S'wak among earliest states to get 5G rollout next year, says Annuar Musa

S'wak among earliest states to get 5G rollout next year, says Annuar Musa

Sabah & Sarawak, Annuar Musa

27/11/2021 12:14:00 PM

S'wak among earliest states to get 5G rollout next year, says Annuar Musa

MUKAH: Sarawak will be given priority under the National Digital Network (Jendela) plan and the Malaysia Digital (MyDigital) Economic Blueprint, including being among the first states to roll out the 5G network next year, says Tan Sri Annuar Musa .

"From the new geopolitical aspect, we can see how the location of the Borneo Islands has become a strategic area. Even Indonesia is moving its capital to Borneo and the (Malaysian) government also intends to give Sarawak and Sabah the highest priority in development planning.

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"As for connectivity, Sarawak’s location again makes it the most strategic state, including in the future in terms of development related to submarine cables."One of the cables being planned will pass through areas in Sarawak, which has been identified as one of the landing points,” he said.

Annuar, who is on a two-day Strategic Communications Roadshow in Tanjung Manis and Sarikei from Saturday (Nov 27), said this after handing over the Malaysian Family Youth Package to about 20 recipients.Elaborating, Annuar said Sarawak also had the generation of environmentally-friendly electricity supply that is much needed in the manufacture of data centres for cloud computing activities and others. headtopics.com

He added that in efforts to prioritise 5G, the focus of preparations now should also be geared towards the completion of the 4G network through the implementation of phases one and two of Jendela that will be launched soon."Phases one and two are both the main focus for Sarawak, with over RM3bil just for Sarawak. This is a big agenda because Sarawak is a uniquely big state and has a wide population distribution, so we must ensure all these residential areas must be connected.

Satellites to be used to improve communications during disasters

"So, if possible, we will provide a fixed line or fibre optic network. Otherwise, we will use satellite... the latest satellite technology will be brought to Sarawak. Fiberisation under the Point of Presence (PoP), which we are carrying out under phases one and two, will soon be the focus of Sarawak,” he said.

Annuar, however, said that with the various infrastructure planning that had been carried out, the government would need the people’s participation, among others through the upgrading of the Rural Internet Centres into Malaysian Family Digital Economy Centres (PEDi).

He explained that this would be a platform for the people to transform their economic activities into a digital economy."This is a large-scale national movement that we have started and we hope to see progress for Sarawak,” he said. - Bernama

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Always when there is an election Dlm phone tilis 4G/5G,barang tipu semua!,kalau tak pakai wifi dirumah,internet dlm phone,mcm taik!, World of scam. Asal nak PRN je semua jadi terawal ye AnnuarMusa . Alhamdulillah dapat tengok video 1080p dengan faifgi When next year, AnnuarMusa? Q1, H1? And why not a co-ordinated nationwide rollout of 5G across all the states in W & E M'sia? Surely our telcos can handle this? ami_mbselangor Hasni_Johor chowkonyeow SanusiMNor AbgJohariOpeng McmcReact mymdec

I remember he told warga Melaka before PRN that the state will be the first to get 5G. So now Sarawak will be earliest because of upcoming PRN. Election campaign kick off. PRN cepat cepat dapat 5g dulu..Esok GE15 semua dapat🤣 First is was Melaka , now Sarawak. What both these 2 states have in common of late AnnuarMusa

Haritu kata Melaka skrg Sarawak, tapi xda kaitan dengan PRN Misplaced priorities when the heart of the nation is in KL, JB and Penang Orang Melaka dah kena, dia pancing pulak org Sarawak. Umpan sama. 🤣

Annuar: Sarawak among earliest states to get 5G rollout next year | Malay MailMUKAH, Nov 27 — Sarawak will be given priority under the National Digital Network (Jendela) plan and Malaysia Digital (MyDigital) Economic Blueprint, including being among the first states to roll out the 5G network next year. Communications and Multimedia Minister Tan Sri Annuar Musa said... Nak PRN punya pasal.. 😅😂🤣 Please spread these true dreams do not live in darkness and perceive the meaning of these divine dreams.Learn more at Another bullshit for Sarawak Election started early already.

It’s so obvious that everyone know he is saying this now mainly because of the PRN in Sarawak Is this election talk? That day, i thought you said Malacca, now Sarawak? Sembang. Apa kata Kelantan pun buat PRN lah macam ni AnnuarMusa Jangan nak tipu lagi la. Guna manis yang bagi Melaka bila nak tunaikan? Skr PrnSarawak nak bagi gula manis lagi? Cara sama, penipuan yang sama! Bull shit!!!

Problems of commitment by Telcos not even sorted out, already making promises. In a simple logical thinking, which state would benefits and usage from 5G? Kan aku dah kata sebelum ni. 🙉🙊🙈 Melaka aritu pun sama statement dia.. Oh among earliest states.. Alhamdulillah.. Negeri mana nak cepat dpt 5G, you know what to do k.. justsaying 😁

Trying to catch the Indonesian gov move wave. Pilihanraya nak dekat ke tu🤭🤔

S'wak among earliest states to get 5G rollout next year - AnnuarThis is due to the strategic location of the state. ak rasa better malaysia ni improve 4g dulu sebelum masuk 5g . dah la 5g tu pakai wave band yg pokok pon dah stop signal. bg ak 5g ni gimik je laju2 pon tekco semua ada cap pastu line tak cover luas . setahu ak lah wheres your priority?national budget of rm 3 bil for the whole of sarawak? what a joke LoL talking nonsense like drum the empty can...

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Sarawak among earliest states to get 5G roll-out | The Malaysian InsightComms minister says this is due to its strategic location in terms of connectivity, geopolitics. Talk only n ntg happens?

Sarawak negeri terawal terima 5G, kata menteri | The Malaysian Insight Annuar Musa berkata, ia antara lain disebabkan faktor kedudukan strategik Bumi Kenyalang dari aspek geopolitik dan kesalinghubungan.

5G rollout a cheaper option5G NETWORK services by Digital National Berhard (DNB) are expected to be cheaper for consumers and more profitable for telecommunications operators (telcos), said Tengku Datuk Seri Zafrul Tengku Abdul Aziz.