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Political Crisis, Umno

Zahid to Umno Cabinet members: Quit posts if you are loyal to party

Zahid to Umno Cabinet members: Quit posts if you are loyal to party

5/8/2021 6:01:00 AM

Zahid to Umno Cabinet members: Quit posts if you are loyal to party

KUALA LUMPUR: Umno ministers and deputy ministers should resign from their posts to show loyalty to the party, says Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi .

"It is up to them. If they are loyal to the party, please resign as announced by Shamsul (former energy and natural resources minister Datuk Seri Dr Shamsul Anuar Nasarah)," he said on Wednesday (Aug 4).On Tuesday (Aug 3), Shamsul Anuar, who is also the Lenggong MP, announced his resignation as a Cabinet minister, citing that he decided to quit in adherence to Umno's decision.

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His resignation came just hours before Umno announced that 11 of its MPs, not including Shamsul Anuar, had signed statutory declarations retracting their support for the government and prime minister.Umno secretary-general Datuk Seri Ahmad Maslan also concurred with Ahmad Zahid, saying that is it appropriate for Umno ministers and deputy ministers to resign from their posts.

On Tuesday, the Umno president announced that following its special supreme council meeting, the party decided that it will stand with the Yang di-Pertuan Agong and not with the Perikatan government."The government led by Muhyiddin has clearly failed," he said, adding that the decision was in line with Article 3.3 of the Umno constitution that spelt out its role in upholding the position of Islam. headtopics.com

At present, Umno has nine Cabinet ministers and five deputy ministers. Read more: The Star »

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Quit Post if you are loyal to me and that is what Zahid meant to say jalphonsalopez They are loyal to party but not to you Mr President DrZahidHamidi UMNO members to Zahid, pls resign as UMNO president, we want a President who we can trust and not a president who dont mind making secret deal behind our back with our enemies.

Just sack them all immediately! X payah buat statement lagi lah DrZahidHamidi! Everything is clear, jelas & nyata! tokmatn9 DrPuadZarkashi NajibRazak ahmadmaslan JazlanYaakub NurJazlan drasyrafwajdi ShahrilHamdan nordin_khaled Khairykj reezal_merican tengkurazaleigh Who knows maybe UMNO members will initiate motion of no confidence against Zahid as the President

Dah 20k masih sembang politik. Perginla makhamah tu settle dulu They r waiting 4 DrZahidHamidi 2 stepdown s UMNO President b4 anything else. Meroyan UMNO Discipline Council should give the ultimatum to those MPs in the Ministry post to quit their post within 48 hrs or else facing the music!! Pecat je bos. Tak perlu cabar mencabar. Buang boreh je.

Ho ho! Here comes the saviour and all charges will be dropped! See lah! Bye! 😇😑

'Support PN but not PM' - deputy minister counters with 'backing Umno but not Zahid'Zahidi Zainul says Umno president's proposal not practical. Yes. Good idea! First & foremost, sack all those penderhaka & pengkhianat immediately.. starting with ZahidiZainuI 👍 ahmadmaslan DrZahidHamidi NajibRazak DrPuadZarkashi nordin_khaled HishammuddinH2O IsmailSabri60 AnnuarMusa drasyrafwajdi ShahrilHamdan tengkurazaleigh Where you got your degree again? Aiyoh...another photo of this $%^^ using the mask the WRONG way. Please get a better photo! kerajaangagal

Zahid can't you see your Cabinet Members are showing you the middle finger. Their pockets matters now. All the members having appeal and cases pending should step down first; those Ministers who are not doing proper work but on gaji buta can also step down but leave those who are doing well for Rakyat to stay on

'loyal to party' or 'loyal to Zahid'? 😏 Sure Zahid understands why they are dragging their feet. He's being taken as a SITTING DUCK! Everyone knows that you are the toxic of the party. Obviously you are fighting your own battle. Langkah yang terbaik, Presiden berehat berilah orang lain menerajui UMNO. Klu tidak umno akan makin kalut. Ahli UMNO perlu bersedia dengan perubahan jgn biarkan parti bergelut kerana individu bermasaalah. Sayangilah Parti Keramat ini.

Started begging huh? Kesihan! NoorAminAhmad DrZahidHamidi NajibRazak razaleigh ahmadmaslan AzalinaOthmanS & tokmatn9 bagaikan anjing tak bergigi yg kuat menyalak. Menakutkan tapi kejap je. Maafkan penggunaan 'anjing' yg mungkin menyinggung perasaan Melayu tapi inilah realitinya. Mana action utk PECAT MP yg tak patuh?

‘Quit posts or be sacked by mm/dd/yy’ and that should the SMART statement of genuineness. Apa yg diperjuangkan sebenarnya ?

Lebih 8 ahli Parlimen Umno tandatangan SD tolak Muhyiddin, kata Zahid | The Malaysian InsightPresiden Umno berkata surat akuan terbaharu telah diutuskan kepada Agong hari ini.

Pecat je la yg xnak ikut ckp parti loyalty only to paymaster Aku malas. UMNO if you really want to proceed and progress and come back into power it would be advisable kalau MP ini dipinggirkan. Ak x nak komen pasal PN vs UMNO, ni pasal sI Zahid je. He is the one who should quit for the sake of the party

Guess President must quit if he is loyal to party and dont pull the party into chaos for personal gains. umnoonline WanitaUMNOMsia PuteriUMNOMy PemudaUMNOMy must be vary & responsible to people. Enough of politickings & using party. People first. Get your name cleared. Man who would be king of sand castle

UMNO di ambang perpecahan. All of them who still with Mahiaddin will join Bersatu later. Hahahaha. Loyalty? Makcik Kiah Analysis: AnnuarMusa said they are playing a very IMPORTANT role in fighting Covid-19, so they can't just simply leave their duties. But many find the only UMNO minister which still have some RESERVED VALUES is Khairykj . The rest of them can be replaced OVER NIGHT.

You quit first from your post. Show a good example, rather than being a laughing stock for the whole nation. A president with 87 court cases!!!

More than 8 Umno MPs have signed SDs against Muhyiddin, says Zahid | The Malaysian InsightParty president says original eight were first batch, with more following since meeting king.

Loyal to party or loyal to Kleptokrat? Everyone know Zahid doing all the drama because he wants Govt to instruct AG to drop his corruption trial, and for Najib to win his appeal! umnoonline Loyal to party or loyal to Kleptokrat? Everyone know Zahid doing all the drama because he wants Govt to instruct AG to drop his corruption trial, and for Najib to win his appeal!

Pecat je laa sape yg x resign..benda simple kottt Zahid Hamidi must be firm enough to take action against rebels. No compromise. Loyalty..what is that... To umno members abandon courts case cluster. Umno will be cleaned again and will get rakyat suppport with Bersatu and PAS. Even can cooperate with Pejuang. Issue is this cluster. Abandon them now.

They are royal to the money and power. Party? After these two. DS musim hujan byk katak Quitting post for the arrogance of certain people or the party itself? I quit post, who pays for my salary ?

Umno VP Khaled Nordin to quit GLC post tomorrow | The Malaysian Insight Resign ation of Boustead chairman linked to party’s withdrawal of support for PN. kekalberprinsip 👍🏼 DrZahidHamidi tokmatn9 razaleigh ahmadmaslan Cerita nya apa barang jawatan GLC..hehe Terbaik

HishammuddinH2O trojan horse UMNO ke ? Too late YB Sabri Ismail, He’s talking to you. Loyal to party or loyal to you

What now for Umno ministers in Muhyiddin’s cabinet | The Malaysian Insight16 MPs face decision on whether to toe party line, leave government. cabinet tutup kedai baby I like this photo today.

Lenggong MP quits cabinet, cites loyalty to Umno Shamsul Anuar Nasarah says his focus now is to work for Umno and his constituents. Ada telooor...tarik sokongan!! Later he resign then someone will give him a new post saying he supports PN and he made a mistake to resign Didn't even know he was a cabinet minister