Yoursay: Azmin crosses the Rubicon in feud with Anwar

Yoursay: Azmin crosses the Rubicon in feud with Anwar


Yoursay: Azmin crosses the Rubicon in feud with Anwar

YOURSAY: ‘The question is are you a PKR leader or a puppet of Bersatu?’

Now you got the cheek to say they wanted to silence you? If I am Anwar, why would I silence you? I would just put you in cold storage.

Firstly, Azmin does not attend the party meeting where the agenda should have been discussed. Then he expects to turn up and talk to the Youth and Wanita wings when he has a sex scandal hanging over his head.

Surely this man should not be allowed to speak to the party’s Youth and Wanita wings. What kind of role model has he shown himself that he deserves the right to address the meeting?

that Mahathir should be given a full term? Is this how you support your own party's president by openly supporting another party's chairperson?

Mahathir is only using you to stop Anwar. You stand a better chance of becoming deputy prime minister by supporting Anwar instead of Mahathir but alas, you placed your bet on an old horse.

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