France 98, Taribo West

France 98, Taribo West

Eagles slept with women at France ’98 –Taribo

4/10/2020 11:30:00 AM

Eagles slept with women at France ’98 –Taribo

’Tana AiyejinaFormer Nigeria defender Taribo West has sensationally disclosed that some Super Eagles players sneaked ‘African women’ into their hotel rooms a night before their disastrous round of 16 outing against Denmark at the 1998 World Cup in France.

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The Nigerians, overwhelming favourites against the Danish opponents, put up a lacklustre performance and were humiliated 4-1 by the Europeans in a one-sided encounter in front of 77,000 fans at Stade de France, Saint-Denis.Taribo said some players brought women into the rooms the night the June 28, 1998 clash, which he claimed led to fatigue on match day.

“I read reports about Eagles visiting nightclubs and driving limousines during the World Cup in France, honestly, I don’t know about that,” Taribo toldThe PUNCH.“But what I know is that some players sneaked women into camp, I saw that. The women were Africans who came to watch the tournament and fell in love with our team, because of the way we played in the group stage. So, it was easy for these players to woo them to their rooms.

“That is why on match day, you could see a lot of the players didn’t have the strength to curtail the Danish players. They were tired after overworking themselves the night before with the women. I was yelling at them on the pitch, I was very angry with them.

“They did all these because they thought we were going to beat Denmark.”Copyright PUNCH.All rights reserved. This material, and other digital content on this website, may not be reproduced, published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in whole or in part without prior express written permission from PUNCH.

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That's disgusting No excuse. Is that the cause of COVID-19 in Nigeria Oga u an sleep please Attention seeker So what now?Is this a self confession of Pastor Taribo or what? And so ? I don't understand🤔 Eagle get dick? 🤔 True or fault Is that y they lost? And eagles slept with women. OMG! What is this world turning into. I thought they were supposed to sleep with falcons instead they slept with women. Animal kingdom ehn!!! Hei West, Thanks for the info 🏃 🏃 🏃 🏃 🏃 🏃 🏃 🏃 🏃 🏃 🏃

That's why we lost out, sex come with weakness and lost of moral. Bros just got his diary back after 22yrs Imagine 😠. Lol Why are you telling us now? Were they supposed to sleep with men? How does that help us out of the Covid-19 pandemic?...🤔🤔 Just for Pain reliefs Abegggiiii,na that one make dem nor play well You wait for 22 years to tell us? You're not serious sir.

I know from biology eagles are sexual reproducing animals Afolabibayor So u people expect us to rage on this since '98 ba!? Thank you for the info, plus we are happy they did... Nonsense!! Foolish news Afolabibayor Snitch Afolabibayor You don't know what to tweet errr Wawu!!!!! How is this news We don't need this oga Taribo

Here's the result I think.. How is that my business am hungry biko How does this correspond with the situation if the country We are in 2020 abeg? U dey bring matter of 22 years ago when pikin of 22years don dey hubby house!!! Let's deal with coro first, we would look into the matter. How this gist take concern me for this covid-19 🤷

They should sleep with men? Stale news The other day, Bonfrere Jo exposed westerhof Today, Taribo has also exposed the super eagles of 98. Tomorrow, na only God know wetin we go hear again. And so? Are they supposed to sleep with men before? If you have nothing to say abeg let us hear from others who have something important to say.

Confession 😲😲 Norms 😁 Ohhh, we thought they slept with actual eagles🙄 Is it corona boredom that is causing all these unnecessary secret spillage? After 20 years? Please tell us who the eagles slept with in Russia Abeg x3 Coolboy_lanre So we don't have a WC trophy because of nyansh Women will disgrace you

Why is this News? As opposed to other countries that slept with mosquitoes? 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️ U just dey tell us😂😂😂 awfa dos women. Dem still dey Pastor Taribo, is this a born again confessions, nah Wahoo. Punch Newspaper has run of latest news so the best dey can do is to dig up issue of 1998 in which girls born that year are already given birth...

What should we call this, or...gossip🙄 Phew!!! what a relief,thought they were sleeping with men So? Where's the cup Women only? Really? Their sins cost them that trophy Obiedence is better than sacrifice...the deep things of the Lord is being revealed to him 😂😂😂😂😂😂 next story Taribo pls hold ya mouth spewing trash over what happened 22years ago

What is Taribo's intention of this revelation. Did he also sleep with the women in question. After all men are supposed to sleep with women. Eventually they came through 😂🤣🤣 This France 98 seems to be a mess Was that the reason you guys totally messed up against Denmark? slow day at work, lads? Thank you. Now we know why you're beaten easily and badly to get knocked out Denmark. Arrogant and full of yourselves, you thought you've won the cup.

When others were sleeping with women, was Taribo praying? Abegi, make history rest in peace, he still dey go wake am. West, be careful... Na express you dey go o! Selfishness caused it too Explicit Okay that was why you people couldn’t win the World Cup? Abeg make we talk another thing. Story 4 d gods 😆

It's normal..... Why is this news? Fucking snitch Soro niyen?😏 And so? 5G like superstition is rife and alive, no be today. This one na news? Was he there? Tales by moonlight 🤔 U can't play with Sin and expect Victory So fuck what!! Does that explain the looting and cover up of the fire incident Why coming out now ? Needless

What na happen?! How is this relevant news pls So what? Why are you saying this now? U are a culprit too... If he didn't mention names... I'm not interested. 😏 Before will they sleep with men The facial is a perfect match. What is this news again. Of what importance pls That’s can birds 🦅 be sleeping with humans. 🤣

So? Y confession now? jarex2_official Chochocho who ask am question, smh 2020-1998=22years!punch!punch!! Punch!!! Smh Pastor T doing the Lord's work..😁😂😂😂😁😁 Why are you just speaking out by now? This reveal one thing: indiscipline. The coach and other members of technical crew can call some of these big players to order. History is there to learn from to avoid repetition.

has nothing to do with covid 19 or lockdown. please close that chapter🔇 1989 Who do they use to sleep with before? Pastor Taribo West Must you come on social media for the wrong reasons?.....and you said you are a pastor! That was how you said the other time how you guys visit juju houses for fortification and all that. Abeg, go rest your head if you have nothing good to tell us

Thanks for updating the records. But that does not explain the 4-1 lost to poor Denmark. Why is he confessing, is anything wrong Why telling us now abi is it a crime... I blame the media house cause this post is worthless... Their wives are listening to u o. 🤔 na men dem for sleep with? Bros talk for yourself leave others talk their own

Wow! Like Eagles tried new thing? Great news! Block em Mtcheeeew How has that revelation helped us now? Even punch? Before nko. Oga look front. Arh when i was 5years old 😭😭😭😭 Confession time ...and this is supposed to be news worthy?🤦 So fucking what I knew they was something with that 4-1 trashing by Denmark

So we should now go back and wake them or what? Snitch!!! It doesn't matter because even then, we weren't expecting the team to win the World Cup. I never knew that birds sleep with women. This man mumu sha, who ask am question? Abeg stop bringing bad memories joor. I still can't uncry my tears😭 that particular World Cup show. Had it being the Danes were African, I for talk😪 say na juju dem use. Watched Sand used head control to disintegrate the Igneous Rock of our defence(Taribo West).😅

Why u talk say dey do homosexual,I know of some coach who will asked players to invited their wife or girl friend to camp to enable them offload stresses. This is a personal privacy No wonder 🤔🤔 Confession time Pastor Taribo. It’s not our business. Eagles slept with women at France ’98 –Taribo 🙆 I didn't know o.

Give credit to the Danish team. The escapades of Eagles notwithstanding, the opposing team were very good and may have even won that game anyway. Maybe with a narrow margin No wonder ,they could not go beyond round of 16 Why are telling us now!!!! Yeye people. is past move with your life this is so Hilarious🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂

Atlanta 96 nko?🤔 All the best, who cares 😒 They should have slept with eaglets ooo 😂😂 As long as they didn't sleep with men Guy rest. E don pass. Italians slept with their wives and girlfriends all through, and they won the world cup. To boost their energy nah Who were you expecting them to sleep with after all?

Pastor Taribo, was that why you allowed Sand disgrace you and scored? waitin concern agbero with overload I think church is the best place for Taribo to confession his sins...this is an old story we new over 20 years ago. NEXT!! 👂🦻🦻 I guess he can't still forget the long memory on how some of the Eagles players slept with his wife.... Sorry, it is painful

We all know that do more than you said sir Evangelist/Pastor Taribo, We've heard, No problem. Shebi na only sleep dem sleep. Pls let the new squad knw that another World Cup is scheduled for 2022 in Qatar, let them sleep with goats & monkeys IF that will take them to the finals. Punch as una no get content. Be ready

... And spoilt their juju? It also could have enhanced their performance. Eagles slept with women at France ’98 –Taribo Why didn't he yell at them when they brought the women into their hotel rooms. Yelling on the day of the match was just useless Ion understand And so what? Are we suppose to praise u? Nigerians I hail o

Content scarce o Oga keep shut jor, why are you just speaking out now Who e help. And u are just telling us, u need to be flogged in public.... Why waited for 22years to say this? At least you could have made history if you've announced this early the next morning Are we still in1998? Stale news 🤭 adetunjionell Now is your morning

Why is he telling us, he should go and seat down jare Do you want them to sleep with men? Snitch, leave the Eagle alone , just a bird kwa😁 So you are saying that the eagles should have won the world cup in 98. Are they supposed to sleep with goats?. Whoever came up with this header is not a serious journalist .. if you read the story , you'd see he was giving it as a reason why they failed to defeat Denmark at the tournament .. there was a context to it.. not just a blanket statement..

women with goodluck Wow! I actually thought the Eagles were celibate at France ‘98. I really needed to know this at this time Why are u telling us now Eagles and women, what a strange alliance. That's why nija end of doing nothing in the tournament Standard procedure 😄 🤪🤪🤪🤣🤣🤣 Should they've slept with men?

Why all these confessions now, earlier this week it was Eguavon, now Taribo. Una dey fear say COVID go kill una? There may be more confessions from this former eagles squad. Lets keep watching. OK.. Nd why u telling us this 🤷🏾🤷🏾 So? Watin concern France 98 with the problem way dey ground Should we now fry egg?

Is this news? Maybe that's why we lost scandalously to Denmark!! That's not news. We've known that since Denmark trashed NGSuperEagles 4-1. It was on the news that one of the key players was caught pants down. Classic case of overrated, underprepared and overconfident players What does this have to do with Covid 19

Snitch Snitch Should they have slept with men So what as happen since 98 u are now telling us today.... Are u normal pst Taribo Na now you dey talk Did it happen in air or on top tree Could have gone a step further..... Names pls He should be sued for withholding such a vital information. That was why Denmark walloped the 4 - 0

Makanjuolafemy The match can still be replayed once this is presented as an evidence in the court of arbitration for sports. Na small thing, he should file a suit The sex just cured corona 'So, Eagles like women too' MADD O Is that a news material? You just tell us now since 22 years ago. No excuse for failure

That marked the end of a lot of them, because with them God was not well pleased. They were overthrown in the wilderness. And Denmark rose to the occasion Is this news? Because they are men with good working organs. No wonder Ebbe Sand dealt with you before na female eagles them suppose sleep with ni Punch giving us premium content, oloshi 😂😂

Why are just telling us now Content scarce.😂😂😂😂 I can't be shocked. An you did noting. Were they supposed to sleep with men? Eagles slept with women at France ’98 –Taribo Ofcos its an offence becos they were meant to sleep with eagle...... above all, wetin he wan make we do now Replay or what Infringement!!! So it is now an abomination for men to sleep with women? , this report is incomplete. Doctors slept with nurses. Soldiers slept with women. Etc.

So how does that affect the price of fish at the market right now. Mtchwwwww. Wetin concern us 😞 Thank God they weren't gay... So they should sleep with men? Now it’s a Breaking News in 2020. They for sleep with you ni What is this? What can we do about what took place in 1998? Lmao, were they suppose to sleep with their opponents?... abeg yarn us better story 💁🏾‍♂️

So? You were forewarned before the tournament about “extracurricular activities” during the tournament Na why dem flog una 4-1 and you exited the tournament. A night of passion and lust and history will forever remember the loss to Denmark. Explains a lot in hindsight. How is that one News Ooinnn Taribo. They've done well.

So therefore Story for the gods Of what value is this information today knowing fully well that time has past sufficiently between the event. 😂😂😂😂. Dem send unah go play ball. White man carry Olosho give unah ,so unah no go get strength play. Unah foolishly dey collect poison. Lazy youths 😂 Tasting the white folks whether they taste different from our Nigerian babes

It must really be a slow news week 4 Bedroom Detached Duplex for sale Price: N56m Location:📍2nd Toll Gate Lekki, Lagos🇳🇬 For more Pictures,details & Inspection, Drop a Dm or ☎️09085275381. So what do we do with this information now? Does that explain why Danish striker....Ebbe Sand did you dirty on that day? Y'all were poor on that day and were deservedly beaten!!!

Pastor Taribo 😂 Would they sleep with men before? I don’t get - will they sleep with Men? Most teams do this during news here Are you trying to tell us that was what caused COVIDー19 Not surprised they couldn’t go far in the tournament in the group stage And we're putting the blame on Denmark then for beating us, not knowing that our boys have done bad things before the match🤣🤣🤣

Eagles should sleep with eagles. Birds of a feather. Taribo just woke up from deep sleep with God What lessons are we to learn from this gibberish ? How is this helping to put food on the table of the poor? Or how is this going to create employment for the generation of jobless and vulnerable youths in Nigeria?

Y saying it now? What a confession? So ? U want them to sleep with man ni? Isn't this a norm? This is no news. Mention their names please taribo So, are we in 1998? Nigerian men have high standards and don't normally just sleep with strange women. I suspect foul play by the opposing team Is that the only one you remembered? If that's how God Almighty counts our sins, We'd all be dead by now.

U nko who did u slept with? Snitch Birds sleeping with women in 1998 in France... please we need to confirm dx news again. It is diabolical! How can birds sleep with women? 'Awon gang eye aye'😄😄 Your headlines are becoming annoyingly useless by the seconds... And so what? Story Na new thing for Una. That's no news

Ohhh thank God. I thought they were sleeping with one another. Instead of focusing you guys went on lustful adventure and at the end disgraced Nig. Kinni gbogbo rubbish yii mehn? Story for the gods. After how many years? Abeg park well. So do you want them to sleep with men ? Abeggy its 22yrs already ,pikin way den born then ,don dey finish MSC..

Are they pregnant? Were they suppose to sleep with men....? And this is news years later because🙄🙄🙄🙄 And so ? How does it affect our present 🤷🏽‍♂️ U self join dem sleep with women And you are part of them. This is 2020 1998 till now how da won take improve economy abi ma the cure for covid-19.....abeg History of Good friday

What is so special in your statement And how does that proffer solutions to vivid 419 ..see face And so 1998. Why you just telling the world now? So we should call them out and flog them like buharrrrrrrrrri abi Is there any allegation of match fixing in the 1998 World Cup? You people should follow me jare, I follow back. Dont mind Taribo.

What kinda rubbish is this🤦🏽‍♂️ no time nw they will say Na coro cause this one too coro no make u get sense Some lazy youths we not read well before commenting rubbish when will Nigeria grown if it premier league England player that is talking now they will listen to him stupid people inside great nation God help me flosh them out

And so what? And you are telling us in 2020, so we should do what with this information That's madecine after death. What have we done to the media of this country?; something that has lost news worthyness in ‘98’ is what your bringing in April 2020? Ehn ehn? That's what we call Sexual Complacency And this is always the result. Confession after years. I see this present government doing same in future

Should they have slept with men? 🤔 You want them to risk 14 Years jail term instead of risking their victory at the World Cup? Goan see-down! 🤣😂🙄 TeD_Phantom Should we now fry eggs? 🙄 Confession Taribo ! are you saying you were innocent ? Westin we need this news for abeg? Pikin wey dem born after then don win d world cup

Abeg abeg abeg.. next please!!! So what's our business now ? Does this provide Cure for CV 19. And so? Were they meant to sleep with Men? Nonsense what happened 98 why reviling the secret 2020 as a pastor. You did not do. Say the truth Ordinary football game, just watch, shout goalllll......, so you want to compare to human beings, abi na cow ni, or attached more special as if it's our problems right now, this Nigeria sha, tuffeeeeee

So there are some fatherless eaglets out there.... Thanks for the expose pastor Taribo. mojopromotion WOMEN WILL ALWAYS EMBARASS YOU. EAGLES? CHAI Nothing we no go see for pastor Chris 5G time. 😭😭😭 Wait were they supposed to sleep with goat? So make dem go reply match ? Snitching 🤔 We know what happened then. A veteran sports reporter with NTA then used euphemism to tell Nigerians after the ouster.

Eagle slept with women? The height of bestiality! 😭 How much have you contributed in ur locality for Covid19? Were they not men, who else would they have slept with? What has this got to do with the current event? Punch!!!!!! Common Hope the toto was sweet That was why they couldn’t lift the trophy yeah? You guys are just daft. How the fuck is this anybody’s business

Which one is Engles slept with women? Snitch Thanks for the petition. We will send Magu to Investigate and report back to Kyari in London. Buhari DeportRacistChinese Feminists will feed on this title 😂😂😂😂 This pastor will not concentrate on his church now and leave the past behind. Before you comment like others read. He was being interviewed and was asked about our woeful performance against Denmark and he gave the reason which was different what the journalist thought.

How does that cures corona virus . How is this news? No wonder we got whooped 1-4 the round of 16...Indiscipline! So why are you telling us now No wonder kanu missed that one on one against schmeichel in the 2nd round,only Okocha tried in that game,others seemed tired if eagles slept with women who or what did the men sleep with...🤔

Mwetchhhh, who that one help at this critical moment Should they have slept with goats? And so? Blackmailers. Confession time. How does this news help in the war against covid - 19? you people should stop distracting us please. But were we ever supposed to defeat that Denmark You're tweeting in the rubbish 😂

Not a big deal... Don't be silly us this Wat really need now... not consign me And they approve this headline on punch Newspapers? What a mess.. Is it because is a pastor now looking for church members that made him to confess a sin committed 22 years ago? Was it supposed to be part of the fitness level🤣🤣🤣🤣

Including you Eagle bird Why is this man taking us back to 1998? Story for the gods... his pastor seeking NFF job ? How's this info impacted on anything since '98 or the present? Na you born Mamadou Sakho? What's the point now. Na man dem go sleep with before After 22 years? You are saying it as if they slept with men on any other day

Okay nah Nobody cares. Next 👿 Na men Dem wan sleep with And so They are doing well they should continue Thought they slept with snakes. Thanks for the clarification. What do you want us to do Is this the right time for this man to say this stuff Who ask you plsss How did eagles do that? 😂😂😂😂😂😂 But what's happening sef 🤣🤣🤣 We keep seeing so many hiding secrets of the past, Coro dey do something o 🤣🤣🤣

Loud o This one can lead to women coming out to say they were raped there. Who knows Was the coach inclusive? If dem no knack, wetin dem gain If dem no win cup, dem go shaa... Including him !!!

Lockdown: Former Eagles star Lawal faults FG, policeHa, Mr. Lawal has spoken a valid point!

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I’ll sign new Eagles contract –RohrAbeg we no want white man to lead us again.. They are all sell outs.. They are only here for the money I beg, go back to your country. Ok

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I’ll sign new Eagles contract –RohrAbeg we no want white man to lead us again.. They are all sell outs.. They are only here for the money I beg, go back to your country. Ok