Dangote Coronavirus

Dangote Coronavirus

Allow private hospitals to run coronavirus test, Dangote tells FG


Allow private hospitals to run coronavirus test, Dangote tells FG

He said giving approval to qualified private laboratories would reduce the waiting period for suspected COVID-19 cases.The statement also noted that Dangote and the Managing Director, Access Bank Group, Mr Herbert Wigwe, are spearheading a coalition of private sector organisations to support governments’ ongoing efforts at tackling the coronavirus menace.

“In addition, we will be bringing in experts from around the world to provide technical and training support.“To win this battle, it is critical we all come together as one,” Dangote added.COCAVID, led by Dangote Industries Ltd and Access Bank Group in collaboration with Zenith Bank, Guaranty Trust Bank, MTN, ITB and others, “is tasked with mobilising the private sector through leadership and resources in creating public awareness, and directing support for private and public healthcare institutions”.

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That's actually a good step so government can concentrate on treatment and providing kits. I don't tink that will solve the situation because some of this Private Hospital are full of auxiliary nurses Owners and doctors of private hospitals can joined hands with federal health workers for optimum result

Will it be free? Govt. need to reform heath care system,every citizen can have access first,get treated but must pay later instalments or whatever get well first.We've lost lives we needn't lose bcos patient is afraid to go to the hospital,fear of cost which sometimes is cheaper than anticipated Health workers active and retired are working tirelessly to combat the pandemic in other countries. Ours ... they are trying sha.

Good idea but who will pay for the test. How much of your money you drop down. I think they should have a training center were all the health workers should be thought on how to handle those who have being infected, and the kits should be distributed to all the federal hospitals before it is taken to local government areas.

Fighting a pandemic of this nature requires a collaborative efforts of all the stakeholders. It isn't a bad idea if the private hospitals are allowed to play part in this regard That's a welcome opinion sir

[BREAKING] Coronavirus: We won’t allow passengers into Rivers, Wike tells airlines, FAANThat's good. Precautions should be taken by all state governor. They will travel by road and potentially infect more people. Kuku announce a lockdown and get a grip on this before it's too late, which it will eventually. Idesirecrown 𝚃𝚘𝚘 𝚕𝚊𝚝𝚎 𝚝𝚘 𝚌𝚛𝚢

learn from jack Ma It federal government tells federal government LordLugard001 Government should take over all private hospitals...they should co-op all of their staffs and facilities...this is to ensure that everyone gets the same level of service and attention... For God's sake which people brought this illnes to this planet, they should ask them this is wrong

Live our private hospital for us o. Go to ur hospitals abroad Pls allow our private hospital b4 put plenty money way b say na only Una fit afford am Secondly giveaway is trending ooo u self reason am ooo Yeah. This will bring Covid19's treatment nearer and closer to the people. Right or timely call and talk.

Yes! Big no, don't allow private hospitals. I agree with you sir.

Coronavirus: Melaye urges Dangote, Otedola, others to assist FG – Daily TrustA former Chairman, Senate Committee on FCT, Senator Dino Melaye, has urged wealthy Nigerians, multinationals, international oil companies (IOCs), and others to financially support the government at all levels to curb the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in the country. Sell Ur cars and buy ventilators for government Why not you Y don't u also assist, mbok

U are free to go but don't bring hanta viruse We dont need dat pls, this will only increase spread of d disease. The best thing to do is home to home test. Any home with cofirmed case should be quarantined. Never please oga We know where you're going to We have more qualified doctors to take care of them Are telling us that our doctors are not competent? Not at this time sir This is pandemic please

Nooooooooooo You will eat what you serve us,don't use style to run from okene general hospital. Yes ooooo. So we can know they are not using us to catch cruise If private run the test, is it going to be free, and if anyone being tested positive can private handle them and is it going to be free, bcoz anything private is not free, so Mr Dangote do as Jack Ma did, help the govt by donate medical materials to combat the disease

That is not the best option because if tested negative, they will bribe the hospital not to disclose their health status These are not the same private hospitals in the UK sir. Pls we are fine like this. I don't think this is a good idea I concur

Coronavirus: Why Nigeria's ministers, governors, Dangote should be testedAt the ceremony, Mr Kyari was in the company Africa's richest man, Aliko Dangote, whose senior officials would later meet Mr Mohammed, Bauchi governor

Oya order from above don come. on this one noooo. I just remembered hajiya falilat private hospital ... Noooo Do private hospitals have test kits? These guys are not even approaching this pandemic objectively, they are not even answering some of the most basic issues. No plan. Just counting statistics.🤦🏽‍♂️

They should be allowed, but it must be free. That should be a corporate social responsibility Private hospital kwa When there are federal medical centers, university teaching hospitals, state specialist hospitals,general hospitals, comprehensive health centers and community health centers. This Hierarchy will carry those test kits from the richest to the poorest.

Why can't private hospitals with such capacities collapse under the NCDCgov LSMOH Fmohnigeria? This is no time for flexing or ego,there is need for collaboration before we turn it to trading of certificate or status symbol. Govt that did not pay doctor's and nurses. Look at dangote idea is simple business tycoon suggestion,so that if govt agree he will then build hospital in other to eat from govt. Why can't dangote work hard for money not this easy way from govt. Rich man indeed. APC next level

What is federal pikinis saying? Is like he want to monopolize private hospital too. Before you know it federal government will close all private hospital for him to build his own hospital. Evil people. Instead you will tell govt to build emergency hospital like China. APC level AlikoDangote still doubt the results of the COVID19 from different stste

What a nice advise. It would go a long way to assist govt hospitals in this regard.

COVID-19: Osinbajo confirms his negative status - Daily Post NigeriaVice President, Yemi Osinbajo has tested negative for coronavirus. The vice president took the coronavirus test following his contact with the Chief of Give us news about the headboy His anointed shall be exempted, Congratulations sir that's good news. Hallelujah 🙌🙌🙌...

No sir, pls make use of your public Hospitals Jack ma is helping a country wit d most richest Africa man If only there were test kits as flexible as pregnancy test strips. It would have been easy to dispatch same to individual neighborhood. Where are all those Professors selling same handouts since 1667, it's time for research...oya show yourself!!

I think Dangote is right, Government Hospitals can't do this alone they need help Itz_Realone Exactly. All doctors would have to treat all patients like they have corona virus first. This will definitely be counter productive, the pandemonium at those private hospitals will only exacerbate the situation. It's a fact that we can't get everyone tested, and we can't even deal with the result. Let's simply shutdown and treat the extreme cases.

Do they have the kits, may be he's funded them sha In time like this public health expert use data to predict situations, it has been established that private hospital dont work well with submission of data Wrong call from Dangote. He should have used this time to suggest to govt to equip public hospitals instead of private hospitals

That's a no no. Private hospitals don't have what it takes! And financial motive will be the basis. Please suspend that. I hope when we come out of this, that you all will see how decayed our health sector has been for donkeys years.

Coronavirus: Test result of suspected case in Borno revealed - Daily Post NigeriaThe University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital (UMTH) says the suspected coronavirus case isolated at the hospital has tested negative. Prof. Mala Sandabe, Just release him to sambisa forest.... Are you people even okay. Test results revealed? You’re trying to get traffic. I don’t curse but you make so want to right now. Please always just stare positive or negative - don’t increase people’s anxiety. Are you Positive or Negative..period

Not advising at all... Govt should not listen to this o..... The correct figure wit dos wit the virus will be hinde , and also let we the poor and the rich be on one page for once in this country I disagree with you sir, Good thinking Audio money man, depleting the treasury for this one man to be on Forbes Africa top list will take us nowhere

I don't still know why FG has not called for volunteers. If Ad-hoc staff can be used for electioneering, why not in health sector. Follow if you love my comment....... NOOOOOO THEY CAN MANIPULATE RESULTS LET FEDERAL MEDICAL CENTERS AND TEACHING HOSPITALS HANDLE TEST FOR NOW BEFORE WE BEGIN TO HEAR INCONCLUSIVE RESULTS.

Dump ass... That cannot donate 200k Do they need 2 be told? Dangote u well, so that mk una fit dey manipulate d result abi.......

Coronavirus: Stay at home, Buhari tells FG workersPlease stay at home! Simple instructions and people won’t listen 👂 I wish they will listen 😔😔 May god guide us an protect...

No wonder he is rich always diversifying. I think they should be checked before being allowed. Not all private hospitals can do that job This will give room for manipulations and fake results avenue You people want to escape the federal hospitals you've refused to renovate abi? So that dem go begin create more panic by using Adamu blood sample to test for Ochuko? You lie for this one, bros.

Run Coronavirus test from the private hospitals you and your government built for Nigeria .... Ada gore There are a few big private hospitals They can be used, likewise schools and the NYSC camps....the workers should be competent enough and provided with everything thing they need for medical observation and treatment.

That's brilliant To allow Iya Bola to test Corona, lailai it a no go area No please don't allow that

The integrity of their response is subject to their client's demand. They may not be fully truthful in relaying their data to the public. It's critical. Zeenahbabie You made sense big man Sir i don't trust private hospitals. Senator sheu Sani said its a bad idea? 🤔 Thief, Monopolist. Greedy somebody That will be a better idea

I hope dis man hv been tested ? He made contact with his frnds who are positive for covid-19 NCDCgov Better Who is stopping private clinics to run coronavirus test? The very rich should help provide more test kits and treatment kids. This is the time for everyone to make sacrifice and not opportunity to make money. Stay safe and stop the spread by maintaining safe distance

Pls tell him this is not a private hospital matter. It is a pandemic which means ' public health'. A Covid-19 test is not a blood group test. Rather what should be done is for health experts in the private hospitals to volunteer their skills for common good.

He didn't say to admit them in their hospital, he said'they should run test'for the people probably with the suspected cases.This means people living close to a particular private hospital can easily access d place for test b4 taken to isolation centre instead of waiting 4 NCDC Don't acknowledge this one o

No no no . If u wanna help, then help dude. No no no make sense ..Nigerian private hospitals weh go front money Business man Oga help all Government hospital in all the state to be fully equipped and leave business out of this. You are still thinking of only the rich in this situation. How many of the poor can afford private hospital?

Why not? It'll even gladen my heart, if they can only handle it and allow the regular patients attend public hospitals in peace. After all, they've been the ones attending before all this pandemic saga, making everybody feeling like a good citizen. We suggest that private hospitals should only be allowed when all government hospitals have been well equipped to face the challenges of the COVID19 . This may be the only chance to revitalise our public health care system.

I think the best solution is to build world class hospital that can contain great amount people. Who will pay for the man that can't even afford simple malaria test not to talk about coronavirus test in a private hospital. Richest man in Africa what's your contribution to Nigeria over coronanonsense

Richest man in Africa, 5 naira never commot from ur pocket to support d fight against dis virus. Na ur refinery matters to u. why ain't you talking about PMTNigeria that's exploiting the poor innocent masses About time too. Sir. Should everything be privatize in Nigeria? What type of country is this!! Some of these private hospitals hire quacks. They are not equipped to handle it sir. Moreover they will use it as a money making venture

It’s a necessary call. One can only pray that the federal government will listen, give permission ‘nd provide guidelines for testing. support the hospital financially and collaborate with the FG. Baba no just advice government put some kudi with the advice. God bless Yes they should be allowed Churches should join this Nobel initiative. rccghq DunamisGospel DavidIbiyeomie kicc sam_adeyemi PastorEAAdeboye DavidOyedepoMin pauladefarasin

In Time of crisis, true leaders emerge. Ours are gone to bed even before we came out of coma. And during elections they will be filled with blatant lies. Nigerians will still foolishly vote for a baboon while the monkey is sitting/ working for its greed. Freedomforallnigerians

Who will pay for it ? How is this one an issue? Please mind your talent sir. Very wonderful point it will give alot of people chance to test and reduce the panic. If the government will finance it all, while members of the public ain't gonna pay no dime. AlikoDangote seem to now know the Nigeria political games of controlling the figures. With private hospitals; the figures will skyrocket if incentives is attached and government has to pay for the test. Government hospitals means the figures will be controlled. WHONigeria

If God talk to anyone of you here is my account details I need to stock my house and no money for my account. Taiwo Tosin Abiodun, Account no: 6239858613 Fidelity bank Oga doesn't want to test positive in public. Eyaa 😢 Can you also give the 200M you pledge to the people on the streets and not government

Hope uv tested ur yourself sir? It's a good initiative, but my fear in the corruption that might follow, as now testing is free, when private laboratory starts doing the test, they will get kits provided freely by the government and start charging exurbitantly

mitch_ihejirika No,lets keep count. This would be really helpful Where’s the hospital to run the test sir? You are still not tired of making money.... rich men like you are busy helping to fight it while you want more Avenue where you can make more money ...but needs to be controlled by gvt Logical thing to do... But

private ke so u guys just want to spride this virus by all means leave the virus for government hospital oooo uncle dangote Story.....you are obviously part of the federal government Sir. And you can do better. Abi oo, they have to support on this issue For d first time APC released an original result without Rigging it. Abba Kyari cironavirus result TheNationNews DigiCommsNG nassnigeria DefenceInfoNG TheSun SaharaReporters sunrisedailynow NGRPresident vanguardngrnews FMHDSD NTANewsNow TheNationNews

Hope you have contributed enough money? Pls o let govt hospitals do d Corona stuff oooo make una no carry una disease come dos small private hospitals we still dey manage oooo...... who is the government now...? That's the best you can come up with? Build Hospital The No Go Hear,E Don Happen Now🥺🥺 Who pays?

The type you built for Nigeria for all privileges given to only you. Your types around the world are donating $billions to cure coronavirus; you are here commanding govt. End time is here. Seriously to me dis is not a solution but we dont know what u see and why u say this but also to me its joint hand job to all our government and private hospitals in other to held each others

It will reduce the pressure on the NCDC and make it easier for people to get checked. All the Fmohnigeria and NCDCgov, has to do is to give the hospitals the test kit and preventive wears as regards the pandemic.

Him dey smell death Yes. All private hospitals and other govt health facilities that have the capability to run the test should be allowed to run it Is this an attempt to kill all the auxiliary Nurse in Nigerian private hospital?.... Lol No no no. They are not equipped to handle positive cases. The rich should not be afraid to use government facilities

In all honesty,victims will still walk into that Hospitals you are presently protecting unknowingly positive and might expose more people than we could have curbed. Point Even PHC True talk The man spoke wisely but you might never get his message right until the Hospitals are overwhelmed. There's need to start intensive tests and quick isolation to nib it in time. NCDCgov MBuhari jidesanwoolu SaharaReporters

AlikoDangote please let everyone manage our public hospitals like that. That's where most Nigerians use at other times

What donation have you given to federal government to fight the virus,remember it’s 6ft and all the billions of dollars would be vanity,save souls Which way African leaders? Abroad is close now. Not a good idea for now. We know our people. They'll turn it to typhoid malaria. armyonthebloc Private hospital that 90% of them are filled with auxiliary nurses and one or two doctors.............Thats dangerous

FG should first make the test kits available at all Federal Medical Centres and Federal University Teaching Hospitals. This should be followed by state specialist hospitals No please, leave our private hospitals for us. That’s where we feel safe... Allowing them isnt the issue..competency and optimum service is the most important thing. ...instead I suggest bringing in more health workers and make use of NYSC camps, Hotels, sport houses as places to treat victims..

If they have a test kit,why not? All hands should be on deck. I wonder the measures he's taking to prevent this virus presently at his on going project (Dangote Oil Refinery). Where we ve thousands of workers.

Which one is this one saying na. Do u think this is cement and salt business? This is a serious global issue. Will they listen? Are test kits available? How competent are the professionals?

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