145-man committee inaugurated for Buhari son’s wedding to Bichi emir’s daughter - Punch Newspapers

The most widely read newspaper in Nigeria

7/25/2021 9:04:00 AM

145-man committee inaugurated for Buhari son’s wedding to Bichi emir’s daughter - Punch Newspapers

The most widely read newspaper in Nigeria

25 July 2021Yusuf, son of the President, Maj Gen Muhammadu Buhari (retd), has concluded plans to tie the nuptial knot with the daughter of the Emir of Bichi, Princess Zahra Ado-Bayero, on August 20.The spokesperson for Bichi Emirate, Lurwanu Malikawa, in a statement on Saturday, said the Emir of Bichi, Alhaji Nasir Ado-Bayero, had inaugurated a 145-man committee to facilitate a hitch-free wedding Fatiha.

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According to the statement, the committee will also organise the Emir of Bichi’s coronation, including his presentation of staff of office by the Kano State Governor, Abdullahi Ganduje.In addition, the statement indicated that the committee would be chaired by the District Head of Bagwai, Nura Ahmad (Madakin Bichi), with Abba Waziri (Falakin Bichi), as the secretary.

While inaugurating the committee, the emir, represented by the Madakin Bichi, charged its members to use their wealth of experience to ensure the success of the royal wedding. Read more: The Punch Newspapers »

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Na marriage of the lamb promised by the Lord Jesus(PBUH)? Hak hak hak hak committee indeed 😅 A son of man, who belong to nobody and aslo belong to everybody is getting married...while a son of pensioner who ve graduated many years back still struggling to get it right... Shameful and heartless leader.... History won't forget you...

145 wedding committee as what? I remember when this boy had a crash with his bike. I recall when he finished youth service. Now he wan marry, we still dey hustle to make money for our own wedding. This life😂 DSS will have nothing to say now but they felt like they could warn other Nigerians after Cubana made a show of his wealth.

His father claimed to be poor in 2015. The most jobless Nigerian youth ever. I mean really, what does this boy do for a living?😒😒 The abati1990 will not talk ... now ...old zombies everywhere..if na cubana you become anti- progress activist Committee for successful and equitable rice sharing? Congratulations to him!

All these rich people dey marrry themselves... Issokay

Buhari returns to Abuja after Sallah holiday in Daura - Punch NewspapersThe most widely read newspaper in Nigeria Mannequin return to Abuja after sallah 😆 😂 These are the presidency in power and in control of Nigeria 🇳🇬 That's his personal problem Smiles

They are about to pull OBA RELOADED. This is what they are using our common wealth for. Bubu want all his wards married he's still in power so they can use those events to launder massive funds. We see beyond your shenanigans A jobless youth is getting married 😂🤣 If the committee is 145,how many people will attend the wedding?

We have a deeply divided Nigeria, the Fulani-Nigeria and then the others, who are under the subjugation of the Caliphate; where cows are more important than the lives of Southerners. Clearly, this is Arewa's move to replicate and surpass whatever Ndigbo displayed in Oba, Anambra. Watch out for this event.

Why didn't they ask the UK parliament to set up house of junior lords for them to certify the marriage Hmmmm No job but using tax papers money to wed It's a national affair. Emirati mentality. Nigeria is doomed. How come I never receive IV ? Upon my big boy status?

Problem may start in Niger Delta if Buhari signs PIB with 3% derivation – Tee Mac - Punch NewspapersThe most widely read newspaper in Nigeria Buhari loves chaos and unrest,he’s the worst president Nigeria ever had Nothing will happen. The South South has been pocketed by that North. Na where Biafra dey them dey get mouth. Do you see Buhari as someone you can intimidate?

Jealous people wailing, masturbating, ejaculating and shaking under the tweet. 🌶️ Dem Won ni kureee What's his source of income? lovelily_evans What does he do for a living? cchukudebelu KPK! cchukudebelu Very interesting Committee for wedding. Radarada Hmmmm. I will sell all the jet . All na scam. I will cut down on the big government. All na scam. I am so humble and broke I couldn't afford the P form. Big scam. Naija how market

Hmmmm. I will sell all the jet . All na scam. I will cut down on the big government. All na scam. I am so humble and broke I can't afford the P form. Big scam. Naija how market Our prayer for you, you shall rip what your father sou

Nnamdi Kanu's trial: Be prepared to kill us, we'll flood Abuja - IPOB dares Buhari GovtThe Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, has told the President Muhammadu Buhari government to be prepared to shoot and kill as many people as possible in Lol tomorrow ipob go shock Nigerians with their population. I dare them to bring their almarjiri to that sight make lions chop them. 'Light at the end of the toilet' Rosemar33894520 Verbatim Thats the spirit no intimidation

145 men for a jobless boys wedding , APC change, APC next level, to my friend that supported this nonsense with all his might I say God will judge you. cchukudebelu People marry for different reasons, not necessarily for love. Expansion of feudal influence is one of the many valid ones. That's why I appreciate the rich and the connected in Nigeria. They simply know how to connect the dots, by fixing their progenies in the equilibrium. Chai!

cchukudebelu Our money! cchukudebelu This is small compare to Nigeria's population. Why not add all members of House of Reps and Senate so the whole country would be evenly represented. Buhari should respect federal character this time around.. 145 for what? When his marriage will be like how his father has ruled this country. 🤔😏

By the Emirate not presidency. Note that. Looks like his occupation is being the president’s son. There are families that Buhari and his killing squad has killed their only son but his own son is getting married. He will weep over his, the way those families are weeping today. Unless there is no God! cchukudebelu Who is paying the committee members?

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 jerry_emy This one go tight pass obi cubana own oooh

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AChijioke Why na, na Jesus dey wed? See na Nigerians money Buhari will be wasting away for one of herdsmen sons wedding-145 men committee inaugurate for nonsense. Money used for this rubbish should be use for unemployed Nigerian youths and other areas that need improvement. Hahahahhaha! The Fulanis think they can break Obi Cubana's record. Let's see.

Stupidity That's a congregation already Looks like the forest guys have been invited as special guests. The BH repentant too are coming in convoy hence the huge committee size Omoo You guys should try to read. Get to understand who set up the committee. 😂145 A former peasant herder😗

Buhari Can't Command Crowds Of Supporters Like Igboho Even By Paying Them—Afenifere Leader | Sahara ReportersHe described Igboho as a “political prisoner”, and said the Nigerian government has “no right” to seek his extradition. Fact He can not command crowds but cows follow me Naija_talker for instant follow back. I follow back in seconds, unfollow if I don't.

Mtcheeeeeew See wasting of public funds God de! Obi cubana pro max coming Hmmm May MBuhari son's marriage end in tears. Father and mother are fare in complexion, how come the son is dark in complexion? Just asking... Lol Killer herdsmen, bandits, bokoharam etc, do your thing........ This one is national wedding festival

EXCLUSIVE Critical Letter to Buhari divides NIDO Americas as members battleNIDO Americas BoT distances self from diaspora letter to Mr Buhari . Authors say they stand by the correspondence. This man Buhari is a curse on Nigeria.

I'm happy that Yusuf is getting married but this 145 man committee thing is the folly of the is the height of hypocrisy.The British PM had a wedding not long time we started shedding some of these inanities. Best wishes to Yusuf. Na our President first son wan do wedding ooooo, I mean President M. Buhari pikin. Is 145 man committee enough?

Lazy Yusuf can’t even plan his own wedding. Another 145-man committee to help consummate his marriage. Tax payers naira in the mud 😭 Wasteful govt 145 man committee for Buhari’s son wedding, how many man’s committee for Buhari’s 2nd, 3rd….weddings? Nigeria is facing economic apocalypse, severe inflation and pandemic insecurities. What Buhari thinks is important, is to waste public resources on a wedding. Shame on him

145 men committee for this jobless individual that just ride fancy cars and travel round the world on poor people tax....even the second coming of Jesus Gon, na 24 elders e go take Lmmfao If planning takes 145men, how many men will execute the wedding plan?

145 Man committee for a wedding that will last forever hahahaha 🤣🤣🤣 God is not asleep Buhari can't set-up 10 Man member committee too see how nigerians can access cheap food security of lives and properties the table of the wicked must turn against themselves. AChijioke What is he doing for a living,only the Fulani can do anything and get away with it but we,r changing it.

Is this not crazy!! This same Govt has wasted many sons & daughters to poverty, frustration, oppression & to EndSARS peaceful protests. Today, Buhari son who recklessly rode power bike, flew abroad for treatment now get super committee wedding plans. Blood in their hands, blood in their cups! I pray the marriage be blessed with plenty of daughters only. Buhari wan use style install his bloodline as heir to the throne.

Obi cubana who earns his own money did not inaugurate a committee for his wedding yet people were talking. Now this jobless boy has a committee set up because he wants to marry. Lets hear what anty iyabo will have to say on this Committee again for wedding?..is it to write name of noise makers in the wedding

How many senator The senate president and his deputy,the speaker and his deputy,all APC lawmakers should all be on this list. May we continue to live in interesting times to see how far this evil will thrive. We must drag these guys on this street,for aiding Buhari to destroy Nigeria. May Almighty Allah bless his marriage like the economy of Bornu state. And his family rise like Nigerian present economy. His household be flooded with bandits and boko haram doing businesses.

For Buhari he sees Nigeria as another Saudi Arabia 🤦🏾‍♀️ awon werey fi buhari sinu headline by force With the tax payers money.😔😔😔 If there is sitting allowance, let me be the 146th Bandit boko Haram attack your real enemies are getting together again Yusuf Buhari's job title is 'the son of the president'. He is leeching off the back of millions of starving and suffering Nigerians. His father does not have an industry, but the money of Nigeria. A 145-man marriage planning committee in this economy?

The number of committee members alone is no respecter of covid. These people are magicians. Cubana no fit stand here Money

The message seems not to be hitting home to many, how can a young man with no viable means of income be getting married with a 145-man planning committee; while millions of fellow citizens of Nigeria are barely eating two square meals a day. 😭 Rubbish waste of human resources The headline is as Useless as Buhari Administration,145 bandits inaugurated as committee for ordinary wedding. Anyway this the only opportunity they have, after now they won't be relevant anymore. May Yusuf Buhari marriage be like our country Nigeria presents situations Amen.

Watin concern me Best time to be A president relative, not to talk of son. This useless Buhari done turn Nigeria to family and sons Vanity all is vanity. How many man committee to tackle poverty or lack of unreliable electricity in the land? Piking wey no resemble the papa anyway hope they'lll borrow money from China for the wedding.

Lol..... and it never stops Omalagbara oo🙄🙄🤔🤔😒😒😒.., integrity fan's club, 145-man comittee for just a wedding oooh! When will you inaugurate d committee to look into d problems of d IDPs scattered across the country due to armed conflicts, herdsmen attacks, etc? How many come be wedding guests gangan

145? Them don pick wedding guests finish be that na cos who come remain again? SO now Yusuf's wedding has become a political seminar where they need committee of 145 men to prepare for what's to come? Corruption of the highest order! These same people are warning Obi Cubana 😣😣😣😣 When many young Nigerians av been in relationship for donkey yrs... No job, no money for wedding, and ur son want to wed abi... God will not hummmm...😠😠😠

I cannot coman ruin my mood with the idiotic stories coming from this family when our shining stars are busy making us proud in Tokyo. Nope. Get behind me devils. Let's goooo NigeriaBasket 🏀🇳🇬🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 It seems money ceremony challenge is the order of the day in Naija. Isoritte 🚶 Them wan do Oba for Katsina. Obi have cause chumchin😎

One stupid woye or wole will not make thread for credit tax scheme now o. But if nah one IGBO guy wan plan this huge committee, werey go dey type thread on those who don't enjoy govt money on how to spend their money. Ode 145 men committee on ordinary wedding. ...but 12 men committee on insecurity. Nigeria I hail thee!

Cashing out time is here again

DSS should warn him. He’s making himself susceptible to kidnap. .. you still deh Twitter 😀😀😀😀😀. We are both laws breaker.. Congratulations to Buhari, congratulations to his son, Congratulations to the Emir and his daughter, congratulations to the 145 man committee . We are happy to see where the country money is channelled to.

Your pikin dey marry and people children dey bush under rain and sun, being tortured, gang raped and sodmised by smelling sons of dogs wey nor dey bath, all becos of your unwillingness to take your kinsmen who are the foreigners invaders out. GOD dey! Cubana season2 wasteful LEADERS 145 Man committee next level of CHANGE

Iberu Olohun ti wa scarce bayi That's corruption and waste of Nigeria economy Interesting. 145-man committee for his wedding. Eye-service! Overzealousness!

We poverty n insecurity with inflation ravaging the entire country n no special committee but for a wedding there’s a 145 man committee this is another statement of intent this government is about dashing money attacking critic but never to resolve any issue. Fulani don finish una 'one Nigerians' Yeye country!

A 'Taliban' needs more than that. lsfdynamite role model 😂😂😂😂 Lazy buharian youth who does nothing but rides okada all the time. The number of people in the planning committee is just for paparazzi and nothing else. What exactly are they planning? How many guests are they expecting Ok 145 man committee is a response in the language they understand. Aboki affluence

Office of the Only Son of the President of the Federal Republic

This is the sort of committee laurestar Lauretta Onochie should be on. No protests, no screening required plus she has personal experience in the beverage industry that will be invaluable. please can anybody assist me with 500 or 1k to buy food stuffs ,I'm in school. this is the most difficult time In my life right now and I'm starving,😭😭 Please Help me (6323143621 uche ebeke , fidelity bank) God bless you.

Who cares with them ? Zoo nation 145- Man committee should have looked for job for him and convinced him that there is dignity in Labour. He should be a man by working. You just be having fun... Wey ne problemu Wow so man that couldn't buy nomination form has enough money to sponsor his son's education in UK,oops my bad he was there on scholarship

Shebi them dey summer and they said they should not work abi nor be the same ppl. Just to see how misplaced thier priority is. Has Nigeria become a feudal society with hereditary rights and entitlements, can anyone explain this 145-man committee for the marriage of an unemployed man, who is a vagabond and a leech on the tax payers of Nigeria, what's his source of income?

Some people inaugurated themselves into this committee 🤣

What is Yusuf doing for a living? Buhari has been the luckiest president in the history of Nigeria. He is d same man who would av died if not for our money, he wouldn't av been able to sponsor his kids wedding if he is not our president,d only thing dat has improved his since he became president is his health!

Priorities.... Ma fphor! 145 is too small for a whole son of the 'presidency' and Talban of Daura. Please make it 100 Million This are fulani people who their fathers are murders they're all living in the glory of bloods of innocent biafrans..today they're inter briding with each a dangerous people They will kidnap the committee chairman.. ndi-ara ndi-ara..!

Nigeria is back with distractions 😂😂😂 this punch self, Oil money is working

You and ur papa thief’s no fit do pass Obi cubana Can anyone tell us what the profession of Yusuf Buhari is? He is getting married with a 145-man committee, while millions of Nigerians are struggling to have a meal or two a day, now we see that the Fulani domination of Nigeria is very clear. OK now 145 man committee to plan an extravagant wedding right in the middle of hunger and insecurity ravaging the country