Lewd jokes in Parliament begin in classrooms, says Ain

Lewd jokes in Parliament begin in classrooms, says Ain

6/5/2021 5:35:00 PM

Lewd jokes in Parliament begin in classrooms, says Ain

Students need to be taught that rape jokes are wrong or else they will perpetuate such comments as adults, she says.

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Remand extended for cosmetics entrepreneur, friend in sexual grooming case

​​​​​​​KAJANG: Police have extended the remand order on a cosmetics entrepreneur and his friend for alleged sexual grooming and obscene communication with minors.

True. Such minatory jokes gradually become an aberration instigated by reprobates of which some initiated during school years. Our government needs to censure this immoral act and chasten it accordingly. Inhibit this prurient propensity, not yield to the perpetrators. i remember my first time hearing lewd jokes is when i was primary 5 in school. i hated it back then i still do now. Ain is not wrong. OPEN UR EYES OLD LADS LISTEN TO US! MakeSchoolASaferPlace

ant33ater Thts wht we get whn we choose ol people as MPs. Prtys pls propose ynger cndidates fr PM n ministers posts Some people don't grow up, they become politicians instead. Avoid the usage of lewd jokes. lilith_wife Undi18 PREACH IT. ant33ater Pls protect ain. Takut nanti ada pihak guna akta komunikasi dan multimedia/akta hasutan/ordinan utk attack dia based on this news. Pls, she's a minor.

Future is Ain True

YOURSAY | 'Under what circumstances are lewd jokes ever acceptable?''How many students would actually speak up against a teacher in public?' When the jokes are made by the bigots, the hypocrites. Real Malaysians pull folks up. We don’t joke them down. Real Malaysians are humble, intelligent and hardworking. Fact is these stupid bastards are misogynists.

Ain is very wise for her age. Many politicians don’t even have an ounce of her wisdom & sincerity. Parody of her every comments to MakeSchoolsASaferPlace rdzaminhat Speaking sense here MyKinabatangan exemplary icon of lewd jokes! The champion! This is what is known to public. What about verbal and physical sexual harrassment against women in PDRMsia, MindefMalaysia and all their related agencies? Are PDRMsia and MindefMalaysia bastards going to say there are no sexual harassment cases in PDRMsia and MindefMalaysia

17yo making sense to most adults and yet she has to wait 4 more years to vote. 🙄 undi18 KerajaaanGagal She’s not wrong From Malala to Greta to Ain.. These teenagers can advise leaders and teachers what to do and not to do. The world will not need scientists, institutions and academics. KMurthychettiar Correct. Those few monkeys are also badly brought up at home. The roots are earlier than school.

'It's disgusting', says Syed Saddiq on lewd video targeting himThe 45-second clip shows WhatsApp chats allegedly between him and a schoolgirl. Hopefully you SyedSaddiq come to enlightenment Wow!! What happened to Raja Nur Marisa SyedSaddiq ? She's not young anymore? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Syed Saddiq threatens legal action against those spreading lewd screenshotPUTRAJAYA: Kuala Lumpur will be placed under the movement control order from May 7 to 20. SyedSaddiq if the boy in the video is not you , what are suing ? Oh wait !!! Unless .....

TikTok-famous breastfeeding guru calls out ‘dirty-minded’ men for lewd comments on her content | Malay MailKUALA LUMPUR, May 7 ― Certified lactation counselor and massage therapist Nad Masrom seems to have had enough of lewd comments from “dirty-minded” online followers. Nad, who regularly educates mothers about breastfeeding through short videos on TikTok, took to Twitter to express her disgust... What do you expect most man here , perverts and Maniac