Maszlee joins PKR, vows to uphold principles | The Malaysian Insight

Maszlee joins PKR, vows to uphold principles

Maszlee Malik, Pkr

27/11/2021 2:48:00 PM

Maszlee joins PKR , vows to uphold principles

Not being a frog when you join a ‘weak party’, doing it to defend people, former minister says.

Copy URLPoliticians who want to be rich should jump either to Barisan Nasional or Bersatu, independent lawmaker Maszlee Malik says after being received into PKR by party president Anwar Ibrahim. – The Malaysian Insight file pic, November 27, 2021.MASZLEE Malik has formally joined PKR and has declared he was driven by principles in making the decision, not rewards or financial gain.

Bersatu, PN akan bincang persiapan PRN Johor - Ahmad Faizal | Harian Metro

The former education minister said his actions were different from that of a political frog who jumped from one party to another in pursuit of rewards.

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State polls necessary because Johor govt is very unstable: Hasni [NSTTV] | New Straits Times

JOHOR BARU: The Johor state election must be carried out because the state government is very unstable to the point that it is at the “mercy of the opposition.”

Orang yg mungkir janji nak hapus tol simpang renggam, orang yg ada prinsip meh? Kata masuk politik, just nak jatuhkan Najib, dah jatuh pun kan?Tapi 4 Tahun dlm politik, 4 parti juga dikunjungngi...tang mana prinsipal tu? Black shoes and schools became religious centres etc. 🇲🇾👍 Principles?! 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

Maszlee formally joins PKRThe Simpang Renggam MP brings along with him 500 members. very good. 🐸🐸🐸 kenapa tak join PejuangRasmi ? 😂😂

Maszlee sah masuk PKR selepas setahun tanpa partiSetelah lebih setahun tanpa parti, Dr. Maszlee Malik yang juga Ahli Parlimen Simpang Renggam sah menyertai Parti Keadilan Rakyat ( PKR ). Walcom to pkr Dr Maszlee ..💪💪🙋‍♂️🤗

PKR beri amaran, DAP akan bertembung dengan sekutu di 4 DUN Sarawak | The Malaysian InsightEmpat kerusi yang dipertikaikan adalah Senadin, Piasau, Pujut dan Kemena.

Focus on winning your 47 seats, not grabbing more, Sarawak DAP tells PKREarlier seat agreement should stand, says Chong. Lawan lawan jangan tak lawan Dare DAP to leave Harapan. They r not sure what they w win n jus wan t spray like a machine gun to hit a fly

Sarawak PKR unveils its own manifesto for state pollsMove in contrast with Harapan joint manifesto in Malacca polls.

Sarawak DAP denies refusing to negotiate with PKR over seat allocation | New Straits TimesKUCHING: Sarawak DAP has denied claims that it had refused to negotiate over election seat allocations with PKR in a transparent manner, for the upcoming 12th Sarawak election. Don't keep this kind of rubbish PKR shd be awared after Sheraton move, DAP is just an opportunist, when there is a gain, they will come to you. If no, you will lost his respect. This how it happened after PRN Melaka, their real face.