Social Media Addiction, Pet Neglect

Social Media Addiction, Pet Neglect

Why your smartphone addiction is harming your dog

If you love your dog, drop your phone.


If you love your dog, drop your phone.

These days, it seems that dog owners are spending more and more time chatting with their friends and fiddling with their mobile phones – and neglecting their pets.

Dogs love to play, run for sticks and have fun with their owners but nowadays they are fighting to compete with social media as their distracted owners focus on their mobile phones.

That leaves dogs stuck exploring an unwanted freedom, says one animal rights organisation.

Pet owners barely notice that the dog has gone off to chase a child wobbling along on a bicycle, or is peeing in the middle of a path.

The most important thing in a relationship with a dog is to be available, Sieme said. “I have to keep making it clear to the dog that it pays to focus on it.” – dpa

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