Whisky controversy: Misuse of name cannot be allowed to confuse Muslims, says Hadi

Whisky controversy: Misuse of name cannot be allowed to confuse Muslims, says Hadi

22/10/2021 12:41:00 PM

Whisky controversy: Misuse of name cannot be allowed to confuse Muslims, says Hadi

PETALING JAYA: Religious authorities cannot allow the misuse of names by any parties that could confuse the Muslim community, says Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang.

"And this subtly can be seen as touching the sensitivity among Muslims," he said on Friday (Oct 22).PAS deputy president Datuk Seri Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man had earlier weighed in over the controversy involving local whisky Timah.While many in PAS had called for action to be taken against the manufacturer, Tuan Ibrahim said “Timah” was neither a Muslim name nor a person’s name.

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“It’s a type of metal. Furthermore, the logo is a picture of a man. There is no man named Timah,” he was quoted as saying by PAS mouthpiece Harakah Daily.Timah’s manufacturer explained that the name is derived from the Malay word “tin” and the man pictured on its bottle is Captain Tristam Speedy, an English officer in Malaya during the British colonial era.

Meanwhile, Abdul Hadi, who is also Marang MP, said that as a multi-religious society, religious authorities cannot prevent the use or sale of alcohol by non-Muslims due to the concept of religious freedom.He added that the PAS-led Kelantan and Terengganu state governments have set under their jurisdiction a ban on alcohol only for Muslims. headtopics.com

"At the same time, they do not prohibit the sale of alcohol among non-Muslims," said Abdul Hadi. Read more: The Star »

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Wow so weak easily confused. Let's invest more in education and with more knowledge they won't be easily confused Why must the producer of the whisky chose Timah to be the brand name. Timah is a common name amongst the Muslim Malays , and Timah also means 'tin' in Malay. Just stay off the controversy and be more sensitive instead of accusing the Malays of overreacting.

Itu sebab sebenarnya PHD Why must you use a Malay name and that picture? Because, that's your nature. Provocative, slandering evil maniac! You shout Malays being close minded over issues like this. But, you shout discrimination, racist when you feel yr religious customs provoked. Pulau Babi Besar? How are grown adults confused by this?

Whisky controversy : “Muslims cannot be allowed to be confused over name” If we allowed such stupidity to ruin the country then we deserved to perish..... Really, confused about a name? Timah? Why are you selling our fellow Malaysian Muslims short? U tukar nama kah tukar logo, saya akan beli. And akan syorkan kpd kawan.

All the publicity has made Timah the first Malaysian whiskey, capable of competing with global brands. Keep up with the publicity cz at this rate, we'd be able to export the liquor. who is confuse here? Geng ko je yg konpius... Tak habis2 dgn topik trivia. Tapi takleh nak salahkan pakcik... Sbb ni je pakcik tau. Sad.

Lainla kalau guna nama mcm carlsberg, baru tak confuse. what muslim is actually confused? show me It is totally rubbish n stupid. Muslims in this country will never simply take whisky It is totally rubbish n stupid. Muslims in this country will never simply whisky Seriously.. Will Muslim really get confused? Thinking it’s Fatimah juice and start drinking in gallons? Muslim sees Timah and thinks, oh my prophet daughter company, I need buy in bulk to support?

I seriously think the only living thing that is confuse is u atuk hadi! Is this confusing?

Timah, is misue of name? Asked Hadi go back to school and study properly this time! Is wrong but we still have a Mohamed Salah .... confusing We shouldn't mistaken that a Proton Wira is a war hero. Malaysians get confused so easily? :-)) We are confused about how some people can be confused when those people are not allowed to have anything to with any alcoholic beverage whatsoever.

As Muslim, I'm not that stupid to be confuse in between halal & haram just because of name. Please lah, don't ever use religion to score political point. It just pathetic. P/S: just so you know, there are wine named HADI out there. Google it! Say something about the killings in afghanistan or the british mp who was murdered or the princess who is held captive by some middle eastern king, the journalist killed in Saudi , the imprisonment of alleged spies in Iran, the imprisonment of opposition leaders in Russia,

Sold out. Out of stock everywhere. Curious to try. Maybe will be a collectible in the future. The ones who are confused is him and his alike As a Muslim, please don't use my religion to play your politics, Hadi.