Two ex-Malacca CMs want politics to look beyond race

Two ex-Malacca CMs want politics to look beyond race

23/10/2021 4:37:00 AM

Two ex-Malacca CMs want politics to look beyond race

Hungry or sick people all the same, says Idris Haron.

At a talk show last night, former Sungai Udang assemblyperson Idris Haron (above) said discriminatory policies when servicing constituents will only limit a party's appeal.Idris shared an anecdote where he was arranged to present a wheelchair...Unlocking Article

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Really? Were they suddenly 'enlightened'? Why the silence until now? But, maybe, better late than never? tamys46 Malaysian politicians can talk. Well, pretty much that’s it. Tiberrr haha FO Trying to win hearts back when they knew the wooden hearts of decades ago.. Unlikely to happen in Malaysia. Malays are too insecure.

Hahahaha. Ayat2 org politik bila masa pru dah dekat. When it suits one race, everyone must look beyond race...when it doesn't, they become sensitive and easily confused. Long Live Kerajaan Derhaka-Gagal-Tipu-Bodoh-Racis-Pencuri-Tutup-Mulut Melayu-Islam Umno-Pas-Bersatu Malaysia. Coming from them has zero credibility...why they never practise this when they are in umno?! Full of crap and BS!!!

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BS. It will never happen in bolehland. 60 years of of race politics will not go away easily. All it will take is a generous portion of me first you second, race first you people second all swaying to that familiar drum beat. Add a dash of sensitivies,threat and likely confusion. abolish Malay privileges. abolish affirmative action. RepealArticle153 of the Malaysian Constitution. no more raced-based economic policies. no more 'Bumiputera' label. no more race-based poltical party. no more KetuananMelayuIsley

Country is like 20 to 30 years too late. Can it be repaired? Hope so but doubt so Sembang nak raih undi masa tersepit namanya sembang kotey 😀😀

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