though,I knew this one that has surfaced like this is fake news. Funny how our leaders politicize everything. What if the world ends. What will they gain from all these ill-gotten wealth.

Liar when did it start When e go reach us What is the procedure pls?my family have no food to eat at home pls we are dying here. What's the criteria for knowing the poor in Nigeria because when ever they said they are giving something for the poor I never see any one who benefited from it. Or there is no poor people in my area, please help me ask federal government

To who did you give that to? You better stop saying nonsense woman abeg I have not see anybody or hear that anyone have been paid.i stay in Lugbe airport road and this is my first bank account details 3053148152 Dat is a big lie Leave am make e share the money give his poor northern people naaa, as they plenty for that side.We all have bvn u say na the poorest of the poor u wan give,what of us that depend on daily or weekly money cos of shortage of jobs in d country. Mr President Weldon,Tomorrow is near

Everybody is affected, we all av equal right abeg identify d poor make we c... Scammer pple. Una go just hear say d money vanish overnight. If not snake swallow am na covid-19 make am disappear Who are the poor people they are giving money to. Every Nigerian is entitled we are all in lock down. What usefulness is the govt to the masses..... Zero

Let them continue their lies, many of them will join their colleague in the isolation center. Wicked people that has no conscience Kayan banza Allah ya Isa Nigeria is a scam . Where in God's name is this program going on? Nigeria has 36 states and many vulnerable people in all parts of the country.. You arranged some people, taking a photo claiming to be better extending or sharing 20,000. Posterity isn't asleep.. Failed Administration. Resign Buhari.

How true is this story? Audio money. Sharing according to your political figure. Awon ole Audio money Why not using bvn to pay ? Please can you clarify and bring out any evidence whom benefited from the money you are claiming was shared U left npower beneficiaries alone without paying them, pls pay us our march stipend

This administration will eventually go down in history as the most corrupt in the history of Nigeria I need money oh! How! Where! When? Who and who getting the money The situation is beyond 20k.even at that how do u relate the data,how many people do u think can get it..abeg disburse accordingly and stop all the mere saying jaree,ppl are not comfortable,ppl are hungry,the virus is attracting new host on a daily basis. Do the right thing.

Na lie ooo Who are the poor Nigerians?🤷‍♂️ All of una barau Who are the poor i must say this that you all are mad.....!!! Who are those poor? Are they the only one locked indoor? Na only northern una dey pay the 20,000? I'm doubting this guys will pay Zoological republic of Nigeria evil entity 20000 or 5000 which one should we believe

It sounds good if our president really care for poor Mass. Who are the poor people? Please change that headline? Which poor Nigerians Sadiya_farouq ? List the names of the recipients let the devil be shamed Release the fund to every citizen... Who are the poor Nigerians ? How do you know the poor people, poor people have account to transfer, and I want to think you have the data of all poor people right?

If this may be true it will not still goes generious to the poor Nigeria,,, it may only benefit the northern and the south west such as Yoruba We all know that this payment is to loyal political thugs and those within their circle. The mode at which the money is being shared is wrong, what happen to other states, or is it going to be the Nigeria thing.

Who? How did they know the poor? See our there country! Our government didn't have proper challen to communicate with their citizens no accurate data no palliative measure in case of any emergency. Who are the poor? What are the criterias for determining the poor? Besides will it get to all the geo political zones or its just for the Northerners? We all know the answers we have been scammed

Ku biya NPOWER hakkin su fah! Please if there's nothing like staying at home does the poor Nigerians you are now giving money does not deserves anything befoere and besides I've not heard anybody seeing any alert of your token😂 Mumu govt.🙄 We hear 5k now am hearing 20k yet I have not seen any money. Am I not a Nigeria?

This politicians are scammers. How do you know the poor, when you don't even have a data base for all your citizens.. 😂🤣🤣. This guys are just too funny This woman is a big joker, the n-power volunteers that worked for their pay have not been paid their stipend but you're distributing money to the poor Nigerians, don't they also deserve to stock their homes this period and besides what prarmeter are you using to

Not Nigeria in General only kwali Who are the poor in Nigeria Pls hunger wants to kill me inside Let me try getting things to eat Abah James 1223165912 Access bank🙏 Y are u nt explicit.............d born 2 rule northern Nigerian poor We only v poor Nigerians in Kwali Area Council in the FCT, wat abt order State ?

Na waoo if this money would plugged Nigerian economy to recession. Pls keep the money . Because after paying this small small coins one would hear that Nigerian economy has jumped into recession... Just for 20k only. APC Govt una too much. Failure Are the poor Nigerians ghost?.. Is it only the poor Nigerian that will stay indoor?.. Please I have many first class poor people around me and none has received anything yet. Me second class poor self they expect my own. PMB stop fooling us jare.

North Please who are the poor Nigerians? Which poor Nigerians !? I hope thus poor Nigerians are not only APC party members people !!! Just like the Abacha's loots that was given back to Buhari by the Switzerland government ! Who are the poor, on what criteria did you ascertain them poor ? Probably true..that would only be for northernal

Until dey see it first 😃 Which one is it gon? They are saying 5k in some quarters, you are saying 20k. Which one should I believe?🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️🤷🏿‍♂️ RotimiAkeredolu Is this another scam that is already robbing the 'hewers of wood and drawers of water' in the South, to pay those who believe in 'let it be to you according to your need' in the North?!

RotimiAkeredolu Meanwhile, those representatives supposedly representing us in Abuja are there moping, while the 'imbeciles' who don't want education are being paid!😤😤 RotimiAkeredolu My mum is in Ondo, she is a pensioner, having paid taxes all her life into the coffers of this reprobate entity, and I am sure she will fit into those you consider poor, who is in charge in Ondo?

Una no fit use bvn bah Waseeee untill we see am ooo cox i can't believe with una lie lie matter Scam...let see ur source The Federal Government of Nigeria is scamming us all. Taking a picture of its camouflage money giving to the vulnerable and after they share the money among themselves. The blood of the Nigerians is really crying and they shall reap their deeds.

Not Nigerian but only Abuja residents okay. That would be wonderful. I am expecting. This country is funny indeed u share money to FCT as if other 35 states are stupid and how did u guys know who are poor. Will u guys stop all dis drama and face d realities of life States lockdown not only act,lagos,Ogun. Others states should benefit.....oh. this not fair...oh

One million out of one hundred and eighty millions ! AUDIO MONEY You don't really know the poor, Only northerners are poor. If president buhari wants to give vivid 19 money to Precious nigeria, he should act like an advanced president and put the money directly to peoples bank account directly,that is the only way everyone and people who really really need the money will get it period

Hope it gets to the real poor citizen God will punish him. Hmm which wan is poor Nigerians? How did u guys get the data of these poor Nigerians? Hmm This is another massive fraud by this shameless government. Propaganda and lies by APC. I bet no Igbo will get it. This junta is too parochial and corrupt for public good.

Hello Am still yet to receive mine sha. Advocate the truth only 5000 naira disbursemeting to the people at Abuja As this money is about to be shared . most of us don't have hope of the next meal. Please can something be done.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 Which one be poor Nigerians, we are all affected by this lock down This is a commendable act by the Federal government at this point in time

What data do they use to ascertain d poor Nigerians. Our hands and legs r crossed to see how this go Just read it Don't lie to us. Tweetwizzard scam robbing peter to pay paul Fact lie How I wish this is true. But how do you intend to identify the poor or do you have the categories of poor people you want to give in mind? Seen that 95% of Nigerian are poor.

The payment is only in Abuja and not the whole country, so I think it’s better to be specific My own never enter oga we get bvn give people if u one give How? This payment seems like a Curse. The way they are emphasizing on the 'poor'. I'm starting to pray i don't get picked. COVIDー19 Gerraout Buhari what is wrong with your Brain

Where is this poor Nigerians I urge fairness in this disbursement to most Nigerians; since politicians and their appointees are not included. Scam This govt is not fair to every citizen TheNationNews thecableng realDonaldTrump DONJAZZY segalink RuggedyBaba 😀 Sirs! Please come and see something. 😀 20,000 or 5000 . Nobody has recieved Any that I know of oh!.

Allah ya tsine uwar mai karya Who are the poor Nigerians? How did the ascertain the poor Nigerians and how do we account for the money spent and how do we get to know that our people get this money indeed poor Nigerians Good work, Thanks God. Who are this poor people, please help us, people are dying of hunger.

Embezzlement in progress 💯 This is shamelessly for the federation,can you please imagine this sheets what is 20k Monthly payments to northerners they mean? This is only a way for these people to consume this money. The real poor people, I mean the very very poor people doesn't have bank accounts. Fuck y'all.

Were when Where? How? When? In which state, local government? What a lie, our government is worster than d coronavirus itself. full of lies,. Propaganda and decit, Who r d poorest Nigerians and how come they know them, useless leaders. I have not received any thing oo Every kpokom goes to the lDP camps Scam

Very useful government Fucking messed up government, where is the money ? Who are the people that have received it?. Poor Nigerians kill you people there ! Why using that word POOR NIGERIANS? Dem dey craze Who are the poor Nigerians? Poor Nigerians...oya line up😆😆another audio something,mtchewww!!! Surprise of the century if e reach me

How will the government know the poorest people in Nigeria? Stop lie to us ,we are not a kids For where Where was the statistics gotten from? Bloody fraudsters!!! What's the rationale of your identification of the Poor Nigerians that you claim to be paying? Which data book are you using? Useless government criminals. You are not paying Nigerians! Bloody fraudsters!!! Pay with BVN. STOP the looting.

Everything for 9ja is always different shearing of food or money in other countries is not only for poor people,I don't no y ours will be different, if I may ask who are the poor Who are the poor Nigerians? Who gave you the data? Am sure you only presumed your northern brothers on the street are the poor Nigerians. Don't worry, CoronaVirus will catch all of you in your brains.

Who are the poor Nigerians? Fraud! How do your identify 'poor Nigerians' not 'poorest' again? Wicked and senseless government.....Who are the poor Nigerians? What happens if you share a specific amount of money to each an every Nigerian, wheather rich or poor?.........This trick is not new to us....mbok

😂😂😂😂😂 mutane dai basajin kunyar karya When pls. What is d criteria for payment International Community, Non Governmental Organisation NGO come and hear this because we're yet to receive anything from the Government ooohhhh What is the definitiion of poor Nigeria. another scam !! Is it April fool or what, if it is real do it in time

Tweetwizzard I don't want to hear dis kind news again. Is fake news Who are the poor ? I haven’t got any !! Hynnnmmm!!! Another means of acquiring wealth by Buhari and Co.....!!!!! Behold; the Day of Judgment is near Na scam we saw notin Tweetwizzard Who are the poor Nigerians? Please help Account number is 2120839281 UBA thanks

What parameter(s) will be used to measure the poor Nigerians? Lies.....all they keep feeding us with. Fake news Tweetwizzard Lies!! If i believe this i will believe anything Lies 😒😒😒😒😒 Seems the criteria for for knowing a poor person/family in Nigeria is first political affiliation and the second is state of origin?

Audio money... Rubbish Who are Nigerians does living in Abuja, we need equality please Mr minister, come to North East an see poor nigerians I don't understand all these kind of news self.... How? Where? When? To whom? Based on which data? See.... U pple should stop annoying people anyhow... I knw of very poor ones arnd my area dat are not even online, those that eat as they earn on daily basis...how about dem?

This country is really zoo, u poeple ve shared the amongst ursef as usual and posted this lies. God is watching To who? Am I not a Nigerian? Which Nigerians? Where and when?, people can lie. For where Keep lying to us,but remember,we no be fools Nana day break What are your modalities to know d poor Can you people stop fooling Nigerians with all this scam, how do you want to identify the poor Nigerians. what will happen to those in the villages and how do want to distribute the money without been partial. Or will all the be spent by top 'Nigerians' .

When, how, where? How will MBuhari manage to identify poor Nigerians? They now know we have Poor Nigerians, the poor that doesn't have an account or even BVN, How did they know the POOR people....scam government of the century....egbekegbe party Are those poor Nigerians ghost 👻, mention their names make we know them because we poorest people dey vex oooo.

Let's hear something please 🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆🙆 The 'poor Nigerians'. How do you determine them? Are we sure they are not cronies of the government officials? How do we authenticate this claim? Payment of N20k through which means. Kangaroo government. Hmmmm! How does the Buhari administration plan to get this money to my people in the village? What database will the administration use? And, by the way, how well prepared are the feds and the states, especially in terms the provision needed resources and materials?

Who are the poor Nigerians? All u guys wanna do is to take everything to the northern part abi, wicked people! This money 💴 should be send directly to people accounts not ........ Big lie Another level of big looting and next level of frauds. Npower volunteers are pleading to the minister to also pay our stipend.

if it's true I need help Minister what happens to the 40m+ Nigerians on BVN that your ministry would have touched and immediately put a positive impact on your govt programmes for its citizens...It is a shame How do you know that this are the poorest people in Nigeria? Audio money Some media outlets are saying 5k..others are saying 20k..how they accounting for this fund

U guys refused to tell us d criteria to identify poor people Where are they started and how are they going to know the poorest once because me I had 600 in my account now. Big lie. Hmmm Who are the poor please? All of us are in this together oooo, just say u wanna share Hausa ppl money. Lies.. guess it's for the northerners.. coz we here we have not seen anything oh.

Do you fear your God? This administration is awful. Sick APC led regime. They will never cease to amaze us.What are the creteria used and How, when and where will they distribute to the monies to the poor families. Nonsense Who are they deceiving? Give uninterrupted electricity supply as palliative. All benefit.

I'll like to know how dis is done Biko who are the poor Nigerians Pls we need the list of benefactors and what's your standard to categorize someone as poor. Northerners, party faithfuls...we know already... This is a great lied Why can’t they credit our account thro bvn instead I just don’t understand the government system in Nigeria we all know the money will never circulate

Any proof? Or another lie Shame non dey catch this FG 🤔 I taught we are the Nigeria . Only in the north right? Let it be poor, pls. I hope so It's well Abokiness you are a scammer of your people Liars So I'm not a poor Nigerian? Poor Nigns are from the north How was the poor Nigerians determined? I suggest you work with the bank to determine that.

To who Until it reaches me here, then I will believe the story... I'm in Lagos with my family. 😕 Is this thesame with the 5000 that I just read from other news paper please let's give informations dat tally..ONC Audio money Who are the poor Nigerians? This is just another avenue of diverting money to the north . We still have those that are poor in the south

Another way to corona moni And yet you refuse to pay Npower their stipend? Scam April fool 😜 Yahoo government What is the yardstick taken to accomplished this move? I am asking this question because I am one of the poor. Nigeria is a joke What's 20k gonna get you in today's market price? I don't like this aunty hypocrite

Kiji tsoron Allah, wallahy...👈🏼 Please remember us They said poor chai Nigerians v suffer ooo This country is something else April foooooool 😒🚶🏽‍♂️ Lie Minister appointed by lie president dis administration is the worse, are the worse, they're the worse, lol Who are the poor Nigerians April fool How do you define 'poor Nigerians'?

Ok Rubbish,their just sitting there and started fooling us. Where is the source The must publish the names and account number Who r the poor Nigerians or is it another means of squandering money again? Let watch and see if they will pay anybody, wicked leaders....... Nothing will happen to our Chioma by god grace

Is it only the poor that's in Nigeria? We don't blame you people, Nigeria is a country you Wake and say whatsoever you wish to say,who are the poor Nigerian's? Good I doubt If we the category of people on social media will qualify for the audio disbursement, then why do you brought your campaign here?.. Nonsense!!!

4132099155 Ecobank This woman is a thief, even with this kind of Pandemic she will still loot. Shame on her I greet una specially They should start from Polaris bank Who are the poor and how do you reach them? Okay Na !! I dey here dey look.. You people get our BVN for hand ooo. We never see am ooo. Who are the poor people? 😄

You must be mad !! I said you're stupid!! How can you be lying against innocent Nigerians this way? Thunder fire you there!! Why is she holding the mic like that Na scam, who are the poor Nigerians if I asked? This another way to embezzle Nigeria's money donated by the good Samaritans. If na nepa bills e go reach everywhere even people wey de inside grave go still collect Nepa bill.

Omo ,no scams pls.Just credit everyone using BVN. There are poor all over Nigeria, not in FCT only The government might need me for this because I know where poor Nigerians are.. Very sure the region these payment is headed to. To your family? I don't blame you people, it's the people who donated billions to you instead of giving directly to the poor.

How do u know poor Nigerians? Come to Esanland to know what's poverty. Who are the poor Nigeria? If you people didn't heed to God's warning through this Corona Virus, the next plague will too catastrophic, if that is what you people are waiting before you divorce corruption. Who's rich in this country ...... We are all poor .........

Through what method Audio Money People in the north na Nigerian musicians is far better than Nigerian politicians. Fake news Who are the poor Nigerians Who are the poor people This is what I keep hearing but have not seen, please don't let us die of hunger here Buharigovt Lies. This government is a great liar. Nobody ever confirm this payment. If the government is sincere, they suppose to credit individual account with BVN.

What’s ‘Poor’? Every Nigerian deserves more than that! EVERYONE! Apart from politicians, others are poor, let the money roll Fraudsters Stop using 'poor' Nigerians to lie. Nobody has received a dime! I think money isn't the solution here, people need food items more than money, other countries are packing food items with cash...We keep preaching self quarantine, do you expect people to go to market to buy food againHell No

Audio money💔 How do they intend for the circulation of the money? Not five thousand again? Who and collected this money While to me i ain't got nothing to say but the only things I experience so far from this government is just a 100% of disappointment that's all Please! Please! These people should stop stealing the Nigerian people's money. The poor of the poor are with us and if they are not receiving anything, then, the government is stealing the money.

We need that payment of 20,000 be extended to the South and will appreciate it. My account no 0243125709 GTBank thank you. What is basic you are using to determine the poor from the rich and how are we not sure that its not those slavery support of urs that will end up benefiting this largess Poor Nigerians🤔🤔🤔

Please remember me and my.children.. How did u guys select the poor Nigerians in this country we all belong to I believe is not for Apc member. Abeg keep quiet with dis buhari buhari lies Why do they keep repeating that word 'poor'?. When are they starting? Should we drop account number here?😏 How do you know the poor citizens in the country?

Majority of Nigeria are poor, don't know why you are selecting This woman should pay npower beneficiaries their stipends,they are hungry. Poorest from their narrative Poor nigerians Smile.... In this case,no one is Rich There is God ooo And who or which set of people do you classify as the poor Nigerians?

Who are the poor Nigerians We are waiting!!!!!! Lies! 😂 😂 😂.. FG should be called Sinzu spending.. I've not received anything oo, I'm in Abuja and almost out of data. I needz ma money NOW!!! Good development but the question is how is able to identify poor Nigerians? Is it through the holy Spirit or guess work? I hope it is not a political gimmick.

To who and who? How many poor masses have Bank account? Make them no forget me ooo I wound why Nigeria government play politics in all they do tell who’s rich in Nigeria.i hope snakes no go swallow the money How did they come about it? Who carried out the survey? 🤦 Story evil COUNTRY called zoo NIGERIA is in mess

Na now Dem know say Nigeria poor Criminals I have a feeling this is only for the Northerners These people are jokers. What indices do they use to captured that figure? Those poorest at the rural areas, do they have any Bank account? How are they going to pay and they receives at their dwellings? This is absolutely uncalled for!!!

Poor Nigerians kill you there Audio money If nepa bill can reach every household, they can also pay every household, how did they analys the poor Nigerians It’s your time. One day all this rubbish will come to an end. Who are the poor Nigerians? The corrupt Buhari's govt should just begin payment without announcing it already.. surpriseus

Is this story even real! Which parameters do they used to know the Poor People Fantastic. When will it get to my people at Jos? Good start let's give to the poor to help humanity You pple shld credit our acct jhoo...we re staving over here...abi which kind of country is this 4 God sake nw...😭😭 Fantasy Audio Money

Most of the poor or masses they don't have an bank VBN infact no bank in villages Lies!!!!! Hmmm This country is a Zeb Ejiro production 🤣😅😆😆😃😀😂😂 Poor Nigerians where ? In North ? South? Or both ? How can they identity the poor that really needs it. Hmmmmm Hope it will actually go round? Hope it's not going to be channeled to some particular area? Hope it is for real not for d headlines?

If actually he will stick to it😕 Foolish people Our government na scam Lol lyers Bullshit! What's wrong in saying 'Buhari govt begins payment of N20,000 to Nigerians.' Audio! This people are just funny Who are the poor Nigerians? Which Buhari Madam am also among those who need help too Story for the gods Which Nigeria?

COVID-19: FG Commences N20,000 Conditional Cash Transfer To Poor HouseholdsCOVID-19: FG Commences N20,000 Conditional Cash Transfer To Poor Households Household Which one is poor households again nau🤨 make them share this money go round This is fraud, how do you locate poor households. Give me I'm affected by lock down. 0018394712gtbAdebayo Olusegun Timothy

COVID-19: Give Nigerians N20,000 each - Mimiko tells Buhari - Daily Post NigeriaSegun Mimiko, former Ondo State Governor, has advised President Muhammadu Buhari government to give Nigerians N20,000 each. He said this would cushion the Nice bro People are evening afraid of poverty more than corona virus True talk sir

FG doles out N20, 000 each to 5, 000 beneficiaries in FCT – Daily TrustThe Federal Government has commenced payment of N20, 000 each to five thousand beneficiaries of its Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) programme in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). Hajiya Sadiya Umar Farouq, the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, disclosed this on Wednesday at Kwali Area Council in the FCT. Farouq said the … No body has come out with his/her alart Pls how can I get mine the stay at home is hitting me hard I PRAY YOU SEE MY POST... Though I have been trying my luck for long now, no luck yet... I just wish I could get a little cash to get foodstuffs... Hunger is killing me and mum🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 Adaeze 2086524780 zenithbank. God bless you

COVID-19: FG Commences N20,000 Conditional Cash Transfer To Poor HouseholdsCOVID-19: FG Commences N20,000 Conditional Cash Transfer To Poor Households Household Which one is poor households again nau🤨 make them share this money go round This is fraud, how do you locate poor households. Give me I'm affected by lock down. 0018394712gtbAdebayo Olusegun Timothy

COVID-19: Give Nigerians N20,000 each - Mimiko tells Buhari - Daily Post NigeriaSegun Mimiko, former Ondo State Governor, has advised President Muhammadu Buhari government to give Nigerians N20,000 each. He said this would cushion the Nice bro People are evening afraid of poverty more than corona virus True talk sir

COVID-19: Journalists' movement not restricted during lockdown - Nigerian govt - Daily Post NigeriaThe Nigerian government has advised journalists and other media staff to use their Identity Cards to access their places of work and assignment venues