Top In Tech Innovation Awards |

24/9/2022 1:19:00 PM

Top In Tech Innovation Awards 2022 is back again with the acknowledgement of Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) to salute outstanding local innovative efforts & stories in this undeniably digitalised world Submit your entry by 15 Nov!

InnovatorBest Brick & Mortar AdoptionMost Impactful Academia-Industry CollaborationThis award recognises a University or Polytechnic that has shown strong collaboration with industry since Jan 2022 to strengthen the delivery of its curriculum and ensure graduates are industry ready from the get Go!

Most Impactful Public Sector Agency Driving Digital AdoptionAdopted digital to significantly improve the delivery of their services to the Rakyat and Business.Most Value CreationThis is when the proverbial rubber meets the road i.e. show me the money category! Most timely as with stock markets swooning, inflation looming, valuations falling; investors want to see startups grow up and start making money.