COVID-19: NMA Rejects FG’s Decision To Invite Chinese Doctors

COVID-19: NMA Rejects FG’s Decision To Invite Chinese Doctors

4/6/2020 11:16:00 AM

COVID-19: NMA Rejects FG’s Decision To Invite Chinese Doctors

COVID-19: NMA Rejects FG’s Decision To Invite Chinese Doctors

Updated April 6, 2020 More reactions have continued to trail the Federal Government’s decision to invite medical doctors from China to assist in managing COVID-19 cases in the country.The latest of such reactions is coming from the Nigeria Medical Association (NMA) who described the action as an embarrassment to its members.

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READ ALSO:COVID-19: Resident Doctors Kick Against FG’s Plan To Invite Chinese Medical ExpertsIn a statement on Monday, the union said it is dismayed about the decision of the Federal Government to invite doctors from China, when the Chinese government is still battling with the pandemic.

According to the statement, Nigeria has a large pool of unemployed general medical and specialist practitioners that the government can engage instead of foreigners who can pose some security concerns at this time.The NMA advised the government to concentrate on improving the welfare of front-line health workers, provide them with the needed personal protective equipment and other incentives to work.

In its communique, the NMA stated that it would like to review her participation in the fight against COVID-19 considering the serious implications and risks this will bring to their members should the government insist on invitation. Read more: Channels Television »

Carry Abakyari to China and your co looters to China..... Ndi ara,you're looking for a means to infect the Biafran's and the Innocent civilians as you call them... Ndi oshi Abeg oooooo, dem carry Chinese do una. . . what's wrong with our government Why must they gamble with the lives of their citizens? Can't we believe in ourselves anymore?

Ogbon ole After several confirmed cases that has been treated and discharged they want to come and share in their glory .... We don't need them in Nigeria Please NigeriaGov we need you to also bring in the China President to run our country, bcos as far as I am, we do not have a President which you all know and since you all have condemned the system and lack competency, we need you to bring him asap,make God 4 no punish una

Two scenarios: 1. Be proactive, as FG has done, and save Nigeria from turning into Italy. 2. Employ all those unemployed general medical & specialist practitioners & still end up like Italy, if not worse. NMA must accept that Nigeria lacks the capacity to deal with worse scenario What is NMA? They should equip our medical practitioners and see what they are capable of....provide the necessary facilities for them

I like this..we have more than enough medical practitioners Chinese doctors to come n do what now? Our doctors are doing pretty well and I applaud there courage to stand firm. FG pls keep that suggestion to Urself, I know it possible they might turn deaf ears to NMA. lockdowneffect ibelieveinourdoctors

Nice. Better they should stand on their ground. If Chinese Dr come all Nigerian Doctors should hands up and leave treatment. Our leaders doesn't believe in our home trained hardworking Doctors. With our Nigeria doctors we have seen many people being discharged successfully without any international interference. There's no point bringing in foreign doctors at this point; those doctors should treat the infected people in their own country since the disease is worldwide.

I implore nma to down tools should FG go on with the invitation. They want China to come and take the glory for all our health practitioners effort, instead of compensating them. Fg no get sense na 😝 Are they no longer on strike for wages in some quarters? But like seriously is Nigeria govt ok? Nigeria did not need them Nigeria doctor is doing very well the Chinese doctor want to bring 5G technology which they call vaccine they should send them back

This is not time for sentiments and arguing about our 'supposed' capacity to handle whatever comes our way. This is a war against a devastating and dreaded virus. Ask other countries with much better healthcare than ours, how this COVID-19 has brought them to their knees. nathan_jazz 🤝 nmanigeria Kudos ...fight it with everything...DO NOT ACCEPT THIS.

FG is just looking for a way to divert the fund donated by well mean Nigeria, FG just want to rub it on the face of Nma that they re incompetent... Does it mean that the medics in Nigeria haven't been handling the matter with regards to covid 19 professionally Yes, I am in support. No Chinese Drs in Nigeria. Our Drs are doing great jobs. Chinese Drs are to import advanced version of covid 19.

Everything about the Chinese is fake. Only coronal virus is real. Am a proud Nigerian Great step! I thought they have arrived? Its embarrassing. With all the good work our doctors re doing Dey neva pay d ones wey deh here finish and dey wnt to be bringing corona docs frm china, i pity ur Gp China can advise us via watsapp video call hehe

We Nigerians have very good and qualified Nigerian doctors and nurses and other medical staff and do not want the so called Chinese doctors ! NMA rejecting FG's decision to invite Chinese doctors is right. How are we sure the Chinese doctors aren't coming to the villa to treat Taofiq 1-9 This country we never change oooh, how who does that? We have specialists here but we always prefer foreigners, that's a total wrong decision by the FG, thank God for NMA🙏🙏

It is a wrong thing to do by govt to invite d Chinese doctors to help fight covid-19. Our doctors are up to d tasks. We can do without dem Bringing in Chinese doctors will weaken the morale of our doctors here in Nigeria fighting COVID-19 Let those Chinese doctors stay were they are how can we all know how our doctors do suffer and they want to bring those people that is too bad or is the government saying that our doctors are not good enough shuuuu

Good and decisive decision by NMA. Well done and maintain your stand gentlemen. And please alert the whole nation if they bring them in through the back door. I don't know why Nigeria govt love ass licking than motivating the NG doctors and medical teams doing a good job so far. Chinese doctors can't do anything different than what's been done by our medical teams so far. Chinese doctors should stay in China and help their own sicks.

Let's engage! Looking at China's recovery rate of 93%, there's surely something to learn from their experience and to our advantage. Let's remain vigilant and focused. I love ds... Its even better to invite some doctors over by the Chinese Doctors .. If u have any special or new idea... Teach them.. Not coming urself to exhibit the continuation of your devilish acts

Una bir dey follow persin back sef. What kinda pride is all this 😁 Africa should say no to 5G and Chinese Doctors and Vaccines because it contains Coronavirus. All the medical items China supplies to Spain and Netherland are all Covid 19 positive. No way.... We reject it too. Honestly the FG are bunch if Kids... so we suddenly do not have capable doctors abi? One day their mistake will cost them a lot

Instead of them asking China how the virus managed to go round the world without getting to BEIJING!!Hw can they possibly trust China and anything from there Useless government,stupid not to understand Italian situation worsened immediately Chinese experts showed up!!they should be buying chloroquine Why are the Clueless government desperate to import more Chinese coronavirus into the country.

When you don’t have faith in what you have, then you will like to borrow. please leave Chinese doctors out of this. We have doctors in Nigeria. that remind me because you under-fund your institutions does not mean some parents did not Extra mile to educate us. Thank you all for rejecting F.G decision. Why cant we stay alone, we can't do untill it take others state decisions.

I understand that Chinese agenda cannot be trusted but when it comes to health, saving lives and caring for the sick, we need all the help we can get. I subscribe to the invitation of the Chinese doctors. NMA shouldn't risk people's lives because of 'EGO'. *these same doctors were Please leave China out of this... They may come with more viruses to spread.

Government should heed NMA and treat its citizens with seriousness. After all, these same were at the front line in the fight against Ebola virus. Government needs to trust them and not treat them as half-baked. Ohun ti ani laan gbe larugbe Nigeria trained doctors are now rappers, event planners, makeup artists, and clothe sellers and strippers.

How can one be running from frying pan to fire? This our stupid government though 🤦‍♂️ Good decision This. aPc govt lack focus Why not FG equip our doctors, the way western doctors are? Give them the best, they will give the best. I support NMA... May Almighty Allah bless Nigeria and guide our leaders to do right things

How u onw be running from frying pan to fire? We don’t wed them. Countries all over the world are clamouring for Nigeria doctors so why should we import doctors from China to come and complicate already complicated matters? SAY NO TO CHINESE DOCTORS IMPORTATION 👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾 I believe this is the right time for Nigeria especially LAGOS to embark on nimc_ng for all citizens. House to house registration. The homeless are untraceable when a crime happens. Everybody needs national documentation. Take that finger print.

We made our position crystal clear. Thank you Dr Faduyile That is the problem with we Nigerian we don't believe in each others efforts, we respect foreigners more than our brother and sisters, they pay foreigners in dollars and pay Nigeria in naira but Nigerian work and suffers more. This is a welcome idea. We don't need them because our doctors have been treating the infected people and now many are discharged already. Their presence is not needed here in Nigeria

They should allow the Chinese doctors who are more experienced in handling this covid 19 to come and assist. Some Nigerians are good at conspiracy theories. 5G is another one. Better for us NoToChineseDoctors After turning biochemists and microbiologist to tailors and bankers, NigeriaGov , you want to turn our doctors to sit-down and look... USA is looking for our doctors, NigeriaGov is still looking for China doctors shameless

They not trustworthy They are the ones that put the whole world into this mess We don't need any Chinese Doctors will be a big slap to Nigeria Doctors Better........and please as we are fighting corona virus let us reject and reject the 5G network which dey are been installing already.....this we cause more issue than corona.....

Better they should not come anywhere close at all There is free movement in ikorodu Lagos You are owing your doctors and you want to bring foreigners here,the foreigners you are not going to pay.Are we mad in Nigeria? Pay these doctors they have family , federal government pay them. FG is looking for more ways of embezzling funds. I support NMA, our doctors should be well equipped.

Thanks you , an with you 100% Importation will kill Nigeria, must we import everything. FG should practice what they preach! I Love This👏👏👏 Humblemaccca ceedane10 The people in the helm of affairs are not thinking strength, we are in this state due to the over dependency on external assistance, yet they are still not reasonable enough to appreciate what is within.

GabrielOtung Fg needs this Nigeria need all the help it can get now. Let us not be quick to turn them back yet. The president of NMA was crystal clear. I love that Thought they are around already, test them first o..... They shouldn't complicate issues If the government has to go on with her action of Chinese doc invitations. The should bear in mind aftermath they would be held responsible for their actions, Allah guide our Leaders right.

Ikorodu is not underlockdown

COVID-19: NMA Rejects FG’s Plan to Bring Chinese Doctors - THISDAYLIVE*Demands state of emergency in health sector By Onyebuchi Ezigbo The Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) has said that it is totally opposed to any plan by the federal government to invite Chinese doctors into the country to assist in tackling COVID-19. The association said it received the news of the intention of the federal government … At least not now NGRPresident NGRSenate legitngnews Already sold Nigerians for their selfish reasons. But I know we will all share the consequences. Unlike Corona Virus, if it was only to be a Poor people virus, the government will just allow people to die. FG shouldn't try that pls

COVID-19: Four ventilators not enough, Ebonyi NMA raise alarm – Daily TrustThe Nigerian Medical Association, NMA, Ebonyi state chapter, has raised alarm that the four available ventilators in the health system of the state are not enough to arrest the deadly coronavirus should it enter the state. Meanwhile the Federal Government has proposed the establishment of a N500 billion Covid-19 Crisis Intervention Fund and has sought …

Four ventilators not enough to curb COVID-19 - Ebonyi NMA – Daily TrustAs part of efforts to fight the spread of COVID-19, the Nigerian Medical Association (NMA), Ebonyi State Chapter, has raised an alarm over unavailability of ventilators saying that the four available in the health system of the state are not sufficient to arrest the deadly virus should it venture into the state. The doctors further … I don't want to believe there are only 4 in the state. There is a FETHA in that state ? General hospitals? Stamdard private hospitals who carry out complex surgeries? I can't believe this Then buy more, and stop whining.

COVID-19: NMA, TUC reject Chinese medical team – Daily TrustThe Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) and the Trade Union Congress (TUC) have rejected the invitation by the Federal Government of a Chinese medical team to help Nigeria in its coronavirus response. The Minister of Health, Dr Osagie Ehanire, had disclosed on Friday that gifts of medical supplies were being expected from China, organised by a … Logically, is it even right to allow Chinese doctors in here? Why not go to countries where there has been thousands of casualties Everything disgusting is embraced in Nigeria. Africa should say no to 5G and Chinese Doctors and Vaccines because it contains Coronavirus. All the medical items China supplies to Spain and Netherland are all Covid 19 positive. Nigeria should never accept any assistance from China, Nigerian government should better think twice.Why are they so concern about Africa while they still have cases.

BREAKING: NCDC confirms 19 news cases of COVID-19, total now 224The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control on Sunday confirmed 10new cases of Coronavirus in the country.six cases were confirmed in Lagos, two This country Oops Numbers keep going up ooo

COVID-19: FG seeks NASS approval of N500 billion intervention fund - Daily Post NigeriaNigeria's Minister of Finance, Budget and National Planning, Mrs Zainab Ahmed on Saturday met with the leadership of the National Assembly to intimate What all this in Nigeria sef What do you want to use the 500B for? And what happened to all the donations that the government got recently? Another Stealing mode to be Activated.