Lagos Pupils School Feeding

Lagos Pupils School Feeding

337,589 Lagos pupils to benefit from school feeding

5/22/2020 9:51:00 AM

337,589 Lagos pupils to benefit from school feeding

Dayo OjerindeThe Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, Hajia Sadiya Umar Farouk, has said about 337,589 would benefit from the modified school feeding programme in Lagos.Farouk who was represented Director, National Commission for Refugees, Migrants and IDP’s, Mrs. Margaret Ukegbu, at the inauguration of the school feeding programme in Lagos on Thursday.

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She said, “The special home grown feeding intervention will impact 337,589 beneficiaries made up of Parent, Guardians and Care Givers of primary school children in participating schools.“The identified and selected household will each receive 5kg bag of Rice, 5kg bag of Beans, vegetable and palm oil, salt, tomato paste and 15 pieces of eggs.

“These rations have been revealed by nutrition expert to ascertain the nutritional value and benefits to the children.’’The Commissioner of Education, Mrs. Folashade Adefisayo, said the modified school feeding programe was a continuation of the existing home grown feeding programme of the state government in conjunction with the federal government whereby 100,000 pupils in public primary school were fed daily.

She reiterated the importance of food in the development of a child noting that the modified feeding programme would go a long way in achieving that.“When a child is growing its quite imperative that a child should have good quality balance diet in order to feed the brain and ensure that the brain grow appropriately because an hungry child cannot learn properly so looking at the take home ration its truly a balance diet,” Adefisayo said.

Also, the Executive Chairman of LASUBEB, Hon. Wahab Alawiye-King, said the commencement of the distribution of the take home rations was to ensure that the hardship caused by COVID-19 was minimised, adding that a lot of work had gone into ensuring that the modified home feeding programme was carried out in a transparent and seamless manner.

He said, “In a few days, all the targeted households would have received their vouchers which will enable them collect their food rations. At the end of the exercise, 37,589 households of pupils in primary schools (primary 1-3) would have been fed.’’Copyright PUNCH.

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Great! Wonder shall never end you that don't know the actual number of primary school nation wide talkless of feeding those you don't know it only happened in Nigeria ironically Madam, wallahi, I don't trust the way you are pushing this program. Please I like to know the names and addresses of the schools that are open during this COVID-19 that are beneficiaries of the school feeding program.

Stop this scam already Even if we are to accept this naked lie. Does it now mean that Lagos is 36 States of Nigeria. Nice one There is day of judgement nassnigeria you guys should rise up and put a stop to this day light robbery. Children they couldn't feed in school how are they going to locate them in their houses?

I laugh in Swahili Please which children are they feeding? Have school resumed? Are they feeding children in their houses? Please I don't understand. Another senseless initiative for private pocket enrichment...damned bastards This government has no fear of God. What sort of lie is this?! This woman how on earth do u sleep at night

Madam lie lie I thought mothers are more decent and honest but this one prove me wrong outrightly,with all this her innocent face Lia Stop all these things and focus on something more productive, it's not even sounding constructive. Think more on helping those pupils that have been home for so long to get back to school or how they can study from home, intensify more effort on that and stop this scam

Na by force to feed children at home? Do u hv plans to poison there ways of reasoning, cos I don't understand why she still Insist on doing d feeding? Story I don't believe you are feeding any child. Enjoy the money. God dey! I hope her children and grand children makes up the number of the beneficiaries.

This woman couldn't even defend the process... What a Shame!!! Finance Department has contacted COVID-19 School feeding nonsense. This is an historic off-colour deal. Lolz This government is just stupid.. Oleburuku....Thief don't like this woman one bt God will judge you . Can u just keep shut madam THUNDER WHERE ARE U NOW, PLEASE DO UR WORK ON HER. SHE'S SO DISGUSTING. LIONNESS THAT IS WHO ARE.

One Nigeria I hail thee... After the reggee u must play the blues. The prayers of the righteous availeth much. Time will tell You are putting the new wine into an old wine container which will in little or no time will bursts, shit hole dwellers . Keep using Lagos govt to scam Nig. God is watching Is just by speaking of the tongue.

Hon.minister Zubaida Zubairu Kofar Mazugal🙄🙄 I want to know is south- south not part of Nigeria? Why concentrating only on west and North? No railway system in South -south and development Pls how can you feed student at home pls She's the most useless finance minister of all time. what is the need of this home feeding? Is it the most important thing we need now?

419 government, fraudulent government who are you feeding? How do you want to feed the pupils without feeding the parents? This una target to make up your billion out of this so called school feeding is unfair to nigerians. Schools are closed and this buhari government is still feeding the school children spiritually at there various home's. apc next level of stealing public funds. Thief thief thief

Just know that one day one day u will die and God will ask u .... That's all 🤔🙄 No conscience at all Scam When you share money in north, you didn't come lagos pls don't come will are not Almajeri Will don't what your food How many of them are yet not sure of the next meal, Madam is that same with your children?

Follow and you will be followed back instantly And she will go to prison for this Criminal Shameless rogues Um! Minister of disaster, oruko ni roni So what about the rest? Boring goverment.😯 They are from which schools People that can't give palliative during lockdown, they are now feeding pupils at home. SCAM.

Minister for disaster The zobo is not cold return it How? Send money to their parents they'll feed their children Why does this woman love lieing? Na wa oooo🤦‍♂️ Dumb move by FG Good job we are waiting for Kano pupils Out of how many? We all know that there are millioms, if not billions of children in Lagos a majority of them are from average and poor homes. How did you choose these ones? Eji mbe l'orun o.

This is lied. This woman you're becoming a nuisance here Scam! Layer I have not received any benefit so far since I filled in the form for my son. Robbers, thunder fire una. What about their names? How did you arrive at that number? No, I didn't open the link. It's pointless anyway. I mean, it's Nigeria rubish

It's all scam. How can you feed kids under locked down? Do you have their database? Worse minister under BUBU. Scam Kudos to all northerners Big Scam Feeding pupils in their parents house and parents and other siblings are hungry. Continue... God is watching. Two people they say cannot missed out on a lie....

Disgrace to womanhood. If the system is fabricating lies,..... as a mother are you not suppose to denounce it...? Rather you are a party to corruption, may the wrath of God be upon as far as you suck a mother breast. Wow!!!! Proud of our government. Best government so far in Africa. Up APC!!!! I mean, who does that? Feeding the entire pupils in Lagos. I used to think there are about close to a million pupils in Lagos, I didn't know there are only 337,589 pupils in Lagos now. See me. 🤥🤥

Abracadabra! Government magic. They just churn out data anyhow. Fdaata that cannot be verified. This womans face is directly propotional to stealing She will soon get her own house in Switzerland...set awon miscreant Which school feeding another way to steal They will run this country dry🙆🏻‍♂️ This woman still on this school feeding which she will not be able to defend how she spend the money.

I have never seen a woman dat lie too much All is well This Yahoo woman has came again. Lol What's so special about this feeding programme? Are schools on section? or does it mean the parents of these kids are bad cooks? This government is always doing the right thing at the wrong time. So if this one na true and same number will benefit in the whole state of the federation.

You all lying to yourself . This woman is a wicked soul. Why this unforced error for God sake. Scam Fraud Scam Fraud Scam Fraud Scam Fraud Scam Fraud Scam Fraud Scam Fraud How did feeding pupils in school automatically became Nigeria most pressing problem that even when the kids are not in school they need to be compulsory fed? This drama will never end.

Ole gbogbo in the broad day light Na for Lagos this woman go cast this woman na witch Feeding school children at during lockdown . Mrs humanitarian affair I don't think you will serve in any other regime. Your political is finish because you are suppose to fight corruption. Just shut up madam You and that liar mohammod i no know who lie pass

Yahoo girl.. Federal scam When will this nonsense stop? They told us they don’t have data of the parents of this children, how come they have the data of their children. This is a cheering news. Pray that you have the will to implement. Children in Lagos are millions Daylight fraud of the highest order. i pray someday you rote in jail thife

Thunder!!! But why only Lagos, you people should stop this nonsense. That program is not what Nigerians yarn for as it stand now but lets sheepishly watch! Have you gotten the consent of these lagos pupils? How do you intend to get in touch my children because they live and school in lagos? Wouldn't it be better to give the money to the pupils' parent and let the parents take care of their wards? I'm just thinking aloud.

😏😏🙄🙄And ds woman keeps mkg mockery of dt ministerial office! Even in the month of Ramadan,they still steal money in the name of these poor children. Even though our country's finances are in dire straits, someone is still insisting on going ahead with this white elephant project.Sadiya_farouq And most of this/these people are fasting ooo....swear den no fear God

Lol... Mama curse dey follow you like so o This woman never get tired of lying haha Disgrace to our race. Lols 👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆I know this is lie up on lie even if it will happen just be expecting something like this. Hmmm... Nigeria, my country! This is of no benefits, if they were not resuming school back yet

Whether food was shared or not, this is a dumb and stupid initiative with crooked underlining objective... Used the fund to empower instead of providing stomach infrastructure!!! Linus Scam.. Feeding ko o , feeding ni Those Lagosians FG fed let gather here and testify to the glory of God. How do you know the pupils when even there head teacher don't know the parent and houses of those kids?

I pity d day u wil mit ur ancestors This scammer again. Stop feeding pupils with rubbish, fix the economy so income per head can have value. Criminals looking for reason or way to loot the National resources....Pls continue ooo If they have not been feeding on holidays before pandemic, this is noting but an obvious scam..

Scam Scam.... This one pass International Thief Thief. Welcome to my country where everything means business!! Mstw! Ole This woman you think say you fit make heaven with this kind lie Saka maaje😀.totally scammer and liar just like that useless and hopeless so called Lai Mohammed. Anyways i believe she's trying to tell us about the benefit they will share with the useless and rubbish Nigeria politicians,judiciary kids not the poor masses kids of Nigeria

This woman's face is synonymous with corruption in Nigeria. She's not saying rubbish, she's the rubbish Ole dodo ati ewa re oh. Is this to fulfil all righteousness? Lucrative Yahoo woman 🤣😲 This school feeding again they have used to scam us billions. Hit the follow button, Ifb Gbefu!..hon.minister out of how many millions...we'll divided Last last.. thousands out of millions.God dey sha

Scam na ur time shaa, chop while it last Sadiya farouk come and make heaven make i see. Onye oshi Na only God go judge you. cash out 🙌🙌 You were not able to reach the parents for palliatives but you know how to reach the kids to feed them. Well done nah...... Bunch of criminal elements! Nigeria economy needs help from the people at the moment and not the other way round. Our economy is more vulnerable than the almajaris

Until people start swearing for you people abi Stop this politic and avail us the number of children to benefit per State and after the programme, give Nigerians details of the beneficiaries. That's how to be accountable. Fraudulently mischievous Thief, which school? Liamohammed Prodigy... Lies so nebulous Verbose writeup Aged but still loot and steal..

I just hope one day this ministry will be probed under your tenure...massive corruption taking place in this ministry...time will tell...APC a party of HYPOCRITES..taking advantage of a WEAK president..😀😀 Can't we set up another program for pupils other than this school feeding. If a parent can send a child to school such parent can afford the feeding of the child

Feeding school pupils during a lockdown with total school shutdown.... ....and in Lagos These guys tell lies that even marvels the Devil, the inventor of lies This woman is not even ashamed o All that Buhari,d minister,Bashir,femi Adesina & their jinxed administration need is Original ogbologbo curses.Make we rain hot curses on dem & their co-Armed robbers in this administration so that dem go fit kick bucket like the unfortunate dead Abba kyari.Make Ogun kill dem all

😂😂😂🤣😅 One of the biggest scam ever in Nigerian history. Misplaced priority Insanity Who told you they are hungry- school feeding programme under Covid-19 lockdown amounts to fraud!!! Sadiya_farouq please allow parents to feed their children's by them self, since the children are still at home. CIA parents are responsible to feed their children under there roof not FG.

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I am keeping 👀 around my neighborhood to see if anyone will benefit from this. This is very annoying. So annoying and senseless! How do you intend to share this food when they are all at home. MBuhari OfficialAPCNg FMHDSD keep scamming Nigerians Corruption! Innocent 😈 This is one of the dumbest initiatives of the current government Nigeria. Just a blunt way of draining Nigeria resources. I have this woman will not develop sickness overnight when her trial will starts

Please don't stop lying, sha this same students in their home am sure you guys are also feeding there parents. In a normal Environment, the Situation like this and in a like this automatically invite People to calls for transparency and Accountability but in Nigeria Politics will balance the Account School pupil or street kids? Which parent is ready to release their children? Infact what are they feeding them with? Breast milk i guess Radarada 😏

But school is not open. Where are they goin to the pupils? Madam, THUNDER WILL FIRE YOU! ABBA kyari is under statement to this woman Naked lie Is this woman a mother at all. I tot women do have human feelings more than men. She knew quite well that this program is fraud and as a mother she participated in making life difficult for Eve women like her suffering

Madam Minister, why this desperation in feeding school children when the schools are closed? Publicize their name and address. We knew it that you will not go back from the journey of perdition you embark on. Go and sleep. You guys should have fed those poor almajirais loitering on the streets. There shall be no peace for the wicked Even liars will have their place in the deepest parts of hell Kontinu

You people should stop all this scamming. Feeding the children or filling your accounts Thief. This woman always send shives down my spine.. This woman is a scam, she has succeeded in making about 500,000 npower volunteers live in penury due to her lack of stipend payment. Lagos ? What about other states like Anambra Enugu Akwa ibom...

School feeding at home! What a confused nation. Does it mean that this. Women got no sense at all? I don’t just understand how people can be so foolish to this extent. stoptheRubish this woman format eeh Is this school children feeding program a one time thing or continuous? And for how long? Continue deceiving yourselves. Feeding my foot...

Scam Buhari and APC government Biggest scam of all time Our mumu Don do At 52 years don't l deserve school feeding? 😂🤣😂🤣 What a big scam!!! Where did they get the data from? If they can feed the pupils, feeding their parents wouldn't have been a problem!! Lies, upon lies!! Nigeria is a fucked up country.... we keep talking about it, but how can we eradicate these thieves?

This woman will just sleep and wake up with figures... Her person deeply represent her disaster Ministry Here are the proof in my area. See next page from delivery to sharing of food palliatives at a primary school. Mad woman This woman dey vex me ... this woman go do pass MADUEKE O. EFCC should stop chasing boys up and down I believe police can handle that, pls let them start looking into this format of every day embezzlement. Thank u.

Which school feeding bikonu? School that is on break. Thieves everywhere. APC is scam. Real one. Scammers Is it that nobody can stop this woman from this her COVID-419 and Scamdemic? I guess that should be E-Feeding Yahoo Shey na school attendance dem dey use for this data ? Someone should tell this FG to stop playing on our emotions. Abi what's all this These pupils came out from a family, if their parent die of hunger will FG continue to feed and cater for their needs 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

Please what are the names of the schools Sadiya_farouq mama dabino I still don't see the sense in setting up a structure to feed students who aren't in school. I mean schools are not even open. Why not put in this money into crediting all Nigerians using our BVN as a form of respite for the hardship this pandemic has caused?

I hope they have the names and addresses of the number of pupils, they're claiming will benefit from the school feeding program? Not just throwing up figures. Which school biko, can they list the names of the school and the days of the feeding for us to know and investigate Nothing wey person no go hear from this woman 😡

Hmmmmm 🤔 🤔 🤔 Daisy Ehanire Danjuma Patricia Etteh Diezani Alisson Madueke Stella Oduah-Ogiemwonyi and Now Hajiya Sadiya Farouq These were/are some of d women that clearly did justice to the word of 'what a man can do, a woman can do it even more & better' The men are saying well-done Olamide sang his “skammer” track for the government of this country.

Won tun ti de o! This woman is a crook! U nd ur unfulfilled promises. Lets hear wrd abeg. U have ur beneficiaries in mind... so forget talk. Common 5k, 20k, transfer we've not seen till now. U r leaving dat seat for someone who cares for everyone equal right, who sees everyone as one Nigeria, nd not family interest

Ohh Lagos pupils are yet to benefit, who have they been feeding? Stop decieving your self, we are wiser than you can ever Imagen This woman should be in jail for thr rest of her life You are best described as a thief, this school feeding program at this material time is fraudulent and on call for, please abort this your fraudulent adventure, it's not important at all. Save Nigerians from the stress.

This particular news is true! I helped my mum collate the names of 500+ children in Agege Lgea that'll be benefitting from the school feeding. The officers went from house to house to take census of the children. Hopefully, they start sharing the palliatives very soon. This one no be woman, coz REAL women think like a mother and they all have sympathy, Since she found her self in the mist of men, she's now behaving like they too, LieMuhammedTheSecond

When will this people start listening to us? Na we get the children and we are feeding them with the little we have. Who are they even trying to impress here? What is thunder ⚡ still waiting for? The lies some people tell ehn, e dey shock devil himself An avenue for some politicians to steal public funds.

I'm confused as to why these people are so insistent on this school feeding programme despite most children being at home. What exactly is the plan? CharlesCypriano CharlesCypriano CharlesCypriano Follow me and I promise to follow back ASAP A woman can never be president in Nigeria Bunch of liars! Just no worry, one day una lies will cut up with you guys in this country. AUDIO GOVERNMENT

Another means for stealing How will you get the database of school children that are like sand on the seashore, when many schools don't even know where their pupils live. You can get the database of school children that are thrice the number of the adult population, but can't get that of the adult. This woman after this regime we shall know how much you stole.

Shekiya zubaida This fuelless generator is a new source of power that is completely safe, free and efficient, the durability and design is Top notch. This generator, unlike every other generator doesn't have an engine which consumes fuel/gas and makes noise. You can contact us on (09053597845) Madam minister, you are yet to answer the questions on spending and receiving, the national assembly committee members asked you.

Scamming after scam Nigeria is a cruise. For how long are we going to continue like this. Hummm Sinzuress This is the craziest idea in Nigeria at the moment. Stop this wasteful project This woman will probably compete with Deziani Madueke in terms of stolen funds after this regime. That was how they said they paid 20k to how many millions Nigerian,and up to date,I don't know anyone that knows anyone that received that money...kai buhari govt,I raise ynash for una oooo

Audio feeding.....Abokis was not as BAD as they are now ooo. This act will only make people hate you people the more ooo please change your ways What happened to the 2months NEPA freebies that they promised us? Can u imagine i diverted my monthly bills under false hope only for NEPA officials to embarrass me. I now know, prepaid meter is better.

This woman should shut up abeg That's great and a welcome development. Madam u don come again Disaster woman! 2023 Election result...the day of accountability is coming. Yahoo woman.. Madam, you are honestly not a good person!!!! Zubaida Scam PUBLIC SERVICE THIEVES, BIGGEST SCAM IN NIGERIA . EFCC IS ASLEEP NOW. WHO KNOWS THE FAKE FIGURES, COST OF THE FOOD STUFF AND LOGISTICS ?

tajudine2013 This woman is shameless and to top it all she doesn't know when to stop. Stop feeding them ooh. Which one should I believe now, 35k or 300k plus pupils. Well, maybe they now consider private pupils too. They should stop all these mockery The new face of fraud.. Hausa Criminal Nigeria is a land of comedy filled with big comedians...

Somebody should stop this regime now. Fraud This lie is too much please lets diversify follow me n would follow back 😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂😂😂😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂 But they are home? How stupid does this woman think we are? Y'all sure know how to irk people with disgusting news. I bet y'all care more about the reactions than the actual news.

Hmmm This woman is a liar 🤥 criminal and she needs to be in jail Anytime I see this woman, I see fraud, I see embezzlement and and I see the hope of women in government been dashed. Someday we will be wise. Continue no problem, time will tell. My Nigeria Nigeria. ' There was a country' What kind of feeding? Asaro and kpomo the size of magi cube? Wedon!

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God is watching you So serious Please who’s this woman ? Nigerian government with deceit. And this is where it ends... We rant day in, day out. No action. mumunigerians Why do you lie so much ma'am, you're to old For this, you have not finished giving palliatives to those who need it you feeding school children that are not in school. Some much for clueless incompetence.

This woman fine sha Satan will Judge you and federal government I tweeted weeks ago under FMHDSD one non employee answered, though they deleted there tweet as you can see, it's a total RIP to a government who blatantly lie,scam and Mismanage a Country Fund always! You shamless minister ain't you tired Misplaced priority

This is BULLSHIT and ARRANT NONSENSE... When 1 bitcoin was 70k you look am pass now na 4million. 1 Ethereum now is 90k You still dey look am... E go soon pass you Starting with 0.040(5000) Ethereum DM ✌️ No retreat no surrender, let us know when you finish the country Evil people, they are forcing there stupid peel on everyone so u can join them been stupid too

Mrs Lai Muhammed May God treat u as u dey treat Nigerians ... no 🧢 To benefit or have been benefiting since the lockdown began All na scam That's a lie I disagree with you. Fake only God will punish and judge you Am not that sure this woman is even okay Why so desperate to feed pupils even as schools are shut?

This woman no get mercy the way she dey chop our money 😭😭😭😭😭😷😷😷 What is wrong with the stupid leaders of this country? Yahoo yahoo pro max. 👍🏻 The Nigerian Govt who could not provide palliatives and facemasks for it's citizens suddenly wants to feed pupils Resist the devil and he shall flee away from thee

God bless you Ma'am Why is every intervention starting in lagos, not elswhere, and virtually ending there? Just asking! Just asking o! The lockdown will soon be over and they are still planning? SCAM.... E koshi danu We are taking records of all the money you're claiming to spend. You must account for all the public funds you're spending with concrete evidences

Jokers ! Audio feeding? Sincerely at times we always display ignorance at times. They actually distribute yesterday. At Maryland yesterday. I still maintain that this is another means to squander public funds. Spending N679m daily is fraudulent! Unless a comprehensive list and details of the school children would make made known to the public, as well as their state and school. then, FG would be taken serious.

Thief and fraudsters in Nigeria! I think we should ask these people if this feeding is a form of atonement or just the latest format to loot money. PTA said they don’t want you to feed their kids at home, is it by force ? Just steal the money and we won’t know pls. Please in case you see any family that was fed by this scheme in Lagos and environs. Kindly post it online. I'm yet to hear of any and today is Friday.

To from the mouth hajiya zubaida zubairu This woman why all this lies? What a country. This woman need to be stone to death 💀 Lies from the pit of hell How can d masses reject a motive and the gov continue with it, I thought democracy is the gov of d people and 4 people. How can country be in recession & still continue wit feeding ghost children 9ja which way, MBuhari which way

They have been feeding the Invincible’s . Nobody has come out to Confirm that he benefited. Only on Media u feed Whenever I see this aunty's face online it is always about feeding children. You are doing well ma' (thief) ? Lia Mohammed imposter... Seriously you guys have made me to hate this woman. What is wrong with this woman?

Pls u guys should stop all these lies How on earth can this woman be so fearless in looting the nation dry and no body is saying nothing. Proposing Oloshi!!! Crinimal!!!! This woman 👩 be fool She thinks food is the solution, is she going to feed them forever I blame Nigerians for this, na we give dem leg

Bunch of thieves. Feeding for how many days. I told you not to vote Please follow me and I follow back immediately. open scam.. Sai Baba! APC. ..NextLevel. Where are those idiots that clamored. Una never see anything. We don't want food we are not hungry....Yoruba freedom let everyone go their way Pls madam feed if u wan feed leave us alone

Mad minister,stupid government Even when the school was on,how many pupils benefited from the initial feeding Keep wasting public fund Your days are numbered! Unforgettable regime Stupid Yahoo Yahoo government Mumu_mmadu boohari and his ethnic foolani terrorist kinsmen are shameless treasury looters! USELESS ethnic group that contributes nothing to Nigeria GDP except treasury looting, selling of diseased cows, killings, raping and maiming of innocent Nigerians...Yeye tribe. Tufiakwa!

All this nonsense feeding, you people should raise the Nigerian Forces Income. which is the correct one? Headline: 337,589 Lagos pupils to benefit from school feeding The article then conclude 'At the end of the exercise, 37,589 households of pupils in primary schools (primary 1-3) would have been fed.’’

Which school again .. I think na you people lock every school and everybody down ... Oga o Looters Madam drop this pupils school feeding Pls. I guess u have an interior motive behind this feed. Whoever that is encouraging u to go ahead should also know that Nigerians have wise up. Could you just stop this school feeding fraud already!

Pls what Hausa female name is synonymous with Abacha, I want to rename awa kiarin Murderer! You should have given the parents of the 337,589 money so that they can do the feeding. You are even stressing yourself by feeding the pupils,their parent should have account so send them money. 😫 Next 'headline news' will be Nigeria spent 5billion on Lagos pupils for school feeding

Criminals How do you trace them, as schools remaind closed? Nonsense.... you all will pay Madam pay N-power their stipends. 5m in Kano, 4.5m in Kastina, 7m in sokoto......? Amonunt to 15b...there is God ooo Scammers Spiritual food So heartbreaking to know that this beautiful woman is also a criminal and will end up in pains me to put the two words (beautiful and criminal)in the same sentence

Lagosians na una turn to benefi d awoof free school feeding. Enjoy alone TRADE YOUR DEAD,CONDEMNED SOLAR INVERTER BATTERY FOR COOL CASH FOR ENQUIRY CALL📞08107105177.. 09090839033.PLS HELP US RETWEET🙏 🙄🙄🙄 Madam scam Does this soulless woman realize how ridiculous she sounds... yesterday she said Nigeria may be heading to recession, and today she's plotting another dubious scheme in the name of feeding school children. Feeding Children who are no longer in school? God will punish y'all 🙄

What is the National Assembly doing about this flevolus plans of spending? especially now that our economy is bad. Nigerian Students last time even challenges this criminal attempt by the hon. Minister of humanitarian affairs in this looting plans. To me i think it's a game plan God will judge you for the school feeding pupils are on holiday

🤔🤔🤔 Eberu olohun This is absolutely misplaced of priorities for a government that is seeking to earned Nigerian confidence. Lord help us Government schools or ministers children This is broad daylight corruption. Really? So this woman want to go ahead with this scam Fraud in a grand 'humanitarian' scale

Lie Mohammed is suddenly quite, he never believed there could be a bigger liar than him. This woman is the biggest job woman of all time. This is pure nonsense This people should stop deceiving us now, what school feeding? When they’re under their parents! Can’t they use the money for something better 😡

This one is trying to drag the seat with Allison madueke for who corrupt pass. Well done MA. Posterity will judge us all This one shock me Thieves in government Cashing out steady in dis country 😰😰😰 Biggest thief Eyes of a thief Naija na major scam All a lie. I hate seeing this. Nigerian government is a big scam. The government that couldn't provide palliatives for the people under the 2 months lockdown now wants to feed your children with their poisonous foods. Resist these people.

This one go bad pass lie Mohammed o, awon nla! Nigga shutup This school feeding again Can this woman just be Quiet? FAKE NEWS Female version of Lai. They have come again. Instead giving them a plate of food in school, share this money on the families. You will not only provide for the pupils but the families

One of the greatest Scam by the Government is unfolding in front of the Nigerians. Some gullible Nigerians will go ahead and still cast their votes for this so called tyrant parties PDP & APC. A lot of Nigerians can’t think for themself. That’s why where here today. MILK US DRY Shey dem wan resume on Monday ni 🤣🤣🤣

What a mockery! People who cannot think, think others do not think! Sorry Mrs Sadiya_farouq technical problems I want to inform you that you're no more humanitarian if I'm lie ask npower_ng beneficiaries 52 days no payment... Fraud Alison Deziani of Buhari's administration Liers This is why talking about nigeria issues is a waste of time, all the noise we have been making against this blatant scam falls on deaf ears. Sadiya farouq continue in your ways, it won't last you forever!

Sick of this country. Ahhh No fear of God at all Homeleopard Ejor madam can you help us with your format? 419 people Fraudulent government..they keep advancing in fallacies We all know 😤 Her face just seems to be mocking Nigerians. No other person's face irritates me as much as this woman's face. Sinzu babe, we'll done ma.

Can you just do something like this and stop giving our kids that your burn burn concoction jollof rice? Hmm Another story for the gods... LieLie Hell 🔥 is real IFB Oh! I don't know that schools are in session or are you taking the food to their apartments, you must be doing a lt of work. I hope you are feeding the teachers also.

Lies of the century The scam finally reach Lagos. So Shameful!! Are you people not tired😏 Who ask you of feeding them at home?if you want to embezzle it, stop tagging your stealing with anything relating with masses.....if you die carry the money along Scam alert Who send you Y not keep the money to revive the sinking economy. Ole buruku.

Whenever i see this woman's face on sm i just know say na yahoo-yahoo shit dem dey talk about 😒 OK, we don hear naa...or do you need support? You haven't been paid the npower beneficiary for the past two months now, you promised to pay them early this week but today is Friday they haven't seen anything yet you are a mother the beneficiary suppose to enjoy you if you have human feeling.ay them at when due

Madam be reminded schools are on total closure. Please look for a better channel to loot the funds. APCfailedNigerians These administrators only want to swindle the populace. Are we still on this sham? School at 🌙 , where? Only done on air or to the preferencial citizen Ndiala 🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🇳🇬🙉🙉🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️🤯🤯

Stop this scam ,feeding from home?give the money to their parents. they will feed their children. Lai lie everyday The fact someone is fasting and lying. Dead conscience Punch and repetition of useless headlines... Guess the owner of punch is a politician under this Govt U r nothing but office occupant But schools are shut down madam!

This school feeding of a thing,I don't think is necessary, how possible can it be when all student are still indoor. I think,this is a way to embezzle some funds. Remember, we will stand Infront of our lord one day and account for everything. Believe it or not Where would the feeding take place? Are schools open ?

Scam Alert 📣 Ohhhh Like the way, your 'so called' palliatives were distributed Life drama Lie Mohammed Oya follow up I'll fb Instantly This is arrant nonsense of a fraud... Na lie lie! Dimwit, goofy😪 You guys are playing Nigeria as a ludo game😒 Which of the schools? Madam there is God oh. The end shall tell.

EATYOURFOODALONEANDDIE💯 Na scam ordinary change that they promised us we did not see the change so is it food they will give us? Fraud Madness💯 How many times Punch? You want us to remember this grand lie for the whole of today? 😒😒

337,589 to benefit from home feeding in Lagos – MinisterFoolish Woman doing foolish job. SCAM! ideas4naija So much ruckus has been occasioned the home feeding strategy, but the question remains whether officialEFCC can investigate and prosecute the Hon. Minister if found wanting? I think that officialEFCC must prove to Nigerians that the fight against corruption is not selective.

Home grown school feeding programme commences in Lagos ThursdayThe Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development will commence the Home-Grown School Feeding Rubbish!! Always taking the slightest advantage to steal. Allah kasaka mana Sinzu Mama, Deziani needs to take refresher course from you 🙌

How I joined Yale Young African Scholars, by AkinkugbeYYAS, an initiative of the prestigious Yale University, United States, is an intensive academic and enrichment programme designed for African secondary school students YYAS Yale Akinkugbe Students Africa Nigerian Follow and I follow bck

No opposition in Lagos APC- Igbo group - The NationIgbos in the All Progressives Congress (APC) Lagos have affirmed support to the party, stating there is no more opposition in Lagos State... una dey try Fools,you have sold your rights and became slaves in Nigeria,spirit of money have used you even against your brothers, sorry for your self mumus in Nigeria, baggers

Court orders Air France to pay Lagos Judge, husband N500,000A Federal High Court in Lagos has ordered Air France to pay a Lagos State High Court judge, Mrs Oke Lawal and her husband, Chief Bayo... 500,000 naira abi £5000? 🤨🤨

Lagos State Discharges 17 More Recovered COVID-19 PatientsLagos State Discharges 17 More Recovered COVID-19 Patients The discharging rate is speeding Can someone reading this help me to get a job? I am a graduate of chemical engineering. Thanks for your kind consideration. And accepts 199 more patients