Kit Siang wants emergency Parliament sitting to work out MCO exit plan

Kit Siang wants emergency Parliament sitting to work out MCO exit plan

8/4/2020 6:10:00 AM

Kit Siang wants emergency Parliament sitting to work out MCO exit plan

CORONAVIRUS | MCO exit strategy needed to restart economic engine and for lives to return to as much normalcy as possible, says DAP stalwart.

-CORONAVIRUS | DAP veteran Lim Kit Siang is again calling for an emergency Parliament session, this time to discuss how the country can prepare an exit plan for when the movement control order (MCO) ends.

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Don't suppose they understand what exit plan about 🙄😂🤣 Agreed... lets the gomen ministers showed their incompetence... or whatever left in their heads.. haha... Muke sebijik komunis... celaka apek!! Kalau ph handle skrg ni tak tau la apa jadi No lah.He wants to ask for vote of no confidence twds TSMY and he wants to put a puppet PM in charge like DSAI or Mukhriz?He then will propose cuts everywhere.

Ada udang sebalik batu tu. Bila speaker dan timbalan speaker nak tukar? Guna Whatapps atau Google Hangouts lah, Pak Cik. Tiada contact number ke? Go to hell laa apekkk!!! Hoy bengap tak payah kou nak komenx2. Kou keluar jer dari politik. Kou nie komunis bengap. Berambus lah kou PH MPs can also submit your alternative MCO exit plan to the government. Previously, just like what PH has done for the alternative annual budget 😀🤓

Kuat menyalak gi tidur la apek Aduhh... manyak mengantuk wooo... tido dulu lah... Aiyooo atuk. Lu lindu parlimen ka? Exit plan tu tanggung jawab gomen la bukan parlimen. 😂😂😂😂😂 Dulu masa pembangkang selalu keluar/boikot Dewan, masa jadi k’jaan x masuk Dewan, masuk pun tidur dlm Dewan, skrg bila jadi pembangkang balik gila-gila nak masuk Dewan

Shut up la, you could still be government or the day if you didn’t talk too much end of Feb. Boomer like you should retire for good. Time for younger leaders who can offer new narrative. You had enough chances but screwed up. mkini_bm mkini_cn dapmalaysia limkitsiang The current Covid-19 issues have to be tackled properly before they go out of hands n with more loss of lives.

terima kasih pembangkang pintu belakang ..hahaha can someone just please 🙏 shut him up...still MCO n we trying to get over it... MASIH HIDUP KA INI Olang Please don’t say the ultra-sensitive ‘EXIT’ word to those who entered from the backdoor. They will likely piss / berak themselves to death. 70% majority not interested in kit siang 'concern' ... kaki kencing bangsat patut duduk penjara

No need laa..Uncle -.Wasting time jerr ! After all , this Bug Covid 19 not as danger as 1918 Killer Spanish Flu that killed 50 - 100 millions . Now 2020 (102 years later) , No sweat laaa... 14 April MERDEKAAAA !😆👌 Mamposla Kau termasuk MK The backdoor government need to check and balance. Duk diam2 yb. Jgn tembirang lah. Masa peluang kau tak gunakan.

Takkan lupa punya la kes2 tidur kat parlimen. Nak harap benda kecik pun taknak bincang, inikan nak harapkan benda besar nak dibincangkan oleh MP PH. Look at the world now Italy 1+- months in Lockdown still struggling in HUGE new cases and deaths....

Kit Siang: Vital for Putrajaya to have exit-strategy in place post-MCO | Malay MailKUALA LUMPUR, April 7 — In suggesting the number of Covid-19 infections has seemingly plateaued over the past few days, a veteran politician has called on the Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin to begin consultations and prepare an exit strategy to deal with the aftermath of the movement... Government w/o Parliament oversight? No need for this guy to say this. People in Putrajaya love this country much more tha he does. limkitsiang Vital for U to have your own exit plan from Politics. (As U mentioned if Anwar is not the PM U will retire). WHEN LA ... UNCLE LIM?

Kit Siang argues again for exit strategy once MCO expires | Malay MailKUALA LUMPUR, April 8 — DAP veteran Lim Kit Siang has urged for the formulation of an exit strategy for the partial lockdown caused by the ongoing movement control order (MCO) which is set to expire next Tuesday (April 14). He said such a strategy should be considered and discussed by all...

Covid-19: Sabah Law Society wants specific law to handle breaches of contract caused by MCOKOTA KINABALU: The government should enact a law to address legal issues that are likely to arise from breaches of contract during the movement control order (MCO) period, says the Sabah Law Society. I believe singapore has done that already.

FT minister slams MCO work approval given to Heineken | The Malaysian InsightAnnuar Musa says the approval goes against the government's stand that only essential services are allowed to open.

PAS ministers in bid to convince Putrajaya to revoke Heineken's factory permit amid MCO | Malay MailKUALA LUMPUR, April 6 — PAS today vowed to lobby Putrajaya to reverse the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry’s decision to allow Heineken Malaysia Bhd to operate during the movement control order (MCO). In a statement, the Islamist party claimed that alcohol is not essential in facing... So many more pressing issues during this time of emergency that need to be addressed and these lebais latch onto this? How politically bankrupt these fellas must be! Thank you PAS Still a lot of Tabligh attendees and their contacts have yet to come forward to be screened. If PAS really cares for the country, it is better they help the government to convince these people to come forward to be tested. Stop playing politics in this critical moment.

Putrajaya to revoke beer company's MCO exemption as minister not informedThe approval letter issued by the domestic trade ministry's secretary-general must first go through two ministers, says source. FMTNews MCO Covid19 Pegawai buat hal, menteri juga yg kena. 🤣 These stuvid-20 infected ministers will start blaming civil servants for their own blunder. Biasa lah. Hahaha bloody clown government