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Perak to distribute 20, 000 smartphones to B40 students

Perak to distribute 20, 000 smartphones to B40 students

14/6/2021 6:21:00 PM

Perak to distribute 20, 000 smartphones to B40 students

PADANG RENGAS (Bernama): A total of 20,000 smartphones will be distributed to the lower-income group ( B40 ) students through the ‘ Tuisyen Cikgu Saarani ’ (TCS) programme to facilitate students preparing for major examinations this year.

"Students can obtain information via e-tuition programme which is accessible 24 hours a day for subjects from Year One to Form 6, besides having access to hundreds of thousands of other applications. Students are also provided with free data and book vouchers.

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"Parents are urged to monitor their children so that they do not misuse the gadgets for playing online games instead of using them for online learning, ” he told reporters here on Monday (June 14).Under the first phase, each state constituency will receive 150 smartphones, while the remaining 100 units will be distributed in the next phase.

In February, the state government launched the TCS programme, a tutoring initiative for the nearly 200,000 students in the state, especially from the poor and B40 families. - Bernama Read more: The Star »

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Wang Rakyat. 3 Accountability Questions raised. 1) Brand, Model and Price ? 2) Direct Nego or price directly from Manufacturer ? 3) Who, when , why and how 20,000 recipients ? Hmm. Interesting. Should we give net to the fisherman or give them the fish? Give them the skill please… I believe student need laptop more than smarphone. Not give but offer subsidies only. too easy to get gift. That’s how Malaysian politician now get votes

And the winner is... Sim card Let's put the so-called excuse for the 'poor quality' of the devices aside for a moment. The more important questions that needed to be answered is how much each of these devices cost and who is funding them. Who's paying for the phones?

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