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King never specified when Parliament should reconvene, says law minister

Law minister Takiyuddin Hassan says the prime minister had already announced that Parliament would only reopen in September or October.

16/6/2021 6:25:00 PM

Law minister Takiyuddin Hassan says the prime minister had already announced that Parliament would only reopen in September or October. FMTNews Agong Parliament

Law minister Takiyuddin Hassan says the prime minister had already announced that Parliament would only reopen in September or October.

-June 16, 2021 11:25 PMTakiyuddin Hassan said the King did not specify on which month the sitting should be held. (Bernama pic)PETALING JAYA: Law minister Takiyuddin Hassan tonight pointed out that the Yang di-Pertuan Agong did not set a date on when Parliament should reconvene.

'Saya akan berusaha gigih bantu Perdana Menteri' - Ahmad Faizal - Utusan Digital Undi percaya September, Anwar ‘tidak faham’ - Utusan Digital Don’t let political crisis disrupt govt efforts in fighting Covid-19, says PAS deputy president | Malay Mail

He was referring to a statement from Istana Negara earlier today in which the King, Sultan Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah, said that he wanted Parliament to reconvene as soon as possible.“The King did not specify which month the sitting should be held. He only said as soon as possible ,” Takiyuddin said in an interview with Harakah Daily.

“The prime minister has already said it will only reconvene in September or October,” he added, referring to the announcement made by Muhyiddin Yassin yesterday. Read more: Free Malaysia Today »

Man who drove in reverse in Sandakan being probed for dangerous driving

KOTA KINABALU: Police are investigating a 44-year-old man after a video of him driving his four-wheel-drive vehicle in reverse through the streets of Sandakan town on Sunday (July 25) went viral.

PiiiM & his pn gomen is telling the whole country & rakyat that they have the final say in the day to day management of the country even though YDPA has issued his good advises that were supported by the Malay Rulers. Kecut It’s amazing how much they fear the reopening of the Parliament. So if the 4th wave came back on September, u will need to suspend it further?

Seriously is he a law Minister 🤣 Rakyat Malaysia Ni Bebal, dah cakap sekali tak paham2 Minister are u saying that King and MRR order can be ignored by you andPM? lobai lobai. 🤦‍♂️ Wow! We always thought Umno was horrid but Pas proved otherwise! No party is worse than this bunch! Adakah darurat ini akan di panjangkan sampai ke September oleh Agong. Adakah taki memaksa agong dengan cara lembut untuk memanjangkan darurat hingga ke Sept. Apa guna vaksin yang sudah di suntik pada MP jika masih takut membuka parlimen drasyrafwajdi ahmadmaslan

Mana 'Kesetiaan Kepada Raja dan Negara'...questioning, ridiculing and display of arrogance to a decree by the Monarch tantamount to treason, is it not? Or is their loyalty to another self-professed king.... 🤔

King: Reconvene Parliament as soon as possibleKUALA LUMPUR: The King has called for the Parliament to be reconvened as soon as possible. Emergency lifted or extended? I think the failed PM will still delay to reconvene the Parliament because no dateline was given. More aggressive action needed to make Parliament to reconvene immediately. Would we consider ignoring the advise of Raja-raja Melayu as derhaka?

More Frogs coming up soon Tak faham faham saja ini org... 🤮 Taki, you ni kurang ajar tak nak dengar cakap Agong. ASAP means sekarang juga. None is more desperate than he who seeks to clutch at straw. You have no authority to keep Parliament closed once 1/8/21 comes and goes. Any patriot will uphold the Constitution not denigrate it. Your actions will be judged as shallow by generations ahead. Enough!

Stop dithering and posturing. ! This is clearly an act of treachery towards the King!! October is about 3 months away. Don’t worry. Time flies. You will be there sooner than expected. cuba kalau raykat interpret sop mcm ni mau kena compound sume!! Taki gila!

Umno glad King shares view to reconvene Parliament as soon as possible, says Ahmad ZahidPETALING JAYA: Umno is glad the King shared the party's view that Parliament should be convened as soon as possible, says Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi. I never saw Allah, I only felt that Allah was above His throne in the sky. Sometime I heard voice of Allah from there or see His very beautiful light. And I feel that He is closer than my jugular vein and from the front of my brain. Muhammad_Qasim_Dreams

Celakalah takiyuddin61 KerajaanDerhaka KerajaanBodoh KerajaanGagal BukaParlimen Scammers on the prowl..disguised as politicians.. ASAP means.. Sept Oct x boleh.. Kalo boleh Aug.. Kalo boleh lagi July.. Kalo boleh esok.. 🖕🤮🖕 Wow your PM lagi besar dari Agong ke? As expected, they won't listen to Rulers advise.

Halahai.... If the emergency is not going to be extended beyond Aug 1st - pray tell why the further delay to have Parliament sit? The reason Parliament didn't convene was cos of the emergency, no? This statement despite what the YDPA & Rulers hv stated.. Can imagine if anyone else said this. Too obvious lah PAS ni gila kuasa & berbohong. Aku tak tau la nape masih ada penyokong mereka ni. Bodoh pun ya jugak.

Boleh dikatakan Menteri ini menjawab titah Agong dgn logik yg menderhaka, Raja2 bertitah secepat mungkin bukan berbulan2, PM umum bukan khusus September tapi dgn kadar jangkitan Covid 19 pd 2000 org. Tindakan perlu diambil pd Menteri daripada parti penunggang kopiah dan serban .

No 'medical' reason now for Parliament to be suspendedA former health minister and a think tank weigh in on the King's call for Parliament to reconvene as soon as possible. FMTNews Parliament

Datuk just nak share the meaning of ASAP to convene parliament as requested by YDPA maknanye camni ..When you have the chance [in the next day or before tomorrow or this week] .. bukannya next month or the next following month. Ada makna lain ke ASAP ni? But King can specify when he want

Plan to reconvene Parliament unclear, Opposition MPs say | Malay MailKUALA LUMPUR, June 15 — Several Opposition MPs have criticised the government over its plan to to reopen Parliament in Phase Three of the National Recovery Plan, which may be as late as September. Petaling Jaya MP Maria Chin Abdullah deemed the announcement as mere “lip service”, when the... MEANS ANWAR, LGE , SABU & ZAHID REQUEST ARE OVERLOOKED BY KING IS IT ?

After call to reconvene Parliament, Zahid says Umno taking ‘strong, stable govt’ call seriously | Malay MailKUALA LUMPUR, June 16 — Umno president Datuk Seri Ahmad Zahid Hamidi thanked the Yang di-Pertuan Agong for listening to the public view that Parliament should be allowed to serve as the platform to voice the people’s concern. He praised the Agong and Council of Ruler for identifying that the...

Calls for Parliament to reconvene mustn’t have hidden agendas, says Hisham | The Malaysian InsightCountry’s wellbeing more important than personal ambitions, says foreign minister. Never trust anyone from UMNO … Hidden Agenda coming from a person who was Hiding and Smoking in Parliament 🤣🤣🤣 Reconvene at Sheraton is allowed