PKR still not free of disloyal and corrupt members - Anwar

PKR still not free of disloyal and corrupt members - Anwar

20/6/2021 9:34:00 AM

PKR still not free of disloyal and corrupt members - Anwar

He calls on all members to continue to uphold and defend the idealism of the party's struggle.


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KOTA KINABALU: A taxi driver is believed to have run amok at the Kota Kinabalu International Airport waiting area by deliberately crashing into several vehicles on Monday (July 19).

Theyre becoming disloyal because of the incumbent who keeps changing principles. Kah kah kah of course la with a leader like u. Anwar is not relevant anymore. Pusing2 also going back to the PM portfolio hahahaha Bila 24JAM KAMU MENGKRITIK ORG LAIN, kamu konon perjuangkan kebebasan bersuara & ketelusan. Bila AHLI KAMU KRITIK KAMU, kamu persoalkan kesetiaan & dianggap pengkhianat? Anwar..Anwar. Kamu cuma suka dikelilingi pembodek yg memuja kamu shj! Kata2 & tindakan amu cuma SANDIWARA SHJ!

Weed n get rid of them from the party. Pls listen to the dissenter n not eliminate as u hv been doing all this while. That’s the only way to be better leader n definitely NOT U So can i say that you failed as a leader? Maybe the same like the other red party that will be your counterpart soon. Yb apakata tolong kami ni nak survive duit saving dah susut kalau dpt isinar2.0 tolong anwaribrahim

Do something DS, don't leave them alone! Like in Selangor got many! Sarawak too. I voted PR/PH in GE13 and 14. But thankfully, it only ruled for 22mths and I got to see the true color of PH. It was anwar who caused the downfall of PH govt. I may consider voting PH again, on the condition that anwaribrahim is NOT their leader. dapmalaysia

What do you mean by “disloyal and corrupt members”, anwaribrahim ? Those who disagree with you being PM? Can’t wait for you and your macais to be totally defeated in next GE! Hidup Malaysia 🇲🇾 Kalau parti sendiri x boleh nk control, just image nk control negara abg non

PKR must fight to bring about systemic change, says AnwarThe party president says it must distance itself from the current government, which has failed to understand the people’s problems. FMTNews Anwar PKR PN Anwar-just focus on people and serve them…PKR lacks that and that is what your guys shd’s timelike these u shd focus on serving and not on politics…your priority is misplaced right now 🤣🖕 'The party president says it must distance itself from the current government' IN ORDER TO GET CLOSER TO UMNO KLEPTOCRATS ?

Bila DSAI dah bebas, mcm tak da makna PKR. Masa DSAI duk dalam.Nampak PKR lagi garang. No party is. Get rafizi ramli back. Clear everything up. Now is the best time to do it. Jangan bela ulaq DSAI Admitting this is one of d hardest thing especially for you DSAI....nonetheless we expect ACTIONs next...✌🙏

Alhamdulillah.. they are now in PN ! Sanitize PKR before next election It is there in every political party. Politics. But it’s quite funny over here. Simply back stabbing each other just like the lndian crab story., asalam ad yg baik hti bnk in sdkit dkt sy untk buat blnja brg kprluan n brg anak ssu n pmpers 152023637622 muhammad aiman mybank

Also, water is wet.

Pastikan kelompok pengkhianat tidak muncul semula, Anwar desak pemimpin, ahli PKRAnwar berkata kelompok pengkhianat yang wujud dalam PKR sebelum ini tidak boleh dibiarkan muncul kembali. FMTNews Anwar PKR Name and shame Which pengkianat parti or bangsa? 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

Its still not to late to rebuild anwaribrahim would the intent of working with umno constitutes disloyalty? Then take action lah, jangan sembang kari je anwaribrahim Weed them out before reigning DS Will MRRM trust Anwar Ibrahim to take Malaysia out of this health, economic and civil paralysis or will MRRM trust Mahathir or someone else? Who will MRRM trust?

And theres nothing you can do about it? Not everyone is lucky enough to have fahmi_fadzil as a MP, hope you guys weed out the frogs. anwaribrahim jgn la pulak nak berkawan dgn org yg kompom korup & kluster mahkamah ye.... jgn le ckp tak serupa bikin.... Ppl play the politic for greed la... 😅 Else why wanna make it as career.. .?

Anwar: PKR not free of disloyal members | Malay MailKUALA LUMPUR, June 20 — PKR president Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has stressed that the party is not spared from having members who have treacherous and corrupt attitudes. As such, he called on all members to continue to uphold and defend the idealism of the party’s struggle, which rejects any...

Make sure it is. Enough with the disappointment of the past. okay done recognizing the problem, now solve it Why not reform campaign funding rules within PKR? Clean up the party Thats plain truth. time to house clean Loyalty n integrity never values of PKR as Anwar never has leadership on these. PKR is most messy party in PH, weakest link & the most corrupt party as shown by its previous AGM where illegal members voted! Pkr exists only for Anwar to be pm. This is not sustainable!

Now thats something i can respect ! They can't be in any other organisation either for they believe only their opinion is right and don't want to bind themselves to the norm of an organisation. anwaribrahim Well than do something about it dont let history repeat itself. Please do the right thing and dont sweep it under the carpet. Catch the bull by its horns if you dare.

Fight to change the system, Anwar tells PKR Congress | Malay MailKUALA LUMPUR, June 20 — In his opening speech for PKR’s 15th National Congress today, party president Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said Malaysia longs for “systemic change”. He said that the country’s leadership might be constantly changing, but this has not brought about the real change as... Ok always fight unendingly, we knew Anwar! Is it the system that needs changing?

Yes, but by admitting the weaknesses the party can look at improving. 3/4 of it Lol

There are corrupt, treacherous leaders within PKR, says Anwar | The Malaysian InsightParty chief warns of those who build potentially traitorous factions. Ini memang ada. PKR leader also the same. Don't just saying other people YB anwaribrahim. So u presiden parti kasi cuci la anwaribrahim

Perikatan failed to prepare adequate vaccine supplies, says Anwar | The Malaysian InsightGovernment also confusing public with figures on the national vaccination drive, PKR president says. anwaribrahim U r right. Betul PN gagal. Contoh tiada FM lain ASEAN pentingkan diri. Nak kerusi PM ke? Yg lain tolonglawan Covid. Sungguh hampa. Erat hubungan MsiaJepun dpt 500k aje. Vietnam pun blh dpt 1 juta shots. Budak Hisham tu asyik claims travel dari dulu? tuk isteri juga ke?.AI4PM Anwar failed to prepare adequate numbers, says Harapan anwaribrahim As though Anwar Ibrahim can get enough vaccine! The whole world is short of vaccine! Anwar Ibrahim should ask his friends in US to send more vaccine to Malaysia. The whole nation will be thankful and surely will support him to be PM. Empty political barking for what? Talk only!