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Penghasilan minyak Saudi Aramco ambil masa beberapa bulan

Kembali normal dalam tempoh beberapa bulan lagi. #utusanonline


Kembali normal dalam tempoh beberapa bulan lagi. utusanonline

DUBAI 16 Sept. - Penghasilan minyak di loji milik Saudi Aramco mungkin akan kembali normal dalam tempoh beberapa bulan lagi.

Loji minyak Saudi Aramco diserang oleh dron kumpulan pemberontak Houthi pada minggu lalu, menyebabkan hampir separuh penghasilan minyak Arab Saudi terjejas teruk. - AGENSI

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Yemeni rebel drones spark fires at Saudi Aramco oil facilities | The Malaysian InsightAttacks highlight how the increasingly advanced weaponry of the Iran-linked Huthi rebels poses a serious threat to the kingdom's oil installations.

Drones hit Saudi Aramco plants, disrupting oil flowRIYADH: Saudi Arabia said Saturday it was ready to respond to drone attacks claimed by Iran-aligned Yemeni rebels on two major oil facilities, which s...

Saudi stocks tumble as tensions surge after Aramco drone attacksGovernment funds may swoop in to limit the decline in Saudi stocks, says an analyst. FMTNews

Saudi Aramco battles to soothe market jitters after drone attack | The Malaysian InsightState-owned oil giant unlikely to lose much money over production disruption, says analyst.

Trump authorises release of US oil reserves after Saudi supply disruptionIn tweets, US President Donald Trump said the amount of oil released would be determined 'sufficient to keep the markets well-supplied'. FMTNews

Oil prices surge 15% after attack on Saudi facilities hits global supplyNEW YORK: Oil prices surged more than 15% to their highest level in nearly four months at the open on Sunday after an attack on Saudi Arabia's oil facilities on Saturday that knocked out more than 5% of global oil supply.

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