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Fmtnews, Robertomancini

Mancini dedicates Italian win to 'everyone who is suffering'

The coach sees his team sweep into the last 16 after a 3-0 win over Switzerland in Rome.

17/6/2021 2:38:00 AM

The coach sees his team sweep into the last 16 after a 3-0 win over Switzerland in Rome. FMTNews RobertoMancini Italy EURO2020

The coach sees his team sweep into the last 16 after a 3-0 win over Switzerland in Rome.

Mancini stands by the bench before the Group A match against the Swiss. (AP pic)ROME: Roberto Mancini hailed a “well-deserved victory” as Italy swept into the last 16 of Euro 2020 with a 3-0 win over Switzerland in Rome today.“Switzerland are a strong team. It was a very hard game. We could have scored earlier, but in the end it is a well-deserved victory,” said the Italy coach.

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“We played well, we wanted to win at all costs. They started well, it was not easy to win a second game in five days.”Italy captain Giorgio Chiellini left the pitch injured in the first half with the 36-year-old holding his thigh.“We hope that there is nothing serious, we will see tomorrow,” said Mancini.

“Wales in the last game? You always have to play to win, we’ll see.“We dedicate this victory to everyone, to everyone who is suffering at the moment.” Read more: Free Malaysia Today »

Annuar Musa issued RM2,000 compound notice for violating SOP

KUALA LUMPUR: Tan Sri Annuar Musa has been issued with a RM2,000 compound notice for violating Covid-19 standard operating procedure (SOP).

Italy down Switzerland to become first qualifiers for last 16Roberto Mancini's side have six points from two games to top Grooup A. FMTNews Italy Switzerland EURO2020

Special meeting of Malay Rulers to start at 2.30pm Wednesday (June 16)PETALING JAYA: The special meeting of Malay Rulers will take place at 2.30pm on Wednesday (June 16), says Istana Negara.

Ipoh stadium vaccination centre closed on Wednesday (June 16) as no appointments scheduled, says Perak MBIPOH: The vaccination centre at the Indera Mulia Stadium was closed on Wednesday (June 16) because there were no appointments scheduled, says Datuk Saarani Mohamad. 😳 Ipoh folks are a lucky lot .... they got vaccinated so fast that no more appointments are outstanding.... 👏👏👏 Wow

Seremban High Court to rule on challenge by Nora Anne's family today (June 16)KUALA LUMPUR (AFP): A Malaysian court will rule Wednesday (June 16) on a challenge by the family of a French-Irish teenager over an inquest verdict that she died by misadventure after vanishing in the jungle.

Vaccination drive for manufacturing sector workers kicks off today (June 16)PETALING JAYA: Program Imunisasi Industri Covid-19 Kerjasama Awam-Swasta (Pikas), which is the vaccination drive for employees in the manufacturing sector, kicks off Wednesday (June 16) in Selangor. Amalan 'lompat Q' dianjur Kjaan. Mane adil bg depa yg sokong Kjaan daftar awal dlm bln Feb/Mac dan msh blom dpt vaksin. Aren't we now still in Phase 2 of NIP? Many Msians 60 years old and above had registered months ago and are still waiting for their turns. It looks like they are being sidelined/ignored!!! JKJAVMY Khairykj Manufacturing sector workers are being prioritise over those who have registered since February 😱 Another strategy by MITIMalaysia to justify factories (read kawan kawan) are safe to operate whether it’s MCO, FMCO, EMCO, CMCO 🙄😒

Covid-19 (June 16): 5,150 new cases; more than half in S'gor, N Sembilan and S'wakCOVID19 | KKMPutrajaya reported 5,150 new Covid-19 cases, with Selangor topping the list (1,914). Details on the number of actives cases, ICU patients and deaths will be available later today after the Health Ministry releases its official briefing. KKMPutrajaya Releasing the numbers of new cases without the numbers of testing done cannot justify the declining of cases or the positivity rate.