Hulu Langat MP to KJ: Push vaccination through awareness not coercion

Hulu Langat MP to KJ: Push vaccination through awareness not coercion

17/10/2021 6:26:00 AM

Hulu Langat MP to KJ: Push vaccination through awareness not coercion

Discrimination creates 'hot and tense' atmosphere in society, says Hasanuddin.

Oct 17, 2021 3:24 AM⋅:3:28 AMHulu Langat MP Hasanuddin Mohd Yunus has told Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin to adopt a cooler approach towards those who refuse Covid-19 vaccination.This was after the minister said yesterday that the government would'make life difficult'

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for them.Hasanuddin, in a statement today, reminded Khairy that while vaccination is important, MPs were told as recently as July 2021 that the government... Read more: »

BM should be used by all patriotic M'sians, says PAS leader Awang Hashim

KUALA LUMPUR: Bahasa Malaysia is the national language and should be known by all patriotic Malaysians, says Datuk Awang Hashim.

The wrong usage of words. He should has said that their lives would be miserable as most outlets and public venues shall be out of bounds and out of reach from those not vaccinated to protected Malaysian from covid-19 but He sound evil like on purposes wanting to hurt them. All these mp are the huha person

Nice sentiment, bad conclusion!. 22 months of turmoil, 2.3M infections and 27K deaths later, if you think its a matter of educating.. You are so out of touch. Literally millions of articles and videos exist on the topic. Stop playing to the gallery. The Vaxxers must have confidence of their vaccines in their own body!

One yr on with so many infected n dead .. what awareness do u need .. stuu Kj is a loudmouth and show-off how much more awareness is not needed? It was so intimidating hearing the minster using threats to get his job done. Low standard! Sembang memang senang.. Cuba kamu di position Khairykj .. Jangan ikut budaya barat..

If all MP do their part to create awareness but just cheap talk. sebelum ni covid naik sebab politik.. lepas ni golongan anti vak pula punca.. jgn bg muka kat depa..

MTUC alleges thousands of Kuala Langat workers denied minimum wageThis is because it has not been gazetted as a municipality.

He push to get it rebottled to help a local firms while Malaysians died waiting for their vaccines In other countries , this KJ will be charged for genocide

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“Kita akan susahkan kehidupan anti-vaksin” - KJ - Utusan DigitalKhairy turut menegaskan, Kementerian Kesihatan berkemungkinan mewajibkan golongan yang menolak atau melengahkan pengambilan vaksin untuk menjalankan ujian calit Covid-19 secara mingguan dan kerajaan tidak akan menanggung perbelanjaan itu. Khairykj ape yg nak memaksa sangat bang ☝️… mana hak asasi manusia bang 😅… faham lah coming soon PRN melaka dan PRU 15 👊 Terbaik YB Khairykj Khairykj YAAAASSSSSSSSS 😂😂😂

Boleh mohon booster untuk kerjakan umrah - KJ - Utusan DigitalTambah Khairy, banyak negara Islam menggunakan Sinovac seperti Indonesia, Pakistan dan Turki dan oleh itu, penting untuk kerajaan Arab Saudi memahami perkara itu.

Malaysia must buck up after winning UN Human Rights Council seat, says Klang MP | The Malaysian InsightAppointment not yardstick to Malaysia’s success in handling human rights, says Klang MP Charles Santiago.

Creating awareness for the cleft lip and palate communityThe first Cleft Awareness Month in Malaysia takes place in October with the objective of creating awareness among the general public as well as the cleft lip and palate community.