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If you’ve ever considered making a living as a Lalamove delivery partner, the time is now! Read what other Malaysians have to say about working with Lalamove here.

28/10/2021 12:30:00 PM

If you’ve ever considered making a living as a Lalamove delivery partner, the time is now! Read what other Malaysians have to say about working with Lalamove here.

If you’ve ever considered making a living as a Lalamove delivery partner, the time is now! Read what other Malaysians have to say about working with Lalamove here.

This post is brought to you by LalamoveWhen the pandemic started to engulf the nation, consumer demand for food and goods delivery services hit an all-time high. Lalamove, an on-demand delivery provider of choice, has been stepping up the plate to meet the demand head-on.

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Lalamove has claimed its turf across countries in Asia and South America, and it entered the Malaysian market in 2018. Currently, residents and businesses in Klang Valley, Penang and Johor are benefiting from Lalamove’s delivery services at affordable prices.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Lalamove has become a practical source of income for lives that were turned upside down by the global health crisis. The advent of the nation’s recovery from the crisis is accompanied by the favourable comeback of the workforce in economic sectors. Even though the sentiment is improving, Lalamove still remains a viable avenue to generate an income anytime, anywhere.

From Lalamove’s vantage point, the demand for their delivery services is still climbing steadily despite the relaxation of movement restrictions. Furthermore, Lalamove is anticipating heightened delivery demand when the calendar inches closer to the year-end celebrations of 11.11 sale, 12.12 sale, Christmas and new year. As such, there’s no better time than now to be a Lalamove delivery partner!

Flexible working hours with earning potentials of RM15 – RM20/hourMuhammad Syafiq bin Mohd, 33, is a part-time Lalamove delivery partner with a day job. He signed up to work for Lalamove as a means to optimise his spare time after office hours.“Normally, I will try to take on Lalamove delivery orders when I’m on my way home after a full day at the office,” said Syafiq.

On average, Syafiq took less than an hour to deliver with a return of up to RM20 per hour. The figure is dependent on the distance covered in the delivery journeys. With Lalamove, Syafiq can commit to a side income gig without compromising his day job.

Financial safety net from part-time incomeHaving a vehicle under your name goes beyond serving the monthly loan instalments. Vehicle owners have to commit to miscellaneous costs such as petrol, toll fees, parking fees, maintenance and emergency funds. By working with Lalamove, vehicle owners will have more breathing space to cover these expenses while minimising the burden on their bank accounts.

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Another part-time Lalamove delivery partner, Muhammad Iman Adha Azman, takes advantage of the Lalamove platform to cover the associated costs with his car and other daily commitments.Iman chooses to deliver with Lalamove due to the convenience of generating side income with the platform. He’s pleased with the income that commensurates his efforts in connecting senders and recipients with faster deliveries. 

Lalamove as a beacon of hope in challenging timesLalamove has proven itself as an ideal income-generating platform for individuals that are affected by the pandemic. This statement doesn’t ring truer for Rosli Hashim, 50 and Voon Huei May, 45, who were both retrenched during the pandemic and pivoted their source of livelihood with Lalamove.

After all, it doesn’t take much to join Lalamove. Any vehicle owner with a valid driving license can venture to be a Lalamove delivery partner through the Lalamove Driver app. As a matter of fact, the income from Lalamove has helped Rosli stay afloat after he was retrenched from his day job.

“Lalamove’s flexible working hours is a big plus for me. I’d definitely recommend anyone who’s out of a job to be a Lalamove delivery partner. The income from my time with Lalamove has supported me with financial commitments such as bills and rent,” commented Rosli.

For Huei May, she didn’t hesitate to join Lalamove as a delivery partner due to the brand’s reputation among consumers.“I drive 8 hours in a day with Lalamove. I choose Lalamove because of how consumers perceive Lalamove in a positive light. The income from this platform really helps me to weather this pandemic. Apart from that, I get to interact with people from all walks of life in my routine as a Lalamove delivery partner.”

Download the Lalamove Driver app and be in control of your incomeKong Hong Feng, 27, a newbie Lalamove delivery partner, echoes the same view as his Lalamove brethren – the platform is a means to generate part-time and full-time income. “While I haven’t actively taken delivery orders, the Lalamove app will be a part of my phone. I will take the opportunity to make money out of it whenever the time is right,” said Hong Feng.

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In simpler words, Lalamove will always offer flexible working arrangements for its delivery partners. The choice to work part-time or full-time is in your hands!But the perks don’t stop there. Lalamove also offers a sticker program. Lalamove delivery partners who drive with a car, 4 x 4, van or lorry can get passive income by participating in this program.

In this program, you’ll be rewarded with an incentive if you display Lalamove stickers on your vehicle. The incentive will always be yours, even if you don’t fulfil any delivery in a month! The Lalamove delivery platform is truly tailored for everyone. It’s a channel where you can generate income easily, practically and flexibly!

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