Zahid defends position to oust Muhyiddin without renouncing PN

Zahid defends position to oust Muhyiddin without renouncing PN

31/7/2021 6:30:00 AM

Zahid defends position to oust Muhyiddin without renouncing PN

Umno head likens political situation to crewmates forced to follow sea captain leading them in wrong direction.

"This has become propaganda for the anti-Umno cybertroopers but this is not a new development. Read more: »

Miros studying effectiveness of harsher penalties for driving under the influence, says Dr Wee

KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (Miros) is studying the effectiveness of measures to reduce instances of driving under the influence of intoxicating substances following legislative amendments to increase the penalties for such offences, says Datuk Seri Dr Wee Ka Siong.

Can an illegitimate government bring about legitimate change for the better? Its all about covering their tracks, staying out of jail and keeping control of power, period. More damage they do, more desperate they are and the more drastic their actions... add Derhaka to the list. NAJIB YanG ANTI-MUHYIDDIN SUDAH SOKONG MUHYIDDIN SAMBUNG SEBAGAI PM MSIA. jadi apa deal between NAJIB dan MUHYIDDIN? shows Najib Betrayed ANWAR & ZAHID therefore no chance Anwar be the new PM to replace Muhyiddin

FOC pon tak laku... No cock la all of big pandai Traitors and devils look alike Zahid needs Muhiyiddin to withdraw the corruption charges on him! And he needs it desperately especially when umno MPs no longer listen to him! No one want to fall with him! Another person wants the cake and eat it too

Slowly but surely, UMNO intends to take over in running the nation. 😁😀🙂 You only want TSMY out because he doesn't want to drop your charges and your buddy's charges. I hope TSMY stays as PM until you and your buddy end up in Sg Buloh. Pls la that’s useless position might as well don’t take. lawan KerajaanDerhaka

Zahid: Umno to demand Muhyiddin, Takiyuddin's resignation | New Straits TimesNSTnation Umno president Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad ZahidHamidi said the party will call for the resignation of Prime Minister Tan Sri MuhyiddinYassin and Minister in Prime Minister's Department Datuk Seri TakiyuddinHassan. Agong Parliament DewanRakyat Zahid say a lot. Every now and then. But no action follows. Like his friend the Opposition Leader Umno is and always was good with playing dirty. What a surprise Zahid. U sud also resign as UMNO president. Jgn pandai ckp aje. U hv destroyed UMNO single handely.

Cakap besar. Timbalan pun tak leh control.. dia kata tak sokong, timbalan kata sokong.. bangang tu simpan sikit if that's so, you are no different from the subject. To you, nothing is bigger than your party or your ambition, or power, or money, or fame and wealth. It was never about us and this great nation of ours. It's all about you, and you only.

Adik-adik, inilah contoh sempurna tamak haloba. Dalam erti bahasa Inggeris, 'he wants to have his cake and eat it' dan bahasa kebangsaan, dia bagai anjing dan bayangan, hendakkan tulang ilusi, dilepaskan tulang di mulutnya. Semoga makan tak kenyang selamanya, Zahid & sepuak sama. Aiyoyo… one minute in, one minute out. Come on la… I’m begging You to disappear!

Sembang kan? He is such a pussycat! It's like he's sitting on the fence, playing safe! You said one thing and sabri said another. Get your shit together please Ride the PENDERHAKA U have absolute no choice to renounce cos ur part of KerajaanDerhaka wanting only to cling to power and greed. Ur disrespect to AGUNG and Raja2 Melayu showed ur true colours

UMNO still does not change. Not much different with Muhyiddin. Just want power and drop all the case. This can’t happen !!!!!! 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

Zahid wants PM to resign, presses rebellious Umno MPs to act'Umno MPs must carry out the supreme council's decision on July 7 to withdraw support for Muhyiddin.' You'll be sure the so-called rebellious will weigh their options. If they felt the PM is loosing grip, then they'll act otherwise stay status quo. If PM can hold, you can always give some excuse as to why they do not act. Zahid presses 'ball less' Umno Minsters to bertaubat and make right honest decision not to support PM and menimba dosa terhadap rakyat..fahmi_fadzil SyedSaddiq HanipaMaidin KhalidSamad NgaKorMing MyDSA_official saifnasution Masih ada kah org sokong dia ni?

The last thing rakyat want is umno becomes the government again! Zahid cares about his own ass. Not umno, not pn, not this country or her people. Umno wants to take over and then get all their court cases dropped....that's what I think. Erm. A bit weird la this demand. Ha ha ha. The objective is PM post to do wonders

rakyat nak campak kau n gang kau sekali, tak reti² lagi, budak² sekarang tak nak lagi tengok muka² yang se zaman atuk² dia orang, termasuk lah anwar, tun m, lim kit siang etc, masalah sekarang ni kerja tangan dari yang dah tua² kerepot macam kau orang lah… No need to wayang lh UMNO, u are part of the derhaka govt

I read Ravensbruck history and there is a unique accessory in the province which can be used to “bivouac” our useless politicians.

COMMENT | PM statement a futile exercise to defend PN govt'An affront to the royal institution and to the Agong himself'. Just get lost i m the wicked govt PN commited kamikaze, suicide.

Dr M calls for PM and Cabinet to resignPETALING JAYA: Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has joined in the chorus of calls urging Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin and his Cabinet to step down from their positions. chedetofficial.., Malaysia akan jadi macam Libya ker? hoi MuhyiddinYassin listen again what Tun M chedetofficial told you to do on the 1st day of the Parliament session . Tun M asked you Muhyiddin to quit if you have failed And he can cos he did it twice!

Umno must set up interim govt, says Khaled Nordin | The Malaysian InsightParty cannot abandon the nation for PN, says its vice-president. Only must be UMNO right? Only UMNO? Dumno sungguh Akal mana akal? Kepala lutut? Tone deaf. u can interim go 2 hell KerajaanGagal

Kenyataan Pemuda UMNO Sabah rosakkan penyatuan PN, GRS - Utusan DigitalDemikian peringatan Ketua Armada Bersatu Sabah, Fairuz Renddan terhadap Ketua Pemuda UMNO Sabah, Ir. Abdul Aziz Julkarnain yang disifatkan mengeluarkan kenyataan tidak sesuai kerana menuntut Perdana Menteri meletak jawatan. letak jawatan Apa masalah ppbm ni..