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Teacher loses RM60k in April Fool's Day phone scam

Teacher loses RM60k in April Fool's Day phone scam

2/4/2020 11:42:00 AM

Teacher loses RM60k in April Fool's Day phone scam

SIBU: A teacher was fleeced of RM60,000 on April Fool's Day by a scammer after he was led into believing that his Internet line had been used for illegal activities.

"The suspect identified himself as a staff member of TM Point Malaysia and told the complainant that his Unifi Internet line had been used by somebody called Ong for money laundering activities," he said.Hearing this, the complainant panicked.

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ACP Stanley said the complainant asked for the caller's opinion on how the matter could be resolved."The line was subsequently transferred to a 'police officer', one 'ACP Poh Han Siong from Bukit Aman', who asked the complainant to transfer all his money into two accounts for Bukit Aman to investigate," he added.

The complainant agreed and made seven transfers from his savings account totalling RM60,000 into the two accounts.Later, he realised that he had been cheated when the caller could no longer be contacted.The case, ACP Jonathan said, was being investigated under Section 420 of the Penal Code for cheating.

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