Coronavirus Patient, Escape, Lagos İsolation Centre

Coronavirus Patient, Escape

Coronavirus patient attempts to escape Lagos isolation centre


Coronavirus patient attempts to escape Lagos isolation centre

Mainland Hospital, Yaba (aka Infectious Disease Hospital), where the Italian coronavirus patient is being quarantined... on Friday. Photos: Tessy Igomu•Lagos tracks 120 other passengers on Turkish Airlines flight with patientDeputy Governor of Lagos State, Obafemi Hamzat, had said on Friday that the state government had built a facility to handle the situation, adding that the patient was getting better.

In an interaction with our correspondent, the health worker, who did not wear any personal protective equipment required of workers in such an environment, said, “The patient wanted to run away yesterday (Friday). The Italian man, who seems to be an engineer, was very angry that the room where he was kept was very hot.

An online entry describes the Mainland Hospital, where the Italian is being quarantined, as “an ultra-modern multi-drug resistant tuberculosis treatment centre, with a 40-bed admission facility.”He also revealed that the isolation area was a room in one of the wards, and that it was quickly vacated to accommodate the index case.

“As you can see, the place is not ready. The state government is just renovating it, despite the fact that the virus started spreading since December 2019. It is really sad that a country like Nigeria is never ready to medically contain infectious disease outbreak.

The source said, “The place meant for Lassa fever patient has been under construction in the past one month. It is not yet completed. As you can see, they are makeshift structures, hurriedly put together with white tarpaulin.The source added, “The standard medical operational procedure is to track all contacts and have them quarantined to avoid further spread of the virus. But we cannot do that here because we lack such facility, which is why there is emphasis on self quarantine.

The source said, “When the Italian was brought here, he was taken immediately to a room for isolation. He is there and we are still expecting more in the coming days.”“Gloves and face masks cannot do anything. We have been working here for years with people that have deadly diseases. At last, all of us will die,” she quipped as she walked away.

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Story. Kill him ooo This sagga of corona virus is kind of confusing... Uptill now,we have not heard neither do we know the name of the Italian that allegedly brought it to Nigeria.. What will I call this🙄🙄 Ebola came and we immediately knew the name of the man that brought it in but these? Mad Oo Please, give attention to him ooh

Look at the so called isolation centre, if na you will you stay in a place like that? Useless news if this pic is that of the isolation centre, then escape is justified Give us current update.... He should be given North Korea approach method if he fails to corporate Fucking kill this muderfuker

Coronavirus in Nigeria: Panic, fear as virus hits Lagos - Daily Post NigeriaThere is growing panic among Nigerians following the confirmation of the first case of Coronavirus also known as Covid-19 in the country. The Nigerian This is sad, are we ready for this?

Gov't should keep fooling the public on this, we know it's a scam plot by people to siphon public fund. It's unfortunate the public can't hold their gov't accountable afterwards. SayNoToCoronaScam to siphon public fund. No identity given given of the man. Better kill the person now ooo felixfabeku failed and incompetent govt. A govt of lies, deciet and darkness. buhari is a failure.

Abi orire tidaru ni😆😆😆 Abeg who remembers the 300m they said was given to support the health sector in preparation for this virus... They even said more was going to added Be like say u no like Nigerians abi drag the patient like goat inside unaroom fast be like say that guy no like us abi Another way of making money. 9ja sef, sometime you go hear say govt bring 100 million to fight corona virus. Hahaha

Fake news!!! Fake news Let's ask atiku obasanjo what happened to all the funds & resources dedicated by their govt to such outbreaks. Also let's ask the WHO in Nigeria & ask what their mandate in Nigeria is. MBuhari is the president & he can't ignore this report

Nigeria braces as coronavirus hits megacity Lagos – Daily TrustNigeria’s economic hub Lagos confirmed a case of new coronavirus on Friday, stirring memories of the fears sparked six years ago when West Africa’s Ebola epidemic hit the chaotic mega city of 20 million. Health Minister Osagie Ehanire said the first confirmed case of the virus in sub-Saharan Africa was an Italian citizen who had … Fear fear Nigerians very soon migration from Lagos to other cities will start I'll like to advice the FG to set up a committee or checkup procedure in every international airports in the country like Abuja and that of lagos so as every immigrant coming into the country should be properly checked so as to serves as preventive measures. FGNigeria

When no Air conditioner there... Mosquitoes dey bite up and down... Substandard centre... Why won't he attempt to run🙄...whrn other countries are treating patients alright... Rubbish! Now we need some etutu so that we can get rid of this virus 🦠. Did he escape, If no, then how did this manage to make news on The Punch Newspaper? , you are losing what made many follow you.

Smh Im more disappointed with Prof. abayomi than even jidesanwoolu . No amount is too small to prep a proper temporary ISOLATED quarantine (a stitch in time...). 2 months we had & drobafemihamzat even gave us 'bobo' on been ready 🤦. followlasg NigeriaGov we have a problem We don hear na🤔 Isolation center way dey like zoo, how him no go escape

Who will not run away in that kind of place? Nigerians Will Be Praying Against Corona Virus, Nigerian Health Workers Will Be Praying For Corona Virus To Infect Nigerians, To Enable Them Gather More Money. What A Country. NCDCgov we could do better.

Coronavirus: 28 quarantined amid anxiety in Lagos, OgunSaturdayHeadlines 29th of February 2020 1. Coronavirus: 28 quarantined amid anxiety in Lagos, Ogun - 2. No cause for alarm over outbreak in Lagos, says Sanwo-Olu - CoronaVirusNigeria CoronaVirusUpdates COVIDー19 COVID God protect all Nigerian

This environment really looks hellish. Why won't the isolated coronavirus patient attempt to escape? This is MBuhari team of Buccaneers ministers handiwork. They have collected N630 million and looted it. Government should make the place conducive at least to make it habitable and not turning it to be a death trap or a condemn centre for the patient. Remember China built 1000 hospital bed within a week

Make them no allow that person leave the hospital more security agent needed faa Is he mad? Just imagine how dirty the place is. Patients can even die of malaria in that facility. What a shame If he now runs away , what will be his gain? Is it to infect other people . And for Christ sake , why will he be put in such condition? Why

I am sure they just kept him there to die without infecting others. Why won't he escape? I said it long ago that even if the coronavirus doesn't reach Nigeria, our corrupt politicians must manufacture their own brand of the disease in order to 'chop' the money budgeted for its containment. Wicked people.

Where e won run go...? Perhaps that what Magu of officialEFCC means by Corona corruption...

Coronavirus test on Chinese citizen negative – Lagos govtOpe oooh! I don't trust these people. Someone might have received huge alert to manipulate the test result. We don't care about ourselves in this country. This is Nigeria. Be safe out there 🙏 Hmmm

We are definitely not ready for this outbreak. Now we will see a more actionable government between GEJ and Buhari. Imagine.. Punch news spreading fake news. We are not prepared at all.People are just talking and giving false hopes to Nigerians.Every one should be on the alert and help themselves.Lagos State Government that should be leading the charge in view of the population of Lagos, are still slumbering waiting for worst.

Pls where is that minister that had earlier invited corona virus saying we are ready, they should quarantine him and this Italian man pls. information dissemination.What happens to fact checking before passing information to the public.Spreading falsehood for likes and retweets is worse than corruption.If the law takes it course for this gross misconduct now you will say PMB is a tyrant.

How to prevent yourself from contacting coronavirus from a salon We have been cursed by the people we have in our political and religious leadership. I wish they are infected with this virus, that's when they will take our health care sector serious. Because they definitely can't travel abroad for treatment!

Abeg just shoot him dead to protect the rest Ours has began. This is how we shall be hearing all forms of sickening news about this with no control from the authorities, giving the public sleepless nights. Lets take caution. Why dem no even off am sef

Suspected case of Coronavirus in Lagos under investigation - Govt - Daily Post NigeriaThe Lagos State Government has said that the Chinese citizen who presented at the Reddington Hospital, Ikeja, and suspected to have Coronavirus has tested Ya Allah Please o God pls help us o

If they have secured their boarders and scrutinized everybody coming in, that would have saved them from this headache. I've heard it said prevention is better than cure. When heat and mosquito wants to finish him This is mad oo That's the problem of this government. Never ready, always propaganda to portray preparedness. Why spend so much time and energy on talk when the right thing ought to hve been done. Lassa fever is still a challenge: insufficient medical staff to handle such is obvious. Nigeria

😂 mosquitos 🦟 dan bite the nigga 😂 Gun the patient down. You wanna escape! You'll escape to ORUN ALAKEJI. Why won't he wanna escape? Does this place look like a hospital or containment centre? Waiting him forget outside? You people are disgusting.

Chinese patient tests negative to coronavirus in Lagos - OfficialThe Lagos State Ministry of Health has said a Chinese national in the state who was suspected to have coronavirus has tested negative. Thank u Corona! jayjaymaimai . But more precautions should be taken please. Travellers from the 40 infected countries should be quarantined for awhile as well cos as it stands it's not only in China, let's work with new informations as well It’s better so called officials speaks out rather than covering up

Make them kill am na I'm quite sure that health minister and others will be happy about this coronavirus, because it's another opportunity for them to loot public fund Lagos state is a joke.. I swear That is why north Korea policy is the best Maybe he wasn't sure of being infected of coronavirus, who will trust Nigeria in such situation ?

Looking at the situation of the isolation center, why won't he tried escaping? The place looks terrible.! Who will stay in that kind of place ? Yet they budgeted over 600 million Naira and they couldn’t upgrade the facilities at the isolation ctr. Money that will end up in private pockets. Nigeria and corruption are inseparable.

You guys should read the link b4 commenting, with such conditions, does anyone blame the patient for trying to escape...we're never ready for anything that can help the common man

MgeyekwaZ Nacheka na hz comment lkn naogopa This is really sad and bad indeed. We had enough time to do the right thing. How can you put such a patient in a room filled with mosquitoes? Incompetence personified. This is FakeNews is the most useless media house in the history of Nigeria, if u don't like Buhari, does that means you should hate Nigeria too? The government really need to shut down this trash house.

Can't we have decent and nice structures , with interlocking tiles . Pls send him back to his country if u cannot manage him and reduce the risk of spread in our never- prepared-for-anything country What an embarrassment.... meanwhile I don’t believe there’s any Coronavirus happening. Next week FGN will come up with billions to tackle the Virus. We re not stupid please.

Attempt to escape... Is there an intention to spread the virus. Make him relax oo,make we no borrow S.Korea tactics Hmmmm, better catch him and keep him under constant checks. Sorry is not allowed oh. NGRSenate HouseNGR Fmohnigeria OsagieEhanire

We keep hearing Italian man, does he have a name? Pls if he try to escape again he should be shot at sight, no time for games pls Had it been FG made that isolation centre as conducive as dat of repented Boko Haram rehabilitation centre, d man won't see any reason of escaping. Effective cure for viral infections

Are u saying there is no security in the hospital dia bi the hospital wey dem dey arrange since. This place look like warehouse I've got a solution to this Corona virus. Miracle leaf 🌿 Miracle leaf solution.... Fb page- miracle leaf health solution. This is unbelievable Nigeria we are better than this for God sake, this place is not conducive at all

No one has tried to escape china or american isolation centers. Home away from home Don't try to paint our country in a bad light.... you can't use the word of one person (who could be telling lies) to conclude .... Don't spoil our international reputation for likes and retweet. Idiots Just like the ebola patients that were dumped in a facility while the medics waited for them to die. The health minister boasted that we can handle corona virus and asked for billions. The least he can do is provide safe gear and facilities for the patients & doctors.

We are not serious.

jidesanwoolu U people just come on air 2 give Nigerians faith instead of hope. It is indeed shameful dat a sound proof generator can't be installed there with air conditioners. How can u keep a foreign national in dat condition? U think it's everyone that is used to suffer head? Probably they're not giving him a proper treatment he'd get if he was in Italy. Prolly

The amazing thing is you should compare this to the boko haram apartments What will we not here Crazy comments everywhere. They claim to be ready and prepared after all the allocation made towatds its prevention and they couldn't even do a proper check of individuals entering the country? Waste of a govt! Lies everywhere

How true is this story Isolation centre is it in primary school haabaaa 9ja Why won’t he abscond when the centre is not habitable even for animal care? Txtwistatornado 🤣🤣🤣 CALL FOR YOUR THREE YEARS WORK PERMIT VISA TO CANADA✈✈✈,USA AND OTHER COUNTRIES LIKE FRANC, DUBAI AND AUSTRALIA✈✈✈ WE ARE HERE TO GIVE YOU THE BEST ATTENTION. CONTACT Mrs BANCY TOLUWANIYIN FOR MORE DETAILS AND INQUIRIES ON +2348026792689 SAME ON WHATSAPP

Corruption is growing in Nigeria everyday, 2014 FLASH BACK JULY 20: Patrick Sawyer, a Liberian collapsed at MMIA, Lagos and was known by Nigerians. JULY 23: He was diagnosed of Ebola at First Consultant Hospital; he attempted to escape, claiming he had malaria, but late DrAdadevoh, held him hostage. WHO IS THIS ITALIAN?

What's his intention for wanting to escape in the first place? But take a closer look at the quarantine centre, and it's environs, it doesn't look conducive enough. I doubt they even have the adequate equipments to combat this ailment. Now one might now guess his intentions... Punch you guys didn't known anything about what you have posted. How much do you collect from the lying source, because is very obvious that all of you are lying to Nigeria citizens,

TF you mean attempts to escape Like seriously? 🤡🤡 🤡 Buhari buhari many did I call you?This is not standing on d lines to tab u are in power,walk the walk Teghte Shoot him They (Govt) doesn't have 2 go through all lies and deceit by causing panic & mass hysteria just so that they could illegally spend the funds meant 4 the containment of CONVID9. Where is the Patient?

'what is corona virus' 😂😂😂😂 Abeg chain that man to n bed ooo... But heat and mosquito na bad combo sha 😭

We already know. There's no coronavirus in Nigeria 🤡🤡 🤡 If Lagos centre is like dis. Only God knows what will happen to other centers Let dem kill this man What the hell 😳 Coz he has Corona then we kept him in an abandoned building me too will try to escape.. Oh North Korea Oh North Korea The home of japa gba bullet Why thou art like North Korea Oh North Korea 😪

Nigeria is never ready for anything, I don’t know what we did to deserve this kinda country 🤷🏽‍♂️ NIGERIA is a scam , the Italian man has no name , name they want to use style tell us that the man has escape, you see Nigeria, I have study this country to the last So that facility is for isolation. That's a shame.

if he tries it again..... shoot on sight.... it's as if he wants to be unfortunate

Ehn kinni he must not ooo abi his generation is mad ni me dat am yet to marry u will soil d whole country because of ordinary injection may 33kva thunder strike u if u try escape again Gidi_Traffic What is corona virus🤦🏽‍♀️ He should be reminded of what happened to an infected person in South Korea who escaped quarantine and went to a bathhouse. Maybe that will bring some sense to his head

Please keep an eye on him 24/7....🙏🙏🙏 Dear Punch, this is someone that work inside the facility and as you claim there is no protective kits for health workers at the facility. But this is one of those health workers image working at the facility. Could you re confirm your story pls. As it is, ur story is a fake news

I repeat that Nigeria is not yet ready to tackle COVID-19. But they claimed to be prepared to tackle potential Coronavirus outbreak nah? They lied to you, once again. SecureNigeria 😥😥😥😥 What does he expect? He is in Africa and Nigeria to be precise, even our president travels to London for treatment, mosquitoes and heat is the order of the day. Release his picture, should in case you finally allow him to run away, we will catch him ourselves.

It just speaks of how porous n reluctant d medical personnels n d Nigeria government are regarding dis epidemic... Information reaching me is that the Italian infected in Nigeria...perhapse, the Italian who brought Coronavirus in Nigeria is WHITE. There is no news yet of a new infection. CONCLUSION....BLACK Africans are immuned to Coronavirus. They are avoiding to publisize this notion

Just like soyer attempted to escape from hospital during ebola Nigeria our country when are we getting to the promised land. Alaye japa, may be heat wan finish am😁 You people should stop faking this virus thing....FG has already donated alot of funds to fight the fake virus in Nigeria so eat the money and stop deceiving people

It is in Nigeria that one will be hearing funny funny news about Corona virus. How could someone with the virus attempt to escape, to where, how... Funny lol That is like a lion to us ooo....he must not escape. I hope Punch won't blame General Buhari for this An Italian held in nigeria hospital? It will be like hell to him.I pitty him cos he is used to 1st class health care. What do you think is the reason the crimminal politicians dont want to be treated in nigeria? They steal the money meant to build hospitals and bank it abroad

The environment is very dirty ehn, even the walls of the building looks infectious; why wouldn’t he attempt to escape N690M was released for people to loot Shoot at sight

Can we see pix of this isolation center pls? lai mohammed said he's prepared to handle the issue even the health minister what are they now waiting for The place he was kept looks like a prison. I wouldn't be surprised that he tries such. Bcoz the facility is not convenient that’s why those stupid leaders always go out for clinic care

This govt is a lying snitch... That pics is so out of it, the Italian man don't have a name so also the an unknown airlines... Nose mask 12-15k... Shoot the damn thing. I believe he came on an assignment to infest Nigeria and he has probably done that. He attempts to spread it. Just shoot him already and we can hear 'Nigeria has zero case of Corona virus'

Please just shoot him oooo... Lets take the north korea method on him.... Please oooo Your credibility as a media outlet seem to be a taking a fast decline So mobilepunch why not investigate, and ask the relevant parties question to have a valid report, instead of relying on anonymous person whose identity is withheld?

The question is what's the name of the man? Or he's nameless?

Punch has become really a stupid Newspaper. Using wrong words like detention for COVID19's patient at the Mainland Hospital instead of the word isolation. Break his legs Ahhhhh. Mogbe. Shoot on sight pls. Nonsense and ingredient Kasha ma observe (let's b observing). I pray the bad of our leaders be infected with the virus, then a standard quarantine centre ll be built

Wey Dem for put a whole battalion of soldiers for there And N690million is already spent according to our govt. Corruption Virus don swallow money. 😂 Why are we always like this. People are talking about the man but none is talking about the useless people in government. Every country have prepared themselves since January but we aren't ready. Why are we so wicked to ourselves. Because there families is not in Nigeria. God

Get serious. He better not or else...

Please who copy and pasted the other, Sahara Reporters or Punch? Who is copying and pasting next? Sick and yet he has energy to try escape and Stopped by security? The source Said let there be news and there was news. This movie is becoming interesting The Centre is horrible can make the person sick Nigerians are something else 😁😁

He suppose be shot dead by now mitch_ihejirika Ahhhhh stories that touch have start ooo And N690million is already sent according to our govt. Corruption Virus don swallow money. 😂 Haaaa.... RadioPaparazi Abeg na, make una no allow am ooo Some of tbese news could be fake just look at the facility itself

Any of them who tries to escape should be killed immediately because he want to infect others The same way the Ebola patient tried to escape & ended up infecting the poor doctor & nurses who later died of it. All these due to poor facilities. Nigerian government when can we learn, when can we improve? Let's pray those heroes blocking his escape don't get infected & die.

Administer bitter kola to any infected person and watch... bitter is very power in treatment... try it We need north Korea style for the guy abeg Security agents should shoot on sight any infected person who tried to escape and avoid the quarantine regime. Hell in a cell. Where are you running to ? Nonsense.

Punch his lights out irresponsible behaviour, this is not the Beverly Hills Hotel anofia! Selfish How true is this news? My guy is hungry na Ehhhhhhnnn

Before you know there will be coronavirus hero Call a SARS man and GET HIM SHOT. BARSTARD North Korea just did. Kill these man FG Shame, shame, shame. Who make Naija like this? This Italian don't know say na we get jazz pass. Probably d place is not conducive for animals self.. If only this conora virus news is true and not another propaganda to move so much million .. Patrick sawyer we know !! What is this italian man's name ,let's start from there and pls show his face on national TV if possible

I think this is where we need SARS to shoot at any attempt to escape I think the person needs to be properly educated, advised of dangers to himself and the society. The fact that he is there does not mean he would die. Also they should be well taken care of and this is not the time to start asking them to pay money.

KamalAdefila I just hope we've not started treating quarantined folks like prison inmates.🤔

Wait o are we talking about the Italian guy? Well, the news is passworded so those that have read it should please give us the details. Like they didn’t tell him what happened in N. Korea Ahhhhh... Keep him well ooooo.... North Korea him Why bringing virus to Nigeria knowing that there's no good facilities,he has to accept that punishment as a price to paid for come to Nigeria with virus.

ehmayeka Did anyone actually read the article? Shey all this people are mad ni Could you at least delete this post if you are not sure of it instead of leaving the headline on and protecting the body of the article? When health centres look like death centres, what do you expect? I recall when I was young, I loved falling ill just to be around the hospital environment which was immaculately clean. Today, I can't even dare visit a public hospital - it's easier to die than to get well there.

Couldn't we have a more conducive isolation center? Malaria will probably kill him before Corvid-19

This guy na devil ooh.. So he wants to finish us But why has suddenly turned into a rag tabloid? This is so irresponsible and despicable of you, People. I am sure Chief Olu Aboderin will be turning in his grave right now. I thought they said he eacaped and is demanding N100M or else he is going to spread it.

Please is that the isolation centre? Make they hand cuff that dude now and plan about deporting him back to Italy. If corona was an african thing by now we'lld all be quarantined in africa. E be like sai they send that guy ni o Nigeria. We shall get there. The environment wasn't conducive.. No electricity, no health personnel to attend to him.. And he must have been insulted and abused for bringing the virus over here. Traumatic experience the man wanna die or infect more people

Mobile punch toilet paper... It's a false news...Have you guys tried to open the Link, Nothing Is there, not even a word.. Mobile Toilet paper doesn't even know the man's name ... His agenda will surely fail, because this country is not medically adequately prepared to handle this disease if it spread. God blessed Nigeria.

What happened to the 621m that was Budgeted to stop coronavirus from entering Nigeria, the health minister n some idiots must have pocketed the money. This MBuhari & OfficialAPCNg Govt is nothing but an ocean of corruption Media misleading the mass Just imagine how the place looks like. Did people open this story before commenting

Anybody that tried to escape they should shoot the person.. No b coronavirus wan kill d man again, na heat and mosquito Naija i hail oo This country lies about everything, even a crucial matter as this. A medical issues grievous as such is taken with a pinch of salt. This is deplorable! I wish this government were proactive and visionary. 100 bed space that is what we still boasting about, shame!!

That foreigner has a plan, he was sent to spread it I guess. Please give him the treatment of south Korean president KimJongUnNuking I mean kill him😠 Before he kill us😠 make you get sense small. Make unah hatred for this governmenr no go kill of all unah But wait ohh why MBuhari not saying anything about this I Dey suspect say this man no Dey naija

He should be chained Keep on lying Meanwhile they are already declaring billions dat has been spent. 🤓 Don't fret folks! Nigerians will survive diz without d govt - Fly wey no get tail, na him god dey help am drive flies. Take d basic precautions; watch ur hands or sanitize every 20mins. Wear hand gloves and slap him, is he nut?

Kill him right away...he’s gonna die anyway. Nigeria can’t handle this. The government is not ready. Really? I heard he escaped and demanded a 100million naira ransom for his family 🤷‍♀️ Ah! ProfAkinAbayomi see the headline from Punch.. I think you should address this. An Italian whose Gov't provide them with basic amenities to live normal life of comfort. You lock him up in ur own isolation camp without any proper care. This was bound to happen. So where is the money the gov't budgeted for this case?

It's not worth sharing when you password the article.

Maybe the facility is not in a good condition. A place like that should be home away from home. If the facility is what I am seeing in this picture then the young man should be deported to his country. North Korea protocol can be invoked. Then we have no option than to GUN him down. Is this one mad? Abi he is thinking this is one of those Italian movie that he can act prison break? Kill that morrafucka plz

He attempt to escape now he escape can Twitter just ban this punch Please transfer that guy and his contacts to saner climes he could get medical care. If not, the people attending to them are in grave danger and all of us in general. The MoH has gotten what he wanted. It’s like they were all waiting for this thing to enter

Ah... The patient don know wetin go end him matter.. Na why he won ja. But the people living in those house close to that hospital are trying ó. Me go jar commot for house cause me no won story sey as he tried to escape run enter my compound so all of us inside that compound.... Make them bundle the guy back to where e from na

What's all these trash on the link Why won't he, when they won't treat him like human firstly. Prison in his country is better than that quarantine centre. He got the virus doesn't mean he should be ignored and neglected. Is even Net door they put there. Na to tear am, escape. Nigeria and absurdity in character.

Media! Media!! Media!!! Set him on fire as a sacrifice to save our people.... Give him to the gods 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 none of you even bothered to open the link. Stop panicking Is even security tied that was noticed and couldn't escape. Kudos what a job welldone Maybe the place was not conducive for him.. Just send him to China to enjoy better healthcare.

They getting ready for COVID19Nigeria is by wearing nose masks alone. We even heard that isolation centers are ready, only waiting for activation. This is no joke, we must work to get it right or our country will be destroyed. COVID2019 Wahala de Oo 😂 Very sad. Paying lip service will not work for anyone of us. MBuhari should intervene.

Chai! He has witnessed the bad state of our health system

Why can't he escape when the centre is looking too filthy and unkempt. Do you want to compound his problem ? RadioPaparazi Just because the Korean tactic is not deployed here. The govt plan is working according to plan what a failed country North Korea short the patient immediately una way thy get repentance boko haram before now Na repentance corona virus 😂😂😂❤️

Coronavirus : Beware of misinformation jidesanwoolu drobafemihamzat JokeSanwoolu gboyegaakosile Mr_JAGs LSMOH ProfAkinAbayomi followlasg LASG ForAGreaterLagos Escape go where? Una don start again Welcome to Nigeria Patient? How many cases do we have? Use the right word joor I can imagine being quarantined in a Nigerian facility. Won't be far from Sobibor!

please let him escape. I repeat let him escape. Alpa bravo, omega one. Suspect escaped into sambisa forest. Let dem send him to sambisa forest and block the borders there 😂. Boko Harams need him more than we do. They should monitor the person in other not to put the lives of other people in risk..

Why won't the person attempt to escape? Just look at the environment in this picture. Is it not worse than kolo Coronavirus? Don't be overly reliant on the Nigerian healthcare workers. I've heard about them abandoning a suspected lassa fever patients to their fate. But you can't blame them totally; blame the system. If not for the timely intervention of msfbelgique, lassa could've finished Ebonyians.

No one needs to remind you guys that he is now a terrorist and threath to the country . Just do the needful. If his intentions is to spread the virus let him be executed. He is very stupid. He'd have stayed back in Milan. So long as he is here, he must remain in the isolation centre. If he tries to escape again, he should be shot and buried in concrete. We cannot risk the life of millions over an impossible dimwit.

It looks like the man will die from heat/mosquito before Covid_19 gets serious with the man. That explains the country's level of preparedness. Very disappointing Na wa, what do i term this one now? Asong o Was he paid to escape and cause choas? I recommend North Korea method if im try that shit again... They are trying to curtail the spread...u want to make it worse...ogbeni give yasef brain

He was not trying to escape jare. He was going for prayers for healing ni. They must have abandoned him there while they wait for oyibo medical team to come handle his case. That was the same thing a doctor that got ebola witnessed. No Nigerian medical team would touch him. He fed & helped himself, It was foreign doctors that came to give him treatment

Unfortunately,if this building I am seeing now is our isolation centre,then it's very pathetic because it looks like a poultry. No white man from the western world can stay in such a place. Our rulers have failed us. That's Naija anything can happen Some people can even help him escape and he would go out of Nigeria through our porous borders $ all we would hear from our govt is we shouldn't believe It It's a fake news We just pray our case won't be worse than that of China No proactive plan

Give him the NK treatment Apply the north Korea pattern. Gun him/her down The content os password protected, couldn't read anything. Details please Punch. Is this a joke? He didn't know that Nigeria is in the tropics before ni, abeg if he tries anything stupid gun him down radarada There must be evil intention behind it otherwise why attempting to escape knowing what is at stake. I he should be under lock and key.

Make them apply South Korean style for am. Haba!!! They should shoot it him down. Una done start una yeye again You want hunger to kill them abi? We are in serious problem in this country, while won't he want to escaped, no proper plan for the purpose of corona virus. What I meant was, if the facilities where the victims are quarantined is not clean enough, with quite some space, and they are not taken care of appropriately, victims would not want to stay in there. I am not in support of anyone running away from quarantine at all.

See the place be like fowl pen. Kuku kill the man nau instead of molesting him with mosquito+heat+noportable water. We treat ourselves like shit in this country, he's European for crying out loud!! At least make the place conducive, other carriers may now run away sef. Smh This is not the isolation centre, it just a random pix.

I said it, this is a deliberate, evil mission against my fatherland! I though lesson had been learnt in the mission of Sauya who brought Ebola, that idiot should be repatriated back to Italy.

I know say na this country own go different Put him down if he tries to infect others. Please kill him, i heard Kim gave that order in S.K This building that looks dilapidated. Treatment centers hmm. We dont have facilities for coronavirus treatment why would the patient terrified?make una send am to him country for proper diagnosis and treatment!

why we de act like say the problem when dis country get no pass Coronavirus ? This is why I don't like when the witches don't contribute to good things in Nigeria... if not what are they still waiting for, it won't take them 2mins to kee dah man o Hmm better give him the North Korea treatment oo This kain country sef. . . Nothing is ever done right!

How can you keep someone in this dingy facility and expect him to stay there.

He should be shot dead With all these drama, how would I believe that there is coronavirus in Nigeria. I refused to be fooled But no details If this picture is true about the facility, then it's bad enough to allow escape oo. The structure looks like rabbit cage? Please, kindly inject him & let him die in peace Escaping from there would be calamitous

Make una tight am nah? North Korea method one time. Fake new U pple should kill dat man immediately, he has plans RadioPaparazi COS_LASG jidesanwoolu drobafemihamzat This story can’t be true.This is not a good news at all .Sad right now.

Gun dat guy down😠 Who wouldn't in such environment? Just like being led to slaughter house escape ke!! !!!! Plz kee the escape oooo.. Jesus sacrificed for the whole world oo. Dem send this guy come our country How can this be an isolation centre. Them Don give my guy watery bean... He Don purge die... Why he no go Wan jakpa🤣🤣🤣

Na only Nigeria things like this go dey hqppen, this is really shit Read the story, you will kno why he wants to escape Abeg oooooo luck him up very well ooo Because of the terrible facility. Money budgeted for the facility has been diverted to fund Bola Tinubu 2023 campaign.

Can we have the Italian man's name? We know Patrick Sawyer. 🤦‍♂️ why should he try to escape, knowing the consequences? All there plans no go work , our GOD is bigger then them global plans will surely fall Na film dem won act abegoooooo He has an agenda then. Probably because the detention centre look like filth.

Mad o abeg o As long as the facility is not conducive, this would be expected. If that dude escapes then employ North Korea style in style

Na wa o. Why nah? Please he should be watched very carefully I dont understand isn't that the same thing the Ebola guy tried to do the last time. Please whats going on

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