‘Housing is not compulsory’ under Bill’

'Housing is not compulsory' under Bill'


'Housing is not compulsory' under Bill'

KUALA LUMPUR: The proposed amend­ments to the Workers’ Mini­mum Standards of Housing and Amenities (Amendment) Act will not make it compulsory for employers to provide housing and accommodation, said the Human Resour­ces Ministry.

“This law does not make it compulsory for the employers to accommodate their workers at any centralised accommodation,” it said in a statement yesterday.

However, the Bill aimed to expand the coverage of the current Act to all sectors, said the ministry.

The proposed Bill complied with the international standards for developing countries on workers’ accommodation as well as the International Labour Organisation.

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Bill does not make housing for workers compulsory, ministry saysHR Ministry clarifies that the amendment bill only sets standards for employers who choose to provide such benefits.

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