Chinese Doctors, Consultations Video Conference

Chinese Doctors, Consultations Video Conference

Chinese doctors ready for consultations through video conference –CCECC

4/10/2020 11:20:00 AM

Chinese doctors ready for consultations through video conference –CCECC

• Team kept in isolationOlufemi Atoyebi and Adelani AdepegbaThe 14 Chinese doctors who arrived in Abuja on Wednesday are being quarantined at a compound in the Idu area of Abuja.The facility is owned by the China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation which facilitated their trip to Nigeria.

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The isolation compound, it was gathered, was inspected and vetted by the Ministry of Health officials on Wednesday.The medical personnel, who are experts in infectious diseases, respiratory illness, intensive care, cardiology, neurology, general surgery and anesthesiology, are expected to share their experiences on coronavirus with their Nigerian counterparts.

They would also attend to the CCECC workers at the end of their 14-day quarantine.Various professional groups, including the Nigerian Medical Association, had opposed the team’s visit, stating that the Chinese experts might worsen the coronavirus pandemic in the country.

READ ALSO:Kwara nurses begin strike over lack of protective wearBut speaking to our correspondent on Thursday, the Executive Director, CCECC, Mr Jacques Liao, said the ministry of health officials had yet to interact with the doctors whom he said were ready for consultations through video conference while under quarantine.

Liao said, “Even now, they (Nigerian health officials) can have a video conference with them (Chinese team) without contacting them. They are going to be fully in self-isolation under the supervision of the Ministry of Health. The government has not contacted the team yet, but they can talk through video conference; we have installed teleconference facilities there already.”

“Some Nigerians are suspicious of the team, so I said there is no problem, they are free to monitor them. It was our compound and we have good security, of course.”Liao cautioned against complacency in the fight against COVID-19, noting that the cases could spiral as could be seen in the United States, Spain and the United Kingdom.

Meanwhile, the NMA on Thursday alleged that the Chinese medical team had other motives that were different from what FG made Nigerians to believe.In its latest statement, signed by the President, Dr Francis Faduyile, and the Secretary General, Dr Olumuyiwa Odusote, the NMA said the company responsible for the coming of the Chinese doctors had a concealed motive of employing them to treat Chinese nationals in the company, calling on relevant medical regulatory agencies in Nigeria to screen the profiles of the Chinese and their statuses.

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The NMA said, “We are not against the receipt of donor support and equipment. We rather are against pulling the wool over our eyes going by the recent statement issued by the Managing Director of the Chinese donor firm operating in Nigeria that the medical personnel will be treating Chinese workers in their facilities.

“We are taken aback at this statement as this is at variance with the information supplied by the Minister of Health. We wish also to ask when medical expatriates started coming to sovereign states to treat their nationals? What happens to the Nigerians working in those facilities?

It also called on health workers to be wary of equipment coming from China.YOU MAY ALSO LIKE:We’ve no power to punish UITH professor — NCDC“We call on all healthcare professionals to be wary of uncertified Personal Protective Equipment from China. We demand a thorough screening of the so-called medical team of experts by the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria and other relevant regulatory bodies to verify their status, as we call on the Federal Government to publish the names, designations/status, and qualifications of the so-called medical experts,” it added.

The association said after the FG neglected the health sector in Nigeria, health workers migrated abroad, leaving those behind to work ‘magic.’ It noted that it was aware of donation of two isolation centres by the company in Abuja, saying that the gift was not bigger than what Nigerians and indigenous corporate bodies had donated to the country.

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Their father! All I know is as many of those top men in government who use their power to cause chaos n strike fear in d hearts of Nigerians cus u know we won't be able to able to do anything....Ur judgement is awaiting u . Just calm down. Why not consult them while they where in China I have the opinion that there are other reasons concealed between FGN and China government on the importation of these foreigners against the consent of MDA and the people at large. The present administration has lost democracy but they are imposing themselves on us.

Well done I dont know why I cant just trust these useless creatures Consultation from whom Oga chinkos let me give u small expo!!! Anytin u have come to do!! Beta hide and do it nd go bkos if u kum around my area!!! I swear we would kill each and every single one of u bastards!!! We dont need ur help ok Go nd help ur dying brodas and sisters tank u

Doctors or medical Tech guys pls? Is this a joke Why bring them in the first instance ,can't they do that from China besides without their input some of the patients have been certified OK and discharged Video conference they couldn't do from China yeah? Good try, good try. Chinco must gp Why can’t they do video conference from China?

Lol Ndi ara The FG should have notify the Nigerian Medical Association on time Nigerians in China are seriously complaining of the neglect by the Chinese govt amid COVID-19, F G pls and pls,tackle the issue with emergency (action,although d House of Reps has been notified),if possible the recent Chinese Docs in Nigeria should help out.Thanks

They should leave Nigeria and go to Wuhan, where there services are highly needed Send them back😞 Couldnt they have done that from China? Why come here if its video conferencing? This is the most unpatriotic act and treasonable felony for anybody in or out of government to bring Chinese doctors down to Nigeria for consultations thru video conference. Where do they get authority to do any kind of consultation in Nigeria? This is a national security problem

Why wasn’t this video conference conducted from China?. Our doctors have been doing a good job, what is their actual reason for coming here ?. There are countries with worst cases, why aren’t they in those countries saving the day?. Mehn something is defo not right Talk true, it was because of NMA rejection of Chinese doctors having direct contact with patients. If Teleconference is possible, why come to Nigeria?

If you talk too much, you may not get more loans, just play along to stand a chance for more loans. That's the situation of FG What can they offer better than our specialist in Nigeria So, 5G network no dey dia country? Introduction of 5G 🤣🤣 They couldn't do the consultation from China? Isn't it a video conference?

WE DON'T NEED YOU HERE.🚶‍♂️🚶‍♂️ This video conference can be done from any path of the country.... Why are they here? May it never be well with every Fulani man that ever ruled Nigeria, both before & later. It's a good decision. This what we have been asking them to do. Thro' video conference, d team can share their experience with our Doctors on how Chinese successfully battled d pandemic. No doubt we'll benefit frm it

Can't Video conferencing be done from China? I will recommend ZOOM app. If this is why you are here... Please go back to your country and use ZOOM app. Who send them message, they aren't better than our doctors. Fake like every china product. Let them consult themselves, we don't want. Read this and tell me if this people are here to help or not

Nonsense They here with more virus😁😁😁 The goalpost is being shifted everyday. The hottest place in hell is exclusively reserved for these liars. Question: Does it mean that some CCECC employees are infected with the virus but have not been tested by our NCDC team? How did they come in to treat their people? How many are infected in that compound? NCDCgov Are u aware of any Covid-19 patients amongst the CCECC employees?

With the debt we are owing I will suggest we keep quiet and swallow everything. It was not like this before. You guys brought buahri here. Especially the SW so deal with it. We are in this together Why are they here in the first place? Nigerian doctors and nurses have been on top of their game since the first confirmed case, and they're still going strong. Why import Chinese whatever? Yahoo Yahoo government. Oin...

So they can’t consult via videoconference from China? NGRPresident will ensure they have a good network, power, and others. Conference call can't fix the bug since Nigerians concern is the rumours that their multimillion facilities brought in with them are coverdly impregnated with the deadly virus. What a shame! What do Chinese doctors know that Nigerian doctors don't know? Nigerian doctors are making waves all over the world in USA, UK,etc. This is the height of embarrassment of the Nigerian doctors by the federal government.

They're here to infect Nigerians with Covid-19 and start using Nigerians as guinea pigs for tests while we pay for that as well. See people that want to treat Nigeria... Let's sale this country Nigeria, am really sick and tired of stupid this stupid government After spending about $2M, so it ended in video conferencing 👏👏👏🍾🍾🍾

Could these doctors not have done the video conference from China? Just thinking aloud. Make dem better no do nonsense They should go now cos we don't need them.Chinamustgo The 5G network couldn't power Skype for them in China? Chinrss are the world greatest enemy they brought the virus ,they lied about the viris, they allowed 6m people travelled out of the fucking county before locking down still a stupid government brought them to the country. This people do they even think at all ?

Nigeria medical association, they said that the details should published I'm happy NMA is taking this issue seriously. Our politicians are just not ready to help this Country at all. The only thing they know is to wait for cheap oil money to share. God has helped Nigeria to control this pandemic so why do you want rubbish it.

Let it be live streamed for all to watch I thought their goal was to help set up, why are they consulting? Is that the next step to ruining the health system in Nigeria or u all have lost ur minds? Video conferencing.... they could have done that from home without having to jump on a plane What kinda video, which they cannot make from China. Even if Nigeria is owing CCECC,,,they cannot and will not Exchange it for Corona . We are watching them closely,,,Any move,,we bundle them and send to Wuhan.

Why den do they come to Nigeria... Why can't we do video conference with them in China These guys are smart. This pandemic is affecting their business in Nigeria. The earliest they fix the better for them. They are video consulting because they are quarantined and are not supposed to make contact for at least 14 days. For those of you making poor judgments without actually reading the article.

Some naive people on this plateform still can’t read btn the lines to see this is Trojan horse ,if you care to know Nigeria is the largest population in Africa ,a foothold there cripples whole of Africa. Some dumb folks on this app won’t see until the shit collapses face down Imagine the concert of inconsistencies ,just utter ridiculousness

We Nigerians ain't ready except FG Nigeria and these Chinese doctors despite warnings across the world of there motives of escalating the dreaded virus and ignoring NMA warning. Consultation through video conferences, why didn't they stay back in China and apply such methods, who is deceiving who? Thought they don't have work permit

With whom please? They successfully brought in their mercenaries to come perfect their virus testing. They aught too. The State needs to take responsibility for the viral havoc the pandemic has created. So dem sabi say dem fit do video conference, dem no do am for their place.... 🤡🤡🤡 What sought of leadership do we have in Nigeria, can't video conferencing be done from China

Why coming to Nigeria then, video conference can be achieve while stay back in China. Something is fishing with this recent welcoming China to every thing will do recently in Nigeria. So our Doctors are no longer competent? .....through Skype instead coming to Nigeria? This Buhari Government is really a scam.

Wtf so the Nigerian government brought 15 Chinese Doctors and Nurses to Nigeria just for them to do video call? Couldn't they do it in China? Buhari this administration are a disgrace and a shame to themselves. Stupid idiots So...u mean the President is now speaking through the mouth of China Construction and Engineering Consortium Company (CCECC)? Again, are they not supposed to be in 14days Isolation? So how come they have started Consulting... And again why didn't they stay in China & consult...

Lol Nigeria why Nothing musa no go see for gate Rubbish mission ...wasted effort So they had to come to nigeria to video call Video conference they can't do from china abi...who is fooling who To hell with them and their handlers Why then did they even fly down here or is there no 5G internet in China? Nigeria my beloved country it will be well with you

Nigeria my kontiri Series of komedi Episodes of rohbish They need to return on the next available flight back to China. Videoconferencing can be done from there. Au revoir 😡 Nigeria is a useless country. How can you allow self-acclaimed foreign medical personnel to practise in your country without MDCN registration, no medical exams and verification of credentials. Cant happen in a sane society.

Lol...why not test them instead? +ve treated or go back to China -ve is deployed. We are wasting 14 days if their expertise is genuinely required. Makes no sense. Nigeria should be ashamed are our doctors not qualified enough Video conference how Why did they come Proverbs 22:7 'The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the lender.' In essence he that pays the piper dictates the tunes

On whose data? Let them come on Twitter let's chat. Couldn't that have been possible from China? Video conference ke Be lying up and down, we still don’t know d real reason Why Chinese medics are in our country This is just damn very stupid.. Video conference can be achieved anywhere in the world.. But ' ohun abi won mo ki wu won.. Ti eni eleni lo n ya won lara'.. Everything abroad is always better to the people that lack true reasoning

These medics were brought here to treat Mr President and his people. Because we don't know the health status of our presido. Why are these Chinese here?! We don't want their presence Useless Alamajiri govt that does not know their right from their left, video conference from same place they are already, what a calamity of a government.....this OfficialAPCNg government is a monumental disaster to nature and humanity, a misplaced priority.

The question is simply, why can't they do the video conference from China to Nigeria? Or their 5G can not do that? Nigeria Leaders don't value what they have. I believe Nigerian doctors are doing a good job. Why can't the Federal government and Nigerians support them? Nigerian doctors are among the best in the world. Why TF are there Chinese in Nigeria?

What does Nigeria know about technology? They want to monitor people who gave them technology with CCtV camera...who invented the camera? God help us. Is this not blatant stupidity? Couldn't they have done this without touching our beloved country? So they can't do video conference call from China? Why must they get to our shores just to consult, using video conferencing?

No Nigerian should let these monsters touch them. They're looking for lab rats. If Nigerian doctors are provided with the necessary facilities/equipments, they are one of the best in the world and better than the Chinese. Ile ni adiye oti niyi na anyway For how long will the FG keep thinking its fooling Nigerians?

Mstchwwww Pls what's ccecc job description? The government will put them in the best hotel, with best everything!!!!! While our doctors and nurses are treated badly An urgent appeal. We are all in this fight against COVID19 . It takes only one infected person in a gathering to infect all. We need to stop Governor’s from lifting the ban on congregation and gathering. It is a small sacrifice for us to pay. Please SAVE LIVES. HSRCCOVID19

Please we don’t need them. Their evil communist party and Chinese virus Shey they cannot snap another picture ni? I think Pastor Chris is right after all What nonsense is this? Nobody in this government with brain at all? If they are going to be having consultations with patients via video, why import them here with hard currency?

Video conference from Nigeria,Why not from China? And who gave them permission to consult? When and where are they licenced to do that? How can this poeple just do things without sense ... Abi is it another way for sinzu to Cash out .. Because the Guy get format die Seriously we not need this people in Nigeria

U mean Chinese Secret agents? espionage Buhari DeportRacistChinese If you’re tired of dropping account number under every giveaway tweet and doing babiamla for naira Marley and his Heartless Colleagues to broke shame us.😩😩 lemme tell you how to make cool cash as I just discovered. DM, If it's not worth it report and block me 🙏🙏

So $2M ( Two MILLION DOLLARS USD) was spent on them to come and consult online, This 'Telemedicine' project is too expensive o. This romance keeps getting fishy and fishy. FG accepted them because of the Chinese gifts, in Wuhan where the virus originated from the doctor that raised the alarm was left to die due China brutal control. Rubbish, all because of looting we accepted them.

Troy🍷 They should hold it Abeg we don’t trust them There's more to this Follow StraightnewsM for latest news, retweet our post and stand a chance to win cash price in our weekly give away You people are fools.... So even when there are in China... Can't they do the video conference there? I didn't blame the Chinese... I blame Aso Rock for selling Nigeria for then... 😭😭😭😭😭 Your tenure will soon end... So sell and do as you like.

NaijaFlyingDr Pack you loads and go or find your way to aso rock we have covic 1-9 patient there We don't want!! I hope you and your generation are not mad? CCECC8 Both the Chinese medics and the people that brought them here are clowns. why didn't they stay in their country and video conference consultations?

Let them start working on the diseased members in Aso Rock and it's environ. The Chinese virus is rampaging them over there and going abroad is out of it. Their best bet is to bring the Chinese to help them treat the Wuhan Chinese virus. These doctors and whatever they came with should be moved exclusively into Aso rock and locked in there permanently.

.... and they can't do video conferencing from China. This people never still tell us wetin we wan hear They already brought in a more lethal strain of the killer virus. Embrace for impact and stay safe people. Video conferencing doesn’t seem to work in their village. Una say dem dhy come Treat Their Workers here, See what the World is Saying!!! who Is deceiving Who abi na me nor understand English again🙄 Fucked up Country Fucked Up Government!!! Na to dhy beat una remain MBuhari ProfOsinbajo Fmohnigeria

After importing Chinese doctors, can we also import Chinese leaders to lead us? We import everything in this country but to import common sense is a very big problem!!!!! Our leaders are all comedians that are not funny They came this far to video conference? Try harder. At no has being a Nigerian felt so worthless home and abroad

Mtchew Was there no network in China that you have to bring them all the way here for video conference. We no dull nah Posterity will hold those involve in this 'ROGUE' arrangement to ransom. If they can do video conference now why are they in Nigeria in d 1st place .. cant they do that from China.. av said there is hidden agenda for this 'doctors' we need to ascertain they are really doctors

Why didn't they do that from China, must they come here to do the video conference? Nigerian leaders are mentally sick That video consultation should have been right from their end from China, their presence here is a nuisance and they can't be trusted at this time. How is a private company like CCECC be in a position to tell us what we can or cannot do in our own country.

This are the technicians that will install the 5G network, cos they don't really look like doctors to me. What difference has it made? Is it not same video conferencing Nigerians voted for, that FG turned down? Abi transmission from Nigerian soil, is better of that from Chinese? Having my fingers crossed!

They should remain like that till they go They introduce covid 19 they are coming now with antidote Couldn't this be done from China? They can't do that from their country? They're not qualified to practice in Nigeria. Thought they're here for CCECC workers. Like NMA said, their names, details and designations should be published.

The beginning and the end of the fall of Nigeria as a Nation!!!! Inviting Chinese doctors to help fight the covid19 The Wod is laughing at us right now Smh Good, hope those that affect with this pandemic will gain their health back fast Let them go with their covid-19 problems So can’t they do that from China?🤷‍♀️

Chinese virus cant be treated by racistttttttt Chinese doctors Cldnt dy do dat from China? We are just a laughing stockfish in this country Yoruba will say, 'if you want to give someone cloth, the will need to see the one you are wearing'. They threat our people ill in their own soil. They re yet to claim victory on coronavirus with all their hidden data. God is watching

Which way naija? Yeye Which kind headline be dis one If u don't trust them why bringing them into the country in the first place Nigerian government lacks vision MAFO Non of them are doctors, they are just as fake as their product.... Ohh better ooo Since this coronavirus outbreak, if FG has been training our doctors here spends all this billions in buy well standard equipment in hospitals we will not be hiring doctors from china, expect FG govt has another intention of bringing China doctors to Nigeria

Very soon they will be in all d politicaly owned hospitals treatin d politicians n their family... Nonsense We dnt need them...... Beta Na you sabi

Chinese Doctors: Hold Buhari, APC Responsible For Any COVID-19 Upsurge – PDP Chinese Doctors : Hold Buhari, APC Responsible For Any COVID-19 Upsurge – PDP. Let den contribute der experience towards fighting off dis pandemic unless it's a scam! If it happens, what will PDP? Why request for their help Can't we for once have shame

StackPathThere should start from where they started sharing the money. Because they can't share money in the North and send doctors to us. No be who eat go take medicine Biko ike adiruo mu Such obstinacy. !!! They should test those Chinese doctors first, both the pilot and people that welcomed them..........God know say I no trust China 🇨🇳

COVID-19: Nigerian government announces isolation of Chinese doctors - Daily Post NigeriaThe Federal Government has disclosed that the Chinese doctors who arrived Nigeria have gone into 14 days isolation. Minister of Health, Dr Osagie Ehanire I can see this man doesn't know wot his doing I tot u guys won't come to your Sense I thought they came in clean. Iranu.

Coronavirus: Fani-Kayode reacts as Chinese doctors arrive Nigeria - Daily Post NigeriaFormer Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode has reacted to the arrival of a 15-man Chinese medical team in Nigeria. Recall that about fifteen Chinese Wat was his reaction as in how did he reacted positive or negative..... Please specify What have they come do..... abeg they should leave us. Me I still don't know why does people are here,still watching those,God help us all

Coronavirus: Nnamdi Kanu reacts as Chinese doctors arrive Nigeria, makes revelations - Daily Post NigeriaLeader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu, has come up with some claims regarding the presence of Chinese doctors in the country. DAILY After all the signs Everyone Should too I already reacted. This mumu has started again. He still wants to collect bribe from federal government and shot down as usual.

COVID-19: Apostle Johnson Suleman reacts as Chinese doctors arrive Nigeria, warns of hidden agenda - Daily Post NigeriaApostle Johnson Suleman of Omega Fire Ministries has reacted as some Chinese medical doctors arrived in Nigeria. Apostle Suleman warned that China may Them still let those chinko in sha🤦‍♂️ Hmm Thanks for your good work in helping to cushion the effect of the pandemic. God bless you Sir