'Sorted': Zii Jia, Jin Wei can compete in international events again - BAM

The players have been released from their contracts with BAM.

27/1/2022 4:09:00 PM

UPDATED 8.57PM | 'Sorted': Zii Jia, Jin Wei can compete in international events again - BAM

The players have been released from their contracts with BAM.

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See how BN try to 'popularize' them? They create issues They publicize issues They advertises issues They 'portray' solving issues. And stupidity votes them When you didn't perform and got no plans for the future but your boss is demanding results....what to do? 1st create a problem that you can easily solve...then have it solved...walaaah...you looked capable again 😁🎂

Why did BAM create this agonizing dispute in the first place National athletes are not pawns in your sick games 😡

PM says Zii Jia-BAM issue 'all sorted' after meetingHe didn't elaborate on the meeting.

All's well with Zii Jia and BAM | New Straits TimesWORLD No 7 Lee Zii Jia can now pursue his dream of turning professional. Yesterday, the BA of Malaysia (BAM) gave their blessing to the reigning All England champion following a meeting between both parties at the Academy Badminton Malaysia (ABM) in Bukit Kiara.

Everything is settled, says PM after meeting Zii Jia, BAM | The Malaysian InsightIsmail Sabri urges national shuttlers to continue to excel on the world stage. PM needed to step in to settle the issue ... Ministers of Sports 🙄 ................................................

Chong Wei reminds successor again that ‘BAM still the best place’KUALA LUMPUR: National badminton legend Lee Chong Wei did not openly say it but he must be disappointed with Lee Zii Jia’s decision to proceed with his plans to turn professional. Is Malaysia still the best country? YES. No doubt BA_Malaysia 4 all intents-n-purposes, shud b d best plc 4 b'dmton talents, but those managing it, those on top in particular, is smthng else. Why Chong Wei always think Zii Jia is his successor Please, everyone has their own journey! Don't need give ZJ any unnecessary pressure. Not for you to say he is your successor.

Jin Wei appeals to BAM to lift her ban | New Straits TimesNSTsports Women's singles GohJinWei has followed in the example of LeeZiiJia by submitting an appeal letter to the BA of Malaysia (BAM). badminton

Please play fair, BAMPETALING JAYA: Will two-time world junior champion Goh Jin Wei get her wish to make a comeback as a professional player without being penalised?