POST-GE15 DAY 5 | Agong has decided on 10th PM

24/11/2022 8:13:00 AM

LIVE | Anwar is the next prime minister

Postge 15

POSTGE15 | LIVE: The Conference of Rulers have adjourned and a decision on appointing a prime minister has been made. All eyes are now on the palace - which is expected to make a statement soon.

LIVE | Anwar is the next prime minister


Muhyiddin says Perikatan never received election funding from gaming companies

KULIM: Perikatan Nasional denies receiving funds from gaming companies to cover campaigning costs during the 15th General Election (GE15). Read more >>

Nanti kianat dalaman berlaku....tak perlu dia Suka u-turn jer.... Politicians who only know about politicking for their greed for power&position but NEVER for the good of Msian&Msia!What had these bunch of backdoor govt politicians contributed to stability&unity?Rkyt wellbeing was never their true agenda!So sudah lah jadi pembangkang aje lah!🤯

Too late, don’t need u anymore. Congratulations sir PN be like Justin Bieber “Is it too late now to say sorry” You've shown your true colours... now it's too late 2 days ago forgot to think about people's well being. Too late, all your direct awarded contracts during PN has to be dug out. The PN is always f*cking using the people's name for their own interest.

The devil had a plot, but God has a plan. Bile tau xdpt jd gov...dan2 nak part of unity gov. sebab? nak kan pangkat? pls DSAI jgn bg Hadi ngn TSMY satu jawatan pon

POST-GE15 DAY 3 | Police escort arrives at Anwar’s officePOSTGE15 | LIVE: Jelebu MP Jalaluddin Alias - who had sided with PN - says all 30 BN MPs have not signed any SDs today. He says the BN lawmakers will not be siding with anyone. Thank you gor BN never support stability This election revealed the 'true face' of Hisham to many Malaysians

PN can keep their proposal till next GE16 U can help our well-being by being the opposition:) Too late, horses bolted already but we need you as opposition Can go fly kite Who's your daddy now MuhyiddinYassin IS NOT TO BE TRUSTED. Neither is abdulhadiawang . We, the Rakyat DO NOT WANT insincere, hypocrites and fake holy men in our midst. Do not even think of causing any riots ya or you will bear the anger of the RAKYAT.

Traitors forever jump like frogs. MARUAH - KOSONG Go to hell la urll, too late la , RAKYAT have spoken ! Aiso nodi

POST-GE15 DAY 3 | Agong: Let me decide, respect voters’ decisionPOSTGE15 | LIVE: The King has called on all sides to respect the voters' decision. 'We have to be rational, we have to move on,' His Majesty says. 'Let me make a decision,' he adds. This is a highly respected decision by UMNO+ BN to exclude itself from PN and PH coalition, being the big losers. They can become a strong opposition and get credited by rakyat for the good job done membangkang. Then in next GE they, UMNO + BN will be strong again! Mana gambar? Not too late. No one has majority. Depends on istana now. Whoever istana chooses, he will be given the priority to go and get support. Since gps said wait for istana, if istana choose PH, then Dsai. If istana choose PN, still not enough even witb gps, since bn dont support anyone

Thanks ya…. Now Dah tau semua parti lain tak menyokong sekarang nak consider unity gov pulak. Kelmarin bukan main sombong menolak titah YDPA. PN n PAS u guys can be a good opposition. Stay as opposition. Fomo by PN finally couldn't be contained. hey! some one has to be in the opposition ..... if everyone wants to be in the government, we might as well not have a election.

Sesal dahulu pendapatan, sesal kemudian tidak berguna lagi .. haritu kemain bangga abah cirit kata sign tak setuju .. Pg tg Hadi kata dah dihadapan, knp u-turn pulk nii 😂😂😂 That ship has sailed. Please sit down. Offer expired. U bum Next time jangan sombong sangat, dah last minute baru menggelabah tak dapat kat dia, barulah unity lah apa lah

Alamak...semalam kata tak boleh ,hari ni pula No Problem.Terang benderang nafsu mereka terlalu kuat dan penuh kepura-puraan demi sebuah Kekuasaan.Berdoa saja kuat2 Tan Sri...😂😂😂😂

POST-GE15 DAY 3 | Agong: Let me decide, respect voters’ decisionsPOSTGE15 | LIVE: The King has called on all sides to respect the voters' decision. 'We have to be rational, we have to move on,' His Majesty says. 'Let me make a decision,' he adds. Then he should step down as caretaker PM, yes? no? What nonsense is this Right Move

Good job PN jgn kasi chance😂😂 PIGIDAH....PENIPU These are t hypocrites .. self interest above anything else Pordah lah Dah takut la tu .. nanti mula siasat billions Their boss was adamant about not working together with P-etch. So let’s remain as strangers! A Parliament without Opposition!!!? Kena maki teruk, nak U-turn sekarang. Stay as pembangkang/opposition!

Ini lah partinkhianat yg suka tunggang agama dam tunggang Negara. Tipu dan Bohong amalan murni mereka...boleh tak percaya walaun ini kalau tiba tiba u-turn balik tengah jalan untuk hapuskan UMNO dam PH.. It is too late..we have the majority already once BN and Warisan supported PH to form a unity government

POST-GE15 DAY 3 | Anwar summoned to palace for audience with AgongPOSTGE15 | LIVE: Anwar Ibrahim has been summoned to the palace at 4pm according to sources close to the PH chief. Meanwhile, BN has informed the King that none of its MPs have given support to PN. Good news indeed...gonna celebrate! Is this trueI'm nervous Hope for the best, majority of Malaysians have chosen PH. Hope YDPA sees the stats

Means you never thought of people's wellbeing and national stability when you rejected Agung proposal few days ago? Raja Raja dah berhimpun baru sibuk nak setuju perpaduan . huru hara politik ni PN penyebab angkuh sampai Agong minta Raja Raja berhimpun . teruk la PN i have no respect for PN Irritating af la

😂😂😂😂😂 Its too late! For the of people? No, for the sake of power. Too late. Be the opposition. Power crazy has no place in Malaysia politics. Crazy BS

POST-GE15 DAY 3 | Muhyiddin, Anwar arrive at palacePOSTGE15 | LIVE: The King has found that no prime minister candidate has a simple majority in the Dewan Rakyat. The King has summoned both PH and PN leaders to the palace at 4.30pm Why the need to summon the LOSER PENGKHIANAT MuhyiddinYassin ? Strange! After Sheraton move, Muhyidin didn't have clear majority however he was given the mandate. Anwar wasn't called at all. Eventually Muhyidin won narrowly in the Parliament. Now Anwar's PH has the most seats. By right, he should be given the mandate but both being called. Funny The King has found that no prime minister candidate has a simple majority in the Dewan Rakyat. Yes we know that already

lol si tompok ni Back door attempt again

POST-GE15 DAY 3 | Anwar: Race still on, Palace giving us more timePOSTGE15 | LIVE: Despite various reports saying that he is the new PM or interim PM, Anwar Ibrahim says the King has not yet made a decision. However, he remains confident that he will secure a simple majority. tak abiz2 ckp ada sbnar eaa takde.. Hampeh Sorang jadi PM shif pagi, sorang lagi jadi PM shif malam. Gilir2 kan lagi bagus