IGP reveals Jho Low was in Wuhan, tells him to come back even if infected

UPDATED 6.40PM | IGP reveals Jho Low was in Wuhan, tells him to come back even if infected


UPDATED 6.40PM | IGP reveals Jho Low was in Wuhan, tells him to come back even if infected

UPDATED 6.40PM | Hamid also says Jho Low's name is still on the Interpol Red Notice list, which is only shared with the authorities.

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LOL! Kahkahkah, shameful... Absurd! „Police torture of suspects in custody, in some cases resulting in death, continues to be a serious problem, as does a lack of accountability for such offenses.“ - Human Rights Watch JhoLow JhoLowFacts Covid19 Wuhan What a concvinient statement! Hahahahaha.. IGP paling kelakar dalam sejarah.. Betul2 memalukan seluruh pasukan PDRM..

He and his family better die I thought jolo haa change to bear,and now he change to virus that effected wuhan and china, so after this he disapear from the world Probably he is plotting his own dead to vanish from current situation and give himself a new identity in another part of the world. His short experience in movie business gave him an fiction idea😂😁

Dm me for sugar mummmy and government grant +60195870343 so polis cannot go catch him because wuhan is in lockdown? nice try.... 🤣 IGP knows nothing. Helpless and hopeless. Still nothing to show until today. Can only brag about the pig’s whereabouts.

Interpol sudah keluar notis merah tangkap Jho Low, kata KPNAbdul Hamid Bador menasihatkan ahli perniagaan yang diburu pihak berkuasa itu pulang ke Malaysia bagi mengelakkan penularan wabak Covid-19 di China. FMTNews JhoLow Interpol Camni ke org top kita uruskan kes yg susah dgn 'mengandaikan' org tu kena Covid-19 Biar sensitif buat knytaan.

Stop lying. Please stop it! Ada kasi Interpol tahu ke? Interpol should provide intelligence & work with China who is the member of Intetpol to nab him. AA prepare you humanitarian flight to bring him back. No need go Sg Buloh resort yet. Sg Buloh hospital will first welcome him back. We are also waiting for a happy ending, very much similar to Indira Ghandi case.

No Action Only Talk NATO! 🤭 kah3 😂 Every time I read something connected to that thief Najib, 'yakety sax' plays in my head Dan2 kat wuhan. Blah la IGP. Satgi cakap Jho Low ni dah mati, corona virus. Pastu tutup kes. Pigidah He should come back to testify so that the truth is prevailed. it's call shooting blanks.

Come back, we'll take 'good care' of you if you have Covid-19, IGP tells Jho LowKUALA LUMPUR: Jho Low should come back home to Malaysia, especially if he has been infected with Covid-19, says Tan Sri Abdul Hamid Bador. Will the virus make him come out of hiding 🤔 Wishing some1 2b contracted wt whatever sickness, even Covid-18 is surely distasteful. These r d sort on insensitive sttmnts that ought not 2 happen fm ppl at d top. not funny to use Covid-19 as a joke.

Look like fictitious Oh wow that was least expected Was .. but no time frame given. Could have been way before Covid-19. Come on! I'm in uncontrollable and ticklish laughter! And suddenly he will be announced dead by the Wuhan coronavirus. What a convenient ending right. Come back home.. Fatty! We missed you and we don't want Covid-19 to harm you. Yes.. Please come back to get it treated here if you happen to be infected. Remember.. Most Malaysians missed you!

Are you sure he is in Wuhan? There isn’t any swine flu there 🙄 No virus can harm jlo......jlo harms the virus Aduhai IGP Malaysia. Semakin hari semakin pelik pemimpin kerajaan di Malaysia ni.

IGP: Whoever says Jho Low isn’t on Interpol’s Red Notice list can ‘come see me’ | Malay MailKUALA LUMPUR, Feb 19 — Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Tan Sri Abdul Hamid Bador today confirmed that fugitive financier Low Taek Jho is on Interpol’s Red Notice list and rubbished news reports and certain quarters who have claimed otherwise. Abdul Hamid explained to members of the media this...

chedetofficial meaning he is haboured and protected by China. What happens in Kashmir has little bearing on Malaysians, but what happens to Jho Low has EVERYTHING to do with Malaysians and Pakatan's future So is China still a friend ? After this, JL will be infected with CoronaVirus and dies....Case closed....

Is this for real or fictitious? Msia has been a great friend of China. Msia kept its border open to China when Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam & Indonesia ban all travelers from China. Millions of protective hand gloves donated. But China offered safe haven & protection to Jho Low? Tulah wuhan. Simpan lagi beruang ni. Sombong, tak nak tolong. Ni padan muka.

HAHSHSHSHSHSHAHA!!!!!! Oh my god . Why why. Whenever he goes, there is definitely a problem. 😂

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