Ccecc Workers, Chinese Doctors

Ccecc Workers, Chinese Doctors

Chinese doctors arrive today to treat CCECC workers

4/8/2020 10:30:00 AM

Chinese doctors arrive today to treat CCECC workers

Adelani Adepegba and Olaleye AlukoDespite opposition by the Nigerian Medical Association, the visiting 15-member medical team from China will arrive the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja, on a chattered Air Peace aircraft on Wednesday (today).

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The personnel, who are experts in infectious diseases, respiratory illness, intensive care, cardiology, neurology, general surgery and anesthesiology, will be coming with their drugs, and equipment to carry out Covid-19 tests on the staff of the China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation in the country.

The Executive Director, CCECC, Mr Jacques Liao, said in a statement in Abuja on Tuesday, that the medical team would be coming with 16-ton test kits, ventilators, disinfection machine, disposable medical masks, drugs, infrared thermometer and other items ordered by the Federal Government.

Liao dispelled what he described as the controversy about the team’s visit, stating that “the primary purpose of the team is to provide CECC employees with critical and necessary healthcare.”He added, “All members of the working team have tested negative for COVID-19 and shall commence their stay in Nigeria by spending 14 days in quarantine.

“The primary purpose of the team is to provide CCECC employees with critical and necessary health care assistance. They are also coming with adequate personal protective equipment and medical items for the employees.”The director explained that under the directive of the Embassy of China in Nigeria and in response to the Federal Government’s request, the team may also share with their Nigerian counterparts effective methods on COVID-19 containment.

Liao explained that in keeping with CCECC’s corporate value, ‘stride with Nigeria,’ the firm would be participating in the construction of two COVID-19 response facilities in the Federal Capital Territory for free.Meanwhile, the Minority Caucus of the House of Representatives, has rejected the decision of the Federal Government to bring in Chinese doctors and nurses to assist in tackling the coronavirus pandemic.

The lawmakers on Tuesday, said the decision to bring in people from “the hotbed of the plague” was not in Nigeria’s best interest. They urged the Federal Government to suspend the plan.Their position was contained in a statement signed by the House Minority Leader, Ndudi Elumelu (PDP, Delta), in Abuja, on Tuesday.

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Elumelu, said the caucus wanted the Federal Government to rescind its decision to import doctors from the “hotbed of the plague into our country at this critical time.”The statement read in part, “The lawmakers note that Nigerian doctors and nurses are doing well so far in managing the scourge, and express fears that bringing in Chinese medical personnel, whose status, intentions and scope cannot be easily ascertained and controlled is totally against our national interest.

“The Federal Government should note the apprehensions of Nigerians and professional bodies including the Nigeria Medical Association over the decision. The caucus notes that this is particularly after alleged escalation of the pandemic in certain countries after Chinese doctors were reportedly involved, in addition to widespread trepidations over the safety of medical equipment and kits from China at this point in time.

“At such critical time, the safety and wellbeing of our citizens must be paramount and anything that is capable of further jeopardising their lives must be avoided.””Copyright PUNCH.All rights reserved. This material, and other digital content on this website, may not be reproduced, published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in whole or in part without prior express written permission from PUNCH.

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There's no way Chinese doctors can help you guys in this situation, they have another plan trust me. Naso The caption would have been better if they said 'Chinese dactors arrived today to share their experience with CCECC workers' Do they have Covid-19 and refused to disclose their status? Are they here to treat CCECC workers or they are here to treat Aso Rock who do not trust our doctors to treat them. You people should continue in your lies.

Are they here to treat CCECC workers or grant aid to Nigeria? The stories are contradicting Please we need monitoring cameras following them up ok, they are coming to treat their people? I have never felt this sad for my country before. Same chinese thstvare rendering Nigerians in China homeless and treating them like animals. Something doesn't add up na.

Punch e no go better for you We certainly don't have to buy into the Chinese game. By the way, we've got great health workers whose expertise are yet underused. We do we have to prize foreign doctors (Chinese at that) above ours? Nigerians shame on you all. Has your government gone qoverseas to treat /evacuate Nigerians?

They didnt have to come. They would have sent the equipment and demonstrate via video for our Doctors here. Hope they dont have planted chips in their system that will enable them to release more Corona virus in the country. nmanigeria what is your next move on this? I honestly recommend the time to take a very strong stand against consistent ,deplorable & ridiculous decisions from govt is now. Enough of the politics, posterity will judge us if we don't take this moment to pitch for a bright future.

Bringing Chinese doctors to come and do what, while Nigeria doctors have been proving it right they have discharged many patients after treatment from Covid-19. So bringing Chinese is idear of still money as usall Medical team which comprises of nurses, doctors and others. Other countries are rejecting Chinese, why are they welcome in Nigeria... Please we don't need their assistant

Is not a welcome development... To do what? No corona virus in nigeria NGRPresident stop lieing to us To treat workers of Chinese Company? Are the 15 Chinese Doctors cleared to practise in Nigeria or treat workers by Nigerian Medical Council(NMC) as required the the law? What do we believe? Are they here to give technical assistance to Nigeria on Covid-19 or treat CCECC workers that can not be treated by Nigerian doctors. We need to be more transparent in governance.

And why were they carried by Air Peace? Micraph2020 Ok, oh At a point when nations are being careful What is the population of CCECC workers in Nigeria? Are they all tested positive to Covid-19? FGN under Buhari is not sincere and should never be trusted. The beginning death case will increase from next week

Way to spread the viruses in Nigeria if cccecc workers have it will quickly spread they are construction workers on railway, road and building in Lagos State This is a decoy. Which CCECC workers? Tufiakwa for this country. I'm sure the gullible political class think there's a magical drug they're bringing for Covid-19. E go do dem like film show, na all of us go dey here suffer am together. Soon all countries will shut their borders.

Who will pay them please Our nation brain is downwards Buhari has mortgaged our country to the Chinese Now, their word is law... But, why? The Chinese government hid information about the virus and used the period to mop up the protective gear in all of Europe, America and south America. They continued to allow their citizens Travel round the world and infecting. And now they are here to help? It is absurd

Upon all the people's reaction, still the government brought them here. They should pray that nothing unexpected happens. We are all watching. This is really pathetic considering the duplicity demonstrated by the Chinese government at the beginning of the outbreak. They were silent on a lot of things about the virus. They refused to disclose aspect of human to human transmission.

I smell a rat. If the covid-19 cases should rise during and after the visit of this Chinese, we will hold the federal government accountable. We will press charges for delibrate homicide. Chinese can not be trusted. The case of Italy and Spain shortly after similar visit Jack ma Help me tell dem, no MONEY again, we can't afford them😅. Office ti jona 😅

Na by force? They are here to sort thing's out or to make thing's worst? please we don't need them Beginning of lie. U will see the level of this corona will increase, they will start infecting others withthe virus What happened to the CCECC workers? Are they COVID-19 positive? They're ready to toy on citizens lives. Please let them continue with their corrupted ways, God is watching! They only cares about looting money n creating more problems for Nigerians. I don't know the reason for inviting Chinese doctors, after they sent out Nigerians from China

All these are just words of propaganda, they have to obey the 14days quarantine before being allowed to go out there They don't need to be here for CECC workers, the workers should have been evacuated to China. Let's not undermine the effort of NMA. Are the CCECC workers Nigerians or Chinese? My dear Country 😭

Please wat happened to the CCECC workers. Are they the ones have the highest number of cases. They brought the Chinese doctors for the elite and not for the people. God will surprise all these greedy politicians. By the time we finish destroying Nigeria, then we will realise what we did to ourselves. May Nigeria never happen to you.

They should be quarantined before they mixup with those ones. Besides the could have taken them to their place first. How do you justify this when it’s alleged they are pushing Nigerians into the streets in China amidst all the pandemic? May the Lord expose and scatter their secret agenda against poor nigeria

1/2. Nigerian doctors have been doing marvelously well. I still don't get why Chinese doctors are coming to Nigeria to treat CCECC workers. These CCECC workers, are they of Nigeria or Chinese origin? If the are of Chinese origin, they can move to their country for whatever..... Nigerians are finished with Chinese Doctors. Oh Lord hv mercy on my people. So this idiotic humans still went thru with this Chinese morons.

Could this be the reason why other countries evacuated their citizens in Nigeria 🤔 Are they licensed to practice medicine in Nigeria? What happened to our closed borders? Or am I missing something here Mr_JAGss SalmanDuke Nigeria my our country Now we can see why USA came for their people, the real virus is coming!

Ifb 💯 kfb 🙌 🔌 🔌 🔌 ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ Are ccecc workers working in China or in Nigeria? Why is this country like this? Where is the president that the country voted for? We are waiting for action 😷 Pls what's ccecc This is a BIG insult to Nigerian medics. Nigerian doctors, medics and scientists here & all over the world are doing amazing work, leading research teams and highly respected. China would NEVER allow Nigeria to bring a team of Nigerian medics to treat Nationals in China?

The should be quarantined for 14 days . that's the law can you compare that with other nations (US, Canada and EU) that ferried away all their citizens leaving us to face our problems when ours is even better than theirs? What’s the population of CCCEC staff in Nigeria that will use 16 tons of medical drugs and equipment?

I and other good Nigerians heard it sound and clear from the minister for health what he said and the reason behind it. Now from your stories can you answer the followings: China is coming to look after the CCCEC staff by extension all Chinese in the country, I hope your correspondent is always on ground at the PTF daily briefing? If you corporate social responsibility now is to feed Nigerians distorted, fake news and rumours then your paper will soon be as worthless as a tissue paper (shit paper). I and other good Nigerians heard

Naija no dey hear Indeed our govt 'ti gbabode' Chinese doctors arrive Nigeria to treat CCECC workers... Really? The same Chinese virus, the same Chinese chasing away Nigerians in China? Nigeria govt are terrible. From exchange of ideas to combat Rona and now to treating of CCECC workers. We go get sense by FiRe by FoRcE!

Nigerians, the truth is, we do not have the capacity to contain this coronavirus. Thus, we either welcome the Chinese medics and hope for the best or we face it on our own, and get ready for the worst. Hmmm Why haven't they treat Europe and the rest? Why naija? ayemojubar Unfriendly friends. Spirit of death just landed

Now they have changed it to 'CCECC Workers' Before it was assist our medical personnel. They are just hell bent on coming and our leaders have mortgaged their conscience. Why not evacuate them Thot they should be in isolation for 14 days. Not all animals are equal Nigerians should refuse treatment from China men..they are hired killers from APC government

The storyline keeps changing. Our government lie pass satan Na God go punish all of una for this country, if chinese workers r sick and their govt feel Naija Drs can't take care of them, why not they fly them bk to their country? Why bring in more problem for us? Then wan treat ABBA and co Don't be surprised the doctors came to treat Buhari and Abba kayri

Nigeria 😡😡🚶 Some CCECC workers have COVID-19 and hope they are captured in NCDC database. Buhari govt did not believe in Nigeria doctors cos he believe that everybody re incompetent like him. Now is ccecc workers they want to come and test no longer for exchange of ideas in fighting and curbing COVI-1 Pandemic. When will this GMB disciples of lies stop and reveal their real agenda.

Our leaders are so short minded. Are they not quarantined again as speculated? Don’t let your guard down 👀 I thought they were coming to give expert advise? So what's this other news i am hearing? Is the health minister really sincere with Nigerians? Why can't the minister act straight 4wd with Nigerians?

Let this is not turn out to be a dangerous move.😍🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 What's with they might bring in the virus.. I thought these Chinese doctors don't have licence to practise in Nigeria. What is going on? 🎶 here comes the wuhan virus👏🏾👏🏾 they won't let you remember 🎶 There is something sinister about this.NMA please do something

Mbok what's CCECC. 🚶🚶🚶 The people chasing us out of their country,are coming to treat people in our country, it's a bad idea !!! These people don't like blacks We just accepted a trojan horse from China We are doing fine , if this escalates we'll blame the federal government and ministry of health! They are welcome.

Why didn't we send the workers there Finally the vaccine will be tested on Africans... Our leaders are the problem we have.... E gba wa ooh.... What sort of rubbish is this in this country... China are sending our people back to the country and we are here receiving them for one fuvking treatment... What bad nation despite all warnings yet Buhari insisted Buhari need to be impeached!!!!

So they have been hidding the information about the virus and the Chinese community. That is the reason for this kick & start policy. Punch be careful o. Nigeria government is our problem, only interested in stealing money.. Olodo government Hummm, so they are here already😳 did I find myself in dis country sef😭😭 so d topic has changed now dat dey are only coming to treat CCECC workers,are they sick? And even if they are can’t they also go back to their county for proper treatment afterall some countries are evacuating their citizens

I realaly don’t get this, are CCECC workers not amongst the repeated cases- our recovery and discharge rates is currently better than that of China so why do we need this support. These doctors are really needed in Italy, France and the USA God bless,alone with medical supplies donate。China are also went to Italy support.Europe support.thank you so much,we need more help in this situation, We're short of professionals..

Nigerians in China are Stranded 🤔Now Covid19 will be out of range . This Buhari led janjaweed govt.don't care about d well being of Nigerians-They still allowed these suspected Covid19 manufacturers into Nigeria? What right do these Chinese doctors have to practise medicine in Nigeria without d approval of Nigerian Dental medical council?

They are tech guys to start installation of 5G in Nigeria. A journalist said this COVID 19 will lead to uprising in some countries and revolution is some others They are here to treat top politicians in Nigeria. Their father Why Chinese doctors I think Nigeria government has something hidden we don't know 😯😯😯

Why not send the CCECC workers back to China for treatment? Because of a few dozens or a few hundreds of Chinese team of doctors are flying leaving their home country. Somebody dey talk lie. Now this is where the entire billions donated will go. Chinese docs not German docs. Mehnn. I regret holding the passport

Our politicians that travel up and down like house fly got covid19 already they're planning to infect the common man.una no go succeed. Now they are using CCEC cover up🤔🤔🤔 I hope this government won’t be the end of us Crazy journalism They are ejecting Nigerians from their Country and we are welcoming them here, injustice proper.

And are you sure these people are not the real carrier?anyway ..let them be put on isolation . The most useless government on earth. Magic will never end in Nigeria politics. A word is enough ! Nigerians are beginning to see the govt from the inside out! Every lies has an expiring date, no matter the magnitude.

Shebi they said is observe and advice Who open border for those lying animals, I give up on Nigeria.. I feel for the sets in the isolation ward during their stay anointingose 'the primary purpose of the team is to provide CECC employees with critical and necessary healthcare.” If this was the reason for the visit, the FG owes Nigerians an apology, this means our airports are not closed.

So after the warning frm the masses they went ahead to bring the main CORO to our land.Wat ashame to d so called giant of Africa. iF I WAS IN THE MEDICAL WORLD , I WOULD'VE ASKED ALL MY COLLEAGUES TO QUIT WORK AND LET THE NIG GOVT BRING IN FOREIGN DOCTORS TO DO THE WORK, WHAT A DISRESPECT TO THEIR PROFFESSION IN THEIR OWN COUNTRY

Thunder fire our leaders especially those outdated & dipladated people in aso villa. All u know is lie & embezzle our money all in the name of fighting corruption. MBuhari GarShehu realFFK ShehuSani renoomokri FemAdesina APCNigeria OfficialPDPNig AtikuPolVang AtikuOrg The ccecc workers should be transfer to china. Bringing chinese doctor's here will expose us to danger.

Una de laugh you guys are soon Ooin 9janewschannel Just forget it they are here to treat kyari abah and el-rufai So basically this is an informal confirmation that CCECC workers are Infected? 9janewschannel We don fvck up 🤦 Se'oroniyen Chinese doctors or Chinese soldiers Why are still coming against the wish of Nigerians? We don't want them.

The Nigerian government must be pathetically consigned to abject indignity and oddity thinking that with the level of management and containment in Nigeria, we still need some voodoo Chinese intervention. This is nothing but slavery mentality and darkened obsession with doom. ayemojubar Worst news....

MalachyOdo1 The Chinese doctors do not have the requisite qualifications to practice in Nigeria. You people shaa wan kill us by force. Shit Ok 🤔🤔🤔 Why would they come from china to treat workers? Why cant they fly out there workers like every other country and return when healed. There is more to this and the Gov't of Nigeria knows more than they are sharing. olusogaowoeye segalink jidesanwoolu

I won't be surprised if they actually came to treat Buhari and his cabinet members Senseless administration This is the beginning of numbers of people infected in Nigeria. More deaths, ayemojubar Chinese would not ask Buhari to announce If they only coming to treat CCECC Workers. The level at which these niggas are dropping format. Its dumb.

This FG people sha wan carry this china people inn by all means. Something is fishyw Wrong move. I don't trust those guys How many CCECC workers have tested positive to Convid-19? OMG I read this & I'm in tears 😭 The Nigeria Medical Association doesn't want them yet this govt want to force this Chinese on them & millions of Nigerians... even the House of rep is concerned about it. Italy became Corona nation after the coming of the Chinese.. God help us

Or to treat Abba kyari? Rather they have come to remove what they sent Dis govt. has just been looking for every means possible to bring in these Chinese doctors... Now you have 👏🏼... Goodluck I thought the FG had shut down Abuja airport since last month? What's going on? What is the problem of this government, why is it that we like foreign things?

Why is it that buhary government don't listen why what kind of government don't listen to he's citizens. This government is so so useless and disappointing. This is a new twist to the story of Chinese medical personnels coming into the country. What ailment are the CCECC workers experiencing that can't be looked at by Nigerian doctors?Are they covid19 positive? More clarification is needed on this issue. CCECC

And Nigeria opened it's border to them💔 And the government allowed the flight to land. Oh I get; we have everything to lose. What yall dont know is, Chinese coming to Nigeria is not a request but a demand by China. Nigeria is indebted to them, thanks to buhari. And Chinese no gree give Nigerians hotel! Una de fuck up for Nigeria

They should have called German doctors instead, where the situation has been contained adequately. Now they story is changing. ..foolish government We never heard that ccecc workers were ill There is something this government is not telling us about the true mission of this Chinese doctors,God will help us.

They will bring some gifts along for Nigerians too Lilian_Ogazi Ogun ti wo ilu ooooo Evacuate Them biko....... But why their focus base on Nigeria... please hope we have not been sold by our government.. somebody should enlighten me ...why Nigeria? Let them go to USA,ITALY , FRANCE.... I beg oooo NigerianDoctors, BrainDrain continua, Victoria ascerta!

They couldn't travel out for treatment so they have to import them. Is any of CCECC workers infected with the virus that we are not aware of?.Something is not just right somewhere We don't believe in this Stop deceiving Nigerians Uncalled for Please let it be only CCECC workers they are here to treat. weNigerians are good with our own doctors.

With the way people are shouting thet they shouldn't come, maybe the govt try to stop them from coming too, and Chinese was like well you owe us too much to tell us what to do, we coming and that's Final😭 See format.... To treat CCECC workers Maybe they're coming to treat CSO Kyari since he can't afford UK treatment at this point in time. I see no other reason why the Fed government would still go ahead after nmanigeria has vehemently opposed this move.

MBuhari Fmohnigeria NGRPresident according to the news i read before now...those kits being claimed by FG that they ordered for was given by a rich chinko man called Jack.. moreso, NMA disagreed with you not to bring chinko and you refused..Allahu Ahnlam Sense is far from us in this country, aswear!

In the world of espionage, the agents pose as anything but trained spies. Are the Chinese really here to treat CCECC workers or to get on the ground assessment on the acceptability of the COVID-19 vaccine they want to test out in Africa. Wake Naija Are they captured in the official NCDC numbers? Shame on this govt

May the Lord help us. This is the right time for DSS/SSS to do their work. This Chinese Dr. need to be properly monitored. This is ridiculous to say the least. Oh, so Nigerian doctors are incapable of treating the Chinese ccecc workers? How did they know that the workers are positive to Covid-19? Are they included in the NCDC statistics? Where have they been since then? What's easier: evacuating them to China or bringing in doctors?

After the arrival of Chinese Doctors, next will be Chinese police guarding CCECC assets & personnel with authority to arrest its Nigerian staff. Same playbook used in Zambia HouseNGR ChidiOdinkalu segalink NGRSenate Fmohnigeria NGRPresident nmanigeria No2ChineseDoctors Why do we like to deceive ourselves.

I don't get to understand our Nigerian Government, the way they take things are not properly sorted. Now is the tough part of time for Nigeria.... why they didn't send the CCECC workers bac* to China for treatment, this country is a joke o! We are doomed Criminal government officials looking for ways to loot the country. First they were to come assist and treat Nigerians after much criticism they chang it that they are for their workers . A failed government of two swords

BashirAhmaad seee what am telling you this newsourcre will be the reason for the next civil war. If you don't know what am talking about then go the tweet i tagged you in. Please all Nigeria hospital should take note, no Chinese doctor is allowed to treat any patients they should focus on the government officials thank you

My people perish for lack of knowledge...God please destroy and scatter their plans and mission to Nigeria and open the eyes of our FG to see how deadly this mission is Amen... If we notice a rise in Coronavirus cases in Nigeria, that tool called buhari should be held accountable Why is this govt of MBuhari so useless and disastrous? How many people died in China? How many people have died in Nigeria since covid-19 started in Nigeria? Did any foreign doctor help Nigerian doctors during Ebola? Nigerians should now judge for themselves

We're a joker in this country I swear. So the deaf Muhammad and DrEOEhanire ignored nmanigeria and brought this people right? Is okay If things go south from now we know exactly to blame. Why can't they evacuate them and treat them in their own country? This is quite appalling, and God forbid bad things but whatever follows this move is on the NGRPresident and we will not forgive or forget it!

Our government na fools What exactly is wrong with Nigerian Government Chinese doctors Since our Government has concluded by inviting Chinese doctors no problem.what happens to you guys sense of reasoning since Gov makinde can be treated less than a week what else did you need? With all the doctors Chinese Government have, how many people died there? We don't value what we have for my thinking this is the Nigerian problem, God blessed Nigeria but we don't value it.

Error! Error!! Chinese that are purportedly incinerating yet-to-die Covid-19 patients in Whuan just traveled down to Nigeria to heal purported excons working at ccecc🙄 Imamofpeace If China say they are coming, they will. We are owning China 81 billion dollars which we can't even pay in 20 years time. So they have a stake hear. They have right just like you do. So you guys should better treat them with respect. Pamper them before your currency melts

Because they can not travel they decided to import doctors from China hee God is watching them They think we r fools abi...which CCECC workers,..what happen to dem. They r here for another mission only God knows...our leaders are jus educated fools😬 Must we accept their help,when we ve the list number of casualities,perhaps they should head to ltaly,or US

Sebi we don close our air port na wa oooo A 'well -meaning' china will not have denied the existence of COVID19or tried to suppress the wistle blower/allowed corona leave Wuhan! China could have another game up her sleeves. Must be made to account for her actions rather than warm up to her.watchout 9ja

Doctors can also be carriers. Put them on 14 days quarantine too. Being also from China, watch it. Don't say you weren't told. The specie of CoronaVirus in Nigeria is weak to attack Nigerians, so China has decided to come with a stronger specie on their own in disguise of assistance. That means they have already concluded the plan before telling Nigerians. Or do you facilitate foreign expertise across border within 4 days?

How can you let those come in, are you guys in your right sense of mind? I think there's an aroma of stupidity in you Is it not cheaper to transport the workers back home for treatment? We need more info This is federal government scam, I sorry for all of us in this country First they said they were coming to give advice, now they are coming to treat CCECC workers, very soon you will hear another one as soon as they arrive.

This government is stupid Since all airways were closed, they can't travel abroad to treat themselves of their ailments, indirectly bring Chinko. Thank God COVID-19 started from the top, I only pity domestic staff working with them Look at how Chinese devalue our medical practitioners to theirs yet MBuhari NGRPresident Fmohnigeria does nothing but welcome them with open hands. Isn't that shameful?

Hmmmmm.... They have changed the rhythm again. Funny!!! How many Chinese doctors have been sent to other African nation's to treat Chinese working in these countries More lies upon lies. Yet they are bring 16 tons of medical supplies 4 only CECC employees And then what? Dump head government But the government said they were only here to give medical advice,can’t they give medical advices through video conferencing,I thought they are supposed to observe 14days isolation.Nigeria is a scam

They should be properly examined Na this time Nigeria kidney heart go they disappeared to China Have any of our government official ever visited China for any of their sickness? When they fell sick, they will rush to UN for treatment, why not invite doctors from somewhere else than China!!, all the same,we hope that something good should come out from their visit.

Are CCECC workers down with Chinese Virus, cos we never heard of such reports? If the government believe the Chinese doctors can handle and control this I don't think we should have any new case of Corona virus again... They still brought them? I hope our issues won't escalate like that of Italy after their arrival.

Only in zoo you can haer this can news Better they come and treat their people and not come to infect more Nigerians. I hope, they will be quarantined for 14days before being allowed out. To do what? Let them stay in they country, we don't need them hassanisahh 😢 😢 Another wayo don land brekete, before na to treat Nigerian's.This government is totally totally and totally failure and full of lies. Ba ku da Gaskiya. Almighty god will continue to protect Nigerian's from the evil leaders that brings in Chinese corona virus doctors. God dey o.

Praying for the best but expecting the worest! What is wrong with this govt, we said we don't need the Chinese doctor's is it 2 hard to ask 你们 真是没得救了 ,没有希望的一代人 Really ? Didn't they close down international airport, wey dey pass enter, nig with there scamming words.... But why MBuhari Didn't government shutdown. Why are the airports still open?

Good idea... Since they are tested convid-19 negative. That's a lie! Did they compliant of being infected with the virus? A ploy to bring the doctors and infect us. Right? Senseless & shameless administration I wish CCECC workers goodluck 🤧🤧 Is anything wrong with them, and why can't they be treated by our doctors here too? Bring them if you like

I prefer Cuban doctors instead. These Chinese guys are fishy We never learn 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ They didn't even finished treating their own country, they may brought the same virus, cause in this world no one is really trusted What this?.To treat Chinese workers! But this not right at all🥺🥺🥺🥺 These people are not trustworthy. Our government cares less about public opinion. We're on our own ooo

The arrival of the real Coronavirus. Let's brace ourselves. More deaths incoming...The spread will be rapid That doesn't just sound true. Nobody is as stubborn as FG We should poison them More death incoming chai God save us oooooooooooo I am comfortable with this Chinese doctor of a thing even Buhari didn't go to China for treatment he went to Uk why not invite UK doctor for citizens

To treat there people of course. 😭😭😭😭😭😭 Nigeria my country why? fake news. Are they normal Nah die be that. They should send them back biko, their work is not needed in Nigeria. We have the best and qualified doctors who can battle coronavirus. Chinese virus I really don't think this is a good I deal I don't trust the Chinese doctors

Are you sure they are just here to treat CCECC workers? Okay, if anything happens other than what we now, I hope the government would take responsibility. More people will die of this virus.. Smh Treat them of what disease exactly

COVID-19: Chinese medics to be quarantined on arrival today – Daily TrustBarring any unforeseen circumstances, the Chinese medical supplies and medics are arriving Nigeria today in response to Nigeria's efforts... We don't want them take those bat back. But the NMA stand was not to bring those chinko Drs here Shey We are on lockdown na?

COVID-19: NMA Rejects FG’s Decision To Invite Chinese DoctorsCOVID-19: NMA Rejects FG’s Decision To Invite Chinese Doctors Ikorodu is not underlockdown If the government has to go on with her action of Chinese doc invitations. The should bear in mind aftermath they would be held responsible for their actions, Allah guide our Leaders right. Thought they are around already, test them first o..... They shouldn't complicate issues

I like it, abeg u people should not allow them to bring Chinese doctor's ooh 🙏🙏🙏

FG insists on Chinese doctors, says they will bring “scarce medical supplies” – Daily TrustThe 18-member team of Chinese experts will be arriving soon with “globally scarce supplies” in the fight against the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). This is coming days after the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) and the Trade Union Congress (TUC) rejected the invitation by the Federal Government of a Chinese medical team to help Nigeria in its … Modern day slavery yet again for Nigeria 🇳🇬😂 These people want to start again We don't need them we are ok with the doctors we have

StackPathVeteran journalists stay your lane abeg....

StackPathCovid-19 Transfer window is up. We no want them Please tell them oooo. Chinese are heartless and selfish. We thank God its not much now... Don't be surprise the case may multiply after they are here.