Unlock investment opportunities amid the new normal

28/9/2022 4:23:00 AM

Unlock investment opportunities amid the new normal

Unlock investment opportunities amid the new normal

PUBLIC Bank’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Public Mutual, has launched a new fund named Public e-AvantGarde Focus Fund (PeAGFF).

PeAGFF is primarily a domestic equity fund which aims at achieving capital growth over the long term by investing primarily in companies which may stand to benefit from prevailing economic conditions in both the domestic and foreign markets.× Copy URL Bersih 2..Read More source: DW Over the past week, the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini made headlines worldwide as Iranians expressed their rage towards the matter and sparked a call to action with regards to their local morality police.

These may include quality consumer companies as well as selected consumer and tourism-related stocks that will benefit from the recovery in consumption amid the reopening of economic sectors and international borders.Additionally, PeAGFF may also invest in selected banking and financial institutions which are leveraged to the recovery of economic activities and stand to benefit from the rise in interest rates.– The Malaysian Insight file pic, September 26, 2022.The fund will also explore new investment opportunities in sectors that have long-term structural growth potential such as green energy and technology.“PeAGFF is suitable for investors who wish to participate in the post-pandemic growth opportunities in the domestic and foreign markets,” said Public Mutual chief executive officer Yeoh Kim Hong.0 has launched an online petition calling for the separation of the public prosecution function from the roles of the Attorney-General.The fund will invest 75% to 98% of its net asset value (NAV) in shares or securities equivalent to shares, while the balance of its NAV will be invested in bonds or other forms of securitised debt, money market instruments and deposits.However, the policemen denied these allegations and say that Mahsa was brought to the hospital owing to a sudden heart attack.

PeAGFF will generally invest 50% to 70% of its NAV in the domestic equity market.org was launched by the electoral watchdog this morning and has up to now received 23 signatures.In order to achieve diversification and tap into a broader array of investment opportunities available overseas, PeAGFF may also invest up to 30% of its NAV in selected foreign markets.The fund is available exclusively online via our Public Mutual Online (PMO) platform with minimum initial and additional investment amounts of only RM100 and a sales charge of 3.Sign-up now and enjoy one (1) week free access!.75% of NAV per unit.The initial issue price for PeAGFF is RM0.The incident caused international outrage with protests sweeping the country and even abroad, with women cutting off chunks of their hair in protest of her treatment.

25 per unit during the 21-day initial offer period from now until Oct 17.Investors will receive one lucky draw entry for every RM3,000 per transaction invested in PeAGFF per account during the offer period and stand a chance to win up to 20,000 PeAGFF units.Subject to terms and conditions.All statements of transactions, investments and reports regarding PeAGFF will be made available online to unitholders.For more details of PeAGFF, please get in touch with Public Mutual’s unit trust consultants (UTCs) or visit any Public Mutual or Public Bank branch nationwide.

Public Mutual is Malaysia’s largest private unit trust company with more than 160 funds under its management.It is also an approved Private Retirement Scheme (PRS) provider, managing nine PRS funds.It has a total of 31 branches/customer service centres nationwide.Article type: free.

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