Home Feeding Lagos

Home Feeding Lagos

337,589 to benefit from home feeding in Lagos – Minister

5/21/2020 10:52:00 PM

337,589 to benefit from home feeding in Lagos – Minister

Dayo OjerindeThe Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, Hajia Sadiya Umar Farouk, has said about 337,589 beneficiaries would gain from the modified school feeding programme in Lagos.Farouk, who was represented by the Director, National Commission for Refugees, Migrants and IDP’s, Mrs Margaret Ukegbu, said this at the inauguration of the school feeding programme in Lagos on Thursday.

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She said, “The special homegrown feeding intervention will impact 337,589 beneficiaries made up of parents, guardians and caregivers of primary schoolchildren in participating schools.“The identified and selected households will each receive 5kg bag of rice, 5kg bag of beans, vegetable and palm oil, salt, tomato paste and 15 pieces of eggs.

“These rations have been revealed by a nutrition expert to ascertain the nutritional value and benefits to the children.”The Lagos Commissioner for Education, Mrs Folashade Adefisayo, said the modified school feeding programme was a continuation of the existing homegrown feeding programme of the state government.

She reiterated the importance of food in the development of a child, noting that the modified feeding programme would go a long way in achieving that.“When a child is growing, it’s quite imperative that a child should have a good, quality, balanced diet to ensure that the brain grows appropriately because a hungry child cannot learn properly,” Adefisayo said.

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Those you people's know they benefits from not unknown Blind people. You want to feed students that are holidays because of covid-19. What of the millions that are out of school, who will feed them? Scam Liar CAPITAL THUNDER PLEASE WHERE R U,ALL PROGRESSIVE CRIMINALS (APC). The home feeding is only for Lagos and most States in the north. Perhaps, the other states that Buhari left out are not Nigeria States, except Lagos and Abuja. Buhari continue to rewrite history. After, you’d look for who to blame for all these precedences.

PLEASE IF Your Ward Benefited, like this tweet! We want to gather the data. I don't think this people know exactly what they are doing. You are sick You borrowed money to feed school children when other country borrow to create wealth una fool for life ooo Where is Mrs okunjo-iweala ? Hamina j Muhammed ezekwesili? Why is madam humanitarian spoiling the names of great Nigerian women .

Pouring water into a basket this is why we shall remain 3rd world country APC manufacturing corruption Madam minister this will be your last public job in this country pls can she feed her ghost kids in silence and let us be the solution to all this is to devide d country pls Noise makers Too many poverty in your country no electricity no road what can human you guys are zombie president zombie woman zombie man

Scam Backwardness as a lifestyle is a paradigm and most cherished choice by the Northerners. Believing so much that 'hand-to-mouth' is a goodwill to the masses. Unbelievable!!! Naija hmmmmm Make Una continue ...God is watching Liars God punish nigeria government Lol for another 7 billion right Other parts of the ciuntry are not benefiting hour scam feeding program. Yiu will not enjoy your wealth believe me, Rip at your door step.

😳🙉🙆🏻‍♀️ This woman has seriously taken over from Lie Mohammed Out of the 22million people What will local man not see The luxury of corruption has beclouded the reason of most of our leaders. Why not deploy the fund for the home feeding into development of the education system at least to make learning possible even in this covid 19 era. Maybe these school children are eating up their future.

I weep for this country How long are you planning to be feeding us, people are dying in poverty and joblessness You can try it A mother like you can't feel the pain of her children. Shame to you woman This woman never Skip's lie Muhammed classes all her tutoring The money have left the national purse since before coro even show face, this is just a legit way of covering the loot-hole

Stop all this authority stealing before law of karma catches up with you. We urge the minister not to try whatever they are planning in the name of home feeding. Are they not tired of stealing public funds? I dont understand o. You feed this large family and no community rumour about it. Hmmmm, it is well

This is rather ridiculous that you are feeding school kids at home common on Madam you can do better than this It available now... Please DM or Wattsap+2348030456373 corona will catch up with you and your family and with every body that steal money that ment for the citizen What rubbish is this woman Sadiya_farouq always blurting out? Where in Lagos is any palliatives still being shared? The fact that we are keeping quiet shouldn't give you continuous reason to fool around. Just shut up and embezzle the money. Leave innocent people out of it

Anty Zubaida!!! 🤔 Keep looting the nation...There are two tribes we know dat is causing our FALL Abeg dis people I don tire for Der sakamaje who send them PMB and Finance minister are modern thieves The Lagos State government needs to substantiate this. This woman is shameless. Like seriously 😳? Keep fooling yourself cuz Nigerians are not fools

Osi beru olorun ,subuanalilah hmmmm even in the midst of fasting she stepped out boldly to tell these tales (LIES) to Nigerians.... the height of wickedness using kids to lie with school feeding program🤬 This will definitely get us out of recession 🙄🙄🙄 Criminals Let's see how many of those families are Christian households you feed! Where is MBuhari where is ProfOsinbajo where is Brurtai? How is is that boko haram have military grade weapons and running over Christian soldiers with them I got the video!

I don't understand her anymore. Hmmm, this people. Ogboju people. I think there is more to this school home feeding thing. Use1 stone to kill 3 bird.Since it's easier to go from house to house to feed children.officials doing that shud go along wit peoples voters cards& national I.d card to be distributed to the owners in those area of feedings. It will save govt a lot of money and time .IMO.

I hope this woman will not develop suddent life threatening sickness when her trial commence. We will be around Who is this beast lying on social media like this, is she alright? Home feeding of school children is fraudulent. Please the government should stop this woman from this madness and cruelty. This is complete act of wickness!

Madam, findings so far has shown lie Mohammed is learning work from you as it concerns lying. Minister of lies and scam Is this the ministers that will move Nigeria forward...noooo i disagree. What a primitive and crook approach. This present gov't officials will bury Nigeria in the bottomless pit. With all the Abacha returns no factory will be revive?

How did you arrive at this number madam minister? I am sure MBuhari that appointed her, and once told us that Abacha never stole would be proud of this 'Scamlliative' woman. Abacha dey learn work where this woman dey. Stop this looting Again, i will lose hope in Nigeria if people are not in jail post 2023 era. Home feeding ko, school feeding ni. Criminals!!!

So they have not even started sef MBuhari ProfOsinbajo aishambuhari NGRSenate HouseNGR DrAhmadLawan femigbaja PLEASE BE INFORMED AND PUT AN END TO THE GROSS INHUMANITY AND CRUELTY OF Sadiya_farouq TO NPOWER VOLUNTEERS ACROSS THE NATION. TODAY IS THE 22nd OF MAY AND WE ARE YET TO BE PAID Here you can see Police, NYSC, and order paramilitary govt officials, with school principle checking lists before being allowed entry for food palliatives.

I Had never seen the minister like that one u always lying. makaryaciya kawai U guys ehhh Thief Nigerian politics is the most dangerous politics in the world Outrageously Overwhelming Thievery In High Places. Na God go punish all of them. Amen! I don't really understand this people PTA said no this idiot's said that they must seriously i don't get it

Trying seriously to balance the account, a lot of holes in the account must be blocked 😜 Lagos children no dey street begging keh. Empower a Yoruba woman or man, their children will never go hungry for a minute. Weee in lagos need empowerment not feeding what else do you expect from minister of disaster ? A great disaster .

Labaran Maku the second.... We know the presiding officer's hear is infected but Madam your sense of hearing is still intact. We don't need the scam school feeding program pls Why this woman so serious with this school children feeding is there anything so special about this program ehh I hope there is nothing wrong with this administration?

Anytime I see this woman 👩.. I don't bother to read 📖 the news.. Modern 419..🌚 So those are the people that pay 💰 taxes abi, While their teachers are not pay..! God have mercy. This woma still on spending spree......well, it’s the last lap...we understand Even when schools were open not all children were fed. Now that schools are closed then the minister wants to feed 337,589 children in Lagos, why wasting funds for God's sake.

This woman and his team need Trumps COVID-19 prescription. They need to drink some antiseptics to sanitize their inner mind from corruption. FG should stop this audio feeding nah Scam government Everything about this government is failed Liars we longer believe in the government. So madam go feed your children ok. Thanks

Can this clown just stop.. the insult is too much Story! Here is proof that schools food pallatives is being delivered. Study pictures very well: l observed 1 40ft container truck, 1 Nigeria Army with gun, 1 Navy, one NYSC, 3 louders, & 1 unidentified personnel delivering bags to a primary school in my LG. For security, I'm far 4 pics.

This woman just just leapfroged oga lai as d No 1 scammers.🤦‍♂️🙆🏾‍♂️ Please in case you any family that was fed by this scheme in Lagos and environs. Kindly post it online. I'm yet to hear of any and today is Friday. With this woman Abacha is learning how to steal and loot. That black Country called Nigeria true religion is corruption hence when Nigerian politicians and uniform politicians are stealing and looting nothing like am a Muslim, Christian, traditional worshipper or unbeliever, they loot in unison. Abacha loots is an example.

This fraudster has come again? This woman is a breeded rogue What a country Nigeria! I shame for una This woman is just a figure head minister for finance🚶🏾‍♂️🚶🏾‍♂️🚶🏾‍♂️...To me she gat Nuffin to offer jare This woman lie effortlessly, she is a scam, the way she talks you will think, it real but na big scam audio feeding, Money we no see, food for the kids we know see. Both NCDC and PTF are all scammed.

Naija na major scam Can’t the National Assembly stop this woman from engaging in this stupid programme? This Minister is worse than Alison. There is absolutely nothing that the masses can point and say they benefited from this Minister. She is just Clueless. Those idiots should stop lying to themselves, people aren't fools.

I don't blame them,I blame we Nigeria youth that can not fight our right ,let all these thieves continue stealing It's a pity! Am sure you know God will visit you soon Is She the Minister of Finance of Minister of Information? Fake News A total waste of sovereign wealth. The population need startup kits. Modernized Almajiri. we need to stop dis.

Honestly,I don't understand this woman again Hmmmm This woman is crazily crazy with PHd in lying science What is it special about feeding school children don't them have parent.yoy people can not even take care of our university.s and you are there waisting money say u are feeding children then tumorrow when lecturas go on strike you people will not pay dem is only.God

Issoright 🤣🤣🤣 Another scam Stop that nonsense please What the different between this two evil women This woman is worse than corona virus Madam behave yourself and stop messing around. There's nothing like feeding children at home. Channel d money into better things Scammer, this one is more skillful in the this lying scheme ooo

Aiibole Ole Any body that claimed PDP are corrupt, but don't speak anymore are scum. This woman will be more worse than Dieziani You can trace families to be fed and give money but you cannot trace citizens to issue them pvc. Why will you not give the state govt the money to spend on the citizens when u knows no where in Lagos? Or is it just to balance the account?

Is an insult to we parents for the FG to be feeding our wards while under our roofs forcefully...Better still convert the feeding fees for each children to a bursary if your intension are clean. Okay this woman needs to chill tf out Can the minister please explain how this can be achieved while the children are at home with their parents, haaba

This woman and Lai Mohammed really competing now oo... Liar of the year race is real The hottest part of hell is being reserved for you.Lies up and down.Use the money to renovate schools before opening not this lies and fictitious figures. How sustainable is this program?. This woman again, you better tell punch news say make them stop to put your face for headline news you no dey hear, na cause you go dey collect ooo.

Remember who tried to kill Elijah before jehu the prophet kill the deceiver called Jezebel like American has one in d house even Adam deceiver was a beautiful woman terrorist my prayer their evil plans will misfire against them and their children children's in jesus name! REASON Isn't this the same lady that claimed she paid some poor folks 20,000 each? Since the outcry that followed died the normal way, I'm sure like every thief/artist, she is becoming more creative in the act..

God should quickly punish these people o. I doubt if this woman fasted this month. Another mind boggling fraud loading... Looks like this first lady Admin will be APC's Diezeani 🤔 🤔 🤔 Instead of feeding them use the money and build a company for them so that they can get job opportunities Audio feeding

We no longer believe your craps ma'am. If I may ask, is this the best way to reach out to the pupils ?. There are more better programs that will impart positively on their academics. Scam. I hate every speech made by this woman, they are always unrealistic. Ogun go kill all una SCAMMERS! This woman no get joy at all she just dy use our money anyhow

Every day na news wey we no dey see for real life Thus lady is crazy. How do you locate the students houses in a country like Nigeria where there is no accurate data. This crime is monumental she must attach the embezzlement of the said money to something that is why she is so hell bent over the compulsory home feeding

And she keeps making the headline everyday.. I'm comfuse No need for this at this time the food was because of school d programme is not back by law to say it has to continue, this wake up one morning activity is a eye service and ways to siphon cash. For how long they should ask them? Abandoning is near at the end serve no purpose

This is a very serious hoax! Why all this na? I don't like seeing her. ..... she reminds me of Lia M..... Because Tlthe rest ain't Nigerians shikena. olusegunakanbiB This woman is a hardened criminal with no mercy. How did we get here as a country. Audio feeding remix 🤣 You people are still on this scam 😠

How did Buhari know this woman, let alone brought he into his cabinet. What methodology is she using to convince him about this school feeding program. She is just unbelievable. This Useless Woman. Fear God Na..... Most definitely Nigeria is up to something on this program, despite all the noise...ride on madam humanitarian

Hilariously, someone is taking over from Lie Mohammed. They're only good at emulating evil. This_is_Shameful Mama lie Mohammed, u don take over from baba lie Mohammed you have already plunged us into poverty now into recession and you will never think of anything better that can improve the economy by u will always devise means to loot. God will judge you all with these evil act. Every penny you misappropriated somebody dies for it somewhere.

If there is any appointee in this administration with the highest level of incompetence, it is this Minister. She has been releasing lies back to back in during this pandemic. How many children have died of hunger since this lockdown? I suspect The money for school feeding has been shared long ago but since the lockdown has affected the school feeding, their secret will be revealed. That is why they are desperate to do home feeding by all means. 9ja

Lying during Ramadan is grievous sin. “Whoever does not give up false speech and acting accordingly, Allah does not need him to give up his food and drink.” [Al-Bukhari Our leaders lie so shamelessly. Very disgusting! I just like this woman when its comes to lying but who lie pass between she and lie Muhammed? Time will tell.

Lagos, here she comes. The conduit pipe. 337k with 20million population. You people have noting to offer Sanwo olu na lie be that oooo Audio feeding The Lagos in earth 54 or which one are you talking about? Sadiya_farouq is there something else you're gaining secretly on this feeding children at home, your humanitarian services looks stupid and senseless, think like a good real humanitarian person not this fake and scam services

What a useless initiative why is Govt doing these to us..my questions is 1:Are they going back next few days or next week to give them same thing 2: can they survive with this pallative for a months. 3: why can't govt give each person 30k less thank $100. To me this is unfair Virtual feeding by Zubaida Zubairu Zamfara

Is it the Lagos in earth 54 or which one are you talking about ? Pls would you short up your mouth Can this woman just stop for God sake ? Oh Lord pls send down fire. This deceit is unbearable. Our children is not hungry here in Lagos, take the initiative to the poor north. Stupid people. Go and learn from cross river governor.

Scam Why all this women ministers are the ever scam perpetrating the currupting practices even the so corrupt men are to larger extent were incapable of Another Deizani, Stella Odua is here This woman you no go kill us with your lies And they have equally not paid April stipends to over 300,000 Npower beneficiaries. Please what's today's date?

Lier This is rubbish! Absolutely nonsense! Who does that? nonsense people liars! Can you stop posting this lunatic word here, why most u guys feed them when the schools are closed, can u guy have common sense for once. We are watching you How na minister!! Liars Touch talk Since the beginning no one has been feed until this virus is almost over shame on Nigeria, producing oil for almost 53yrs we can't feed our citizens for just a month. I hail thy 9ja.

Fake yahoo numbers All this is a scam. Federal government will turn a blind eye on this daylight robbery and soon they will be looking for where to borrow money Pack of pathological LIARS IN POWER! Keep deceiving yourselves and not us who have nothing to give or take. God punish u na Lagos that has 23million people...

Prove it. Is a big lie!! Identity the parents and give them the equivalence. Bloody thieves This minister that promised to pay npower beneficiaries their stipends early this week and the beneficiaries have not seen their alert up till now,GOD save this country. This home feeding theory when schools are closed is irritating! Can someone please change this narratives?

Why would FGN be feeding children in States where we have state governments that collects income taxes from the parents of those children? What is the strategic objective of this policy? How is this feeding at home aiding the achievement of our developmental goals in education? Murasi iro yi Which lagos,maybe the one at canada

Fear Allah Audio feeding still loading...70% ThisIsMansherry Are you investing in crytocurrency yet? Why not take this advantage and learn, invest in Ethereum/ million money the second largest crytocoin. Follow this link and join our WhatsApp group for lectures on Ethereum. Please can somebody explain to me how this home feeding works? So confused.🤔🤔

billions of naira dat shld av bin paid to Nigerians thru bvn to feed themselves during d lockdown... this is d most useless n senseless set of pipo in leadership Nigeria has ever had in history.. Nigeria is a joke This woman won't die well, Theives They already 'budgeted' d money b4 C19 came to pour sand into their garri. They need this desperate measures now to...!

This woman suppose to stone to death. Oshii radarada All this loot, to what end? Continue! When there is nothing to loot again we will turn carnivores. Just like the case of Corona, non of you can even travel on health grounds. You will all suffer with the loot someday. I don’t know why it is most at this time to feed the students at home, while They told us the economy is sinking and the poor people are begging for palliatives.. is it the money is already been looted and now looking for ways to cover it.

Are sure she is not making mistake? I believe she wanted to say kano nor Lagos. Audio benefit, awo oni ra nu ole, This woman is really determined. Nothing can stop her 😂 🤣 337,589 Out of 21 Million people right? This nation is a serious joke abeg. We, the people have continued to say this, but I wonder if NigeriaGov does not listen to the people's voice anymore. So I want to sound it loud and clear once more that we, the people of Nigeria does not want school feeding while our schools are closed. Thank you.

Audio Nonsense U will definitely beg for food in your old age. God Will definitely punish you. This woman take it easy ooo there is God oooo You say wetin 🤭 Are you people going to feed ghosts in schools or the birds in the field? una cup go soon full I give up! God punish that ya mouth This buhari babe really mean business about this home feeding 😏😏

And this one go sey she dey fast o?😏 Can we have Kemi Adeosun back? Madam, you and your Master are thieves! This woman is crazy, this figures among to how many family. When palliatives didn't get to them now is feeding. Lagos state didn't want you thief We should not forget that someone puts her in that position. She is just a messenger. The real crooks are in the villa. She is working on percentage. The thunder that will fire them is immuned to covid -19 YahooProMax

Buhari govt is the biggest scam in history of democracy This is broad day light robbery and gang rape on innocent citizens. Massivecorruption Omgbe 🙆‍ 🖕🖕🖕 Audio feeding, we no Dey ever see the feeding o Home feeding keee u there Another lie again Please Africans & the World should beg the Minister to stop bleeding Nigeria's economy.

Mad o😂 Lol....... This Buhari woman don start. Money dem for use upgrade our hospital for us all. Stupid people This woman joined them in looting our treasury, forgetting that good or bad there's always a name you will leave behind when you pass, your great grand children when they mention your name, our children will remind them how you master minded the looting of public funds like this

They had to inaugurate the fraud. Ok now. hmmmmmm madam minister are your children fed too because they attend public school? Do on to others what you Do to your children Can this woman just stop? Please!!! Or better still can y'all just stop publishing what she says? Since we cant verify ? This is a clueless government Nigeria has gotten herself into, maybe she doesn't understand the word 'home feeding' when they won't crosscheck what their media aide wrote for them to read.

Sai baba 2023 😁😁😁 Every time I come across this woman I go just dey vex One day I go use my anus swear for you then your career will be over because your lies, deceit and stupidity don too much I can't deal with it anymore dis woman is indeed a minister of disaster Who will call her to order... No one bc we are all involved

Audio 337,589. It only exists in this lady minister’s media briefings. This lady minister is the version of Deziani Allison Madueke in Buhari’s cabinet Na dem🙄 I'll curse this woman o 🤣 Which home feeding again this woman. U dis lady na ogun go kill u nt ogun state ooooo i mean traditional ogun They should stop this woman from this nonsense.

She never pay N power people go de feed pupils wey de der papa n mama house.yahooo yahoo Nigeria Zubaida zubairu zurmi zamfara Who are these people feeding? God please remove me from this shame of a country. May Biafra come quick. Jst spare us all this plss Which kind governance is this who is in charge of this voodoo?

Scam alert. This woman na Yahoo mama I don't appreciate feeding school children at home, federal government should feed their parents to feed the children at home. That's not important, feed their parents to feed the children at home. Fool is fooling who !!! Awon weere PenRobbers.... Stealing with the ink.

Let's leave this funny ideas & build capacity for parents to cater for themselves, their children & wards. School feeding & home feeding in a country breeding poverty are like the proverbial case of the impotent man who boasts that he can thread 1000 needles in one minute.😙😙 APC Nigeria 'Den of Thieves'

Zubaida God please try and do something about her This woman is the face of kwarroption. The new Dizeini of APC I trust that you can do it ma. Don't be like the rest pls U have been told to stop. U no Dey hear sontin?are we did lawless n irresponsible in this nation? Why 377,589 when we have more than 3millions home

Lies I say SHUT UP YOUR MOUTH... Yahoo boss She is a female version of Abacha. Her new name should be Abacharess. This is the wife of lai Mohammad Which part of Lagos ? Daily thief This womàn again Make una talk another tin jor Future-impossible tense It's well with Nigeria. Minister of finance alerted us a while ago that we are heading for recession.

This people have started with this stupid benefit talk. This is a ministry of looting affair. I believe when you empower their parents, surely they will feed their children instead of engaging in feeding programs that will yield no positive result. Eleribu obirin Nie, the world women association suppose naked themselves swear for you, Another lying machine 😡😡

Latest Diezani Are you sure this woman is okay? I mean the minister? Another Madueke in the making... Women! Y this one na scam When I said be those occupied those seat are just figured head .. the main poeple ruling this country are not seeing by humans eye.. they are more invisible than corona virus .. because you wanna tell me this woman will be bold enough to say this in public without shock

The worst government ever Some people in this administration will not die well. These fools are just scamming us and we can’t even do anything Adeyanju and others can’t talk too 675m monthly 🙆🏾‍♂️🙆🏾‍♂️🙆🏾‍♂️🙆🏾‍♂️ Smh What is wrong with this black mamber Misplaced priority What y'all say will be what we gonna use against you.

I just need a change from Nigeria walahi, this administration is so clueless that they don't even care what the masses feels or how we survive 😭, so far they are fine or ok with their families. Ko si inkan to kan won, they obviously don't care. I just want a better Nigeria 😭 This baba Bubu's wife and In husband Don turn this country to cattle range

Another improvement but fake Is this one a masquerade or what This woman is full of deceit. The minister's handle is Sadiya_farouq ,pls tag her with all this comment. Diezini Madueke is an apprentice under this woman in frauduology War Against Corruption indeed Stop this yahoo Please save the monies since we are about going into recession. The children are well catered for by their parents while at home

Fraud star ni iya yi . Las las lai Mohammed has been overthrow by sadyar umar He who live by propaganda die by propaganda Until u guys finish looting this country called Nigeria u guys will not rest Our land of mystery (Nigeria)... Any thing is possible. Ministry that as at today is owing Npower and other staff March and April allowances. Is busy claiming to feed children at home. This is another Deziani FMHDSD MBuhari OfficialAPCNg ProfOsinbajo channelstv

Mad people. Please I feel this our Dear Minister needs help with the way she loves children, to the extent of feeding them in their parents house. Mummy please do something else. Biko. Una don start again This is rubbish The more you look the less you see. Abracadabra! Scam 😀 Scam 😀 Scam 😀 Dis woman can like how is that possible

I don't think this lady is in her right senses regards feeding at home at lockdown. It's better for you and your government to fine-tune another name rather than embezzlement strategy I dislike this woman she always talking lie. Madam why do you like to lie to people. Remember that you will account for everything to Almighty Allah.

I hope it gets to me oh. Lmao She seems to be the new cabal now Shameless pigs. Continue deciving yourselves. When 2023 comes, can we try something different during their campaigns? Like keeping quiet and hear what they have to say besides APC!!! PDP!!! Foolish minister 😵😵😵😵😵😡😡😡😡😡😡😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😬😬😬😬

This woman sha I think is better than spreading millions on school feeding program after all schools are closed.. . Abacha should enroll for tutorials. This fraud is legendary. God punish you useless and clueless minister Is she still on this school feeding scam? Particularly bcos of this woman I will vote against APC come next election, I don't care if my vote cant or not. I can't just wait to see her leave that ministerial post, she is just too wicked, sturbon and fraudulent.

We keep having wrong people in governance and leadership...it’s a lesson to the youths cos they prefer to vote for Buhari instead of Sowore What is all these 🤷‍♂️ 🙄 Naija my country Out of over 20m people? Fabulous This is the new face of fraud To think that all these lies are being told during the time of their Ramadan prayers just baffles me. When then is the need for the fast and prayers? Asking God for mercy and plenty while lying without shame to the people. Lawd Gawd...

Fuck too all stupid foolish country gerout!!!!!! I swear nah foodie dis woman be walahi... Her own no pass dis food matter This woman don mad finish Corruption La Continua! Lai minister Fulanis are not just terrorists but also criminals Well done Madam Baba Bahari is proud of your dedication to his government. But Nigerians deserves better sa

How useless and irresponsible can a government be? We know it's fraud. Just do what you like and stop telling us. ...and the fraud continues. Mumu they worry you all .. How? Pls shut up and respect the Ramadan you are observing. Ole Can this woman shut up for once. She said she donated the home feeding palliatives to Lagos State... Why not hold Lagos State Govt responsible instead of her? May be people should tightened their belt and stop having too many children for a while knowing there's no benefits whatsoever coming from FG.

Lagos State is said to have over 20million people and the OLORIBURUKU Lagos govt want to feed 300k+. May unquenchable 🔥🔥🔥 roast you all. WeereGang Up till today, this girl never paid npowe yet she wan by Force feed students at home. How she take know pupils home And she is fasting.... who installed those lying apps in them 💁🏾‍♀️

Which area are they feeding abeg? U all are just liers!!! Lol, this country na only God go help us oo There is more to this home feeding nonsense....are you saying parents can't feed their kids? The parents should be empowered instead of this charade. If you want to feed them feed them, if you don’t want to keep quite. Abeg I don tire for all the ‘we want to statement from this government jare. Last last na money Dey wan use am steak 🚶🏾‍♂️🚶🏾‍♂️🚶🏾‍♂️🚶🏾‍♂️

Abdalla82920201 come and see for yourself ✊ Current Deziani No worry... U go loose ur job one day... U think say Na life contract 😎😎😎 If you help, please try to forget camera home Since this woman started her lies , lia Mohammed just chil 😂😂😂🤣baba see who pass am Madam put this feeding of children aside please. No child want ur public food. Do u have any interest about this feeding of children.

Which Lagos? Please l beg ooo, can someone tell me the criteria used in the selection? The ones under bridges/slums /no fixed address in Lagos are more than the number quoted here. Good intentions but the execution is diabolical. Minister for Feeding and Northern Affairs. Mtcheww! So this government hasn't important thing to do for Nigerians rather than talking trash, I pity for this country.

Can't the people in the NGRPresident MBuhari ProfOsinbajo OvieOmoAgege NGRSenate femigbaja office call these people to order? Why are taking us for a ride? This is the least of our problems right now. These kids are with their families, use the money for a genuine purpose. Hmm ide_derek Which Lagos? Abi this woman dey dream talk

She's telling lai Ask Muhammad Den b family God punish thieves God save us all. Does this government employ anybody with Brain at all 🤷🤷🤷🤷🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷 I don't understand anymore what is going on in this country Let the Minister of Disaster Management jettison this fraudulent activity and give sincere service to the citizens of this country. She should remember that she will give account of her stewardship to God one day.

Who Authorised The MinisterOf HumanitarianAffairs To Withdraw PublicFunds For SchoolHomeFeeding In Nigeria? Who Approved The Money, And How Much Fund Was Appropriated Ab Initio? This HomeFeedingProgram Is A Scam Broad day robbery... Naija Youths Let stand up. Nobody is going to deliver us, we have to deliver ourselves from this modern day robbers. Let us reorientate ourselves from grassroots liberationGeneration ✊🏿💯

IN FACT THIS IS FEMALE INDABOSKI BAHOSE...WHO ARE YOU?..WHO BORN YOU? YOU KOLO ..SHE’S TELLING NIGERIANS This woman should be arrested Covid just made looting easy. Do they even listen to themselves ? Why is it that every so called leader in this govt is so shameless, both men and women..? There is always a day of reckoning. This phase too shall where you will be called upon to render account of stewardship!

Lies, greatest ever ARE NIGERIANS IDIOTS OR WHAT?...HOW CAN THIS WOMAN TALK LIKE THIS AND NOBODY IS HOLDING HER ACCOUNTABLE ..SHE WANT TO LOOT THIS MONEY BY FIRE BY CORONA ...CHAI SHE’S JUST TELLING 200 MILLION PEOPLE THEY CAN’T DO SHIT .. Ah minister you lied mention the areas that benefited in Lagos . If mushin and oshodi didn't benefited for the home feeding then you lied EFCC should ready to pick you up

Nigeria with their false saga and unjust leaders Diezani alison-madueke dey learn for where this woman dey. Abacha was truly a gentleman, at least he did it in style. Give their parents money let them prepare the food for their kids by themselves..... senseless woman....no sense at all olodo. Abori ma bowa .. mama daura eyin nu olohun nu

The problem with us remains the same, we tweet as we want but no real action at the end. So we tweet, adapt and move on, the wicked leaders always know we can’t do a thing even if they decided to start feeding animals. Confuse government Abeg shey my area and LG no dey lagos map ni Were onyiara.... senseless woman

And in port harcourt? Very unreasonable program. Everyone involve in this shit will regret it sooner or later Lies upon lies. Since march we have been hearing school feeding program. All lies. How are they collecting the data because i don't see them in my area, I fear apc o Issorite. They confused...they don't even know what to do again.....this people get sense so?

In the same lagos where APC govt hasn't built new pry/sec/uni schs in 20yrs At times I wonder if this people don't think before coming to face the media Fraudster! how feasible and efficient this home feeding will be, remain to be seen at this period of covid-19. This govt are worst than Yahoo boys I swear

OK 👏 She means almajiri,that lagos is just to make people not think that everything is been done in the Parasitic north Fake! fake!! Everything is Fake!!!! what's the benefits of Home feeding to our current predicament? How does home feeding help in developing the Nigeria of our dream? Thunder fire you This woman just lie for fun

This government na the highest. Even Abacha loot de learn Why not use this money to put thoes schools in order .there was a country. Another women version of Lai Mohammed😅 So this woman rather die than give up this home feeding? Cheii! Naija don enter one chance for this woman hand. Am speechless🤔🙄 UNICEF WHO IMFNews You should keep an eye on this one.

By the time this woman will be done with Nigeria, Abacha and Diezani would be a learner If you want to scam, SCAM. All this one o necessary oloun o wrong na Ogun kill una This woman is worse than Lai Mohammed Goats keep lying to humans thinking we are animals please is there any other place called Lagos in the north

This guys are fraud stars. This and many others would be probed when the time comes. This woman is hell-bent on stealing this money!they will keep telling her to forget about what people are saying that they are in power. Dezeani Case should have rang a bell on her head. This government will not be in power forever.

smart woman. This woman keep letting her sheet slide Even national I.d that I did for 2 years now,av not been called for it,even called one of the officers that was involved and he said,its not ready, SMH Ole oloriburuku this woman na complete ole Continue scamming us This is impunity! Is this government listening to Nigerians at all? The general perception is that this is a fraud and they are still pursuing it!

Government should stop this madness. Someone should stop this woman ASAP. thunder wey go strike you is still waiting for further instructions This woman again who appointment this thing as a Minister of Finance naw 🤔🤔🤔Dem suppose appoint her as a Minister of broken Affairs & Complicated Relationships Kaabo

When? Where? This woman is one shameless criminal without any iota of conscience. You can feed 337,589 children in their parents homes in less than 1week but it will take like 1year for such numbers to get their voters card. Continue, your time is coming, your cup will soon be full. Most clueless government in history.

Audio feeding Audio feeding All of them are the same basted lirs good for nothing in a state of over 50 million, you come here they talk rubbish hiss ogun kill there This another Deazani in PMB regime..Please EFCC should investigate this woman asap....But guess what it will never happen Hon.minister Wake up please! N-power Beneficiaries are waiting for their stipend Allowances.

Minister money mover This another Deazani in PMB regime..Please EFCC should investigate this woman asap.... Another pure scam, imagine N679m daily In a state of 22 million and maybe 10% are public school children. Less than 5% percentage of Lagos population They don't have access to that food when school was on, government is now feeding them when they are at home,scam of the highest order👇.

Your FATHER Madam shutup Your kinds are putting the buhari led Govt in a bad note Mehn...I'm speechless each time I come across this! How? Why at this time? Feed their parents instead... Will you give to one child and leave the elderly once...cheap scam This woman has taken over from LIE Mohammed Will you keep quiet

Make dem shut up abeg Another audio feeding Out of almost 15 million people living in Lagos what are you going to give to the rest? 'Benefit' or 'to benefit'? Is something wrong with her ni? Yes ma’am I believe you.. Roughs in a Government that don’t rate our intelligence. Machinery Stone that woman to death

Here she come again.😂 U dey mad Mrs, When U come to kano how much did u gave to GovUmarGanduje There ur palliatives are expired When u sent Kano expired food! Recession in Nigeria and now home feeding in Nigeria. What is it Nigeria It took them 4 months to process less than 40k corona virus 🦠 samples but wait for the next news in few days and read how they have fed 400k households in Lagos. Magicians when it comes to sharing palliatives/handouts

Why the Npower are begging her to pay March and April stipend. She refused to listening or pay attention to them. Remember they have family too to cater for. Almighty Allah will judge everybody. Thieves! Ole! Barau! Olosha! Y'all talk alot that why y'all end up doing notin or performing below expectations....don't y'all think it bout time we see more actions than talk

God will punish u ppl Pls follow, help us retweet,patronize and order for 👇👇👇 . . . JALABIYA 🔥🔥 ABAYA 💯💯 SLIPPERS 💖💖 LEATHER BAGS 😘😘 BODY SHAPER 💥💥 LINGERIE ♥️♥️ PANTS 💓💓 This woman should stop disturbing people, they will bring one type figure to make it look real.. Last Last all na Scam.. No Genuine Document to back this numbers they are telling us.

Cut the crap mf scammers! Audio feeding Our leaders are so crook , no pandemic here in Africa ,all planned Can this woman just stop for God sake. Ahhh! Enough with all these false talks already. Don't you get tired of doing this. How do you even sleep at night ? May Allah judge you & the rest. This govt have chance to be the best govt in Nigeria history of democracy but they lost out. They build their administration on false manifestos and LIES

DISINFECTANT BOX AVAILABLE NATIONWIDE DELIVERY CALL OR SEND A MESSAGE TO 08140252052 Fake, she's using poor and lie to the people. This Sadiya has disrespect the whole nation. Arrest her and jail her Nonsense Who be all dis people? Where are u guys from? Stop fooling ur self with dis home feeding programe

One chance omowumi56422836 are you in Lagos or ogun? They are talking in the Rubbish. 🙄🙄 ITT. Just a means to steal more money continue your doom days are waiting. Are we still on this nonsensical home feeding? Abeggi make we hear word Chaii! I wish swear the actually catch person. 😡 😡 This is embarrassing

She must be high on some cheap drugs😡 Can this woman just stop talking? She's an irritation and a symbol of everything WRONG with Nigeria. She should take her corruption ridden socialist interventions elsewhere. Is it by force? We dont want your scam program anymore Scam...... this woman go worst pass Diezani

And she didn't pay npower_ng since last month😢😥😭😥😢😥😭😥😢😥😭😥😢😥😭 I laugh in Swahili........😂🤣😂 The so called 'home feeding' is it going to be three square meal for each child? Is a laughable idea so long as I am concern Can you stop already 🤦 This woman is so useless that even Lai Mohammed is better than her

And we are hitting recession soon. Fools. Home feeding is scam. They make us look stupid in eyes of the world. So much ruckus has been occasioned the home feeding strategy, but the question remains whether officialEFCC can investigate and prosecute the Hon. Minister if found wanting? I think that officialEFCC must prove to Nigerians that the fight against corruption is not selective.

SCAM! ideas4naija Foolish Woman doing foolish job.

Home grown school feeding programme commences in Lagos ThursdayThe Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development will commence the Home-Grown School Feeding Rubbish!! Always taking the slightest advantage to steal. Allah kasaka mana Sinzu Mama, Deziani needs to take refresher course from you 🙌

BREAKING: Lagos NMA Reverses Stay-At-Home OrderBREAKING: Lagos NMA Reverses Stay-At-Home Order Imagine dropping such a huge headline with 'details later', why not wait till later?! We must have sense by force This is really serious ooh

BREAKING: Lagos doctors suspend sit-at-homeIt is a commendable decision in the interest of public health in view of the prevailing public health emergencies, SARS-COV-2 pandemic. Thank God reason prevailed

COVID-19: Lagos NMA directs doctors to stay at homeNoonsense Covid_19 is in Nigeria but this figure NCDC is giving us everyday, it's a FakeNews Me no just understand this country oh

Curfew: Lagos doctors begin sit-at-home WednesdayThe Nigerian Medical Association in Lagos has directed its members to immediately proceed on an indefinite sit-at-home strike starting from F ⭕ L L ⭕ W 👇 Dan_baturiya Maryerm_a_y Halal_sadeeq Ahmad___v FatimaZ91934588 RosekinyaKE OdusanS Fuadmuhd31 They follow back instantly 💕 Please nannm_nigeria LagosNannm find out how nurses &midwives in Lagos state are managing to and from work. If necessary, an action should be taken asap. legitMaleNurse Nursingworld_Ng nursesonair FellowNurses1

Curfew: Lagos doctors end sit-at-home strike - Premium Times NigeriaThe Lagos State police on Tuesday night arrested several essential workers, including medical doctors.