COVID-19: FG Commences N20,000 Conditional Cash Transfer To Poor Households

COVID-19: FG Commences N20,000 Conditional Cash Transfer To Poor Households

4/1/2020 2:42:00 PM

COVID-19: FG Commences N20,000 Conditional Cash Transfer To Poor Households

COVID-19: FG Commences N20,000 Conditional Cash Transfer To Poor Households

Updated April 1, 2020 The Federal Government has commenced the disbursement of N20,000 Conditional Cash Transfer to indigent households (poor) at the Kwali Area Council of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.This is part of the Federal Government’s efforts to help reduce the effect of President Muhammadu’s lockdown order following the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in the country.

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The Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, Sadia Umar-Farouk, said on Wednesday while kickstarting the disbursement that due to the scourge of COVID-19, the Federal Government is giving out N20,000 per person for the next four months starting from March 2020.

She explained that the President during his broadcast last week directed that the Conditional Cash Transfer should be given in advance of two months.“We have directed immediate cash transfer to the poorest and most vulnerable households in the country,” she said.

“Because of this COVID-19, the vulnerable groups have to expand, because we are aware that there are people who live on daily wage, so we are also going to look at those groups of people to see how we can get this food relief intervention to them in this period.”

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From this pic,are they expected to come out emasse and collect cash or it will be done via transfer? You know why I asked that question cos common sense is expensive for these guys Still waiting for my alert no ojoro here oo Always on fake news, which state? and which banks ? Why always reporting fake news? I fear for you channel television

Funny Country, they don't want to pay if they want to pay they will not put conditions because we are all suffering from this same situation, well my hope is on God because this government has always failed us and I expect nothing less from them How what parameters are used ,stealing commenced Let it b done honestly.

abokifx Who are this poor of the poorest? How do they get their account details? What is this for God sake. Where is this happenings. Is my own town not included? God will punished anybody behind this wuluwulu ooooooo. Ana zaman karya! This guys are bloody thieves! Honest, transparent and people of high integrity won't contemplate this wicked approach. There are better honest and traceable means. NIN, BVN, established community chain, direct collections through banking system that is traceable. Kai! Nigeria

This country is a scam,please if you receive 20k from federal government kindly signify yourself Oh really....we are all poor in Nigeria...only politicians are rich👌👌👌👌 Bank transfer is better than table payments. Table payments those sharing the money would definitely have their share and it won't go round like transfers.after all not everybody will eventually be lucky to get.

With just 5000 How do the determine the poor among us? Is there a data base? By now I expect the government to put up a Hunger Hot line where citizens who have run out of food can call for help. Which one is poor household.. Kai this country sha. Scam alert! Some rich men gonna get richer This is why many Nigerians think this is scam. The distribution isn't spread. Those of us in the south South only see these on TV. Why not give these monies directly to the people via their accounts.

Hop there will be transparency in all this game.... See as dem display money untop table like daily bread, later now dem go say dem get masters degree. Hmmm... I have not received mine... And I need money. How will FG know poor houses in Nigeria.... Even FG the scam us If na true make them credit me ooo I need to buy garri 4091001990 Ecobank

Please stop acting film to Nigerian, it is unfair I don't understand if what channels news gives us dis days is really news, if truly dis is happening den shouldn't dere be proper details How we dey know the poor Rubbish people... USA paid everybody... So far u have bank account and BVN. Moreover, poor people no geg account... Share the money in north.. Yeye leaders without vision...

Who dem help, small snake go go there go swallow mny Acct number:2091509851 Acct name: Adedayo Florence UBA moskvoretsky KennethNzeako mayowaby2k2 so, they would share cash to a population contradicting the social distance guideline... That's more or less like get Corona for 20k... Offer last while Stock last lwkmdieee

3086823280 Osarobo Rebecca first bank Lol, this is a nation that can't even make propal census on their own, and here they are already differentiated the poor from the rich, and yet some people will say we are one nigeria, the nation is a riducle, let's tell our the truth we can't continue this way. So...... I think this supposed to be advantage of our bvn. Continue sharing in the north

Sharing cash ? This is very untidy ! How do we identify / verify qualifying beneficiaries ? This is 2020 please . Audio Money,,,,SO BAD Mmtsssw 0128754637 GTB. Etudaiye wosilat oyiza. Thanks Pls my family need help 0779629369 Access bank Shaibu Abdullahi 2081721889 UBA 👏👏 Shaibu Abdullahi UBA 2081721889 Audio money

Hmmmmm Good initiative. How are the poor households determined, and where are the places they are located? If you ever have a bank account and you know that you have a BVN, trust me, you are not part of poor households in Nigeria. The defeat of a Cashless society. We need change n dis is what we get🙄🙄

Oga ooo But I thought it's a scheme that has began as earlier as last year. It was only disbursed now as means to condition the existing beneficiaries. So why is it captioned as 'FG commences N20000 conditional transfer to poor households'. That sound so superficial BVN is beta okay Big lie, poor house holds my foot. That's how they won't do anything so if we over here don't receive it, it means we are not in that group. Everyone is poor now in Nigeria, Lagos to be precised, there is no movement, no work, everybody is broke.

Gbefun How do they even determine who is poor and who is not, in this period I think all persons should be compensated In this situation every Nigerian weather average or poor needs to benefit from this monies, share this monies via BVN and door to door to the people you feel are the poorest. What is even to yardstick to measure the poorest of the poor. Abeg share the money joor

You all are just seen pictures nothing like that is happening. How can I get my own portion please help It time FG should stop nonsense, how do you figure out less Previllage, If really you guys don't want to play politics on this, let's it go round. Which l no the only people to benefits, Northerns and Surth weast.

It's a good policy, however FG isn't giving it strict monitoring to curb corruption within. Is that we all foolish in this country or what? So, why do we have BVN? In a moment like this you are sharing cash to your villagers like money miss road like that....may you all receive sense in Jesus name amennn.

FG would've credited the money to every registered account with verifiable bvn that has balance in it less than 5k. Perhaps some people would say the most vulnerable do not have bank accounts, let this be a lesson to them,after this the would know the importance of a bank account Please just use the fucking BVN'S if it does have any use.

This is rediculous, the same govt that is shouting cashless policy, exposing the poor recipient to danger. What's the essence of the bvn if it can be transferred directly to an individual account. Nigeria as a country is a scam. Too many stories nowadays coronavirus will end and we all should be able to ask this so called poor Nigerians “sha you see alert of 20k” Audio money

What is wrong with this Nigeria policy makers? I think this guys don't still understand BBCWorld CNN AJEnglish AlikoDangote realFemiOtedola TonyOElumelu why do they go backwards? What is d condition? Want to remain in the good book... Trending... COVID-19: FG regrets begging US billionaire for ventilators, deletes tweet.

Lies We are just hearing it with our hear we that are in Abuja they did not give us anything and they said we should stay at home They have our bvn, they should send it to our account. As far as this covid19 is concern, most of us are poor. The people identify as poor don't even have a bank account despite having a BVN. Pls be careful with your sharing formula.

The criteria for Nigeria poor is still a misery to me. It can never work unless in the North. I think the government should always get to the needy through the grassroots. Get to them with the use of Local community through the commercial banks Bank: Zenith Bank Plc, Lagos, Nigeria Account Name: JOSHUA OLUWASEUN OYEDEJI Account Number: 2190549079 Plz do help me

Which poor people i have not been given. They should define poor people This is another avenue for our people to enrich themselves . 0424438970 gtbank Mohammad Emmanuel oluwadamilare pls help me Means of embezzling fund why not use BVN ? Naija chai ....... Na them them go collect the money So with all the stress and pains we went through to queue in the bank and so many people fainted because of BVN is now useless abi?wedon

But FG forget to pay our March stipends this my account no Uba Adebari Philip 2060568748 Scam alert! pls ask the right questions. Who are the Nigerians benefiting from this? Still in Stone Age how can you be replaying cash like this in public to share ... talking about ooorest Nigerians how do they know the poorest . What statistic do they have ?

Everybody in this area of money of a thing should be prepared for accountability some day. Distributing the money like this will not solve people problem 6322582445 fidelity bank, I really it to help my family The confusion in this government is worse than confusion itself. This is a government that preaches and is enforcing cashless policy . Aren't there more sensible ways of reaching out to the people in this period of lock down?

I just hope they are not gonna compromise the process. Bad FG.. Dey lack understands. Send it in our bank account.. Bad govt Transfer the money to everyone with active BVN simple. No sentiments. Na make God deliver us from all this thieves. Because now all withing them selves. I blame the donors that should share the money to Nigerians than to give it to people that are embezzling and misappropriating machines

NGRPresident HouseNGR thecableng PremiumTimesng MobilePunch SaharaReporters segalink NGRSenate MBuhari ProfOsinbajo make una just share this money flat no go carry money dey share alone for your aboki people claiming they're the poor people. NGRPresident ProfOsinbajo are you both sure that you in government to lead us or to revenge your former enemies tell me, how do you people measure or know who is poor because my my distant relatives who find it hard to cope with lockdown hasn't received anything yet.

What is the government's idea or determinant of poor households? Is there an existing sharing formula for situations like this. . I don't really understand the actions of the people behind our govt We all know how this money will end up in the few part of the people,let us demand for accountability on this particular one. WeCan

Hmmm They all know what they are doing... Corruption and Nigeria are 5 and 6 What happen to middle house holds or struggling house holds 🤪🤪 Abeg which state they start from?....:i no understand this kind of lies ooo Nigeria jaga jaga. A fraud country. Government ask all to stay at home at the same time, it plan to help some people

Avenue to further corruption. At the end, Nigerians would have been scammed Here's my account. 0043386775 Philip Akanwan Access (Diamond) For those that think they will use corona virus to make money. They must surely die by corona virus too. Send our money to us as people donated those money. Nigeria population is not up to One Billion. So With 1BN, the FG should use BVN and transfer 1m to all accounts, using the BVN to avoid one person receiving twice.

This issue of cash transfer is get as a be oooo! The money get across the board at all. Here in Osun State, nothing is never show up. Thk How are they classifying & identifying these 'poor' households? Where's this one taking place. You guys are just faking everything. Who are the vulnerable people when all Nigerians are hungry now. May God send the virus to all those stealing our money in pretence of dashing Nigerians money. betrayers

Okonkwo Martin 0112911666 gtbank This current administration is very dangerous What is the creteria to know Apoorva household. Pure audio To Northernas for the world to know fully that Nigeria is North not to any other part because we are one Nigeria in killing us, raping our mothers and sisters that's where Biafrans are one Nigeria nothing else

which one be poor again? What do they mean transfer money to the poor what about those without jobs at all, what happened to all our database in banks, national identification card,lassra documentations and we're going to be at home for 2wks it unfair, this is for there pocket. Channels tv stop fake news in zoo Nigeria this money is not all Nigeria people this is in Northern this money go to so No money for lgbo biafra for covid -19 vrius this is why Channelstv give fake news in zoo Nigeria this Channelstv is working for Apc gov in zoo Nigeria .

MBuhari For these disbursements to be made easy, no Nigerian has more than 1 BVN, a portal should be created for Nigerians to register using their BVN and disbursements will be done, by so doing everyone will get theirs and there will be peace in the country. Fraud Please help me oh ,am a poor household person, name=De-morris Maxiin Holy boy account number=3092836098 Bank=First Bank of Nigeria , May Heavenly God bless you

Lies that was 4 months. this government is not been realistic,what is the definition of poor households and do they have their data......we have BVN that can easily be used.....this is an unrealistic statement. What is this. What is the BVN for. And I bet this will start from the north. Let's look away from this money and trust God to sustain us. Also expecting that government will do well with the money.

What kind of a country is this...the last time abacha loot was said to be spend in some area in the this too start there and will end there These what 3 Billion look like in my country If anyone received this 20k post and let us know How would they know the poor households? All citizens deserve to receive from FG the left for the rich to assist the poor in their environment

How do I register as a poor household. Every single Nigerian citizen have every Right to that money so I think d best way to get dis money to across to abt 95% of Nigerians is through trader moni,it will be accessed through mobile number ,once it has been disbursed to our mobile,we then send it to our respectives bank

I hope the cash is sanitized. Kudos to the Government. Audio money Yahoo Yahoo government See FG money unkempt very dirty Fake news everybody in Nigerian is poor except our Yahoo Yahoo government officials Who are the vulnerable poor,a definition should be provided Pls were is that of the south particularly delta state,hope its not just for the north.

FMHDSD That's means the whole hausa fulani No transparency at all. Why must it be cash? Why can't it be transfers to account to be transparent? That is why Nigerians continue to curse their leaders, with this act I pray you all will get instant justice from God. You will never go unpunished The poor households are not in the southern states..its well ooo

Oga abeg help me ask our government. what’re their calculating measures that qualifies a particular set of Nigerians as poor and others as rich, where and how are the poor Nigerians going to get this money? What is the yardstick to measure how poor or vulnerable any household far as am concern,80% of Nigerians are living below poverty level..

The social register she claimed will guide in the disbursement is either non existent or outdated. So until a better arrangements is done, they can keep sharing the cash to northerners, and keep lying abt doing something special. shameful. If this virus started from de north, nigeria would paid all of them by now......

How did know poor household? Thé Fédéral Government funds transfer to Nigéria poor homes and thé fédéral Government affirmation s of security agencies in thé country. COVID 19 is darkness that can not comprehend thé light of m'y father GOD.8. This govt should be ashamed. I watched the minister for humanitarian discussed money wil be shared and I find her explanations shrouded wth secrecy and misappropriation. For God sake- 8 million children, 35 states, 50,000 schools but she couldn't give a traceable name. Shameful

I smell 419 again... Mr trader money this nation is know for corruption, even if this eventually comes to fulfillment it will all turn to their pulse.Thank you What is the criteria the FG will use? They will just share to Northerners....king in the North Abeg na for which state and local government all this one happen?

Use BVN please because even gathering there is risky too It's obvious it's going to the North. Wicked government Fake, I don't believe, where r the people to receive it Criminals Na audio oo I have 43 Kobo in my acct even 100 naira of that money I will still not see mtcheew Coronavirus came on a mission, and the mission will be accomplished upon the Bad leaders in This Nigeria in Jesus name

Do we have data base in this country? What measure our Government is using to identify poor ones? SMH Why not use bvn how will them know poor households? I think using BVN to pay us is better than this Omo na BVN sure pass oh But I heard On Radio This Morning That It's 5k Not 20k. Use of BVN is more preferable

Please I need for food everywhere is closed please send me money Laughable government like these guys brought out raw cash to share When we don’t even have any data where do we begin from ? Mtchwww ? What’s the yardstick of a poor household What if its real? Since the news has broken, I've been looking into my phone every second for my own alert too.

When is Ogun state coming up Most poor homes don’t have an account of their own I can't believe some of y'all in this comment section actually believe Northerners are poor and that this, (whatever the fuck it is) the Northerners will benefit the most from it. 😂😂😂😂 And then someone takes money & stands somewhere to share to poor people. Is that approach not more risky than quietly crediting people's accounts so they can feed? I think we need to do more as it's out of place to start to mention poor people when almost everyone is. God bless

This is not rocket science, this is simple reasoning or commonsense if you like. Most Nigerians have bank accounts with BVNs including students who may be trapped in one city (town) or the other. Some of them cannot feed because their parents have businesses that are locked up. Abeg I want this money too 😭

D_Probity01 Offline transfer Well done We know what is happening .. These thousands don't add up to the billions coming in tho Is it not common knowledge that the economic condition of every Nigerian is worsening by the day, and every Nigerian needs help? Sometimes, I find it difficult to understand the approach used to implement policies. The government should be aware that every Nigerian needs help.

When we say that this administration is nepotistically corrupt, some gullible fellows think its a cheap lie.All of you that voted MBuhari ,can you all see now?How do u know poor ones? Iberiberism By poor household they mean NORTHERN STATES on Nigeria. Afterall the billions donated by citizens seem to be distributed up north, especially in Islamic states while others get one indomie for two weeks in Ojo/ijanikin parts of Lagos state

Believe me, this cash are going Northern part of Nigeria and the southwest will be looking. Who is deceiving who? President of the North people. Every state or some state... They say stay at home... so how would they do d disbursement. What parameters are used to classify people as poor? More than 85% of Nigerians may be living below $1/day. A reasonable percentage of public & civil servants have not been paid their salaries. All children are at home at the moment, and every parent's expenditure has increased

Just forget this country! I sha know say na IT i dey do for this country. Make God help this IT finish quick. 0031533123.. Desmond ikhanoba.. Gtbank. FG and Channels Tv are partners in corruption, what’s the conditions precedent to knowing a a poor person? Thieves, Ole, Oloshi!!! Sad channels are even posting this like it’s a positive development

Cash distribution? Why did you shutdown the markets in the first place? Buhari's regime is ' things fall apart' and ' no longer at ease' will it end as ' cry the beloved country' or ' there was a country'... Buhari has taken us back to stone age. The FG can still use d NIMC reg users if really they want 2 do some good in this country, or are they saying the nimc database is not working? most people that registered in NIMC DB is with their state of origin, with that we can collect ur cash from banks or any other source

How did they get the account number in which the money was transferred into and how does the selection taken place? Why cant the federal government be responsible and pay the money to banks to distribute through BVN for those that have BVN, or tell the banks to pay to people with less that 20k in there accounts,thats if they want to pay to only the poor, and still dist to almagiris in cash..

We are in 2020 and not 1980,why will they withdrawn cash and start distributing it,how are they going to give account if they are told to do so.this is another way of embezzling our money. We are gonna pay for this at the end of the day.who no buy go pay. Alaranolatunbo1 I laugh... We're not vulnerable in Lagos,🙈

Let us pray. But why saying poor household. I hate this country I wonder how CBN will allow so much physical cash to be withdrawn; what with the Bulabo about BVN? This is not in the best interest of the poor households you claim to help.Have u tot abt the risk you are putting them in with this move?cenbank aishambuhari

Awon wereyy So funny Nigerians always have means of incorporating money to personal account the basic way of paying the cash should be through banks account that has so called BVN and let the central bank do the paying because they have the BVN on their data base. I pray they us all. , i haven't receive mine!

How do I get mine Cash without access to mkt is cashless...give reaonable foodstuffs even though not everybody will benefit . Did they think we can get deceive with their so called 20k scam FG This regime has started. How do you know which households are poor why are you guys telling lies to the world? Some set were sharing 5k, 10k not 20k and it wasn't for every house hold.

Investigative journalism is dead in Nigeria,dats y d whole country is upside down.wat a country This is fraud by federal government of Nigeria. Buhari is a corrupted government that fighting for corruption. Yeye people na north the money go end Nawa ooooo How is physical cash displayed on the table transferred?

How does Nigeria govt knows poor households if there's no tax codes? Na only poor family dey this country na? All citizens are entitled to this money. As if it's real, audio money. Deeflows Abeg who are the poor households ooo 6007273751 Keystone bank I am dying here. Please send me and my household our own 20k.

Msg to FG, NCDC n Nigerians. Pls use money 2 feed pple at home who are yet 2 b infected. It is cheaper 2 feed them 4 a period of time 2 curtail d disease than 2 prepare hospitals n test kits, pls we still have a chance to prevent a break out. You will spend far less. Be wise. Useless country Are you people maad?

Please I need the money even if it 10k own is I do daily job to eat and now no more work all shop and business have closed........ please you guys should give me.....any amount is too big for me now .... Good blessed Nigeria Fools.... The North never forgets! NGRPresident what is your criteria for selecting a 'poor household'?

Many of us will see it but won't touch nor spend out of it. Hope it will get to then , truly this country self every thing is a scam Its because they know the Majority of Notherners dont have bank accounts talkless of having BVN. They should start from Lagos, Abuja and Ogun state where they officially locked down. What kind of administration is this for crying out loud. Don't we have reasonable in leadership?

Where are we dropping account details They will start and end in the north. Poor mentality coupled with poverty What is the condition? APC membership card? The northerners are the poorest Nigerians according to their explanations. In cash at hands......very funny Nigeria Hod help us ooo How do they recognise the poor

Why can't the FG liaise with CBN governor to distribute the money to everyone's account. What's the condition? Give to two or three persons n u the government will tell the whole world that u have given help to ur people.... Abi? If u lie about this so call act. This virus most under most locate u and ur family member.. So shall it be amen

That Money should be shared into number of States in Nigeria equally Nothing like politics here Or let those that contributed the money take it and share themselves to their regions. If you agree say aii🖐️ NTANewsNow AIT_Online FMPRng officialEFCC PoliceNG I appreciate the intention of the federal government but I must say that I am extremely shamed at the way this is done. I believe they are better ways of disbursement. You can't be chasing people to lockdown and asking them to come out to take money.

This is a joke... how will they determine those poor households? Were Why can't them make use of bvn . Poor households indeed!!! How do you then know the poor households if you are not trying to move the money to the northerners. The money is it not supposed to be via BVN? While registering for BVN, are we ask to indicate the kind of household we came out from?

I pray let the cash satisfied the poor The question is who're the poor households? What are the measures put in place to decipher the poor households? The FRN is a scam, just pray the Almighty makes you self sufficient without expecting a shit from this government... PoorHouseholds What are the criteria for poor households

If we don't experience it here, we will hold you responsible How will they know the poor as far as am concerned this one is scam runtown that was musician share via bank account and people who received it post online Help me please 2210186253 Zenith Bank How do you determine poor household? Hello In other words,Federal government commences cash disbursements to the Almajiris...Nigerians are not entirely fools o🤣🤣

Well we all deserve this its left for the government to know the necessary measures to take in distributing it out,incase you need my account number it's 0153170480 gtbank thanks in advance Imagine, a country without no database, we ain't even ashame of ourselves. Sharing money in public ⛣, where are the Linked 🔗 BVN accounts. Pay directly to the accounts of an individual not sharing money 💵 physically...

Tf is conditional 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 This sounds like child's play. Because apart from using bvn...the rest is a scam. Let them transfer my own into my account... I don't want my mother to see it I know you are not use to technology, but d'follow advice MBuhari And to the poor household we all know that should be the northern part who have only 3 xxases all together in this pendemic cocid-19, so if you are ready to share money use bvn

Wow our leaders are so dome, if not you will not bring out cash and start sharing how safe do you even think this is MBuhari ... Using) Bvn seems to be the most professional medium, I think you don't even trust the Bvn. This is my account number details 0044994618 Frank Owoidoho Asuquo Access (diamond) Please am out of food in the house too, please help.

Madness..... Serious madness Channels TV, don't align with stupidity stunt. You should know better. Today you promote cashless, next you join table butchering of the same. Over $2trillion is being shared without seeing a dollar bill To poor APC members households MBuhari ProfOsinbajo A_Oshiomhole not to poor Nigeria citizens.

The truly indigent families in Nigeria don’t have a sure bank account and the ones who have can’t even remember how to use it. “Where is the money to take to the bank now”? Other Countries were able to do it easily because they have the data/info of their citizens Please ask them to pay us our salaries

Dis crazy country 'poor households' emura si. it has not gotten to my household oo. In case oo, see my acc details: acc numb: 3117763224 acc name: Ogah Gabriel Agida First bank. Thank u The freshest poorest woman in Nigeria😂😂😂😂 Them know say Northerners no get BVN or Bank Account. All that money is going to the Northerners. Just wait and see !!!

This is interesting.. What are the criteria for classifying an household poor? I think our BVN is the best to share the money. But which day will should expect the money? If they want to count plp for election they know how to do it cant they use the same menthod to share the money greedy plp Failed system

OgbeideSmith Abeg I need this money right now. Bad time to be a Nigerian 😢😢😢😢 MBuhari NGRPresident your cluelessness no get mate. Your aides including your ministers are bunch of foolish and daft people that brings nothing but Yes Sir Yes Sir to the table. This country is doomed under you. Even the money look sick. Are they not suppose to be mints? officialEFCC should release all the recovered looted money to the masses and CustomsNG should release all foods items seized the masses as well. MyOpinion

They suppose to make use of Bvn to distribute the money I can wait to get my own, because since this lockdown I can be able to feed, neither going out for my daily hustle. It is only in Nigeria that I will government looking at face before giving out our money public fund for that matter. Thwy will be doing as if they didn't collect the money from us at first. How did they know those that needs it? Why not use BVN

I think the bbm data base is corrupt, because for fed govt to use this open means I think this govt is working backward. The technology you introduce why can’t you access it The currency can also carry the Coronavirus for 24hrs .Hopefully Govt can take steps to mitigate transmission of the virus. How can they get the poor people? How can they analyze who is poor and rich?

Why not bvn? Criminal government!! Audio sharing, arrangy All this people shouting the use of BVN is not the best.... Can we point out other great idea on how the money should be credited? May God help us in this country abeg.. I don't understand this country, must it be in cash?,can't transfers be made?

Hmmm, see Nigeria the money is for their people, na them them I read the circular on this and saw that the Nigerian government is getting model information about her citizens from the world Bank - known as the community based targeting. What happened to our CBN, NBS, and the ministries that are concerned with poverty rates in Nigeria.

I am a widow O, my business has been closed since this lockdown. Please Federal Government should remember the widows whose business has been closed due to COVID-19. I need this money, someone should contact me please Crazy government, Won't ever change! It a good start, but how we receive it And the money will goes to all poor nigerians abi?

Where Can I get mine pls Perfect heist to guzzle easy BILLIONS. What is the yardstick for measuring a poor man or a, poor household in Nigeria? Scam!!! Every opportunity in Nigeria the leaders want to steal...... that's the end of the news.... FG This shouldn't be a thing of north or south or any region at all. It should be shared in the states observing the lockdown because they have been crippled & denied their movements.

Rubbish......way of embezzlement, you should use the bvn method instead. Cash transfer so it can't be properly traced. You are sharing money to northerners How will u know d poor 1s This people's are not a good leadership, you have our bvn where you can send money through ,why only poor again, PMB think before you do it coz everybody was looked down now.

I've never seen ungrateful people like these southerners and Northerners. 10 billion was given to Lagos alone whereas 3b for d whole country and they still complaining that this 20k will end up in d North. SUCH_INGRATES! Where is this one happening? The best people to distribute this morning the Electrlclty Distribution PLC cause their bill reaches every nook and Cranny of the town

I This is barbaric and fraud. Don't they have BVN or NIMC or National ID in to track them and for accountability purpose. You people wants to swindle the people. Something like this just happened to us in some part of Ikeja yesterday. Stop deceiving yourself. Cash transfer doesn't make any sense, the use of BVN is okay....

Spoiler alert 😒 Making foolish decisions and exposing the masses to the virus while y’all are covered in protection. Just do the needful and share this money among Nigerians instead of using the term 'poor households'. This should be done to all states pls There's always a solution to every problem. Hmmm

If this 20k didn't go round to every citizen hmm. Tunder that has been doing press up will remember them because this cheating is too much. Is it only the north that has poor people? FG show of shame I support the using BVN,becos it easy to accountable.for gov't Good news but then are there again, his can they identify them, in some areas of badagry people are been asked to show their political party identity card to get the food Lagos claims to be distributing. We still have a long way to go on population database/crisis management

Another scam This one is sharing not transfer 'point of correction' Our leaders are only deceiving themselves and that is why I like this coro of things which is not respecter of any rich or influential family. Let them keep on and wait to see the end result, many of them if they do not repent will definitely go with the virus

I am disappointed in channels television. Where are those poor household? Who are these poor households? What yardstick was used to determine who is poor? Because nigeria have no accurate data of its cutizens. Nigeria dont even have addresses where people live, have no accurate census of its citizens because a section of the country dont want it.

How can you tell us the poorest will receive 20k. Were the house of reps trekking before they received 2020 cars!.. You people don’t have conscience! We are all in this together!.. MBuhari SaharaReporters Imamofpeace nassnigeria 3030259391.polaris bank sulaimon ismail ademola This is just a way to loot money. Very soon we will hear ' FG spent 5trillon on poor households.😆😆 Nigeria my country

When The BVN is more easy than cash transfer The poor don't even have bank account number. So how does the money get to them? For crying out loud,this is scamming,no accountability in this type of process What are the measure to determine the poor household? They will give the money to same fictitious poorest households they shared abacha's loot to. This money will never get to those who really need it and it will end up in the pocket of this sharers and their cohorts

USING BVN IS D BEST OPTION IN SHARING D MONEY IF ITS TRUE With BVN it will be transparent, fast and accountable, and anything short is their usual way of stealing. This is supposed to be the right of an average Nigerian.. How does one qualify for this? What are the measurements to determine me poor household.

Stop stealing our money.... use Bvn How can I get mine? But I think it should be done thru BVN for better and easy circulation and for those who doesn't have BVN should be given by hand Buhari and all his cabinet focus on North when it's time to share money..... Tradermoni still ongoing only in northern part with no database remember..... God will judge them

What are the dimensions of this there invention, the poorest of the poor? Where is the database coming from? It will cost the federal govt just 2trillion and everybody will be fine Mind you, not everybody has got bvn, but at least 2 persons from every home will get money and every family will be fine. commonSense

As at 2017, total Nigerian population was 190.9 million, now let's assume its 200 million people. Every citizen is entitled to this welfare package because we are all in this together. Using the bvn data base, if ordinary 10,000 is shared to the whole 200 million people Do you even understand what Cash Transfer means?

How can I get mine? Do not rely on the government stipends to poor Nigerians. Come and register with me on JAMALIFE Helpers Global and begin to make money at home. Reach me on 08105450699 for details Good morning all plz help oo here is my account number 3108187053 bank firstbank I don tell people wen I fit tell not to hope to this so call FG lockdown payment no b today we dey dis country.. 20k dey pain am to release to the citizens while him dey travel anywhere with over million dollars.. Corona dey wait u bros no matter where u run go.

Those eyes services Donators nkó, especially some banks, we have atleast 40million registered BVN's 25k multiplied by 40million= 1Billion now; but some of this individuals/cooperate bodies prefer to plant a future seed with the Constituted authority🤬 🥺Another Auto Scam, Mtcheeeeeeeeew🤬 I need money pls

ConditionalCashTransfer - How are the poorest households identified? What statistics are they working with? Meanwhile in the article No ‘conditions’ were mentioned.smh Let them use Bank, it's the best way please... He only give it to his members, beside almost all the northerners are poor but only whom you know will benefit it.

I really thanks the federal government for this initiative.May God help and bless the govt of PMB What is there measure of detecting a poor household? We shouldn't deceive ourselves, eyes are on that kudi by the power (s) that be. How come your report is 20k instead of 5k. Is the figure changing cos we don't trust the Govt. Bunch of liars

It’s seems it’s high time i unfollow this so called . If you don’t have any other content to post, post porn. Mtchewwww. What is the modalities used to define a household “Poor”? Declare a 6months Electricity bills payment holiday and ensure it’s supplied. Use the money for that, sharing money is another means to steal and increase inflation rate. I am wondering what these leaders thinks sha

ayanfe_nimi It will not be well with anyone who steals or loots money from the funds meant to tackle coronavirus in Nigeria 🇳🇬, even if it is N1 they stole or looted. I disinfected my TV and guess what!? Channels TV is gone! :) Nigeria my country full of jokes Very wrong dey do transfer to peoples account ooo

Where is mine oooo pls I need help too 2056501591 uba Akeem adeboun Mi i need this 2ok o..i wan use am buy data and fuel Based on which data? How many households are not poor in Nigeria? I hope it reach the people that deserve it Besides,this is another fallacious propaganda from our deceitful, self-centered, good-for-nothing, wolves-in-human-skin leaders that have been plaguing our land with their perilous democratic system of govt since '99 hitherto. THE NIGERIAN GOVT IS NOT FOR THE MASSES BUT D ELITES

This would have been so easy. Using banks and micro finance ( especially those in the rural areas). With this one can ascertain to an extent the definition of poor. Dats a place to get record than no record at all. People can easily be traced for getting aid Cash transfer to 'D poor' indeed! On what template does D revolting Nigerian govt use in deciding who D poor truly are in a society where D masses individually live on merely a dollar per day? D REALITY IS THAT ASIDE D NIGERIAN POLITICIANS & ELITES, ALL OTHER CITIZENS ARE POOR.

Transfer of cash?Or transfer of covid-19.where are d sanitizers Social distancing Masks Gloves for the people that u gathered?Churches,mosques,sch are closed, states on lockdown,and u gather hundreds of ppl without precautions but u protect urselves.shabby! Highly insensitive 😡 Paying to individuals' bank account through BVN would have be more of due diligence, forgetting the household parameters. Every citizen, regardless of the age, needs essentials of life.

Another form of looting.. this govt has failed us.a country wit no data base will u knw the number of poor pple? Na only northerners get am na...starts and ends there...God will judge all of you, Channels too Hello Hello how are you doing As a POLICE man... Your Duty is to protect and take Care of the welfare of the Masses.... Not in the other way Round... Nnamdi Kanu.. Speach to night ✌

Which state did they start first from? I remember when used to be highly disciplined and apolitical. Times have so changed! This contradicts the image used above. How can u say 'cash transfer' and we all can see physical cash on the table? Come on... Are we being punked here or what? If na for PHCN or is it Nepa to cut light them go know houses, now money and food do reach we no see una. Trash

They are not giving a penny is just a properganda Please help me,, Account number 0091660481 Union bank Ebor Joseph Thanks u all Another scam Are they giving it to only Fulani people in the north? Because I have not seen this Federal Government distribute this money to poor people in Lagos, Ogun State or the whole South West and South East! Or there’s no poor people in those states/region? dabiodunMFR jidesanwoolu

I would like if this covid 19 go hammer more of this government officials, their corruption is far beyond repair When a particular government wants to loot to the detriment of her citenzry, she ties it to seemingly governmental philanthropy, projects engagement, etc, which are invisible to the human eyes. You hear it but you don't see it.

Shey it is government that will recognize poor households.. abi which country I find myself.. send money to everyone.. they are saying poor household. Despite the cashless economy that the CBN has been preaching. Government officials can still carry this kind of huge amount around. Distribution in Abuja with less population to Lagos

Cash transfer!! Why is the money on the table, abi na Central bank so? Run me my Cheque! Are this govt people not mad laidis This Govt had never valued its Citizens, rather sees them as cattle. By what any means necessary 🤷 Is it the people that is been held prisoner at home that you say they are giving the money to,please tell us how they are collecting it oooo,they are disappearing there to collect the money abi.

Please what is the confirmation of this your news,why is every organisation just conspiring with govt to fool Nigerian.shows us the people I presume sense is missing somewhere. I keep having problem with a team of people that can't sit and use reasonable approach to tackle problems. Anyways it has where it is going so the approach has to be wrong!

ghammi1433 Your brain should be smart enough to let you know that a man is for himself, whatever that makes you to have your personal bank account, then you should be treated as a single person. During election does it count per family? Make dem send my own come my acct, no food 2 chop o! 2361183582 Fashola adesola innocent Eco bank

Nice initiative poetic_being What about those squatting with friends? Best way to share the money is through BVN. If not Corona Virus part 2 will start... We need it on back account with bvn verification code they can do the transfer Honestly i don't get it, which data base is the FG government using to arrive at this? Very poor Nigerians indeed....!

The money wey we no see na audio... To hell with you fucking money, nonsense set of government of Nigeria Why conditional offer? The government has started again. They will still steal it. They are also the poor masses because they keep stealing our money DoctorNedu what is this one that u pipu are doing laidis

How do I get my own You people should state it how it shared or we visit your station soon the money only share in the northern parts of the country Many Govt officials will seize this opportunity to syphon money to themselves and their people. It is almost impossible to reach all those who are really poor in the country. Only the few lucky ones will get.

I have not received mine Let them start from somewhere now Akụkọ This people are thieves Why don't day use BVN what I day brining cash this is what is happening in Lagos where day said day shared rice dat ehn!!! So annoying Rice like it not up to 2 cups so family of 9 will eat 2 cups for 2 week Dat why this virus day kill unah

Conditional transfer to poor household. How do you determine who is poor. Who that one help.... Them get people's account number may dem send am through the account number if they are ready to help, the banks know who has money in his account and who doesn't have........ SMH...There was a country. What a pity.

Cash transfer? so why taking pictures with the money. This country is terrible at everything That cash will not sustain the poor ooh. Instead provide food for the poor. To who and who na?😡😡😡 What of those that their work and business are suspended Jha bless you Wait o are not All Nigerians.....abi convid they look face....lockdown affects every one

All citizens should benefit, those who earn high should get less why those who earn less should get more. Pls my account number 0251121625 GTBANK this should be done before lockdown so that people can use it and buy food stuffs But why BVN please In time like this 90% are poor. How federal wan use upgraded method scam us. Because they know we can't come out and protest. Don't forget that There is God o

Government can get the cash to all house hold since they know how they distribut NEPA bill now Channels, please kindly let Nigerians know that this government has refused to pay Npower beneficiaries their stipends despite all the noise What is the criteria that the family is poor Where and when were data collected for such purpose? How did they know poor households? Who carried out the survey? Etcetera... 🤔🤔🤔

Who takes a bulk of cash to a place and start sharing isokay It will never reach south east and I don’t think it is expected here. Hw did the identify the poor since everyone is on lockdown,Haba FG, Biko, reduce the lie, we never die yet Please who isn't poor and vulnerable? FMHDSD FMHDSD This is an obvious plot to divert funds. Your ministry has failed to tell Nigerians the criteria for the identification and selection of beneficiaries. I hate Nigeria!

Money Heist: Naija Version Who is federal government who is Buhari Buhari will say something federal government will say another MBuhari Am also poor and out of food this is my account number incase 0231976591 Gtb Insane. Tell Nigerians that we all are nurturing the northerners and the embezzlers(politicians). How can you differentiate the so called poor house hold from average Nigerian because an average Nigerian is a poor brook family.

Nija I hail how did you collate the account numbers and which state did you start with FG One idiot will carry all the money inside his account and tell us how many trillion the send to the poorest Nigeria, God is watching use BVN if you guys means it Terrible governance....they brought cash to disburse.... Funny idea 1, I guess it's a safer home procedure, will they come out from that home to the streets to collect the money. 2, zero accountability 3, On what grounds. Why North. Why not Lagos the most hit of this virus..

cyril_egbejiogu And if I may ask who are those poor house hold? Letter to all Lagosians Everyone in Nigeria is corrupt and thinks only abt themselves. Even those that want to share it are equally eyeing it. If it were possible, they would av removed some notes. What is it that comes free? It's either U pay by blood or life.

I hope federal character was used in sharing this money. I smell something fishy Everything in this country is all about scam being smart Who are there fooling This politicians self want to be doing us April fool The poor Nigerian people will not get this money, it will only recycle into the accounts of the already rich Nigerians. Let's not deceive ourselves

Channels TV, when will the politicians stop using you people to twick the mind of the people .. is this thing you show us what you call cash transfer or cash sharing in the North? You people are very wicked and afraid of the North and the cabal..SHAME!!!! Dey shld send mine oo what's the criteria for the selection of 'poor household'? Which communities are being considered?

Please how do people qualify to benefit? Government have start again this will only be heard on social media and end here. Only God is our survivor What yardstick was used to determine the poor. This country is a joke. We will wait till our food supplies are finished. Then not even the military will be able keep us indoor because its going to be survival of the fittest.

So who took the data for poor households and rich households🤔..... because no one around here has received a penny. Can we just be transparent for once in this country! Really cash business? NGRPresident NOIweala HouseNGR FMoCDENigeria cenbank FinMinNigeria This is the opportunity for increasing financial inclusion

Una shame dey catch me Audio money you are sharing money in cash... what about the cashless policy you imposed on everyone? corona catch you there!!! how do they determine who and who to give the money please ? Is it only dt side they focus The highest cases of the Covid 19 is in Southwest, yet FG is sharing money in North 🙄🙄🙄

FMHDSD This mode of disbursement is so wrong.!!! During a pandemic that microbes can be on notes please.! Why not do mass transfer to those with verified BVN ACCOUNTS which one is To Poor Households? One of the beneficiaries just said he has been collecting it for the past one n half years. The south is really bn cheated

God will punish you all give them one week to open acc and pay this money into account criminals you ain’t given any poor it’s one Nigeria not one poor Nigeria share it to everybody it shall never be well with this present government you all will die of this virus useless goat 🐐 They will end up giving people in the north alone

This is the height of stupidity, I won't be surprised if we hear of new infection from those that gathered here You guys should share this thing equal, we are all in this together. Who are the poor ones? Or is this another strategy to steal from the cash? How do they know who to give money , channels TV and aPc has started curruption again

EugeneOjirigho Silly! What a joke 🤣🤣🤣 How can you determine the poorest of the poor? Abeg just use other means and share this money Isaiah 9 vs 6 ' For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given, and the government will be upon His shoulders. And He will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.' Help Nigeria oh Lord I pray thee.

Audio money. Nonsense! Because the village people in the north does not have bank accounts I guess, this government is something with the help of channels TV the will always have it their own way and they are covered, make sure this cash goes round Which one is poor household The idea of distributing cash has always lead to corruption & can even lead to futher spread of the virus, we can reach the vulnerable through BVN or data from coms service providers, you can transfer money in some bank using just ur phone No, almost every1 has a phone in Nigeria

Lie lie people, 20coro for u people The right word is; CIVID-19: FG Commences N20,000 Conditional Cash Transfer To Poor APC Households Cos the last time I checked the Lagos relief items are shared among party members I haven't gotten my own 20k alert though You asked people to stay at home still call them out to gather in one place to collect money? Why won't our government stop deceiving us. Pay into accounts is easier.

giving out money and nothing to buy with the money since all the market has been shutdown. We need food not cash, Cash in hand and nothing to buy.FG should do somethingoo before pple will die of hunger What were the parameters used to arrive at the group 'poor households ' in a country that is the poverty headquarters of the world. Do you know how many poor people are in my village? Majority of these group comes from one part of the country

How is it going to be distributed..won't there be favoritism At the end of the day na lie. How do they know that one is poor? April Fools 😂 how would they identify the poor, I need money too pls And what part of the country will this start? Your guess is as good as mine. You're a disgrace to journalism for reporting this kind of news. I don't even watch your news cos it's always very annoying. How do you determine the poor in the society. You're a sham media outfit!

Scam Who are the Poor Households? Everyone deserves the Relief money Why conditional again? What data show that a particular individual is poorest of the poor n where are d allocation of other regions How are they sharing it... We are jokers ! Imagine this! When u say d poor pls be specific Rubbish!! 🚶🚶🚶

Why not bvn That cash transfer hasn't reach me ooooo, Here is my details: 0167638536 GTB Which kind analogue country be this self? Please is it for only indegenes? You people should kindly share this money to average Nigerians without exemption Please let it go round cus I am at home since two no single salary with the peanut I am being paid as salarywent on this break with no dine.

Hope FG will make judicious use of those donations by the good people of Nigeria? How did they come about knowing who is poor or not? This country self Seriously half of this money will be lost in the process of sharing. BVN would have been a better option. I don’t trust Nigerians. They will preach cashless policy and still end up doing the opposite.

Federal Government of Nigeria..I'm ashamed of this country what's the criteria and how would you know who's poor from who's rich? So you don't know that channel s tv is apc? Until I receive mine, I won't believe it Firstly sir, majority of Nigerians own a bank account, can't be done with the help of various banks. Even the cleaners in my office have bank accounts. Forget this money na audio. What a failed nation. Hopefully come 2023 Nigerians will vote wisely and responsibly.

Nice one will they know and identify the poor Bullshit how genuine is it,what is the medium of payment?:is it through bvn? You seriously expect me to believe/accept that the recipient in this picture is poor and among the 'poorest Nigerian' out there... seriously? 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽 How do we know the poor households?

Hello how do they know those that are really poor.if they see the real poor people they (FG ) will shed tears. Which one is poor household this country self everybody poor for this country except all this politicians The mathematics of embezzlement is what some of them are calculating now - BEE Equation (Buhari Embezzlement Enabling Equation). To grassroots people, it's difficult to solve, but to politicians it's easy 🤔

How una take know the poor households? Abi 9ja don get poor household data base and we no dey aware? Lol To buy which food?🤔 'Conditional'🤔 First what is criteria for picking out this households. D same lame method abacha’s loot got into the thin air. Dis niggas are not even trying to think straight at a time like this. How about the unemployed youths, families with kids that survives on daily hustle here in d south

Scam Una think say them won share the money true true na just make media snap them after that them go carry am back inside .....we go fool ourselves till the end for this country One of the best TV station in the world from Nigeria. God bless you amen 👏 That's why Nigeria is always like joke. Distributing money by hand! In this technological age!! Why not trace bank account with lesser amount via BVN? What criteria was used to identify the poor households? Where are they even distributing these 💰, in this period of lockdown?

Which state did they start from ,,,,because am in d north and have not even received a first hand info Buhari government is a shameless things. how do they want to identify poor households Is this the way the money is going to be shared when you request for a lockdown is the virus still no going to spread...

frosh4ever Why are they showing cash like this I don't understand? Which part of the country is this please? Hmmmm this is not the best MBuhari This government na Wa for dem ooo... Y cant them use bank transfer y hand to hand disbursement. They are looking for hw to bend money Nigeria stupidity will never stop

FG should make use of BVN to transfer the money to people's account What criteria they used to decide the poor... Another April Fool? Show Lemme say this, every soul that partake in the looth of the money that belongs to general masses will forever suffer incurable disease from generation to generation. Leaprosy will be there benefit.

Things can never don in the right way in this our country, why? So now, is state by state Make e reach everywhere abeg Channel turning to CNN Nigeria,20,000.even the buharist did not quote this amount this country is a drama. Fools deceiving themselves. Poor Nigerians are actually in the north as they have said. Just rule your rule and leave the seat.

jashamoo8 The term conditional tells us that it isn't meant for the poor Useless people will give the money to northerns but when I saw names of people that ve donated money its only Atiku and Dangote I saw, its 80% of igbos, imagine innoson motors donating 2.5b and its only 1b Dangote can donate Please, how do I apply I also need the money

Make d money go round o. Bvn will b better way They ought to use bvn, they will check individuals acct if they see u have enough they won't send. EVerybody needs dis money Ndi ori We never see our own Why not distributing through bank, make it compulsory for only people that have bank, this will make everybody to registered in bank, also there will be record of those who collect the money

Mr. And Mrs FG. How you take know poor household? Please explain the meaning and how you know poor household to Nigerians. Thanks. Until i see my own share of the money before i will believe FG Ezigbote Audio money , but the FG didn't make it general as in 8000 to all citizens with bank account, this pandemic is not affecting only one state

We are in the digital world but I till wonder why our government remains archaic... What is the yardstick used for poor households ? How effective will this be without omitting any household ? Cash transfer and they are handling cash? Digba97 Audio money We Don suffer for this country. What are the basis for this CCT?

Is it conditional cash transfer or conditional cash sharing? How did the poor register without me knowing. I'm poor too pls and I haven't receive any money what in the entire hell is this? Who are this poor people in Nigeria Sha it's only the northerners are poor in Nigeria? This government should do the needful oooo

Well am not surprise the Northerns have always been poor FG has come again with their deception o! Is it the northern that is the most poorest in Nigeria? Please do the needful FG. God bless Nigeria. Let not deceive ourselves, were are they sharing the money 0057058750 diamond bank That's if 10% of the poor household will receive the money, this ia another wonderful opportunity for some people to become millioneers, what a very bad idea this is.

Serious this administratio is not thinking right Can’t they send a check or make a direct deposit for people handling on cash can transfer the coronavirus from one hand to another that’s why WHO we should stop spending cash for now don’t Kill People with the senseless act They should use voters registration card

That way it gets to the people that actually voted for them How do they intend to share this amount of funds openly without spreading the deadly virus, my suggestion is ,put this money in a bank ,an average Nigerian owns a bank account , and everyone has a BVN ,in respective of how many accounts you have.. BVN is our Data if you ask me.

channels Television, u r part of this charade. it is nothing but scam 20k for help us buy beer as prophylactic treatment for lockdown🍻🍻🍻🍻 I'm poor too o biko how dem go take knw d poor households? 🙄 see scam. 🤣🤣 are those raw cash? How money go complete? Account No. 3049519753 First bank Where are they starting from ?

Lol Ona ati ko owo je 😡 I think BVN is better This our Govt is something else mehn...How do they measure people from poor homes? Government isn't sincere in this sharing. Is this how she will share to all the poor people in Abuja? should indicate which party they're sharing it to, nor be naija Why can't they do door-to-door whereas they go by door-to-door for campaigning, for sending electricity tarrif bills, for census, for Polio and so on yet to distribute foods daily and send them monetary values is so cumbersome and burdensome to NigeriaGov NGRSenate HouseNGR

How that money going to reach us? That's poor system they have our bvn if government want to benefit from the poor they know how to approach banks. How many people were reached, how many local government were covered. You can't just share money to a group of people and say 'FG commence'. No Data of its Citizens, FG wise up, this not an ideal way of doing things in this 24 century

How do we know who's poor and who's rich now, and what's the money even doing outside....if not that this new was carry by channels tv, I would have say it's fake.... politicians go hammer with this COVID-19 When did you start sending to people? Also why tagged citizens poor family NigeriaGov ? Are you showing off or what.? Give to all citizens to aid containment exercise as to make sit at home positive and possible. NGRSenate HouseNGR

This is not different from Yahoo Yahoo .. Real scam and nothing more than fraud... A country without the data of it's citizen... BVN NIN Voters card. Yet no channel can be used... Covid19 you done well for the exposure of there bad governance When will it get to Uli in Ihiala LGA of Anambra state? When are you coming to Lagos, we need the cash no one naria for pocket now

Bhummie Which houses pls, all this audio money flying upandan God will surely punish you people even you Channels always feeding us with lies Some people is about to be multi millionaires What is use in rating those that are poor ? What are the criteria to knowing the poor homes? How will this very poor household be identified?and also is that to say we have just 1 million poor household in Nigeria?when we know dt north alone has more than that figure,what is also the modus operandi of the FG in distribution of this cash.. Nigerians have suffered o

Please cenbank use this opportunity to develop the unbanked, SHARE this money through the BANKS that have USSD account opening functions, start with those who have number accounts, then make announcements 4PEOPLE to open such accounts. gtbank myaccessbank MyFCMB ZenithBank How far cashless policy CBN

I laugh in Latin no be today nyash start to dey for back, Ok we are ok with it but please what are the criteria you guys are using and how can it get to those who's poor,I mean poor, because this government is one-sided I await for it,if not after the two weeks we are on stret Criminals What are the conditions and how do they identify the poor? nobody should play politics with this situation

What's the definition of poor households? Yeye dey smell! Why not BVN Ochi............ Sharing the money and buying what with the money when the markets are in lockdown they should better use it in purchase of food supplies I'm here ooh Epileptic ways of doing things in Naija Oboy is this true? I no see any alert o

They're deceiving themselves forget those peoples. Note: the fact that you’re on social media typing now means you’re Maoist likely not considered “poor” by this data category. So pls don’t b**ch about you not getting some of this money. Does the term 'conditional ' mean that they have to accept CASH with their bare hands with no facemasks and get infected?

But how they take know the poor oo?.. Asking for. My landlord Which one is 'poor household'. How will they know the 'poor household'. I hope it doesn't end up in their 'household' This govt is just too corrupt in all aspect u could ever imagine😭😭😭😭😭😭 So they still expect people to form que and get the stipend, Nigerians deserve a better life than this...God pls guide our leaders right

Why not electric transfer my God why endanger more people by this direct cash-out if it is. North money ...the rest zone don clear for their eyes .. Transfer by cash Nigeria go better oooo Is this how the money is been EXPOSED? Sorry where are the true poor people leaving ? Audio money!!! Our government stupid gannn

What a ridiculous amount What is the criteria for recognizing a poor household God have mercy on us and heal the world Please which one is poor household What is the parameter used to determine poor households? Are this people not mad like this Transfer to APC members. Another arrangement for northern people.

FG, set awon Yahoo boys geng. How did they identify the poor households through what measures? Hmmmm God help ur children! They will share it for there self, they know there self😥 APRIL FOOL.. Please what's the condition This is the most useless Administration in history. Where on earth will you still see this madness, displaying of cash other than bank? This is real Cartoon Republic

This is a total fraudulent act, FG can use our BVN linked to our account to transfer all this money. Is there any proof of Poor Households, if there's pls show us their State and Local government. I guess poor households lies in the North These people are so dumb Las las na aboki them go benefit from this thing o.

Ok oooo, i hope it will circulate round. Individuals and Corporate firms had donated massive sum what have the Nigeria government donated? Conditional cash transfer? N20,000? Poor Households? annoying. Wot could 20k do from all these funds even after considering expenses Nigeria could incur. Embezzling time again..

FG is not making any headway, everything in Nigeria going backward. Sharing cash in this age and we are guiding against virus. NG FG is a comedian I never see for here ooo Omg This is just a mere show. The money have been shared among the beneficiaries already.🙄🙄 What's the criteria and hope this will not be politically distributed

Let's get the snag of the polity: most appointments go to north. Most COVID19 donors are from the south. Poorest families obviously without bvn are from the north. So, what's the objectivity of bvn in this regard is the question to ask cenbank . Seriously, this is inept!!! Why not BVN How true it is They shld pls use BVN oooo, Seriously in need of the money now

Scammers ooooo Buhari is taking us lower and lower... These people don't fear God again Ooo. Under this pandemic, done people are using it as an opportunity to loot anything that is available in the coffer. I heard on radio it's for Abuja poor household alone... We never see nothing hmm Poor households are the senators and house of reps children and family members

Don't forget does on essential duties o Only locked down states should be given if true . Which of the household? Audio money geng Please there is nothing like stadiums. I saw the news this evening and saw that Brazil used her 'studiums' as isolation areas. Please stadium is SINGULAR while 'stadia' is PLURAL.

Make e reach my Side ooooo Pray, what is the condition in the conditional? I also know that the money will not reach south east zone, u people should rely on God not on government fake promises Please, what are the conditions and how do they determine 'poor households'? They should just stop deceiving themselves

Distribution to their family members This is great Nonsense government Shey this people dey whyne us ni Na ogun go kill ona o I nor see any money oo This money is for northern people na U people are saying ur minds but let me cheap in something, after all this over believe u me that the same government will still tell us that the money meant for works and payment of salaries has been use to settle us and they want to go and borrow. Sayi baba the borrow pose,

This is really annoying. Who be d poor households, how did they get their data to know they e poor. Robbery in broad daylight So the poorest of the poorest will come que,each Opening in details their poorverty profiles to you(govt),then you foolishly scrutinize each persons before transferring the cash to them abi!? Yeye! What's d use of d total lucked down? Abi na everybody wey de wrk for bank get sha?

Pls send mine 0130115574 gt Next looting level. Some poor homes do not have bvn oooo go ahead to do Futher filtration by way of current bank balance and the last time such person received cash into Der accounts which could Futher show the set of Nigerians who needs the cash more. Just imagine banks donating to FG while their faithful customers to die of hunger

Cash transfer to northerners u mean?😕 Can u imagine Offering time? Blessing time. OfficialAPCNg supporters go don hammer. We understand how the system work If this people bring cash like this to Warri! You know the rest FG haaah inside life am very sure this one nah scam quite easy to do with all our computer gurus in the banking sector by means of filters using either BVN or national I.D. numbers. for example if they are able to get 50million BVN should translate to take care of close to 100million Nigerians because of Der dependants. You could

Na Audio money noting dey happen This country is a joke. This is fraud and if i may ask for the framework for the distribution of the cash to the poor people? How will the know the poor household Which one re we to believe? Some said is 5k and am seeing 20k here, I don't know why am being bothered sef, na North get am sef...

This is fraud we know the answer will be that these sent of people were the set captured by the office of the VP when he was in charge of the conditional cash transfer. But they should not forget that almost everyone in Nigeria now needs the conditional cash transfer which is Where are we to drop our account details.?

Legit Scam..... Most northerners don’t have BVN. They should start from some where ! Through which means? Audio administration! Flash it in d news and it ends! Smh Everything is scam At all at all nah e broke oooo Bvn go better ooo Let’s dance Gosh! this country 🤦🤦 now it's Audio Money.. it might still tk some more time buh the day of God's judgment is coming.. STRIKING! 😡

Why not tell Federal Government to seek advice from the Advanced countries asking how did they Implement there cash transfer.. bcos Nigeria belongs to everybody.. and on this case equal right.. Justices.. How do we get ours? Yahoo ni Babalawo in RadioPaparazi 's Voice. The poor pple are unbanked. They don't have bank account. If anyone tells you that he has transferred money to account of a poor household, that amount to wrong selection. Ppl selling vegitable, pure water(pcs) on d road, etc are d poor pple that should 1st benefit from this.

They should report this story tomorrow. It seems its a prank..AprilFool Through what means How do we identify the poor. 1 million to 500 million Nigerians, assuming we are up to that, is just half a billion naira. Watch the news, the budget for this will be over 1 billion. That is the same amount that a single individual steals and it does not make news at all. God knows how to treat you guys.

Can we have testimonies of those who have being credited. Some of us are St. Thomas on this street. How? Pls send it to the state, state to LG and then LG to council/ward Can you people stop all this that you are saying, tell us nothing is coming forth, what ratio do you intend to use, or is the money meant for some set of people at the top... Or Nigerians should even forget about the money.... Indecisive government...

Why is it that they are starting from the north first May God see us through in this hard time. How to get it procedure This is madness, ways of saying 5+5 = 200 See cashout....9ja i hail..untraceable Kindly stop spreading false news. Nigerians are serious now. I hv less believe in dis until I see the alert

I beg how wold dey no the poor I beg let this people show us the scale been used by the Government because as I am now I need that money I am a family man with 4 kid I am in Lagos I am broke so how can I get that money now What are the yardsticks for knowing the poor? 😭😭😭😭😭 So this money just go like that😭😭. FG shey Na dash dem dash us this money which one is poor Nigerians again? Baba muhammadubuhari please send our own come account now, we are on lockdown remember 🙄. Please I will call all those uncle that sent us this Easter moni

Dis is ultimate embezzlement... Lolz... Did I hear them say poor household? Trader moni part 2 How are they sharing it? Who are the poor households? Abeg mk una try explain the sharing formula to us. We are lockdown in house without enough of food and light you government telling us stay at home if i get this virus I'll spread it in hold nation because of stengew gov. Look at European it helped all is citizens from small to big advice them to stay at home safe

E suppose reach me soon Let God Almighty touch the hearts of our politicians How will FG keep record of those given? What happen to BVN? This is fishy abeg 🤔 Please who are d poor households? Is it written on their account details. If NGRPresident wants to sincerely give out this money, then they should use BVN from central Bank and transfer this 20k to each persons not to be spreading pandemic actions that will do no Nigerian Good.

Bank account remains the only better option to disburse this funds.. How do you expect people you asked to isolate to come and que for money? This will only call for crowds that we're trying to avoid in the first place. So it doesn't make any sense to me. Why not just send to people's account directly instead of calling out for crowds.. And how many poor house holds can they locate?

Which one is poor house hold Every one is poor in this case menh Another fraudulent policy of this government, Lord who did we offend in this country? fraud! FMHDSD 40 million Nigerians have BVN verified bank accounts. It will cost the FG only ₦100 billion to pay ₦250k into each account so Nigerians can buy food for themselves and their families during the CoronaVirus lockdown. Pay Nigerians and stop the looting of donations!

Definitely northern money.....Even when Jona was president he'll do same coz only the northerners are poor is this country so they presume,they should better change the country's name to Norgeria make everybody rest This country sef..... If election come., they will recognize inec, counting national population, Covid 19- hidden criteria.

Seriously sometime our Govt can deceives themselves shaaaa. In their mind now they have finish distributing N4billion. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Funfact What if i tell you that the poor are the SENATOR'S children What a joke of a country Bambiala now have account number What I have to say is Chai! God will punish this government. Hw are they suppose to identify the poor?🤷🤷🤷

How do you define poor household Another day,another scam What do they mean by “conditional” cash transfer. What are the conditions please Nawa for dz country oooo dey are just fooling themselves up dere Oshi... Foolish government. Zoological republic of Nigeria Worse scam ever by PMB administration.... Open bank accounts for them or use unbanked services like Paga and transfer money to them. And reach more people. Instead of sharing money like bush people. The easiest way to loot.

at a time when hand to hand transfer of money is discouraged to curb covid19, the FG is still doing it at the detriment of our health. These should have been transferred to all bank accounts through BVN. As usual, every situation in naija is an avenue to loot the government are cheating us & showing us we can't do them nothing is only God can save us from them

Plz are u really there? Did u actually see the money. Did u see anyone collecting the money? Plz answer oooooo They give no one money,they just want to play with our mine Are you people maad? Let the money be transferred to people’s account through bvn We are all down here with no money and food FG is scam they will only serve their people.God knows best

What's the criteria for this ..... I don't need mine LIES!!!!!! LIES!!!!! LIES!!!! MBuhari its a commendable one, although I still feel foodstuffs should be given instead like modelling what Lagos state Govt. Did already... Crude and outdated distributive system that will still end up being looted. Hmmm this kind thing sef, it's everybody that was asked to seat at home, CBN has the BVN of everybody Nigerian, so why start looking for the poor house hold...

They should use BVN if they are sincere.🙅🏼 Which one is poor Households🤷🏼? Please o, hope this is not another hoax or opportunity for self enrichment🙄🙄🙄 Kindly define poor household? Chinese virus arrives Nigeria and touches almost every state in Nigeria... Then relief fund will be paid to the northerners only... Covik 1 9 kii una there.

What do the mean by poor households. 🤔 Almost every one in dis govt is useless & heartless,it’s a shame.with d dislike I hv 4 dis govt, I don’t think I will b free 2 relate wit d kids of these persons in dis govt How will they know the poor household Fact is, no money will be paid,dis govt will not disease 4rm evil & propaganda.dey keep speaking of d poor 4 dem 2 win d heart of Nigerians 4 votes,as if Dey truly care 4 d poor. If Dey care 4 d poor,we will see more development in d poor areas of 9ja

Lies Like they said for the poor I really hope I will get this How do the poor have account? How do you know them ? And I ask how do they know the poor households. This money will end up in the North Some interceptors will highjack this but trust they will get infected by the virus and lego, their sick body won't spend the money in peace!!!

Jaaaaah!!!!!!!!!!! How are the doing it? Please what's the requirement and who qualify for this 20k and where are the sharing point in Nigeria? How many states qualify for this cash? Nigeria stayathomeNigerians WednesdayThoughts FederalGovernment What is a measure of poor house holds in Nigeria? Another way to divert public funds I suppose?

And u all think they will share this money🤣🤣🤣 I keep asking who these poor people are. I guess they are transferring the money to their people in order part of the country How do you know the poor household? Again, Do poor people have an account? Which group of people would you tag as 'Poor' and 'Vulnerable' Anyways, we know that 97% of the money would be shared to the northerners(If at all) Because that's the headquarters of Poverty.

That's my government, I trust them Do you know the poor doesn't even have an account, so how is the transfer going to happen? Audio transfer 🤷‍♀️ Please my family need your help here we're having hard time in this trying period help us. 0121249576 GTB oodo Patrick thank you. We already have leadership challenges in this country, those people that will be saddled with the sharing of the money... Won't they too say they are part of the poor households? Whenever you do things right... You activate a blessing...

How will you go about this task? Pls would they know the poor households? This should be for strictly Lagos, Abuja and Ogun residents that are being affected by the lock down 0158284689 GTBank Is OBVIOUSLY OBVIOUS, dat you all complain to such,wen you should get urself busy with the issues of the KINGDOM OF GOD, 4 a little knowledge can guarrantee ur qualification to be an elect for education by tbe holy spirit which is the great teacher of our AGE.

I have been saying it that all our leaders in Nigeria have their own brain under their feet walai.. What is the parameter used in determining the poor and vulnerable in the country? Without a viable database in Nigeria. Everybody is poor in Nigeria. Indeed Later, una go say buhari no dey do giveaway What are they using to measure 'Poor households'?

Who are the poor Nigerians and what is the criteria for been rendered poor? This massage is wrong, they should be specific of the particular people, stop saying Nigerians This is extremely stupid na. So people will go out to collect the money? Mtscheeew 🙄 How do you locate poor households? Eventually a larger chunk of the money will vanish into thin air. A country that can't even instal camera on the street alone is talking about handling payments to poor households. Which data are they using?

COVID-19: FG Commences N20,000 Conditional Cash Transfer To Poor Households As one of the reputable media houses,do not allow government to use you for arranged and planned distribution. If I may ask, what's the criteria for poor household? This cash given by hand, is part of cashless policy Nigeria are promoting ? How long will this goes round the country? Coming out to line up for cash is not a social gathering? SOMETHING IS WRONG WITH OUR LEADERS IN NIGERIA.

Pls let it get to me See what lack of Efficient Data system is doing to us, these cash is supposed to come in form of cheques and direct deposit if only we had a proper record for everyone existing in country. This country is just a joke Who has received? Pls do I send my account details, am a Nigerian too

Their criteria for poor household, I wonder how it is attainable. Yahoo government 🚶 Give away at last... how e go reach my side? I am a poor household, I’ve not seen my alert How do you recognize a poor household.. This govt is a joke Story for the gods Indeed!!!!🙄🙄 They asked us to stay indoors, and they are sharing money outside😹😹

Who are the poor household? How do you know them? It will not be well with this regime Do FG know how others are living? And what's their definition of poor? I don't seem to understand the word 'conditional'. I love your government This is extremely stupid na. So probably will go out to collect the money? Mtscheeew 🙄

This is Def click bait Corruption in the midst of crisis...Nigeria lobatan Dear channels, look at this Only 20k? It will start and end in Abuja. Useless People! Chaii when will tribalism end in this so called country only posterity will judge you all but in all we must survive Amen .. How will they know the poor house hold

The criteria of selection across the six geo political zones must be made clear. It must be noted majority of confirmed Covid-19 cases are from Southern part of the country. So, majority of the beneficiaries cannot be to Northern part of the country. We must be fair. What I'm thinking I don't pray it happen o if this lockdown pass 14days hmm e know go fun o because know food for house o and Government please everybody with registration of BVN please start sending fees to them please with beg you please 🙏 DONJAZZY jidesanwoolu MBuhari

Thief how did they come up with the data...... Who are the poor households...... 9ja which way what happened to the cashless policy and they have our bank verification number .. hmmm another scam scandal . How exactly will they identify the poor? I have a neighbor whose husband has lost his job three years ago. They only eat whatever they see, of that's not poor then i don't know what is.

He don tey since 1960.... My eyes don open like fela wey dey smoke Igbo...Oga make federal government send money through BVN abi no be dem create bvn lol.....Omo make federal government give there self brain ooo, no small pikin for this stupid game again. Dem go share money tire.. Idiot set of people.. Had it been we are digitally and have data record, all this Analog sharing won't happen... Zoo Country with cockroach brain.

I taught we are operating a cashless policy in Nigeria, I also taught we are preaching against social gathering? Na taught I taught ooo. And if my taught is right why have you decide or about to decide or decided to share money like this Why? GOD DEY OOO BVN don't work again, can't the money be transferred to people's accounts? Kposhi kposhi kposhi regime

How do they come about the identification of the poors? The more I try not to give up on Nigeria, the more discouraged I get. They should keep on deceiving themselves... Idiot! Rubbish. Send money to pple BVN. And stop spreading d diseases more. Don't they know d money has d virus. What criteria is FG using to district the money.

This is a welcome development, just hope this gets to the real vulnerable Nigerian's Why not send it to people's account Dis money is for the north south south, south west, south east are excluded, chichi we nor go see NEPA staffs can be call on board they know houses that can't even afford to pay for Electricity. They know how they share Soaps and Omo at every doorstep if they are looking for all those positions..

Where in the world do government carry load of cash and distribute to poor people like Nigeria government is doing in Abuja? What will it cost to having a proper database for our poor people When it comes to Nigeria,things are done differently. They not get sense at all, na were dey wan for thief na Dem dey so. Rubbish

Some poor households don't even have bank account not to talk of having BVN, so how do FG set to achieve this without being partial? Anyway FG can use Disco companies ( NEPA) cos they know everyone's address when giving out bills and disconnections Sleaze at work. FMHDSD I hope there are security personnel around them. The display of money in this hard time can be tempting to unscrupulous people.

When will this country change from all this scam, nawoooo... Who are the poor households? Northerners I guess smh 🤦‍♂️ Scam The questions is if fed are claiming that they have started giving 20k to poor households in abuja what happens to Lagos, Ogun that are also under lockdown this country Na full of drama beside this is 21st century where we all have BVN giving of cash can spread the virus more

Mtcheew, kí wón máa tan ara won. It should be given to every individual in Nigeria, which one is poor household? Hope is a way of giving to the Northerners only? Remember nobody made them poor household. There should be equal right for once! FG has come again. How did they arrive at this decision? What is the model or method used to arrive at this? Show us in theory how you expect to achieve these first. Owo blow.

Do you have a database for poor people, How do you hope to archive that when 80% of your citizens are below the poverty line. Hmmmmmmm its well with Nigeria Please who are the poor households? The riches are going to be the one to benefitted from the package, what is the essence of announcing whilst the poor that need the money won't get a penny from it, at least this is bad.

Scam everywhere y can't they use bvn num to do that Criminals. No controls at all. If they say they distributed 5b in 5 days, how do we verify? Bunch of thieves. In a country of 200million people......A total scam. Awa o ri nkankan oooo Omo!!! Rice3Congo, ewa3Congo, gari5Congo, epo2bottle, ororo1 bottle, ata gigun1cup, no need for alubosa, a go ask my Nebo for salt, a go buy kerosene cos gas dey quick finish, 1 carton of noodles, yam expensive, a go buy potatoes, a go give my mama wetin remain to kip.Nigeria

Can we stop this nonsense? Poor household or to all citizens? How will they identify poor household now? When everyone's source of income is restricted ☹️☹️ Both the government of MBuhari and is foolish for this. First did you need to show cash if it was cast transfer? Secondly, who’re you fooling, we know the ministers and DG of each government establishment will send people from their family to collect all the money

Looters in power, is another season of next level looting by APC appointees .... meeeen... nothing is below stupidity for our govt... what the hell is this? Hoax Just pay into bvn and stop the nonsense media trick Pay 10 household n claim 3 billion was spent in 24hours Criminals.. Please are we in the stone age? Are there no ways to register those people through phone and transact in order to have proper records and effectiveness? When bank account can be opened by phone these days. God help! Gidi_Traffic gidifeedtv

This is scam. FG should give directive to CBN to credit all account holder with same using our BVN whether rich or poor. How can they commence payment when federal workers have not bee paid!!!, Rubbish Who are poor households please 🤷‍♂️ How do you locate poor house holds o ? Lol scam Amansi e ji ezu ego

FMHDSD The Nigerian government which belong to the North has commenced sharing money the northern Nigerians, not entire Nigerians. The government of the north, for the north and by the north only. MBuhari is the president of the North funded by the southern. Nigerian movie Majority of us are poor in Nigeria

Audio Money Please how do you categorized the poor households How do they recognize the poor in the community when many of them do not have bank account? Shouldn't you guys have read the article before making your comments? Lol poor households... I know of of them ate from the north.... Jokers. One thing i dont understand, is it that the stay at home did not affect other Nigerians? Nobody goes to work or do biz, bills are Pilling up nd no money coming in. Why are focused on one set of people. Abi the others no be human being. I hafgo.

Some news papers or online outlets said its 5000 naira.. which one would the masses believe and who have received any sen from you guys ? I hope this not the way to scam the masses after all this tremendous donations all over of Billions.. Transfer through bank or what? Besides are we in 1600 look at the way we do things here, we are not organise at all. How do they know people that are poor. That am wearing a big clothe does not mean am rich, what are the yard stick to quantify people that are poor?

Hmmm I hear ooo More than 90% of us are poor; BVN should be used for the cash transfer. Even me, I need cash transfer, I'm overly broke. What are the criteria that qualifies a family for this fund, and who determines who gets this money? Analog Government and what has happened to conditional cash transfer

timi_smith Ewoo.... Najia we hail oo. Osheyy 'poor' I laugh.... where are they located? This is Playing to the gallery... when some ippis complaint federal workers have not gotten march salary....what do we make of this What are the criteria, please? Super Corona virus go kill of our government if I no see alert tomorrow.

What the yardstick to identify these poor household? Unfortunately this money go miss road. How do you know the poor household or poorest of poor via this process? How do we know how much you shared? WHAT HAPPENS TO BANK TRANSFER THROUGH BVN ? This country is getting hotter than hell fire itself. Everybody dey conditional period oo

Location pls🙄 Robbing Peter to pay Paul.50 from every cash inflow 10,000 and above.Why is Nigeria government so callous and incentive to the masses God will liberate Nigerians from your grip. Bundesliga has moved their league resumption to April 30 & to curb & fight the spread of Covid-19, Borrussia Monchengladbach players were the first to take pay cut. Lewandowki donated €1m & Kimmich opened a KickOutCoronavirus account so that footballers in Bundesliga can donate

Another Looting avenue. Anyone who steal N1 from this money will experience a plague that will defy any medical treatment Wait a minute is this how they are gonna transfer the money to the citizen of the country? How will they identify the poor households? I feel this is another opportunity for them to extort funds..

How are you people going to identify those that are poor? Moreover this token you are transferring is nothing to the money on ground, and now I believe that you people are up to something over the Money. You these looter. 2107140227(UBA) Before This money will get to Rivers state, Corona virus might gone back!😂😂😂 Because of cash dy want to steal thats Why they refuse to send through BVN or maybe majority of the population in the north doesn't have Bank Account

only in Abuja!!! Scam alert There is no perfect data base which the money can be distributed properly and sincerely. How will the poor households be determined. Why are you deceiving Nigerians MBuhari Abacha loot was given to the poor.God dey sha.Eniti ako le mu Olorun Oba no yio mu. Poor households or to every Nigerians.

And I have not received anything or is it only Northern poor households ? That's the end of all the money donated. Even in this Corona season, some people will look for means to make more money Why are we not truthful in this country, what's the criteria for the poor. Begger abi. I don't get Perfect heist to guzzle easy BILLIONS.

Which one be poor household? De born anybody to become poor.. Nija!!! Bvn is still the best way if not na only the north go get all why others suffer this is bad am not in support of this .. My account number How do you determine poor households ? Another scam It should be given to every individual in Nigeria, which one is poor household? hope it's a way of giving to the Northerners only? remember nobody made them poor household. there should be equal right for once.

How what parameters are used ,stealing commenced We have the biggest number of Covid-19 in Lagos bring that money to Lagos and help many people🙏🏾🙌🏾 It is totally wrong to the phrase poor household. It should be given to all Nigerians with their verified BVN account number. Who is poor and who is rich

They should have at least used bvn and other existing structures While some won't get it. Everything to the north where poorest people are. Well done. Good job Nigerian govt is a sad story. Only APC members were permitted to get their food stuffs, now poor households can only be north How do we account for this hmmmmmm wgy not use BVN easy to credit pples

How do you transfer the money on the table? I think every citizen of this country deserves this money. Be you rich or poor,the money should be shared equally into individual bank account...FGNaScam I can't understand d use of 'poor' in this case. And why is it CASH, why is this country leaders jokes with us every time. As a citizen we all deserve this to relieve/rudeuce the hunger. So what's the usefulness of BVN. I swear I'm crying for this country. Nothing we dey benefit.

Rubbish! Which record or data do you have in Nigeria to identify poor households? This NigeriaGov is never sensible. Scammers, one chance government April fool Scam This country is a joke Please you people should stop posting fake news. Even amid coronavirus, una stil dey scam us back to back. our government is clueless and heartless

Audio cash transfer Who are the less vulnerable to get this money and can they identify them in the society? In Abuja again? What of lagos poorest? People preaching social distance also violating it. Better ways to do this If this stimulus intervention is actually true, what's the category of poor household they used in giving the cash. Why not use BVN?

Who are the poor households please? I wish Buhari supporters from the south should know that dis money belongs to the northerners. By BVN they will not be able to do shall we leave our sit at home order? Next Level of fraud. Humans without conscience Who don received the alert and 20,000 for how many this pls

Why worrying ourselves here somebody is posting this for April fool, so everyone pls realize and enjoy yourself the little way you can we don’t hav govmt in this Nigeria that cares for masses, I beg mak I suk mi garri God bless Nigeria. This is madness. They wants to use styles to feed the north,and abandoned others areas.

😗😗.. Seriously? this is how cash is distributed? Where is the control around fraud? the idea is a good one but there are better more effective ways to do this Pls wen will it reach my house hold 😩 April fool S C A M A L E R T 🚨 Analog system in 2020, fix your fucking database in Nigeria. Please can someone define poor household for me?....... because I believe 70% Nigerians are living in poor household! God help us all

FMHDSD Npower stipend oooooooo Good initiative. How are the poor households determined, and where are the places they are located? Audio money 🙄 This is pitiable and laughable... It is mockery of another dimension. I am sure they can do more than that Which of the household is not poor e dakun? Was that determined just by viewing the BVN of the breadwinner.... 20k, won tun fi condition si.... But $30k Toyota Camry2020 (400units) came in without conditions... You can never enter the 'good heaven' Awon were jati jati

Biggest April ever invented Another way of looting fund It is not all poor in Nigeria maybe it's only North side along ,this government is bad and heartless Until I receive mine, I ain't gonna say its a goal I'm in o... Bank would rather donate 1billion which at the end of the day we can’t account for 95% will be given to Northerners.

Wher I was hoping banks would even credit their customers account with something tangible and tell them to pay back as at when it convenient.Even if its paying a refund of 2k or 1k every month .I wonder why we don’t think in this country 3110155341 firstbank I’m a family of 3kids and I need the money to stock for them for this period. Thanks

As for me I did not believed this. Na scam How are going to get the money? Who is a poor Nigerian... BVN best option if the government really want to help Really! Who does this? What is the criteria to determine a poor household? What is the guarantee that someone will not return tomorrow to collect another round? Why is this government so illogical in their approach to things like this? Do they think we are that stupid? OMG!!

Who are really the recipients? FG... Should be arrested for doing April fool for us at the critical time. I come in peace BglOnetime 20k for what From 17.somthing Billion Don’t bother sending to me,I’ll sleep here for DONJAZZY’s giveaway. What kinda country is this . why are they facilitating the spread of the virus , what kinda. Raggedy ass government is this, why is the use of the lock down when people come out in mass to collect money , lazzy ass administration that can think of ways to stimulate it citizens.

What of we that don't have job we no be person abi We know see any transfer ooo who then send money too pls 👌 That's in the north Everybody is now poor, coz everywhere is shut down, including offices. So currently we are all poor. Lie lie government. Tufiyakwa for una. What are the conditions? Which state abeg

No one knows someone that knows someone that knows someone that got it. Even BMC haven't thought of creating poor ghosts. So what are the indices for identifying those families? adisababa365 Audio You are fighting COVIDー19, and the same time hand people cash. By the time this is over, more people will get COVID19 from coming to collect cash. Such coconut heads as leaders 🙈

Channels u guys should continue encouraging d fraud of a government How I mean they'll just be going to Ghettos or what See this is 22nd century and all this Madness in this country should stop I mean what's the need of BVN at the first place They should just tell us they want to disburse it to their Northern brothers Biko.....

How will you know who is poor or rich If they want to pay us all for house them fit pay... Since Nepa can locate every household in Nigeria 🇳🇬 why can’t the Government do... Stop this grandstanding and eye did you come up with your statistics, I guess it's still the political list of Npower, tradermoni,etc that favours only section and few individual. in this case every poor Nigerians across board deserve a token

Who are the people in this category of poor and what database are they using to locate these people When they said 'poor household' what exactly do they mean?...lemme tell u, 85 to 90% of Nigerians need that money😬😡...b4 thunder go fire una. And who are those poor households?🤔 How will they know who is righteous?

FMHDSD Must u show this in cash or cashless transfer.. Why the show off. Is it for poor people in FCT ALONE.? Buhari na scam...The poorest people in Nigeria are from the North and he’s from North...Just tell us you want to give your people money cus how would you measure the poor people...Every citizens also have the right to collect this 20k... Nigerians are poor and we need the money

Na lie no body receive Amy 20k make one atop to they lie give the word Abeg ona lie too much phaarouq April fool😆😆 How do they determine who is poor & who is not? FMHDSD They need to make it “if you’re earning above N1miliion per year, you’re not qualified for this money” simple lobatan Na God go punish FG,make una Dey do tf una Dey do cash.. way of stealing

Are you serious? In a civilized society Gvt dey suow case cash like this ... so whats the use or benefit of BVN? Oh God!! Then channel television who is the poorest in Nigeria where you started FMHDSD U dey avoid corona virus and still want people to queue for 20k. That's madness FMHDSD Madness once physical cash is involved, the process will be abused. Electronic transfers are more reliable

Audio money. Are you sure Great initiative very poor disbursement, I saw some images of cashpay💰 , wonder whose idea , what data? If this is true in the next 5months it will still be ongoing. We have intelligent persons in this country, we can do better . FMHDSD The US and UK didn’t say poor. They are not giving anyone earning above 98,000 per year

Nigerian Government don't make use of data, what happen to SIM registration, birth certificate and Voters registration? My naija my naija Both this thing na scam na What measures are they putting in place to know the families that need this. I just hope it's not audio money sha Even during this period, these guys are still going to steal from the masses. I don't understand u people o. Can u be human for once and have compassion. What do u mean by poor households for God's sake?

Hmmmm To buy what market is closed I don't know the criteria by which they identify the poor, but we at the South need that money too. How do you define poor people? See me see my country 20k who is deceiving who nawo...... Group of fraudsters babajay1 You are only eligible if your from the North. Yoruba how market?

I know this is a lie. They want to scam us. What happened to a more civilized way to do this? Hmm Na lie I just saw it on tvc news now. it just rumour SCAM !!! I just pray that these fund gets to who needs them the most first. Are they actually giving it in cash? If so then it’s not a good idea as that is another way to transfer the disease

Please don't finish your garri in a hurry expecting any money from FG cos this money is just for photo sake. audio money plus they have finished sharing the money before announcing it. Who bewitched us in Nigeria? This process is a big scam! You people should cover your face in shame. Mtcheeewww I will be happy if the committee in charge of this money can see this. How can you say you are giving out money to the poor while some are there dying of hunger. If I may ask what's the definition of your own poor?

Scam I Received my alert..... to God be the glory. What is the Condition? What's the shearing formula? Where are the poor house hold ? UnaMumuNevaDo? Please confirm the authenticity of this information This money will still no go round. 20k is actually too small😞 Audio money from Audio government. APC scammers

To poor citizens or northerner ? Channels you can lie. How did they identify the poor households? yahoo activited Untill I receive mine...if not na scam no criteria was stated n no one can locate where dis exercise is taking place mtsw This system may end up enriching d top participants in govt cycle The government promotes Cashless Policy but does otherwise, what's qualifies one has being poor if I may ask? Cos the last time I checked my wallet I felt poor

When you say conditional what are you trying to point out... All Nigerians are in a conditional state.... Stop this April Fool play and share the money to every Nigerian Which one is poor household again, everyone need money in Nigeria abegii. Ask nepa how they distribute bills, please use that means since una nor wan use bvn

April fool is over na,channels stopeet Laye What does dis Mean,what yardstick will be used to know d ones Dat translate to poor households. Great thinking, Good idea provided it is not misappropriated. After all it is still the tax payers fund. Who has receive any alert yet? ... We need evidence! Table payment...what about social distancing? Sadiya_farouq hope you consider the risk and corruption attached to sharing it on table?

How did they get the data of poor household? Are they supposed to eat the money ? Food is what everyone needs! Scammers Do we have a database for the poor? Another means to syphon money that is meant for the general public There must be a verifiable list of beneficiaries for Nigerians to check because the level of corruption in this administration we dont trust them to do the right thing. They will use it to cut grass.

How did channel 📺 get to the petty news transmission. Ps remove the transfer. babajay1 The money is meant for the North. Stop wasting your time. This is only for apc loyalists lol Lies How do they identify the poor homes, is there any home that does not need the federal government money at this critical time?

On what basic are transferring? Do the Fed Govt have data for the poor households in Nigeria? Food transfer not cash. I smell fraud Is that how, they will be sharing it in physical cash nationwide ' is that not against self isolation and social distancing the money should be transfered Online ' And whats the Criteria for someone to be legible ...this money should be shared to all nigerians'

Okay, that's nice. They should collaborate with PHCN (NEPA) personnels because they know every house Lamestream media..... this is scam This scams Is the FG not supposed to be paying every Nigerian whether working or not even if a stipend? Na Jonathan say make we dey talk this one, if say him defined our votes all this nonsense no go dey happen.

This is the best time to use voters card, wheither you vote APC or PDP. Present voters card collect money simple but our voters card is not electronic. This will make people not to overlook national stuffs when they call for it. The thing is notherners go collect pass How will they determine the households that are poor?. Is it only the poor households that are on lockdown?.

What is their criteria on determining poor households? Lack of tranparency is whatput Italy and Spain in their situation. If the Govt wants to politicize this situation, the end result will be catastrophic. Please use BVN and national ID number. By the way how FG take identify poor people? So how will they identify the poor?

Our Government Na Scam Na northerners get the money You want to give them dirty notes so they go out and get infected in markets and come home and spread it then later can't get space in the hospital ABI? Distribute food stuff to all and stop this hypocrisy! They call it transfer, but na physical cash the table illiteracy no good o.

Please did they define: 'poor households?' That's important. Because when it comes to money they have always defined 'poor' wrongly in this country. It almost always means 'people around' “Conditional “ hummmm Why do we always like to go manual. Decisions with avoidable loopholes. Something is very wrong with decision makers.

Why would channels not do a proper journalism by asking FG how they classify poor households? The media houses are complicit of the crimes in Nigeria. How did they know poor household ? Audio money 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 How are they going to identify the real poor households ? Or those who truly deserve it Pls it's time to stop all these audio cash

please seek to provide evidence for this claim. FG should release evidence for every activity it carries out towards this course. God bless Nigeria. Citizens with BVN should benefit this as well Nigeria 🤦🤦 That's just for an area in Abuja Thunder go fire una Channes is way dumber How will they know the poor household... Use BVN

Why are we using BVN then? What a wasteful and self centred government so with all these billions flying into the FG account they cant send more money to all those with BVN Lagos state is more affected by COVID-19 than any other state in Nigeria. They should not assume everybody in Lagos is financially okay compared to other states, the financial responsibility in Lagos is huge. But we all know only the North will be given this.

supabara Nawa oooh Wait o Na cash not transfer 🧐. Government denied this And watch them use it as a campaign tool during the election year. Very poor, bad and fraudulent policy Another fraudulent activity How did you identify the poor household? I'm not also surprised it has to be in Abuja instead of Lagos with more cases and larger population. This country is just a big scam

The FG should first define the poor before sharing: People who resell Ugwu(pumpkin leaves) and do not own bank accounts? Or Those who work 20k per month but do not have bank accounts? Or People who work or do business and earn 20k monthly with bank accounts? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 We all need it nothing like poor house hold

How do they measure poor household? How these money go reach poor people in a easy way Hope the money has not been infected with COVID 19 õõõ. Why can't it be transfered to their account What are the conditions to determine a poor Nigerian. The FG should do the needful by transferring the 20k via CBN through verified BVN

This people believe only notherner are poor, I need this money abeg They should locate everyone through their bank BVN not just audio transfer everyone in Nigeria is poor only the politicians are rich I suggest the use of bvn to enable it get to all Nigerians The more you look, the less you see. But when did we start having 2 federal government in Nigeria? OMG we are doomed. Some federal government is sharing 5k and some federal government is sharing 20k. Chai

We’re trying to stay safe... we are not allowed to go to crowded area... pls MBuhari BVN is the best option pls sir Which medium are they using, bank transfer or door to door . How do they know which household is poor? Let us know the location of the poor household and the areas that will be covered.. What is the use of our BVN?

I pray at the end of this menace there wont be a revolution..I pray 🙄 So its in abuja that there is lockdown. Funny people When & what's the procedure please🇳🇬😩😵? Hope it will reach us oh not audio transfer Everything about this government is abysmal failure. Hmmmm.....another way to embezzle millions of Naira in the name of helping the poor. How do they identify the poor people? Do they know that in my community alone there several old poor people? Hmmmm....may God help us

Let be sure if this is genuine ohhhhh pls Daily trust said N5,000 you are saying N20,000.Its simply Audio money. OK... Its cash transfer, what's up with the physical cash on the table? Federal government with scam info,this one weak me too cos many donations are in Billions and still you can't send to acct using BVN ,you are here saying poorest household hmmmm make una get shame small nah

What happened to Bvn? What are the modalities to be used to ensure this money is not hijacked like ballot box by some dangerous elements? 🤔 Shebi nepa bill de reach every Nigerian dormot, why dem nor follow this method if truly they want to share money? Na wah oh🤔 They don't rate us in this country tbh

How, where,when, Vitus Onuoha Mbanaso 3005370255 First bank I kept asking how do they know and identify the poor households? Explain meaning of poor house hold please? It's is when the FG wants to start being trickish that they come up with phrases like this. cenbank finminnigeria Give 20K to all Nigerians with BVN

I prefer it this way ' FG commences 20k conditional cash transfer to poor household in the Northern part...' Who are the poor households, what criteria did they use to identify them. Pls stop spreading fake news. For your information, the poorest people dont even have bank account Speechless How are the poor households being identified? Does the government know that they are exposing these people to unnecessary danger because “big boys” will visit them at night to collect this money from them. Why not do bank transfers? Or you don’t want to minimize fraud?

When is this coming to Lagos cos Lagos is a big city o What do you mean by 'conditional'? No comment Can someone tell me why they're not using BVN...yeye dey smell. Retweet if you have two to 3 more poor bank account with different poor bvn Now they think they are wise oooooooo hmmmmn Corruption Location pls

This is rubbish very low thinking leaders Hmmm. I heard 10,000/ now 20,000. Before with bvn, now without out bvn, how do the want to achieve that. Has anyone here received anything 🙄 It's all lie Las Las na scam but I Dy Wait It ought to be shared through banks Take that piece of trash, buy Gold and bitcoin.

Idiots i thought we said cashless banking Transfer to our BVN account😡😡 More than 40 million have Bvn Hunmm inside life,... What happened to BVN? My questions has been how do they determined the poor? What is the criteria? Ok We hear You people are mad.. How did they know poor households? Scam 101. Good job , at least it’s something

If it’s to share nepa bill they know how to even get bill to the church rat but it’s time to share money for the people now we are not hearing anything from the so call Government What will they use the money to buy when everywhere is in lockdown Who are those poor households, rubbish.. It isn’t enough to report that FG has commenced this exercise. Do your journalistic duties, follow the money, dig deeper, beam your search light and illuminate the process. This cash transfer thing is in dare need of transparency and inclusiveness.

If any of those in charge of the cash transfer takes 1kobo from that money, may Covid-19 kill that person and their immediate family members as was done to Gehazi in the book 📙 of 2king5: 25-27. Whts criteria of dictating the poor? Make d money Sha reach Nigerians it doesn't matter if u start from the north but let it get to those who need it

How did they define their 'Poor House'? How will FG identify their so called 'Poor House'? This is how partiality will start. At present, ever Nigerians are Poor for this FG lockdown. MBuhari NGRSenate HouseNGR MobilePunch Scam Use BVN to check peoples account balance and you know who to give This is not a country but an arrangement

Rubbish The transfer is for the northerners not for South east , south south or south west. Who is fooling who There should definitely be another fund transfer through BVn(s) You people are endangering the lives of the benefitiaries as the are proñe to armed robber's Nigeria is a scam! How would dey know the poor house holds, and in what part of the country, plz always signify... People wet dey my area are poor than d poorest.

You decided to locked down OGUN, LAGOS and ABUJA but you don’t think of giving cash transfer to the poor household in those areas. Sey dis man get any adviser at all😡 How would they know poor household? Send the money to every citizen of the country Who do they classify as poor. How did they choose ?.scam

Which one is poor households Which one is 'conditioner' cash transfer again? All those ministers and senators might get back their salaries from here. Wash Nigerian need money to stay at home Oguntuase David first bank 3021789837 Make una dey open the link read the news well na🤦🏾‍♀️😩 yungtimz Foolish government mtchew una things really dy vex person 🙄🙄🙄

I don't trust 2 guys at the scene... Their Belle be like truck To who and who are they given the contribution too nothing government The cash transaction is lacking transparency and accountability in it entirety. This is promoting corruption as the fund may not get to the people irrespective of the barometer used in identifying the suppose beneficiaries of this credible initiative. COVIDー19 FMHDSD MBuhari

Nigeria govt with their way of doing things really sucks Good job Please it should be circulated,i am totally broke down,even I really need help to feed my family am a father of one,my mother and my two sister with one wife...please I really need help Is this civilse to go on with raw cash, when it can go through BVN. this is to tell you how corrupt they are.

Ogun kill them. They can't fund average people via their bank account status abi. They are mad. If there is proper statistics, BVN should be used to credit these people not this Audio Money until I see one genuine confirmed transaction. And because of some people are fools, how many individuals have bvn? No matter how dey do it some will benefit while others will not. If you are lucky so be it.

When is this Transferring money to people's account is better with the aid of bvn a Biko, how does one qualify as a poor Nigerian? Most poor Nigerians don't even have bank accounts...... This is audio payment........ God will punish all leaders still trying to lie to us at this challenging period.... poor household in Abuja... we are just a joke in this country

How do they arrive at determining the poor households? Waytin happen to BVN? Even by this method of disbursement chosen, people are more prone to being infected/catching the virus, literally people on the queue will definitely have contact with each other 🤔 First of all which country, local government area, state, street...

What I will say is that every situation in this country is an opportunity for some people to cash out. Who are the poor in Nigeria 🇳🇬? This country shall But why are they distributing it by hand, what's all this nonsense. Don't people have BVN, with bank transfer at least it can be audited using BVN. It's a good idea but the way they want to go about it, they likely want to loot the money. I'm disappointed.

SCAM!! Audio cash transfer How did the FG come about this statistics or classes of people because the real needys may not even have bank account to expect transfers. Location pls They should make sure every state receives the same amount in line with the Federal Character only the Niger Delta Area where the funds came from should receive more.

Chuksbey What parameters of measurement is d federal govt. using to disburse these cash? Paying out physical cash when 'BVN' should be used to disburse such money,has compromised d entire objective. They will not only pay their tribal&religious brethren but would sure steal large. Mbok ni to ri Olorun make una her sense naaaa.... are you people possess

The best way to do this is use people bvn to tract their account then make the transfer so easy,I don't know why they insist on going cash. I’m pretty sure all these mulla is for northerns I don't know any house in BENUE that have received. Or is it worse hit states like Lagos, Oyo, Ogun, Osun and the FCT ?

Why 20,000. Why not D minimum wage of 30,000? And I hope they're ensuring price regulation so D money can be useful. Besides every citizen nt currently under govt's payroll should be entitled to Ds money. Remove: Civil Servants, Penshioners, Political office holders & Corpers. The money na Audio. How do they determine or know poor households

Tell FG am a poor nigga Just a means of still laundering donated funds to their family members wen they can easily use BVN... Only almanjiri are the poorest households in Nigeria Almost 80 % of Nigerians are poor. Hope the money won't be a political weapon against some states, e.g. South East and South South states. I advice the money be paid through BVN or National ID . I need it too. ProfOsinbajo

You guys should use BVN if you want to do something meaningful Why the show of money in display? Why not just send us credit alert via BVN? I hope it's Lagos, Abuja and Ogun. Nigerian government will always look for a way to embezzel funds. In this modern time they are sharing audio physical cash. I thought we went cashless

Best way to rich everyone, use there bank bvn no Is not their fault now... I ain't ready to fight for our right Nonsense! How are they getting the data? At end they will give their political supporters, friends and family while the rest gets into their private pocket. Very unfortunate! These guys are very stupid so what's the use of BVN

Acc Name: Akinbo Kehinde Acc No: 0457634891 Bank: Gtbank 💝💝💝💝 Lie which state, community are they distrusting it ? They've started sharing the relief funds among themselves... I'm sure they're the poorest citizens they're talking about. So pathetic. Pls who are the vulnerable persons and poor families in Nigeria? Nigeria govt should share some Bonanza cash to all citizens via bvn database. Stop the hypocrisy of assuming the later families of the elites are vulnerable. Share the money to all civil servants from GL 12 below.

Please, how is the disbursement done? Channels TV is part of our problem, always promoting and talking in the nonsense Why not just use BVN number? Because we need the money it will help How and which people are the poor, the real poor don't even have an account👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏, You need to start with the unemployed

awon weyrey audio money Aren't seeing anything yet oooooo We keep hearing dese money issue all d time...let dem do it and stop making it look audioish.. How on earth can you identify poor household Lol. Audio Nation How do u define poor households? %90 is poor here in this hell kennygold1 Ppl were shouting fed govt share mny share mny now they are sharing mny. Watin Una dey complain again?. It's a known fact that anytime fed govt brings mny out for the masses looters must always shw cm collect their own. Let them do what they can abeg, it's a fucking step.

What criteria are they using to determine poor households? Poor is a relative term. Why can't we simplify our strategies. Are the banks to determine who is poor? Even the poor can't afford to save money in the bank. So Who we dey jonse sef? It’s so painful how we think in this Nigeria I am always disappointed 😔 to be a citizen, corona self in China better pass this country

Conditional? What's the condition pls Which house hold? House hold of faith ? What is the means of distributing this cash ? How do they intend to get to the poor masses in question then whats accountability like I said it,all these donations will end up in some individuals pocket. The federal government can never be trusted,how did they know the poor once.There is no way the money will be accounted for,its gone....

Spending shinzu and shizi are at it again. Any opportunity to loot is welcome Money for the north only.. Fools Please how will it get to us o I guess the governments are the poor household, because they will end up sharing it among themselves What measure? If you are making transfers what's the point of showing us the cash? From this table now the money enters Ghana must go bags and disappear.

The govt is really laughable.. What are the measures they will use in locating these poor house holds,why can't this people use proper measures like bvn in tackling stuffs like this....if the said money is not audio money Make e reach my side Poverty has different definitions but I don't expect this government to understand that.🚶🚶🚶

Simple thing, transfer the money into the account of every Nigerian with BVN, I understand that we don't like easy thing, we love analog method, let's repent from all this fake and corrupt practices... And where are dey going to start from? Northern people conditional cash transfer they mean. Thanks, to Buhari. I just received my own alert 300k.

Scam Even less than minimum wage ...fraudulent govt Another dubious and questionable means of looting the nations commonwealth by the same bunch of looters. You are talking about cash transfer npower are yet to received their payment what plan did govt have for us in this hardship period of lockdown Reminds me of the first day I was paid in Nysc Camp during my service year

What ur definition of poor household 🙄🙄 this is just one of ur fraudulent act🙄🙄 credit our account meanwhile ur rewards start here on Earth 🙏🙏 followlasg jidesanwoolu JokeSanwoolu NigeriaTweetPub FMICNigeria Fmohnigeria NCDCgov officialEFCC 👉👉 money laundering Dem they mad. Tell them. Poorest households commissioner pekin don collect him own

Lol They still want to embezzle money through viral means... Where are they sharing it let me go and collect my own Audio money Thank God am poor What a country!! In this age and time. How will they know who needs it & who does not. Besides what happened to the cashless policy. Do this leaders have any advisers at all. Na wa ooo

Nigerian govt. Is a joke.where in does poorest get bank account let alone money transfer. 419 It's well with NigeriaGov MBuhari followlasg jidesanwoolu only the most vulnerable ain't the only ones affected! You can do more! Nothing good will ever come from this government of propaganda and apportionment of blames.

Another lost money, no accountability. Some people will chop 80% of the money and share 20% with their people. Nigeria, a country!!! 😒 On which condition? please Good initiative but there are better technological ways in disbursement. Think say dem get data to evaluate the distribution naw Please, which one is conditional cash transfer again?

We are ways looking for means to misappropriate public funds. Useless leaders I just hope y'all know that everybody is poor in this country. Before we go come here something different Scam, you don't have to bring out the cash instruct the CBN to carry out the task. Simple Is it going to be given by hand or through bank? They should be honest with the sharing.

Are they expecting us to come and queue to collect. Why not use our BVN Who r the poor people? North abii? What of the ordinary man in the streets with no job. People that r out of business. Dis country is a joke How do they know the poor households ? Why not use BVN ? Who are the poor Nigerians please I hope its still not in power abi..

How? Lagos, Abuja and Ogun State are the state announced by FG to stay at home and why not the money be share to them only. They should let us know the criteria for sharing. Is there any way to determine poor household in Nigeria? Another avenue for them again? God dey Please let it reach us o. I am not understanding the meaning of 'Conditional'. Everybody is in this together, it should be unconditional because the money has been released.

Corrupted set of people. did you care to ask them how they came up with their data Story story story! Once Upon a time? Time time. Nigerians keep deceiving yourselves Who are these poor people, what criteria was used to select them....They want tell us another story again ohhh, They want to act another movie again ohhh.

This is just another way for those corrupt men in Agbada to steal again, how do you know the rich and the poor in this situation when all businesses are being shut. If you must give any stipend you have to share it across board for everyone because everyone is affected in a way. Na by pictures abi na make we get the cash

I pray I'm captured. SEzekwesili It's well!! I just pity the people who would be sharing this Hand - To - Hand!!! Imagine environs like Oshodi, Mushin, Isolo, Surulere, Ikorodu and so on.... Smh!! If dey share that money among themselves corona dey kill dem. What ar d criteria dey want to use to get poor abi dey want chop that money coro dey kill dem one by one

People living with disabilities who are mostly feeling the pains are been neglected. How are we gonna benefit from it? How are they going to identify us ? This are questions that need answers Hope it will also reach all not some selected people ooooh Corruption will never and can never ends in Nigeria. Simple instruction is that the money should be paid through their various Bank account. They we're their making table payment. A won Oloriburuku.people

Indeed Audio Audio Funny country, funny people, funny rulers. Channels tv hope u’re giving us confirmed information, because we yet to get any singe for my area oooo. eyakwosu Scam AdenreleOladip1 Jillion1231 tizzylamie incredible_goke This one na sca, cant u just transfer to account instead of handling cash to pple...opporturnity to steal

UyiVinod Our government are useless and senseless. How did they know the poor people instead of using the BVN to transfer money to people account but because of their selfish interest, they are doing otherwise. God will surely punish them and their generation in Jesus name.... Amen Physical cash? Giving to a Nigerian to share to a Nigerian. God is Good!

ogundamisi ogundamisi GboyegaOyetola pls how are ds people going to get it,aidingaged How will the know the supposed “poor household” Which side of kwali Nigeria doesn't have any cash hand just transfer those figures you keep shouting let case close. Personally, I don’t believe anything this regime and it’s media agencies say.... let it materialize, we gonna applaud ✌🏾

Na who do dis to us😳🤨☹️☹️☹️. Bvn is the easiest way to send money to all deserving Nigerians. Queueing up will cause more bodily contact and more community spread of covid19. 😛😛😛😛☹️☹️☹️☹️😲😲😲👀 Please you guys should enrich your selfish selves and leave the poor masses alone APC NA SCAM Conditional? That funny. Over 70% of Nigerians live below poverty line.

This administration is a joke full of drama What is the use of BVN 'just to catch thieves abi' Where,abeg? It would gave better because everything so tight,may allah help us and forgives all our short coming Question is how can FG know poor Households? Publish the names and household that received this cash so that we can investigate if the cash actually reached its purpose. We won't accept excuse like 'we didn't keep record' just like the Abacha funds.

Y don't I bliv 🤔 What indices is GOVERNMENT using to determine and to identify the poor households? The urban poor could be identified through bank records and using their BVN to credit their accounts. But of the rest at grassroots? This if fraud!!! What nonsense?! Is money now rice we all have to queue for?! Nigerians can be so funny with everything.

AnthoniaOrji You guys better not bring almajiri people and tell us these are the people u reached out to, is one media filled with lies and propaganda,better not add to that profile Where is my own ...I never see alert oo 'Audio Cash Transfer' I've been waiting for my own alert, because the last time I checked I'm part of the 'poor household'

I trust our leaders everybody will surely rec alert Who be this poor masses wey FG dey transfer the money to abeg? Mk them embezzle well..This country with no data, how do they know the poor households.. Is it sustainable? That's nonsense this is how the money will disappear no traces and everyone will keep mute this nation self..

Please what is the definition of your poor household? When will our country be led by the civilised oh Lord. How can you help the welfare of citizens by endangering said welfare with such blatant disregard for Health & Safety? Sharing cash when you have account numbers, who does that🙄 AnthoniaOrji So what about those who dont have bank accounts like this woman,how will she be located

Hahaha scammoooo scam I have not received mine o The govt would have passed through recommenced churches and mosques to get to the poor. Then send money into the low income earners acct. via BVN BVN will be more easy How una take even know poor and rich house hold ? What happened to bag of rice Garri and tomatos , so this money, where you want make them go spend am ? Inside their rooms abi ?

This government will go down in history as the worst ever administration Nigeria ever had. Money that easily embraces same virus you're fighting and you're here giving hand to hand cash. What's the use of all these PAs around the president assuming buhari has a lot to deal with Where and when? It shall not be well with those sharing the money and those that brought the idea to share cash.

In a so call advance country. If all this na joke make u stop am. 0731920062 access bank Please how and where please Congratulations for the good ideas. The government should please locate those with less than 200 (two hundred) naira in their accounts. They should use our Bvm datz d purpose for dat If NEPA bill go fit reach every house for this hard tym..y b say money no go fit reach every house 🏠 abg

Yardstick It's gonna be based on nepotism.... Cashless policy! How much did the government pay as penalty for this withdrawal? Why if not for fraud will you be handing out cash? What was the parameters used in deciding the class of people to receive this? Why didn’t the Ministry transfer the N20,000 to account using BVN?

Channeltv is something else these days... FG and banks don't know our account numbers? Since 5 days ago FG has announced this fake news has anybody says he/she have received N200, 000 cash from the FG? Channels please stop showing us all this , I know it’s all frauds, they want to do this and they have to show the world and at the end lie they did it. This can be don quietly via bvn and active account. No come give us first hope. Cause it’s end time

maimcy Ask nepa to assist u guys they know where d Houses re SydneySaka Funny, so the Bvn now is useless. U guyz just want to manipulate the money 👏 Another means for people to steal money... Why are like this in this country? How did they get to decide 'Poor household' BashirAhmaad NGRPresident ProfOsinbajo Please what's your definition of Poor

I see this government as joke. Why are they not using this avenue to make these poor people to open bank account with the money . Like now bank officials can present you open accounts without problem. This will enable government to pay to right people next time. So poor household preference don dey government forms now wey Dem take know list of poor households....

This could encourage arm robbery Na wa ooooo. Scam alerts, audio alerts everywhere. Don’t know why Channelstv always helping FG to perpetuate this wickedness. What is the barometer used in knowing the poorer and the richer Nigerians Please provide evidence of the household who benefited from this. This is 2020, we can't be acting like bumb people and illiterates when this can be done easily by identifying bvn records and send each persons fund across. Las las we go dey alright

fowobajek clarroooo Am expecting my own packages lol scam don enter this matter since today 1500, 2moro 5k , after 20k abeg scam don enter this matter ...nor be nigeria? every thing na scam N20k to poor, i pray ooooh covid-19 don make some pple blow for govt... its well Audio money 2ok ni they should use bvn and disburse well

4real? How do they intend to do it....What about me....? If they can't make the transfer through the means of the bvn and I think the bvn is not recognised and it is a total bullshit.Then why did they mandate us to have the BVN if the BVN is not going to be useful at this period..... Fake !! Why not just use bvns mcheeew

Another big scam What is the condition or criteria for selecting the so called “poor households”? 4+4=2023 Scam Scam ....what a country Godwin grace johnny=2095619859=UBA Every nigerian worker or unemployed person deserves credit on their account. Given the order by the govt to stay at home this 14 days haba.. make them use their brain na.

Send 4me na😢 Scam alart How do they know people that are poor Still waiting for my alert no ojoro here oo They have millions of BVN. Wire money there. Bunch of scammers Transferring to household and not their bank account 🤔? How were the poor people identified? Uuummm,another milking opportunity for these clowns.

Thumbs up 0112130513 union bank Who are d poor cuz I’ve not received it yet 😭😭😭 How can you identify poor households? Stop foolish us 😡😠😠😠😡 Nonsense talk Pls, who marked those poor household? 😂😂 Audio money 0816303113 Access Bank Peter Friday F This is fraud, how do you locate poor households. Give me I'm affected by lock down. 0018394712gtbAdebayo Olusegun Timothy

Which one is poor households again nau🤨 make them share this money go round Household

Covid-19: Ebonyi Laboratory commences testing of suspected casesThe Molecular Laboratory facility at the Virology Centre in Ebonyi State has commenced testing for Coronavirus.Governor David Nweze Umahi, To God be all the glory that the Ebonyi Lab has commenced testing of persons suspected of Covid-19. Other states in the South-East are encouraged to set up similar Labs in their Labs as the Ebonyi State Govt did.

FG to convert over 300 Gene Xpert TB machines for COVID-19The federal government has said it will convert the over 300 Gene Xpert machines that are used for Tuberculosis (TB) diagnosis in the country for COVID-19 detection. And why is that Can't they afford new machine....? What is wrong with this Country I. Asking for the second time.....😭😭 No money to buy Covid-19 detection machine ? With all the money we have been borrowing up and down. Walahi our head is still not correct Location of the machines?

COVID-19: Empower local manufacturers now – Reps Deputy Minority Leader, Okechukwu tells FGAs Nigeria battles to beat the scourge of coronavirus scourge, the Deputy Minority Leader of the House of Representatives, Rt. Hon. Toby Okechukwu has urged the Federal Government to urgently empower indigenous manufacturers. He made his feelings known in a statement made available to DAILY POST Tuesday night. Okechukwu said this was in view of Bros, you are in the minority. Being in minority doesn't prevent him from registering his opinion. I don't get how some Nigerians react to politics. If local manufacturer are empower our economy will grow Wisdom full igbo man mouth! Make we take them serious ! This is a good plan

COVID-19: We don’t know how long this will last –FGCan you just pause for a minutes and say this ( God bless our doctors and nurses 🙏🏻. They are the real mvps ❤️ FG we don't know how long we would last too without food during this lockdown.... But u guys felt it was right opening the borders till it became blown

COVID-19: How FG plans to prevent spread among inmates – Daily TrustIt is no longer news that the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic is rapidly spreading in Nigeria, just as there are serious concerns over the increasing number of awaiting trial inmates in the Nigerian Correctional Centres (NCC) nationwide. For inmates, the pandemic may yet be another catastrophe against which the criminal justice system may fail to protect … – Release all non-victimless offenders. – Remkve all those who are close to completing time served to house arrest. – Rehabilitation is better than punishment. Learn from the successful Scandinavian model. Reduction by elimination I proffered. Approach state assembly to tweak state law upgrading lifer sentences kidnappers murderers & armed robbers to death.These brave sadistic assholes will agree its a fair deal with options to request for electric chair or hangroom. Reduction by elimination I proffered. Approach state assembly to tweak state law upgrading lifer sentences kidnappers murderers & armed robbers to death.These brave sadistic assholes will agree its a fair deal with options to request for electric chair or hangroom. Feel the pain.

COVID 19: 'FG should suspend electricity, water tariffs payment by Nigerians'The federal government should order the suspension of electricity and water tariffs payment by ordinary Nigerians for two months to cushio... Says by who, you want to kill us, I think this must be a joke Yes MBuhari should I am appealing to the rich in our Society, instead of donating cash money to government for COVID-19 response, please set up funds for direct transfers to our health workers and volunteers. This will motivate them. NCDCgov segalink nigeriamedicals Pray4NigeriaHealthWorkers