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Nervous Kedah dad successfully delivers own baby with help from emergency hotline | Malay Mail

Nervous Kedah dad successfully delivers own baby with help from emergency hotline


Nervous Kedah dad successfully delivers own baby with help from emergency hotline

PETALING JAYA, Sept 23 — It’s not every day that a dad gets to deliver his own baby.  Truth be told, many fathers would be happy to sit on the sidelines and give moral support. But Facebook user Fahmi Jamil from Alor Setar, Kedah, plunged into the deep end two weeks ago when his wife went...

Truth be told, many fathers would be happy to sit on the sidelines and give moral support.

He explained that he and his wife, Noor Kamila Abdullah, were expecting their second bundle of joy on September 24.

“The mother is giving birth, but the dad is overreacting.”

Fahmi quickly got out of bed and asked Kamila if he could have a quick shower and pray first, to which she agreed, as they both prayed together hoping for a smooth pregnancy.

Fahmi was extremely nervous and reluctant to have the baby at home, but Kamila said that she was in pain and could not get into the car, and asked him to call an ambulance.

“The hospital staff was a man, he was very professional and calmed me down, before gently telling me what to do, so I took a deep breath and followed his instructions,” wrote Fahmi.

After a lot of sweat and struggle, a healthy baby girl popped out into Fahmi’s hands, as her first cry cut the anxiety from the room.

Soon after the ambulance had arrived, and Fahmi was relieved as the professionals would now take over and care for his wife and newborn, who they named Fatihah.

“You need to know everything about your wife, never leave her alone at home when the due date is near, and always make sure your phone is charged and with you, to make emergency calls,” wrote Fahmi.

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