Kedah demands RM100m annual royalty for leasing land to Penang

MB says current amount too low, unchanged since 1786.

27/10/2021 4:04:00 PM

Kedah demands RM100m annual royalty for leasing land to Penang

MB says current amount too low, unchanged since 1786.

Kedah is demanding RM100 million a year from the federal government as Penang land lease royalty payment.Menteri Besar Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor said the Kedah state government is of the view that the value is appropriate and in accordance with the current value as the state government had been receiving an annual royalty of RM10,000 all these years with the special payment of RM10 million a year since 2018.

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Ya, Penang is part of Malaysia.Who owns Penang? Is Kedah the owner and Penang is the tenant? Water flows downstream . Block the stream and see where the water flows especially during heavy down pour of the rain ? Null and void, especially after Merdeka Itu sudah tunjuk otak org PAS ni memang x betul...tamak sgt. Berdoalah.

The descendants of the Kingdom of Langkasuka demands annual royalty from the squatter govt of Kedah. How far back in history you wanna go back to, dude? Nk tahu perangai pas dekat kedah, tgk gelagat dan perangai MB dia! Si sanusi pak jagon tu tak tahu buat duit! Dia mcm ah long dok peras org lain utk hidup! Sian dgn penduduk org kedah ngan pemimpin xde akal!

Lucky penang was not under Kedah management. We can see how much penang has developed under their own management. If they were under Kedah I think no one has recognised penang until now. Corrupted People's mindset, let others work hard we just shake our leg and claim loh. MGBA Please demand from Perlis too.

Stupidity has prejudice Stop demanding things from a fellow sovereign state and go away. Ah yes, write to the Queen of England. How much u need ? Just say the number. We will burn the joss paper for you.

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Semua mau free. Subsidi. Usaha sendiri la. Jana pendapatan dalam negeri bukan mengemis. Kurangkan belanja. Ada bertrillion hari tu apa jadi? Nanti nak pegi penang kena renew passport pulak Not everyone is willing to bend over for ur demand 😉 The mentality of the new PAS leadership. Donno how to develop the state and create revenue. Cannot raise tax as their people poor already. The rich one crony so cannot tax. So this is the things that they do. Ada duit beli kereta pastu kawin bini muda. Itu lah PAS for you huhu

Low quality MB PISssss ! Like usual, hands out and give me more give me give me more Kalau tak bayar macam mana? All the monkeys are angry!, Too little, ask for more so that Penang as your slave, and Kedah sitting on chair with big fat ass....hole.

Kedah demands RM100 million annual royalty for Penang land lease | The Malaysian InsightMenteri besar wants the current payment to be reviewed and given according to its current value. Stupidity has no cure Bkn kedah la...cuma dia otak dlm sawah You must work. Like Free money so much

If not pay...wat happens They can’t see successful state !!! Too little. Ask for RM500m, I guess thats the revenues of Penang govt and eureka, in a blink of eye, Kedah would become the richest state. Enough money to prove 1 free Ford Ranger to each family in Kedah Cheapskate...keeps looking turns and corners for money from RAKYAT!!! TAX PAYERS MONEY!!!

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Kerajaan Kedah tuntut royalti pajakan Pulau Pinang RM100 juta - Utusan Digital'British mula membuat pembayaran royalti pada 1786 dan perjanjian pada masa waktu tersebut menyatakan jumlah pajakan adalah 10,000 dolar Sepanyol. Ketika itu nilai mata wang Sepanyol lebih dominan jika dibandingkan dollar Amerika Syarikat (AS) tetapi… Gila punya MB Terbaik.. kalau xbagi ambil balik pulau pinang.tyt xpayah Ada sebab biar 1raja saja .banyak2 sapa nak bayar gaji

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