Make Malay customs, culture an academic subject in schools – Rais Yatim

This was to ensure that these practices be assimilated by the people.

7/12/2021 4:43:00 PM

Make Malay customs, culture an academic subject in schools – Rais Yatim

This was to ensure that these practices be assimilated by the people.

The government should take cognisance of Article 160 of the Federal Constitution by making Malay customary and cultural practices an academic subject in schools and higher learning institutions, said Dewan Negara president Tan Sri Dr Rais Yatim.He said this was to ensure that these practices be assimilated by the people to augment their own civilisation.

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Malay is not the only race in Malaysia. The malays too should start learning abt the cultures of other ethnicities. Umni tk abih2 jd pemecah belah rakyat Malaysia. Our school syllabus is alredi bloated... Hw many more subjects u want to burden our students? School subjects shd b revamped to b more relevant to the future needs of d children...

Tak habis habis kata sekor ni dengan idea bodoh dia. All because of Pierre Nazri, sheesh!! how about customs, culture of all races? Podah! Budaya sendiri pun buang konon agama haramkan. Amik budaya arab claim budaya melayu. Keluarga Malaysia ni ada melayu je ke? Budaya dan adat kaum lain taknak belajar?

Kau masuk sekolah dlu, tgk kau boleh bawak ke tak. Jgn seksa student. Custom and cukture boleh mak bapak ajar. Bende yg kite tgk everyday. Lepas Tamar nanti nak kerja apa? Tahi Chorrr. Panggillah anak² bangsawan belajar lebih pasal benda ni The next thing you know, we all have to convert to Muslim. I said this zillions times-don’t try to fix things that aren’t broken! We are not racist! You are!!!

Mahathir ke ni?

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Wht only Malay? Why not Malay, Chinease, indian n all the races? Stupid old guys It should be all races, not only Malay. I think the people of this country need to be awakened, especially the politician; Malaysia is a multi-racial country. Both Malay and Eastern culture are irrelevant to me, and personally I think those should be rendered obsolete.

Politikus punca isu perkauman. Every race pays their tax ringgits, this must benefit all. Keep politicians out from charting the education system, enough damage done Also include corruption and thieving with that. It will go a long way. Dulu kau buat apa...baru nak buat... Not only Malay customs. Make all customs an academic subject. Lets all learn custom of all in order to build national unity. Do not just think Malay. Malaysia is multicultural, all have to be included.

Diamlah kau Rais... Pejabat pun ada simpan simbol syaitan lagi mahu bising Deadwood. Before you talk about custom & culture, take a look at yourself, do you think you have good moral standing to talk about this?

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He sounds desperate. What’s the story here? Senatorship coming up for renewal? Planning to run again but those tired bones and shrunken brain can’t think of anything new? Or knowing deep down he is irrelevant but refusing to accept reality? Sudahla rais, cuba duduk diam diam Yes.. good.. definitely will help global work search..

Malaysian* DrRaisYatim You don't force people to learn about other's culture. By right, we should promote inter-cultural understanding through daily interactions among the different races. Why? Is it any good? Oh yes, please. If this leads to removing the effects of two decades of Arabisation, I would support it. Bring back the selendang, wayang kulit, kebaya, 'selamat pagi', 'hari raya puasa', etc. etc. Undo the Arabisation by those who were culturally bankrupt.

Where got melayu in Islam? Where got bahasa melayu in Islam? Where got bahasa jawi in Islam? He wants his people to learn all that for what? Hmmm leave the academic subjects to experts. Follow some countries like Finland for education. Stupid

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Broken Record. Malay? Dei Rais, which Malay? Melayu Jawa, Kelantan, Kedah, Sarawak, Siam, Melayu mamak, just how long the kids need to be in school for? Most ridiculous dim-witted idea ever. Race religion & the latest, BM, hot topics for dirty politics. Pi balik pencen la dei! Take a long nap. if tis is about the sensiftity of races,why cqn you stop korban in school,selling beef at roadsidestupid at no degress ur race!!!!!or the politician

We need to stop politicians from ruining and eroding the quality of our already below median education standard. Idiot Eh dah nak GE ke ni? Tak lama lagi I akan disuruh balik negara tertentu kan? Tanye je, jangan marah 🙂 Ni cadangan ke soalan? Will that stop UMno leaders from being kleptocrat? What's wrong with this guy? Getting too old to think too far is it?

I think we are not dependable on government jobs , almost 90% of it , it's better to teach our childrens via the online tutoring programs oversea , otherwise we may be left behind with so much nonsense .Why not let our children's study all culture as we are multi cultural .

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Likewise do for all other races, lndian Chinese and others. Concept Keluarga Malaysia to be more exact... Excuse me those elements dah ada dlm subjects .Dah la tu stop nosing into education .Jangan jadikan Pendidikan tapak u all buat politic rojak ! Do we have to study Sejarah Silam Hikayat Robengah ? I think it's better to make common sense a subject. Without it we had people like you.

Mostly from India and Indonesia ok ta? So...brainwash stuff like CCP ? And they said DAP is CCP, so, yeah DAP? Why DrRaisYatim ? You think Malay culture is that good to follow. Open your eyes, see what happening to the Malay now, they are now beggars on their own country. A culture nurtured by the Malay leaders, in order to safeguard their power and positions

I think better to make French customs, culture an academic subject in our schools ... so that our poor students need not fly all the way to France for their education. Hak sama rata mesti dijamin supaya semua warganegara dapat peluang untuk keadilan, kesejahteraan dan kemajuan. Hapuskan hak istimewa Melayu. Mansuhkan Artikel 153 Perlembagaan demi perpaduan negara. RepealArticle153

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Songkok tinggilah, serangkao secocok dengan atok malaysia We should learn what’s The Irrational Ape in schools! Saya mencari orang yang berminat nak Belajar MANDARIN ONLINE🍊 Mudah untuk berkomunikasi dengan rakan sekerja dan customer. Dapat international certificate ✨ Whatsapp saya Kau orang hantar anak tadika ja kat London, Paris dll ... Balik Malaya, lebih british dari british Lebih perancis dari perancis Lebih Amerika dari Amerika ...

Pls step down from the upper house. U r post retirement, pls go. Don't stir the shit Yrach thay to ur grandson n families but not forcing to others eleh. suruh UiTM tu utamakan bahasa Melayu dulu kalau nak daulat kan budaya We used to have them back in the 70s and early 80s. You fools went and replaced it with Islamic and Arabic culture studies. You better start bring back unaltered version, don't got water it down with Arab influence.

Would you like a side of bribes with your main meal?

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Why not the dedak and the corruption culture too?! Can groom so many politikus later! Good idea DrRaisYatim Then you will know your Palembang roots Totally agree... this is Maling$ia 👍 Totally agree. This is Malay-sia. and then talk about abolishing vernacular schools... Gas bag. Tell me GE is around the corner without telling me GE is around the corner 'keluarga malaysia' concept is very different from what was informed🤔. Malaysia has always been multicultural, learn, understand, embrace all culture in Malaysia

Grandpa Rais....just retire la..go play with your cucu cucu.. How about implement together with Mamak culture, because a lot of Muslims have roots from India !

Make anti-corruption a subject Thank god I got the ability to send my kids to a private school Why not all customs and culture ?