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When outsiders weigh in on highway matters

Some ministerial aides appear to have great power in decision-making.


Some ministerial aides appear to have great power in decision-making. FMTNews Toll

Some ministerial aides appear to have great power in decision-making.

Tolled highways come under the jurisdiction of the Malaysian Highway Authority (MHA), a government agency which reports to the Works Ministry.

Highway concession agreements are signed by MHA on behalf of the government with each concession holder.

Given past practices and procedures adopted by Putrajaya, it is rather strange that MoF has now taken over these roles and functions.

Or when he or she speaks on behalf of the government, as if the government has appointed him or her as the spokesperson.

In the past, MoF was never involved in MHA matters. The agency reported to its minister, who then reported to the prime minister.

As such, the turn of events in the issue of buying out four tolled highways appears to be out of the ordinary.

Was the works ministry ignored completely? So far, we have not heard from either MHA or the works ministry regarding the highway buy-out.

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They are the decision maker, Think another way. Maybe MHA uncooperative as staff may still be loyal to old govt as in many agencies now and trying to fast track MOF do the job themselves. As it is this proposal still need to get approval from cabinet so don’t be too sure it’s a go. This is one of the very crucial factor why MOF plan shouldn’t be carried through. MOF has no jurisdiction to do this.

The little Napoleons from within pakatanharapan_. Even in sex scandals! Bravo to a New Malaysia. New Malaysia, mah. V hv all-knowing aides; clueless Ministers; n Ministers who think they can hold larger role than jz d Ministry they helm.

Pua: Putrajaya’s highway takeover will save Malaysians money, not benefit concessionaires | Malay MailKUALA LUMPUR, July 10 — The federal government’s planned takeover of four highways will help Malaysian motorists save money, unlike during Barisan Nasional administration’s, where toll concessionaires were allegedly making huge profits, DAP MP Tony Pua said today. Pua, who is DAP national... TUNGGU JER LA KONSESI TAMAT.... TAK KAN ITU PON TAK TAHU KOT.... BODOH PIANG Don’t see any savings to our pockets thus far. Only see the money flows from BN cronies to PH allies.

Congestion charges for 4 highways to be lower than current toll rates | The Malaysian InsightBonds to fund takeover of LDP, Smart tunnel, Kesas and Smart in the Klang Valley.

Dr M: No decision yet by Cabinet on highway takeoverPUTRAJAYA: The Cabinet has yet to make a final decision to acquire Gamuda Bhd's stake in four highway companies, says Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad. No plan to, it’s another proud project by Dr M, besides the so called national car.

Finance minister: Takeover of four highway concessions will save users up to RM2b | Malay MailKUALA LUMPUR, July 9 — The takeover of four highway concessions by the government and introduction of a congestion charge to replace the current toll system will save users up to RM2 billion, says the Finance Ministry. The four highways are the LDP, Sprint, Kesas and SMART Tunnel highways.... Abolished, not save OK?

No decision yet on takeover of Gamuda highways, says PM | The Malaysian InsightAccording to proposal, govt to take control of 4 Klang Valley links for RM6.2 billion.

PM: Proposed takeover of four highways not yet final | Malay MailPUTRAJAYA, July 9 — Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said the government has not settled on whether it will proceed with the proposed buy-out of four toll concessions. “No decision has been made yet,” he said briefly after closing the 2019 Technical and Vocational Education and Training...

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