Fmtnews, Thaipusam

Fmtnews, Thaipusam

'Quiet' Thaipusam chariot procession to Batu Caves allowed

FT minister Annuar Musa says no music is allowed and the chariot cannot make stops en route.

23/1/2021 4:22:00 PM

FT Minister Annuar Musa says no music is allowed and the chariot cannot make stops en route. FMTNews Thaipusam

FT minister Annuar Musa says no music is allowed and the chariot cannot make stops en route.

By-January 23, 2021 9:21 PMThe chariot of Lord Muruga will be allowed to proceed to Batu Caves on Jan 27.PETALING JAYA: The Thaipusam chariot procession from Kuala Lumpur to Batu Caves will be allowed to proceed on Jan 27 and the return journey on Jan 29, said Federal Territories minister Annuar Musa.

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In a tweet, he said the National Security Council has allowed the chariot of Lord Muruga to be taken to Batu Caves on condition that it cannot stop anywhere. Not more than 10 devotees may follow the chariot and no music is allowed.He said Kuala Lumpur City Hall will ensure that Covid-19 prevention protocols are followed.

Thaipusam, a day of atonement and fulfilment of vows, is celebrated by Hindus on Jan 28.CLICKFOR THE LATEST DATA ON THE COVID-19 SITUATION IN MALAYSIA Read more: Free Malaysia Today »

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Be patriotic, our country is battling with the pandemic our nation ,each and every one is involved, please joint hands to wipe out this virus case chain. I don't get it. Then what's the purpose The chariot is meant for devotees to offer prayers along its journey esp those who can't visit temple. Otherwise its just another vehicle on the road.

KKMPutrajaya can you please advice AnnuarMusa that Indian traditional music do not spread COVID-19 virus! We all wait to see how they maneuver around Covid this time around when Ramadan and Hari Raya comes along and that will tell if it’s a Malaysia for all for just a Malaysia for some. JUST Ban It laaaaa...why nak ada Kluster Thaipusam kaaa bodoh babi punya minister

If you’re allowing the procession, what’s the difference with the music? What does music have to do with pandemic protection? More like interfering in culture & religion. Slowly but surely Why no music? How is covid & music related if got music then covid can infect? lol this nonsense guy. no wonder kena sacked as BN secretary 🤣

For sure along the way thousands still line up the road to pay respect to the chariot.hope everyone use face mask.wash yr hand after. Hanya penduduk Hindu sahaja bebas dari undang2..boleh Abaikan undang2 PKP,boleh bunuh ahli bomba,boleh curi tanah orang utk buat kuil...hebat2 Bila melayu memerintah dan minorities ada kuasa mejoriti..

🙏🙏🙏 Yeah... Got chance to go back for cny lo as long as quiet along the journey! LOL! Indian people are the easiest people to spread hatred by just giving em a fake news. Keep on doing this FMT. Make em hate the government blindly. Well done and keep on doing this.. Stupid move ! You think u can restrict to only 10 devotees!

Happy Thaipusam, We are in the year of 2021 and my country is still racist dont beleive in diversity and inclusion. Rather than thinking of how to increase GDP and control the covid spread. They rather talk about music and canceling public holiday. Adakah ini masa hadapan kita.. Om Muruga !!! Hopefully SOP will be followed. One incident of virus spreading in place of prayer last year is enough.

That's ok as long as the ritual and tradition prayers carried out safely Thanks to AnnuarMusa If got noise, Covid will come out ah🤦‍♀️ ahahahahaha Didn't know sound can spread the virus Why not? Because it is not your own religion?